Lusty Email


Authors Note: This is my thirteenth work…it’s not really a “story” since this is actually part of an email I sent to an online friend of mine a couple years ago. It was just so hot and so intense I couldn’t get rid of it and have kept it as one of my stories.

As always, comments are always more than welcome and please take a look at my other stories!


Evnin’' you hot stud you *grins*

I love that you saw me kissing you after you ate me out...I love tasting myself on a man...what I think I mentioned previously that I do is rubbing my pussy against a cock without letting it slip inside me so it teases my lips and my clit and gets all wet...I love doing that and then moving down and sucking the guy off...tasting my pussy on his cock...licking myself off him...mmm...

God I miss having a cock in my hand and mouth...It’s been far too long since I've been able to play and I miss's such a turn on for me to feel a hard cock in my hand and know I made it hard, to rub a guys cock and feel it swell, to suck on a guys cock and massage his balls and hear him moan, to have a man whisper my name and beg me to make him cum or beg me to fuck him...GOD!!!

And as much as you pounding into me hard and deep sounds heavenly right I'm in a slower mood...I'd love to take you and lay you down and kiss every inch of your body slowly...massaging your cock tenderly, softly then moving my hand to your balls and massaging them together in my hand as I pull your cock into my mouth and move my mouth painfully slow over your hard hot cock...teasing the head with my tongue...moving my mouth down to your balls, taking them both into my wet mouth at the same time, licking the undersides of them as I hold them in my hot mouth...moving up your body, straddling you...stopping to kiss tenderly at your nipples and then sucking on them both until you moan...slowly kissing up and down your chest, moving my pussy across your hard cock as I go.

Moving my mouth up to your neck and picking that spot that's not quite your neck or your shoulder, that soft spot full of nerve endings and gently suck there, making you shudder with pleasure as I bring myself up and slip the head of your cock inside me...holding you there for a moment before ever so slowly moving down to take you inside me...I keep the pace achingly slow...every time you try to push up inside me I pull up just as far so you don't gain and I don't loose...I lay still, letting my pussy muscles work your cock inside me for minutes on end before moving my body over yours...

I lean forward a little and offer you my tits, begging you to suck them for me, to suck my nipples hard, to suck them until I scream, with every suck you give my nipples my pussy contracts around your cock, our bodies perfectly suck harder and faster and my pussy clenches your cock deep inside me and I begin cumming around your hard cock, my pussy shuddering, my cries echoing through the room, crying out your name as my body shakes with pleasure...when my orgasm subsides I pull my tits from your mouth and sit up on your cock, bringing your hand to my pussy and begging you to rub my clit while I fuck you...

As your finger rubs my clit and excites me more you feel my pussy contract around your cock again and as your finger on my clit brings me closer and closer to orgasm I start moving on your cock, slow at first then faster and faster and your finger drives me insane with pleasure as your cock drives deep up inside my pussy...I’m close to cumming again and you tell me you are too...I pull your hand from my clit and pull my pussy off your stare at me bewildered...your cock straight up in the air dripping with my pussy juice and cum and your own precum.

I reach beside the bed and bring out my vibrator in it's 7" long 1" thick purple battery operated glory and kneel on all fours on the bed...I tell you to take my pussy or my ass, whichever you want and to use the vibrator in the other...I pull a bottle of babyoil out and you say you'll take my ass...I put pillows under my upper body and squeeze some babyoil on your hands to allow you to lather up your hard, hot cock and then drizzle some down casually over my ass...

I beg you to put your cock in my ass...I want it inside me slowly push the head of your cock inside my ass...holding still for a moment before you push the rest of the way inside me...I moan out as I feel your hands parting my ass to ease your cock in even deeper and I move the vibrator between my pussy lips and slowly push it inside my dripping moan as I push it in, saying you can feel it moving against your cock and how incredible it feels...once the vibrator is deep inside my pussy I turn the end and a slow humming noise fills the room and you moan and lay down across my back...relishing in the sensation of being held so tightly in my ass with the strong vibrations coming from my pussy...

You hold still in my ass just enjoying the sensations until I ask you to play with my kiss the back of my neck and slip one of your hands around my front to tug at one of my nipples hard before moving it down to my swirl your finger around my cunt where the vibrator sits, getting my juices all over your finger, making it slick before moving your finger to circle my clit...

I jump and moan loudly as your finger makes contact with my throbbing clit and beg you to fuck my pull back out of my ass a couple inches and then push back inside me slowly, loving the feeling of me being so tight and full...I'm loving the sensation of your cock in my ass and the vibrations running from my cunt all over my body and your incredibly skilled finger dancing over my clit driving me to the edge so fast I can hardly breath...

"Please baby, my clit, my clit baby, rub it faster baby, yes! yes! baby I'm gunna' cum! fill my ass baby! fill my ass and make me cum!" I scream, pushing my ass back onto your moan loudly and start fucking my ass like a wild man, pounding into me without mercy and I'm loving every second of it...

You moan my name and I feel you start to cum inside my ass...your finger on my clit speeds up and I explode...pulling the vibrator out of my cunt...just feeling your cock deep inside my ass, your cum leaking out of my hot, full ass and your finger on my clit driving me up the pull out of me after your cock starts to soften and you lay down on top of my limp body...we lay there in a sweaty, cum covered heap for a few minutes catching our breath before we get up and head to the bathroom...

And just think lover...that's only the beginning of the night *wicked grins*

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