Teasing You


I'm stretched out across this huge bed, waiting for you. All I have on is this oversized t-shirt and I want to take it off...it's so hot in here. I know your watching me...I can feel you staring at my long hair. Can you remember the last time you had your hands in it...do you remember how soft it felt in your hands as you held it back for me or did you hold it back for you...so you could watch as you slowly stroked your huge cock deep into my mouth.

You're staring at my lips now...I know you loved seeing them, pink and wet, so juicy...stretched around your hard cock...and my neck...I loved how you moved your hand down on my neck caressing and stroking as you felt yourself fucking me deep into my throat.

You're staring at my hands now...do you still like my hands? Remember how soft they felt when I caressed your stomach...remember how you quivered when I ran them down between your legs, your breath shuddered as I gentle cupped and massaged your balls in one while the other lightly caressed up and down the crack of your ass. I know you didn't expect it...I felt you tense and jerk forward, pushing yourself deeper into my throat, but you knew I couldn't resist...and I knew you liked it...I felt the head of your cock when it flared, swelling so big and huge that I started to gag. I heard you moan when I gently pressed my finger into your ass. Your whole body gave into the pleasure as you pulled on the back of my head. You made me cum so much, it run down my legs as you fucked my mouth harder and faster. I relaxed and gave into your hard thrusts when I heard you saying "Yes baby...fuck my hard cock...take all of it, baby."

I felt when your cock thickened and started to pulsate against my tongue...you were pumping my mouth fast and deep when I felt that first warm stream of cum shoot deep into my throat and just as the second stream exploded from that huge head, you pulled back filling my mouth with your creamy juices before plunging deep into my throat again, pushing some of the cream out around my lips. I tried to catch all that slipped out of my overflowing mouth with my hand...I hate to waste even one drop of your precious juices, I go mad craving the taste of you.

Look how hard my nipples get from just knowing that you're watching me...see how my breasts swell...remember how my back arches at your slightest touch, how I tremble and gasp when I first feel your warm mouth and tongue on them...I have to fight back the urge to scream out every time you bite down and pinch, knowing just the right pressure to send a wave of hot pleasure soaring down through my stomach muscles and into my aching pussy. Where are you looking now...what part of me has your attention now...my feet? "No"...Don't you like the way my feet arch...or is it my long legs? Oh, I know you love my long legs, you love how smooth and soft they feel against your skin...you looked so amazed the first time you put your hands behind my knees and pulled them up...you couldn't believe how wide they would spread for you. You want me to spread them now...want to see what their hiding?

I'll spread them wide so you can see what else I have for you. Look, my clit is swollen so big and hard that my soft lips can't hide it from you...ummm...see me rubbing my fingers on it as I remember how good your mouth felt sucking it...my body quaked and shivered as you slipped your fingers into my wet pussy...my silky cream gushing out around your fingers as I struggled to spread wider and push harder into your mouth. I screamed out in ecstasy as the uncontrollable spasms started, it felt so good that it almost hurt and when I tried to close my legs and pull away, you pressed in sucking harder and stronger as your fingers drove deeper and faster. I had to give into your demands as I lifted my ass off the bed. Hearing me cry out only pushed you to suck and pull harder on my jerking clit.

I started to relax as your fingers slowed to long gentle strokes again and just when I thought my body couldn't take anymore I felt your tongue slide into me. You pushed my legs up higher; exposing all my gifts for you...I gasped for air and clawed to find something to hold to when your tongue trailed the whole length of my throbbing pussy. My pussy muscles tensed as you didn't stop when you find my hungry opening, but your tongue trail farther down finding my asshole. The spasms in my pussy came harder this time, twitching and snapping into a frenzy as my whole body lit on fire this time. Feeling your tongue circling my asshole before it pressed in, my nipples burned and ached so that I had to pinch them hard...my clit throbbed and jerked causing my stomach to tighten...and when I cried and begged you to fuck me, you said, "Not yet."

Pressing my knees back into the bed beside by swollen breast, you lifted my ass higher as your tongue found my pussy again. My muscles clinched and grabbed tight as you drove your tongue deep inside me causing me to lift and push harder against your probing mouth. Reaching down, I felt the side of your lips pressed against my hot pussy...I ran my fingers threw your hair and when I felt your nose brush against my tight and swollen clit every muscles inside of me contracted...I pushed and grinded my pussy on your face and mouth as I pulled you in tight against me. I stiffened with the first two long hard contractions before my pussy went wildly into a furious clicking of one contraction after another as it spurted my hot juices onto your tongue and into your mouth.

I lay exhausted as you made your way up to my mouth...breathlessly, I tried to respond to your lips and tongue caressing mine. As my breath slowed I could smell and taste the sweet juices of where your mouth had just been. As my tongue softly caressed and toyed with yours, I ran my fingers through my pussy lips searching for any of that silky cream you might have left behind. With our mouths still pressed gentle together, I slid my finger into the corner of my mouth...I could feel your soft tongue circling mine...without pulling away, you stopped to let me taste what I had on my finger and only a second later I felt your tongue push back in to share this tasting. As I slid my finger into your mouth, I held my lips lightly on the corner of mouth. Feeling you softly suck on my finger, I whisper, "Please, fuck me now"

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