tagText With AudioLyla's Rocking Horse Ride

Lyla's Rocking Horse Ride


As usual Master desires to broaden his slave's horizons, intensifying her submission to his control. He decided a new toy was necessary and will be used as time goes on in our continued training in public and in girl's day-to-day business meetings. Lyla is girl's new motion-activated, remote controlled vibrator. She can be stimulating for both the receiving pussy and the person holding the power/remote. She is designed to be perfectly quiet and give discreet pleasure to the one with it seated in her lower regions. The holder of the remote controls the intensity of the vibes --- either by the pre-programmed rhythms in the handheld remote or by the way the smooth black disk is moved (waved, shook, turned, etc.) ... the vibrator excites the pussy and the remote provides additional pleasure for Sir while mimicking what is happening deep up inside his property's pulsing cavity.

As usual, breast and ass beating starts this night of submission and control. Master wanted to see girl rocking on her padded, fur-covered cushion (the shape and size of 2 loaves of bread one atop the other, made with mounting holes to securely attach up to two dildos (for this slave's two holes ~blush). While both breasts were triple clamped, our eight inch dildo (named Frank) was snugly placed in his holder waiting to give a good ass fucking to girl. Lyla, the new toy, was firmly slid into girl's pussy, while the remote was set to a military beat ... constant, regimented vibrating deep within Sir's owned cunt. You'll hear the rocking of Sir's slave on the "fucking" horse as girl follows her Master's instructions on upping the vibration's strength and the slowly increased depth of the cock as it enters girl's rear fuck-hole for her soon-to-be enjoyed body-shattering orgasms.

As the session continues, girl crawls to the shower where she attaches suction-cup Frank to the wall and conducts a rough, full-to-the balls ass invasion. Girl gets into her session (as Sir expects) and sees that his clit and breasts stay at full alert with cunt-convulsing smacks, pinches and hard, bruising squeezes. The shower play is followed with a second dildo for practice in cock sucking and then a delicious smelling coconut oil massage to Sir's exhausted and sated property.

Turn out your lights, close your eyes and go on girl's journey with her ... listen to the extent of her submission to her Sir. Wait to see if she gets her long-awaited, abdomen-quivering full orgasm ...

* * * * *

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