tagNonHumanSpace Farm

Space Farm


Leila and Carol were saying goodbye to their mother as her small carrier gained altitude and headed to the closest bazaar to bring provisions. The three women were part of a small group of ranchers that settled in the seventh planet of the Dogada system. The local species of the planet were perfect to commercialize in the meat market.

The young sisters were excited because now that Leila had turned eighteen, their mother trusted the maintenance of the ranch to them for the first time and they were not going to let her down. At least that was Carol's idea, which was one year older than her sister. Leila saw this as an opportunity to explore beyond the ranch's fence. The forbidden side.

When the spaceship disappeared into the star filled sky, the sisters went inside the house and talked about the next day's chores.

"I think we should go to bed early. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow. I'll prepare the animal's vitamins and you'll feed the capsules to them," Carol said.

"Hey, who made you the boss?" Leila said heatedly.

"Come on, don't be like that," Carol responded.

"Fine." Leila said quickly with a glimmer in her eye, "I'll go to bed."

Leila decided that tonight will not be a waste. As soon as her sister was in bed, she was going out of the ranch to explore.

Carol knew the rebellious nature of her sister and it was suspicious that Leila had given in too easily. She had to keep an eye on her.


Just as planned, one hour later Leila was standing at the fence's main gate. When she was little, before her father past away, he had told her that there were many terrible things beyond the fence and she should never go out there. For many years, she had seen men with guns explore the lands beyond the walls and they had always come back unharmed. Maybe it wasn't so dangerous after all. She had to see for herself. She wasn't planning to go far anyway.

Leila opened the gate and stepped beyond the fence for the first time in her life. Even though it was late at night, the land was illuminated by bright stars scattered across the sky, and Leila could see as far as the golden mountains that broke the horizon many miles away.

"I'll explore close to the gate, just in case. This is going to be awesome!" Leila thought excitedly.

Less than a hundred yards from the gate, Leila found a weird ground formation near some large rocks. She looked at it from a safe distance.

"What is this thing? It looks like a plant or a fungus. I don't remember seeing it in the species catalog."

Leila walked a little closer. The strange object was just a few inches tall and extended irregularly across the floor for several feet. It had a few holes scattered along the surface that seemed to go deep into the ground. There was a hole in the center that was bigger than the other ones.

"Wow! It looks really cool. Maybe this is a new species that no one had seen before and they'll name it after me!" she thought.

Leila heard a noise behind her and turned her head, scared.

"Who is there?" she said out loud.

While she tried to find the source of the noise, Leila didn't notice the tentacle squirming her way. Sprouting from one of the plant's small openings, the tentacle squirmed nearer, curved behind her and shot a poisonous dart into Leila's neck.


Leila felt the painful sting. The little object pierced through her delicate skin and injected its venom. The young woman felt the burning sensation spreading quickly as the world around her started to spin and fade away.

"Oh, God! What is happening? I feel diz..."

She couldn't finish the last word. Leila collapsed to the ground as the cocktail of chemicals spread through her body. Strangely, just before she lost consciousness, she felt her nipples swelling.


A few hours later, Leila opened her eyes and saw her sister leaning over her. Leila was lying on her bed feeling lightheaded and confused.

"Carol... what happened?" Leila asked with a whisper.

"That's what I want to know. I found you lying naked on the ground, just outside the fence," Carol responded, "what were you doing out there?"

"I'm sorry... I wanted to explore and... I don't remember what happened," Leila explained.

"You scared the hell out of me. I didn't find you in your room and then I saw the gate alarm blinking. I went out there and found you unconscious," Carol said.

"Please don't tell mom. Nothing really happened. I'm sure I just slipped and hit my head, but I'm fine now."

"And what about your clothes?" Carol asked

"There is nothing about it. You know I like being naked and there is nobody around here but you and me." Leila tried to justify, although it was true that she enjoyed being naked and her sister knew it.

"You are crazy! What am I gonna do with you?" Carol said a little more relaxed. "Ok, get some rest. We still have a lot of work to do tomorrow."

"Ok, good night sis," Leila responded while Carol walked out of the room.

Leila quickly fell asleep and started dreaming. She saw a vivid image of the fungus she discovered. It was unique and they would definitely name it after her...

Leila saw herself lying on the ground with her eyes open. She was looking up at the stars but she wasn't looking at all. A myriad of sensation revolved in her mind without making any sense. She felt scared and happy, excited and disgusted. A light breeze caressed her soft skin making her aware of the wetness in her pussy. She felt horny, very horny.

Leila sat on the ground with her eyes still staring forward and her arms limp by her sides. Something in the back of her mind was telling her what to do. It was like an invisible energy forcing her to stand up and remove her clothes. She felt the irresistible need to get closer to the fungus.

Leila moved uneasily on her bed, worried and scared. Without waking up, she let out a soft gasp as she saw in her dream two large tentacles emerging from the ground formation, waving menacingly in the air.

She saw herself standing rigidly beside the creature. But she was not frozen with fear. She was just standing there like a robot, expressionless and unafraid, doing nothing.

With an empty look in her eyes, Leila walked forward until she stepped over the ground formation while the tentacles moved around her. A third tentacle appeared just beside her feet.

The bigger appendage wrapped around her waist and lifted her in the air while another tentacle approached her mound and curved over like a snake ready to strike.

An instant later, the tentacle penetrated her pussy! It stretched her vaginal walls delightfully, all the way to the deepest corner of her warm wet cavity.

On her bed, Leila clutched the sheets tightly and moaned. Her nipples began to swell, mirroring the image she was seeing in her dream, which felt more real every passing second.

As the first appendage pumped her body furiously, reaching the bottom of her pussy every time, another tentacle squirmed beneath Leila's frail form and aimed at her anal entrance. In an instant, it stabbed forward and entered with full force into her ass. Leila felt the flexible pole pushing deeper and deeper inside of her, stretching her anus to the limit as her arousal climbed higher on her subjugated mind.

The tentacles churned and twitched within her tight body, bringing her inevitably closer to climax. Leila didn't understand what was happening but she didn't care. Her pussy and ass twitched and pulsed following the rhythm of the powerful penetrations that rocked her body in the air, threatening to go beyond her limits and fill her body completely with tentacle meat. Meanwhile, a forth tentacle projected from another hole of the fungus's surface.

The tentacle reached high in the air, close to Leila's bouncing head... And entered her mouth! Pushing past through her lips and down her throat.

The enthralled woman's mind was almost in shock from the extreme sensations while her whole body strained from the unbelievable ravishing. The three tentacles seemed to compete with each other over which could go deeper inside of her. Leila felt her impeding orgasm getting closer and closer...

And she climaxed! Her body trembled uncontrollably from potent spasms that never seemed to end, fired up by the fat tentacles that kept fucking her inexorably in all her holes at the same time.

In her bedroom, Leila's body trembled and jolted as her pussy contracted over and over. Like in her dream, she was having an orgasm.

Finally, one appendage was retrieved from her mouth, allowing her to catch her breath while her arms hung limply from absolute exhaustion. However, Leila was unaware that an enormous tentacle, larger and thicker than the others, was emerging slowly from the center of the creature.

Leila stared into the sky, moaning softly as the remaining tentacles vacated her pussy and ass. Meanwhile, the monstrous tentacle prepared for a final, body wrecking, penetration...

With a swift, strong move, the thick pole shoved into Leila's body! The slim woman's abdomen expanded outwardly to accommodate the giant member while Leila screamed from utter surprise.

The astonished woman could barely register what was happening as her insides were pushed apart to make room for such an enormous piece of meat.

A brief moment later, Leila felt her belly swell even more while a hot, gooey substance was sprayed directly into her womb. The sticky sperm was too much for her to keep inside and erupted out of her pussy!

Leila was living her dream as if she was really there. She arched her back on the bed while she rubbed her clitoris with frantic fingers. Carol, who came back to check on her sister, was standing by the bed silently watching her sister masturbate.

Carol knew she shouldn't be there. Leila looked fine... more than fine, and she deserved her privacy. Yet Carol couldn't take her eyes off her sister's hand as Leila began to convulse from another dreamy orgasm. Carol felt her own pussy stirring.

"What am I doing here? I'm getting horny watching my own sister masturbate. I better give her some privacy..." Carol thought and silently walked away.


The next morning, Carol was having breakfast when Leila walked naked into the dining room. The night before, Leila had told her sister that she liked to walk around in the nude and now she needed to prove it.

"Hey! Why are you still naked?" Carol asked surprised.

"I told you I like it. There is no one else within miles of our farm anyway. I'll do my chores like this all day," Leila responded.

"You are crazy. Are you having breakfast?" Carol asked, accepting her sister's wild nature.

"I'm not hungry. I'll eat something later."

Leila walked out to the field carrying a vitamin capsule and approached one of the farm animals. The official name of the beasts was "kaberians" but Leila called them meatballs. The kaberians resembled creatures from prehistoric times on Earth. They had fat, round bodies about the size of a small elephant, with hard, rugged skin, thick legs, and a parrot-like beak in the middle of their large heads.

Leila was still thinking about last night's incident. "I remember something about a strange fungus but why did I fall unconscious and why was I naked? Maybe I'll have to go back there to find out."

"Ok meatball, open your mouth and swallow this. We don't want you to get sick do we?" Leila said to the creature.

As Leila leaned over to drop the capsule in the animal's mouth, the sensitive nose of the beast detected a particular scent that floated in the air.

After several million years of evolution on this planet, the beast knew that this special scent meant only one thing... sex! The animal's cock quickly emerged from within its body and projected forward. It was huge!

Leila gasped as she looked up and saw the large, exposed phallus.

"What the hell? "

Leila watched the cock grow even larger right in front of her eyes.

"Why is he so excited? This is not mating season..." Leila wondered.

She knelt down to have a better look. The phallus was small compared to the whole size of the creature but it was huge compare to human standards. Unexpectedly, her pussy twitched hard and her heart started to beat faster.

"Oh my God! Look how big it is!" She said to herself.

The fascinated woman couldn't take her eyes off the creature's cock. She lost track of the time as she stared at the pulsating phallus. It became difficult to organize her thoughts because of the insistent tingling in her pussy.

"What would happen if I...?" Leila moved her head a little closer to the large member, "No, I can't do this. It's too weird. I better go before I do something... bad."

Leila walked away wondering why she had felt that way. The mushy sensation between her legs made her excitement very evident.

"Something is happening to me. I've never felt this horny in my life! I am afraid this is going to be a long day."


It really was a long, arduous day. Leila had to watch many cocks grow in her proximity and made it really difficult to finish her work without giving in to her sinful cravings. Finally night came and she went right to bed hoping she could relax. But not even one minute after she fell asleep, she began to dream again...

Her body was expanding to accommodate the massive phallus of the fungus. The tentacle ejaculated buckets of sperm inside her slim body...

But Leila's belly was not only bloating in her dream. Something had grown inside of her womb overnight and now she lay on her bed looking like a pregnant woman.

Suddenly, her dream vanished along with everything else. Her mind went completely blank. Leila opened her eyes, oblivious to her surroundings, while a strange feeling intensified within her loins. She couldn't think about anything except one thing. Birth!

Leila sat on the bed with a stiff, robotic motion. She stared fixedly at the wall in front of her. Her controlled mind started to function again but only with one specific purpose. She was selecting an appropriate place in the farm to give birth. Her belly shuddered as something squirmed and twitched inside, eager to get out.

When Leila discerned the best place, she got up and started walking.


The enthralled woman stepped silently out of the house and walked the short distance to the carrier's hangar. It was secluded enough to provide the privacy that she needed.

The contractions in her belly were getting more frequent. Leila instinctively lied down on the hard floor and spread her legs while her pussy started to leak a gooey white substance.

She moaned as a rounded figure appeared between her lubricated pussy lips. The object was some sort of long, segmented egg that slid out slowly, stretching the girl's tight cavity. Leila arched her back and screamed out loud from the sudden rush of pleasure.

The process lasted a few minutes later until the egg was completely expelled and the exhausted woman collapsed to the floor. The weird object lay immobile next to her within a pool of slime.

A moment later, Leila woke from her entrancement as fast as she fell into it. She looked around, wondering where she was...

"What the hell! What am I doing here?"

Then she looked down...

"And what the fuck is that?!"

Leila looked at her oozing pussy and at the slime all over her smeared thighs and soon realized that the seed-like object lying on the floor had come from within her. She also realized something even more frightening...

"Shit! The dream I had about the tentacles really happened! And it put that thing inside of me!"

"I better get out of here before Carol sees this!"

Leila ran straight to her room and jumped into bed. She couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, truly preoccupied about the bizarre situation.


The next morning, despite her worries about the recent events, Leila continued tending the creatures. To make matters worse, she felt even hornier than the day before.

"I'm going to have to destroy that thing that came out of me. If Carol finds out, she is going to tell mom. I'll do it as soon as she goes into the vitamins' lab," Leila thought.

She approached the first kaberian and looked between his legs.

"Shit! This meatball is getting horny again," Leila thought, then she said out loud, "You are not going to do this every time you see me, are you?"

Without thinking, Leila went down to her knees and grabbed the kaberian's cock. She surprised herself by doing this, yet she didn't let go. She looked at the phallus up close not sure what to do next.

"It's so big!" Leila thought.

The teen's heart was pounding so hard she could feel it in her chest. Her breathing became deep and loud. Seconds later, she was wrapping her overstretched lips around the creature's meat. Leila was aware that this was really wrong but an irresistible force compelled her to do it. She couldn't stop herself.

Leila would have never imagined that the first time she put a penis in her mouth was going to be a kaberian's and that it was going to be this big. She could only fit a few inches but it was enough to fill her mouth completely.

The kaberian, stimulated by the warm, wet sensation on his sensitive pole, started pouring lubricating fluid inside Leila's suckling mouth.

The creature started moving its cock back and forth and Leila stayed in place, taking his cock all the way to her throat. Her pussy was twitching in sync with the animal's motions. She was so excited that it was almost as if the creature was penetrating her pussy.

It didn't take long before the kaberian had enough and discharged an incredible amount of sperm inside Leila's mouth. At that moment, Leila climaxed too!

The creature kept spraying gush after gush of warm fluid and Leila swallowed as much as she could but most of it dribbled down to the ground.

After almost one minute, the kaberian's sperm supply was finally empty and Leila's stomach was bulging from the unbelievable amount of cum churning inside.

"Oh my God! I can't believe I did this. I must have swallowed a gallon of cum!" Leila thought with amazement.

"Ok meatball, you fed me, now I'll feed you. Take your vitamins," Leila said as she threw a big, greenish capsule into the beast's mouth.

"I think I better go to the hangar now to destroy that thing," Leila thought as she walked away swaying her hips.


When Leila steeped into the hangar, she looked at the place where she had left the seed and stopped astounded.

"Shit! It changed. It wasn't like that when I left last night."

Leila knelt by the egg and examined it closely. It was twice as big and it had an opening at the top. Thin black tentacles surrounding the base helped to keep it straight up and a gooey substance spread all around it.

"It has grown so much. I can't believe this thing was inside of me yesterday."

Unexpectedly, the top of the egg split open and a small yellowish tentacle waved upward.

Leila jolted backwards landing on her ass, "Shit!"

The tentacle extended further out as it curved toward Leila. She looked at it with amazement but she didn't move. Something in the back of her mind told her it was safe.

"This thing is alive!"

The flexible tendril waved between the woman's legs, getting closer to her pussy. Leila watched as a familiar dizziness clouded her thoughts and her eyes lost focus. Seemingly out of nowhere, an image popped in her mind. It was the fungus fucking her. She wanted it to fuck her.

Right then, the small tentacle penetrated her pussy.

"Ahhh!" Leila moaned.

She felt an unbelievable rush expanding across her entire body. The tendril squirmed inside her vaginal cavity, pushing its way further in, while her mind became overwhelmed by a multitude of sensations that blocked even the slightest hint of reasoning.

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