tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynlee's Initiation

Lynlee's Initiation


Things had been tough for Lynlee Giger since she had arrived for her Freshman year at T-State University in Turner City on a full cheerleading scholarship. The big city campus was a major change from the simple life she had known back in Lagrange, Ohio.

Although her name sort of sounded Asian, Lynlee was a white blonde and her name was actually Australian in origin. Not that Lynlee herself was Australian. In fact, her father was Austrian and her mother was Danish. They chose the name for her simply because they liked it.

On the farm, Lynlee had been raised with sensible, working class values like self-respect and honour, but it seemed the other girls she met on the squad had different ideas. They seemed to be constantly partying, smoking weed and fucking anything they could get their legs around.

Pledge Week was tough enough. Lynlee had to 'beer bong', smoke weed for the first time and do a bunch of crazy dares which included French kissing Leslie, another member of the team in front of everybody and giving another senior squad-mate a lap dance wearing nothing but a g-string while the others all watched. This performance was the first time Lynlee ever had her breasts exposes in public and even though the show was just for the eyes of the other girls, she couldn't help feeling uncomfortable doing it, no matter how confident she was about her tight, athletic body and full bosoms.

But it was the squad's most controversial initiation that worried her most of all.

According to the unspoken squad rules, all new cheerleaders had to pull the name of a Sr. football team member out of a hat and 'service' him, which Lynlee was told meant 'give him a blowjob'.

The head cheerleader, Ann Magus, or "Queen Bitch" as everyone quietly referred to her, introduced the initiation at a mandatory slumber party held at the coach's suburban home.

As Ann explained the ritual, she added that anyone who didn't partake would have their lives made extremely difficult.

That same night they pulled the names. Unfortunately, Lynlee had pulled Derek Todd's. He was the quarterback, Ann's boyfriend and was the biggest prick on the entire football team. Of course his chauvinistic attitude was disgusting to most, but Ann, for whatever reason, loved how he 'kept her in her place'.

For Ann, rules and hierarchy were very important, whether it was a woman's place in the household or a freshman's place on the varsity cheerleading squad.

Lynlee figured the best way to deal with the situation was to avoid it altogether. Maybe if she just ignored the situation, it would just go away. Besides, the drawing of the names was completely random and the girls weren't supposed to say who they had picked. How would anyone know?

A month later, Lynlee was at her locker getting changed after practice. She folded up her sweater and shoved it into in her gym bag on the floor. Standing back up, she shut her locker door only to find Ann standing behind it.

"Did you have a good practice?" Ann asked, smiling. "You did great in the pyramid."

Lynlee already knew what this was about. "Oh, um, thanks!"

"You know Lynlee," Ann began, "Derek was telling me in bed last night that he hasn't gotten a visit yet."

"What do you mean?" Lynlee asked, turning bright red.

"Well," Ann said, smiling a little too sweetly, "All the other new recruits have given their gift, but it seems like you've decided to skip out. Remember what I said about things getting difficult? You don't want that do you?"

Tears welled up in Lynlee's eyes. How did Ann find out? "No..." Lynlee managed to answer weakly.

"That's great!" Ann grinned, her bright blue eyes shining, "Derek is home tonight at the Frat House, so you can come by at eight o'clock. See you then!"

Ann walked away, leaving Lynlee speechless. What would she do now? Although she hated the prospect of sucking Derek off, she knew she needed an education and how else could she afford it except with this cheerleading scholarship?

That evening, Lynlee arrived at the Phi Keppa Beta Fraternity at 8 pm on the dot. When she rang the doorbell to the three story Italianate frat house, she was surprised to see Ann, now dressed up in her cheerleading uniform, was the one to greet her at the door.

"Hey Lynlee, glad you could make it. Derek's in his bedroom upstairs." Ann said, leading Lynlee up three creaky stair cases to the tower room in the attic. When Lynlee entered, she was shocked to see Derek completely naked sitting on a couch that was pushed up against the foot of his bed. Derek's cock was already hard and to Lynlee's shock, it was almost as thick as her tiny wrists and almost as long as a ruler.

Everything about Derek, in fact, seemed big. His muscular arms popped and his powerful legs looked like they belonged on a horse. He smiled when he saw Lynlee. "So here's our little cock dodger."

Lynlee turned immediately red.

"What's wrong?" Ann asked Lynlee, as she walked to the couch and curled up warmly beside her naked, rock hard boyfriend. "You look a little nervous."

Lynlee couldn't answer.

"Sheesh Lyns," Ann said, "It's just a blowjob." To show Lynlee how easy it was, Ann cupped Derek's balls with her hand and leaned in to envelop his cock between her lips. She worked her lips down to his balls, deep-throating him, before pulling back. "See?"

Lynlee watched in mortification. She had never sucked a guy before in her life, but here she was getting a demonstration! It bothered her that Derrick was attractive. His grey eyes seemed to cut right through her. She tried to concentrate on not letting her pussy get wet. She couldn't help it.

"Lynlee," Ann said, waking Lynlee from her reverie, "now would be a good time to take off your clothes."

Fireworks went off in Lynlee's head. She finally found the ability to speak. "What? But you said just a blowjob."

"Consider it interest." Ann said, wrapping her hand around Derek's cock, jerking him gently, just enough to keep him hard for the treat in store.

Lynlee stood there in her slim jeans and fuchsia baby top. She bit her lip.

"We can't wait all day Lynlee." Derek said. "When the head cheerleader tells you to do something you do it ok?"


"Ok. Sir." Derek insisted.

"Yes Sir." Lynlee said, pulling off her baby top to expose her cross my heart bra.

"How old are you Lynlee?"

"18." She answered, but then corrected herself. "18, sir."

"That's nice. I haven't had 18 year old pussy in a while."

"What?" Ann laughed in surprise. "Like I'm worn out at 23?"

Derek laughed back. "Baby, I wore you out at 20!"

Ann squeezed Derek's dick hard, but Derek only smiled wider.

"Um, slut." Derek said to Ann, "You can use that mouth to suck my dick instead of backtalk ok?"

Ann immediately put Derek's cock back into her mouth. "Now Lynlee," Derek grunted, "go ahead and take off your jeans. Make sure you fold them up nicely."

Lynlee's hands were shaking as she unclasped the top button on her jeans. She pulled the jeans off her legs. Her panties were pink and cottony. She folded her jeans and put them by the wall.

"Take your panties off next Lynlee." Derek said. "And toss them to me."

Lynlee peeled her panties down and threw them over. Derek caught them in one hand. Inspecting the big wet puddles Lynlee made in them, he started to laugh.

"Holy shit, you're soaked down there!"

Lynlee bowed her head. It was true.

Derek then wrapped Lynlee's panties around Ann's head, making sure to pat down Lynlee's puddles in Ann's long blonde mane.

"Two blondes tonight." Derek said, admiring Lynlee's own golden hair.

It was then that Derek noticed Lynlee's pussy. "Holy shit, do you have a fucking wookie between your legs?"

Lynlee blushed, instinctively covering her bushy pussy with her hands. She never thought about shaving it, though she usually kept it trimmed. She didn't trim it today because she wasn't expecting company. She hadn't really known what to expect actually.

Derek slapped Ann's ass and told her to get a pot of warm water, a razor and a towel.

When Ann returned with the items, she shaved Lynlee bare in front of Derek. She then rolled over the shaved area with a stick of antiperspirant to prevent goosebumps.

"Any hairs around her asshole?" Derek asked. Ann moved behind Lynlee and checked. The area around Lynlee's bum was perfectly smooth.

"No, she's totally clean there." Ann said, releasing Lynlee's parted bum cheeks as the freshman choked back her humiliation.

"Ok. I guess she's ready for my cock then." Derek tossed a fluffy throw pillow from the couch to between his legs and Lynlee crawled over onto it.

Up close, Derek's cock seemed even bigger and was also oozing a clear liquid that Lynlee thought might be sperm. Lynlee wondered if she could even fit all Derek's humongous dick into her mouth.

"Go ahead slut. And keep your eyes up. I want you to know exactly whose cock you're sucking, got it?" Derek slapped both of Lynlee's cheeks with his thick tool. "Now eat it slut. Don't hold back."

Ann watched with delight as Lynlee swallowed her boyfriend's cock. At first, Lynlee did find it challenging to fit the penis in, but as Derek's dick became slicker with her spit, it was easier for Lynlee's smallish mouth to accommodate.

Derek used short thrusts to work his cock into Lynlee's throat, but went a little too far, causing Lynlee to gag.

"Just don't puke ok?" Ann said, brushing Lynlee's hair away from her boyfriend's cock.

Ann suddenly stood up and went over to Derek's nightstand. There was a bottle of vodka and a shot glass sitting on top of it beside a lamp. Ann filled the shot glass and brought it back to Lynlee. Lynlee took her mouth off Derek's cock and swallowed the booze in a single gulp.

For Ann, Lynlee was definitely the prettiest freshman on the team. Ann wondered if she was even a little jealous of the nubile blonde. She even worried Derek might be more attracted to her. What did his comment about having an eighteen year old mean anyway?

"How big are your tits slut?" Ann asked, pouring another shot.

Lynlee quivered as she reached for the vodka. "34C." Lynlee said, tossing back the second dose.

"Looks like she's thirsty." Derek groaned.

Derek offered his cock back to Lynlee's lips and ordered her to lick the head.

Lynlee worked her pink tongue over the meaty bulb slavishly.

"Now lower." Derek said. Lynlee complied and licked him all the way down his shaft.

"Now lower." Derek continued. Lynlee soon found her tongue on the undercarriage of his balls. To Lynlee, Derek seemed to really enjoy being licked there, because he was moaning.

"Now Lower." Derek mumbled. "Lower..."

Lynlee gasped. "Um.. What Sir?" "Lick me lower..."

To Lynlee it was plain. Derek wanted her to lick his asshole! "That's disgusting..." she murmured, looking up at Ann, who was staring down at her, arms crossed. "I think you better do what he says Lynlee and remember Lynlee, cheerleaders always smile!"

Lynlee found a smile and leaned in, licking Derek's puckered asshole.

"Keep going. Kiss it like it's a mouth." Ann said.

Lynlee did what she was told and even managed to stick a little bit of her tongue inside.

"Good girl..." Derek moaned in appreciation. "This bitch's tongue is totally in my ass."

Suddenly, Lynlee felt a strange sensation between her legs. It was like a jolt of lightning. It felt really good, but foreign. Something was moving down there between her pussy lips.

It took Lynlee a moment to realize that Ann's mouth had found her slit below.

Lynlee couldn't believe it. She was being eaten out by a girl! Although she grimaced and tried to hold back, she felt something squirt out of her pussy. Ann swallowed Lynlee's briny fluid like she was expecting it.

"We got a squirter!" Ann giggled, announcing it to world.

"Bitch," Derek said, "I need your mouth up on my cock."

Lynlee tried to switch up from his asshole, but Derek held her head firm. "Not you slut," He laughed, "The other bitch. You're doing just fine rimming me."

Ann's mouth left Lynlee's wanting pussy and headed for her boyfriend's cock. Before she sucked it, Ann lifted Lynlee's chin up for a deep kiss. It was the first lesbian kiss Lynlee ever shared. She could taste her own pussy on Ann's lips.

Ann sucked back down on Derek's cock as Lynlee continued the analingus.

Without warning, the bedroom door opened and Todd, the second line wide receiver came into the room.

"Holy shit man," Todd laughed, taking in the scene before him. "Do you know how to party or what?"

Lynlee froze in terror. What now? She could hear Todd's footsteps coming up behind her.

"Have you met Lynlee?" Derek asked his frat brother.

"Yeah, at a Pledge Week party. Hey man, have you seen her asshole yet?" Derek asked, staring at the pink hole peaking out between Lynlee's slightly parted cheeks. "She's got the cutest pink asshole I've ever seen. Looks tight too."

Lynlee couldn't believe she was being discussed like this.

"Why don't you fuck it then?" Derek offered. "There's some lube on the nightstand."

Todd found the sticky tube of lubricant in the top shelf of Derek's nightstand and knelt down behind Lynlee. He rubbed her asshole with the cool gel, working the ball of his index finger in a circle against the natural resistance of her sphincter. Soon, her pink hole gave way and his finger was inside.

"Damn, she is tight." Todd commented. "Her asshole's hungry though..."

Lynlee groaned as Todd pushed his finger in all the way up to the knuckle. Lynlee put her hand between her legs and fingered her clit while he slipped his finger in and out and of her asshole.

"Hey!" Todd said, "Who said you could touch yourself like that?"

"P...Please Sir." Lynlee begged.

Todd smiled. "Ok, but I'm still going to fuck you hard in here. Got it?"

Lynlee could feel his hard cock now, pressing against her rectum but before he pushed in, she felt him suddenly draw away only to plunge into her pussy.

"I need some pussy juice on this cock." Todd groaned, his dick easily slipping into Lynlee's wet cunt. From the sensation, Lynlee guessed his dick was just slightly smaller than Derek's. Just slightly.

Lynlee wasn't on the pill and that worried her, but her aching pussy needed a cock so bad she didn't protest. Todd's big cock felt perfect right now. She moaned in ecstasy.

Lynlee also didn't mention that the cock inside her was the first one to ever take her pussy. She was just glad she had broken her hymen on a bicycle seat in eighth grade so he wouldn't see blood.

Todd gave her five or six good thrusts and then returned his attention to her asshole. It easily accepted his thick penis now.

Lynlee couldn't believe it, but the sensation of Todd in her asshole seemed to press on a spot in the back of her vagina that drove her wild.

"Ohhh fucccck!!!" She yelped, much to Derek and Ann's delight.

All of a sudden, Lynlee needed Derek's cock back in her mouth, so she took it from Ann and sucked it. Ann went down on his asshole in exchange.

Finally Lynlee felt her mouth fill with a large load of Derek's cum. He pinched her button nose and told her to swallow it, which she did. Soon after, she felt Todd flood her rectum with sperm which Ann promptly sucked out of her gaping asshole.

"You're totally stretched out Lynlee." Ann said, admiring Lynlee's dilated asshole. Todd got a digital camera and took a picture. "Don't worry," He said, as he brought her pink anus into a close up. "No one will recognize you anyway."

For the rest of the school year, Lynlee became the cheerleading squadron's pass along slut. It was her obvious punishment for trying to get out of initiation.

Ann had warned her after all that life would be very difficult for anyone who broke their code.

Lynlee just never guessed she'd enjoy it so much.

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