tagLoving WivesLynn and Bobby Ch. 01

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 01


Chapter 1

The Fetish: The Measure of a Man

Bill was my best friend. We were in high school together. We were roommates in college. We fucked the same girls -- trading them off, and even on occasion both of us fucking the same girl in our dorm room. We got married within a year of each other -- to two beautiful ladies. My marriage to Lynn lasted. We were deeply in love. We were happy.

Bill's marriage was happy at first, and then troubled. He was divorced in a couple of years. Then, Bill started fucking my wife! He fucked her for four months. She wanted to fuck him. She fell in love with his dick! But she stayed in love with me! Now how the hell did something that dumb, that stupid, that weird, happen? Well, here's the story.

After Bill's divorce, Lynn and I tried to cheer him up. We had him over for dinner several times a week. After dinner, we always had a few drinks -- maybe a joint -- and, sometimes got into the hot tub. Hey -- San Diego? That's routine. My wife, Lynn, is a good-looking woman. Big breasts. Narrow waist. Shapely ass. A thick, curly-haired, brunet, beaver. But, I never thought twice about Bill looking at her naked. What I should have thought about, was Lynn - looking at Bill.

Unfortunately, Lynn had a fetish that neither of us suspected. Bill was hung like a stallion. In college, some of the girls he fucked were really turned on by the size of his cock. I remember one redhead who couldn't leave him alone. I had watched him fuck girls in our dorm room, and his equipment was really impressive. By comparison, my dick was only about half his size!

Lynn had never said anything about my cock. She wasn't a virgin when we married, but I think she had had only a couple of guys, before me. I thought our sex life was good. We fucked several times a week. Most of the time she had orgasms. Nothing spectacular, but nice, quiet orgasms. I had no idea what a fetish was. But, after she saw Bill in the hot tub, her fetish got to her. I didn't know that what she was seeing was turning her on -- what it was doing to her head.

Finally she came out with it. She laughed and said, "I'll bet he was popular with the girls in college. You two were room mates weren't you?"

I said, yes, we were, and she said, "Did he ever bring girls, up to your room?"

I said, yes he did. And then, she said, "He's really hung. How big is that damn thing, when he gets it ready for action."

I thought she was just joking. I had no idea what his cock was doing to her brain, so I said, "I sure a hell haven't measured but he claims it's over nine inches -- maybe ten. Hell, he's almost twice as big as I am, and a lot thicker." I thought she would laugh. She didn't. She just took a deep breath, and said nothing.

Two nights later, in the hot tub, I went into the kitchen to get some more ice for our drinks, and when I looked out the window, she was standing close to him, her hands under the water, very obviously, playing with his dick. I just stood there a minute or two, watching them, remembering the girls I had known in college who were turned on by his big dick.

When I came back with the ice, they moved casually apart. As I bent over to set down the ice bucket, I looked at him, under the water and his cock was hard.

Well, she asked how big it was. Now I guess she knew!

The following Saturday night we were in the hot tub, I made a point to spend a lot of time in the kitchen -- mixing drinks, getting more ice, and so on. I gave her plenty of time. I needed to find out what the hell was going on. I could look out the window without being seen. I must have left them alone a half dozen times and every time, she moved over to him and started to play with his dick. She was the aggressor. He didn't touch her. He just stood there and smiled at her while she played with it. She kept playing with it until I came back outside. Houston, we have a problem, I thought.

When I came home from work the following Monday, she mixed me a drink, and said, "Sit down. We need to talk."

I said, "What about."

"First, let me tell you that I love you very much. You gotta believe that."

I nodded. "Okay, I believe that. So what else!"

She was honest and brutally frank. "Bill came over here this afternoon. And, we fucked! And, we're going to fuck again."

I wasn't quite sure what to say, so I just sat there, silent.

"I will answer any questions you want to ask me," she said.

So what do you ask your wife when she tells you she just fucked your best friend, a couple of hours ago? I wasn't angry. I wasn't even jealous. I was scared. I was terrified! I loved her. I didn't want to lose her.

"Do you love him?"

"No. I love that huge cock. It's twice the size of yours. He gave me two unbelievable orgasms this afternoon! Orgasms like I've never had in my entire life! Like I've only had in my fantasies."

My God! What the hell was this? What the hell should I do?

"Do you want a divorce?"

She shook her head. "No. I love you. I want to stay married to you. This is about sex, not love. I'm no fool. Bill will get tired of me in a few months -- just like all his other girl friends. Just like his wife. Then he'll dump me. When he's finished with me I'll be desolate, but I love you and I want to stay with you, if you'll have me, after he's finished with me.

Well, that was something, I guess. Bill would leave me with a well-used wife. I could keep her if I wanted to. The problem was, I wanted to. And, I didn't seem to have much choice. "But, you're going to fuck him?" I said.

She nodded. "Yes. I'm going to fuck him as much as I can."

I didn't know what to say. "There's nothing I can do about it?" I asked.

"No. You don't understand. I don't understand, myself. Since I was a young girl, I've always fantasized about a big, rock hard cock like that, but I've never been close to one before. I guess I never thought a cock could ever get that big. It's as though, somehow, this is my one chance for real sex. Sex I've never known before, except in my imagination. Sex I may never have a chance to know again. My one chance! I know that sounds crazy, but that's how I feel. And I'm desperate."

I sat there a moment, not knowing what to say. Just looking off across the room and thinking about Bill's big, cock, pounding in and out, of my lovely wife. I had seen him fuck girls in our dorm in college. He was brutal. He was going to use her just like he'd used the others. She didn't understand that. What the hell could I do? What could I say to her to change her mind?

"Please, say something," she said after a minute of silence.

I sat there, wordless.

"Do you want me to move out?" she asked.

If she moved out, she would move in with him. The thought of him taking her to his place -- using her, then dumping her -- sending her back to me - that thought hurt like hell. But, more important -- our friends would find out that she was living with him. Then she would not be merely his private whore -- but a public whore! Our marriage would be over. How the hell could I save our marriage?

"No," I said.

"So, you want me to just go to his place?" she asked.

Going to his place was the same. There would be overnights. Our friends would certainly find out! They would surely discover she was having an affair with him! That would be the end of our marriage. And, the thought of them, fucking in his apartment. Me, not knowing when. That thought would drive me crazy!

Again, I said, "No."

Her face showed surprise. She thought a minute. "You want us to do it here?" She asked in disbelief.

I paused and said, "Look, I don't want our friends to know what's going on. I don't want them to think you're a whore! So, yes, if you have to fuck him, then fuck him here. I want our friends to think he's just a close friend of ours that we are helping after his divorce."

She just shook her head, in disbelief. "Jesus. - Holy -- Jesus! - I don't believe this. You're gonna watch us fuck -- to keep it secret? I can't believe you really want to watch him fuck me. Believe me baby! I just fucked him two hours ago. It ain't pretty. You don't want to see that! You really don't want to see that! Besides, he won't do it, never, never."

I shook my head. "If you're going to fuck him -- do it here."


The next day, I got a call from Bill, to join him for lunch. We got a quiet booth and had a drink with lunch, not saying much. He began to talk after the second drink arrived. "I fucked your wife yesterday. She said she told you about it."

Well, that was direct enough. I nodded.

"You're a lucky guy. That's good pussy." He laughed. I was getting uncomfortable, but he was enjoying this. He paused, then, "She said you told her I could fuck her at your place. You didn't want us to go anywhere else. Right?"

I nodded, again. "That's right."

"You don't want you friends to know?"

I looked down at my drink. "That's right."

He paused a moment in thought, then continued, "You don't know what's going on here, do you? I mean, what's really going on?"

What was he talking about? Of course I knew what was going on. My best friend was fucking my wife. And my wife wanted to fuck him. And I was trying to save our marriage. That's what was going on. I heard her voice. Bill came over here this afternoon. And, we fucked! And, we're going to fuck again. Lynn wants to fuck him! That's what's going on.

"What do you mean, what's going on?"

Bill looked down. Then up at me. He was thinking. "You need to know something, that I guess you don't know. Did you know that your wife has a fetish?"

"A what?"

"A fetish -- look it up! You remember that horny redheaded bitch, we fucked in our Junior year? The one you said had a big, red, bushy, curly-haired, beaver that turned you on. We made her run around our room buck naked in spike heels. Remember?"

I remembered, we both fucked her a lot that year. I nodded.

"Well, she had a fetish for big dicks. My cock drove her wild. Lynn's voice again in my head ... I love that huge cock ... twice the size of yours ... She did anything I told her to do. She was thirty-five or forty, married, two kids - but she was desperate to fuck me, every chance she got."

"I didn't know she was married."

"She was. Her husband was an executive in a big company that had offices near the college. Two kids in high school."

"I didn't know that, either." I kept shaking my head. Where the hell was he going with this? What was his point?

He paused a moment. "Well, every time that horny bitch spread her legs for me, she always told me two things: How much she loved her husband -- and, how much she needed my big dick! She had a fetish for big dicks! It's real! It's in the books. Get on the net. Look it up."

"In the books? What ... What do you mean?"

"Just go on the net and look up 'fetish.' Stick to the medical stuff -- don't bother with the porn. You'll find it. It's real!"

"Jesus," was all I could think to say as I sat there shaking my head.

"Read it. As they say -- 'Some girls are like that.'" Then he started to laugh. "And, boy, am I glad they are. If you're hung, it makes for easy pussy. User-friendly Poon. They ask you for it! Hell, Bobby, they beg you for it! They always tell you they 'need it'. Do you know how good it feels to have a horny bitch beg you for it?"

He paused and took a sip of his drink, then laughed. "Well, your wife has that same fetish. I've known her for over two years, but I just found out about her fetish last week. From the moment, she saw my dick in the hot tub, she couldn't keep her hands off of it." Her voice in my head saying I love that huge cock. It's twice the size of yours.

"She played with it every chance she got. And, she was horny, just like that redheaded bitch. Your wife wanted to fuck. I didn't proposition her. She propositioned me! And, guess what you loving wife said yesterday, laying on the bed naked, just before she spread those beautiful legs for me."

I was feeling numb. Mumbling. "What did she say?"

"Your wife told me two things. The same two things that horny redheaded bitch, said, over and over. How much she loved her husband (that's you). And, how much she needed a big dick (that's me). Face it Bobby, she loves us both, you and my dick."

With that he threw his head back and laughed so loudly that people at the next table turned to stare. He leaned close and almost whispered. "It's the fetish. That's why she's gonna make her pussy user-friendly for me." He chuckled, smiling across the table at me.

"Now, Bobby, I was nice to her. I could have made her beg -- I really could have. And it's fun to watch 'em beg, especially a new one when they're just learning how, but I didn't. I respected her. I mean -- she was my best friend's wife. So, I made it easy for her. I just made her say --flat out - that she wanted to fuck me, so I couldn't be accused of starting anything."

I wanted to challenge him. Lynn wouldn't have done that. "What did she say?"

"She invited me over for "lunch" -- and I said -- You don't mean lunch. And she shook her head no. Then I asked her, 'What are you inviting me over for?' She looked me straight in the eye, no hesitation, reached down and cupped my crotch in her hand, and said straight out, 'I want it!' Then she stared down at my crotch." Again I heard her voice in my head saying I love that huge cock ... I need it!

"Now Bobby, that's a proposition, and I didn't make it. That was last Saturday when she said good night to me at the door and you were less than fifteen feet away in the kitchen. She'd been playing with my dick all evening, and it took her less than a minute to proposition me. And I went over there yesterday and I fucked her, and I'm glad I did, because your wife is really good pussy." Her voice again He gave me two unbelievable orgasms. "She's got a tight little pussy. When she comes, it just squeezes my dick like a strong hand."

I looked down again at my drink. I couldn't look him in the eye. I was beat. Helpless. This could not be happening. Not to us. We were in love. We were happy. What could I do? I just asked him very quietly, "So, what do I do?"

He smiled and then laughed. "Do? There's not a damn thing you can do, Bobby boy, you love her. You're trapped. And she's trapped too, by what's in her head and what's in my pants." He paused, smiled, "But, I sure as hell can do something -- I can bang-her, bang-her like-a-drum, and that's exactly what I intend to do to your sexy wife! She showed me yesterday how good she could fuck. And, I'm gonna fuck her Bobby. She's gonna be my personal user-friendly pussy. You're wife's got a tight little pussy now, Bobby, but I'm going to stretch it out for you and when I'm finished with it, it's gonna be big and loose. Don't worry, you can have her back when I'm finished with her, and that pussy's gonna be all yours again."

He just sat there, across the table, looked at me, and smiling in the most natural, friendly manner you can imagine. Like he was talking about playing bridge. I sat there, beaten. Not knowing what to do. He chuckled, enjoying himself. In all the years I'd known him, I'd never seen him like this. But, he had me. And he knew it. And, if he was right about Lynn, he had her too. He was going to fuck her. He knew I loved her, and, he didn't care. He knew she loved me, and, he didn't care. All he cared about was Poon, user-friendly pussy. The bastard! But, there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

"So, now you understand the deal, lets talk about what we came here to talk about. If she's as horny as I think she is, we're gonna be fuckin' a lot, for about three months. We need a place to fuck. Lynn says we can fuck at your place. You really want to watch me fuck your wife in your own home?"

What could I say? Her voice again in my head. She had said Believe me baby! I just fucked him two hours ago. It ain't pretty. You don't want to see that! You really don't want to see that!

I just nodded, saying nothing. Staring down at the table.

"Bobby, you're my best friend so I'm going to tell you some things. I've found several gals with the fetish. I look for them. They're hard to spot but I've been lucky. I find one, maybe every year or two. I use 'em up in about three months. Stretch that pussy out for 'em and use 'em up. There's nothing more boring than servicing a used-up bitch who's still horny. I get a little rough with them near the end -- you saw me with that redheaded bitch -- but they always take it to keep me. The same thing's gonna happen with Lynn. She'll be a wreck when I dump her ass -- you saw the redhead -- but, in the end you're gonna get her back when I'm finished with her. But I've never fucked one in front of her husband before. That's new for me and I'm not sure if it'll work out. I'll try it at your place if you want me to. Then we'll see."

Then I made it clear. "I just don't want anything behind my back. I don't want our friends to know that we are anything other than, just good friends. No scandal. Scandal would destroy our marriage."

"Your friends won't know a thing. I never talk about my Poon. And nothing behind your back? No problem. Hell, you can watch us fuck if you want to. You watched me fuck a lot when we were in college."

I was still staring down at the table. The only thing I could do was nod, yes.

"Out in the open! Just like you're not there. We'll start tonight! Damn I'm looking forward to that tight little pussy."

With that, he got up and left, chuckling softly. The arrogant bastard! The brutal, arrogant, bastard. I sat in the restaurant, finishing my drink. My wife - his Poon-Tang. The woman I loved - his private, user-friendly pussy. And she wanted it that way. And I was helpless to do anything about it.


From restaurant, to office, to Internet, to ugly truth. It was real. Complete with a set of medical diagnosis numbers and ICD9 medical codes. Different kinds of fetishes of course, men more than women, but women too; simple and complex, mild and severe, harmless and criminal, from toes to tits, from jocks to cocks, but all were real. Some caused trouble -- guys committed burglary to steal dirty panties. Some just caused obsessive fantasies. Some made men aggressive against women, others made women defenseless against men. I found descriptions of a lot of fetishes and one that described Lynn's in detail. There was a lot of psychiatric double talk but it all boiled down to the fact that these women measured a man by the size of his dick. Without a big one he just wasn't a man. So, when they found a big one all their emotions dealing with their need for a man were cut loose and their fantasies took over. They acted out their fantasies. "Acted out" was medical jargon for fucking any big dick available. The condition was situational. "Situational" was more medical jargon, meaning if she sees a big one in the hot tub, she's gonna grab it! Treatment? Sedation. Psychoanalysis. Worthless!

I sat staring at the computer screen with no answers, but now I knew four things for sure: her fetish was a real medical condition; Lynn couldn't help herself; nobody could else could help her; and, Bill was going to fuck her for as long as he wanted to, probably about three months, and then dump her ass.

I couldn't change it, but maybe I could live through it, just last it out? Three months Bill had said. Preserve our marriage. That was the first priority. To do that I had to preserve her reputation. No living with him. Keep her at home. Keep it secret. No scandal, no trouble, no fighting, no running away -- just stay in there and wait the bastard out. He would leave. Sooner or later that sadistic bastard would leave! That was the only certainty in this whole ugly situation. Then she would be mine again. It would not be easy, but, at least, I knew what I had to do. Now, how do I do it? Think!

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