tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn Wanted to Be...Ch. 3

Lynn Wanted to Be...Ch. 3


A little later we were ready to get the deed done and headed out back of the bar. When we got there, there was a guy banging away on Lynn and two black guys waiting their turn. Word must have gotten round to the Harbor House where the black people hang out. We watched while the first guy finished and the two black guys did their turns. I asked Danny if he still wanted to do her and he said, "Hell Yes!" He went at her and was having a good old time. I was talking to one of the guys that already had her and when I looked back, Art had his pants open and was stroking his dick. I freaked! I said, "Art, you don't want to do her!"

He said, "Hell yes I do. Look at that!" Like I said before, Lynn is a nice looking woman for 47 and with the stockings on and her face covered, who's going to recognize her? Her tattoo wasn't visible from the position she was in plus the fact that Art was pretty wasted from drinking all night. I was in a bind.

What could I do now? I couldn't very well tell him he couldn't fuck her because that was his mother after he just watched her get gang banged by a couple of black guys and some one else knowing that I was the one that put her in that situation. So I figured, he's not going to know, she's not going to know, only I will know. Well, Art went at it and had a good old time as did Lynn. Seeing this made me horny again so I whipped out a rubber and put it on and did her again. When I was done I asked if she wanted to go home and she shook her head no.

I said it was getting close to closing time and asked if she wanted to have some more guys. She nodded that she did. I decided I would go to the Harbor House. When I walked in I saw the two black guys that were there earlier talking to three other guys. They were laughing and telling these guys about what they did. I thought I better not say anything and left to go back to the D/D and line up a couple more.

It was about 2:15 and they just called last call and the band was done for the night. I ran into a couple guys I know and asked them if they were interested in banging this chick I had tied up out back. They said no because their wives would kill them if they found out but they wouldn't mind watching. Then I remembered I told Bill to came back if he found more guys to screw her. Me and my two buddies headed out back to see what was going on.

When we got back there Bill and three other guys were standing there waiting to have a turn with Lynn. There was another guy doing her and she was still into it. Moaning and rocking back and forth to meet his every thrust. Now that the music had stopped you could just hear her moans through the gag and pillowcase. I stood and watched as one after the other of Bill and his friends banged her. I was waiting for Bill's friends to finish up with Lynn so I could take her home, that is if she wanted to go home. That's when Art and Danny came back to the scene and Dave was with them!

I saw Art, Danny and Dave, Lynn's youngest son at 21, and I asked Art what he was doing back again and why Dave was there. He said, "Man, I had to go find him and tell him about this. He didn't believe me so I told him to come with me to see if she was still here." Then he told me that when he saw she was still banging everyone, he called Doug, their other brother and told him to come down to see this. I was thinking, "Oh shit! How am I going to end this?"

The last of Bill's friends was blowing his load when Doug showed up with five black guys right behind him, one of which was one of the guys that was there earlier. The black guy said, "Damn, The bitch is still going!" Doug said Hi to me and then said to his brothers, "I thought you guys were bull-shitting me." Bill's friends were done and Andy said loudly, "Okay Dave, you're next."

Well, now that the band had quit playing and it was a little quieter, Lynn could hear people talking. When she heard Art tell Dave he was next she started shaking her head and trying to say no through the gag. What could I do? It was still the same dilemma as before. I couldn't tell them that was their mother getting fucked by any guy that showed up and I couldn't talk them out of it. Lynn was really fighting the ropes now but Dave just grabbed her hips and rammed his cock in her pussy. Lynn was really screaming now but the gag kept it down to a muffled moaning. Dave was pumping away and Art, Doug and Danny were cheering him on.

After a couple of minutes Lynn settled down and actually started enjoying it! She started matching Dave's thrusts and was moaning and bucking with him. After about five minutes Dave grunted and shot his load and Doug was standing right behind him with his cock in his hand already hard and ready to plunge right in. Dave pulled out and turned around. He and Doug high fived and Doug rammed his cock right in. Now Dave, Art and Danny were all chanting, "Go Doug, go Doug, go Doug."

So now Lynn had to know that her second son was fucking her hard and had no idea who she was. She didn't even try to resist because she was going back and forth right with him. Doug wasn't as drunk as the rest because he was just sitting at home watching TV and having a few beers when Art called him but he must not have recognized his mother either. I mean think about it.

How many guys have seen their mother bare assed naked from the back side bent over a picnic table? And would anyone even think that it was their mother in an alley behind a bar getting gang-banged? Well Doug finished and then Danny said to Lynn, "Hey bitch, you want another cock in your pussy?" Everyone started laughing and Lynn nodded her head. She must have figured she was going to get fucked all night and after all, she said she wanted to. She knew me and the kind of relationship we have that if she said she would do something or I said I would do something that there was a good chance that it would happen.

Well, Danny drove his cock in hard and fast. He must have been pretty horny watching all the action because he blew his load in about two minutes. Art was standing next in line and I said to him, "Man, you don't want to fuck her again, do you?" He said, "Ya! I already fucked the sluts pussy, now I want to fuck this sleazy whore up the ass!" Well Lynn heard that and started shaking her head and moaning, "UH-UH, UH-UH" Too late now.

Art was ready. He didn't even take his time. He just shoved his cock right in her asshole. You could hear her scream as he penetrated and he was not gentle by any means. He fucked hard and fast. Lynn was screaming and moaning and fighting the ropes but there was no escape. It's a good thing that the gag I had around her mouth was thick because if it wasn't, someone would have called the police! Art was banging away and I thought, "Wow. What a kick it would be if I just took the pillowcase off of Lynn's head and let Art see who he was ass-fucking."

I bent down by Lynn's ear and said, "Maybe we should end this. I'll just take the pillowcase off now." Lynn shook her head no and I could her hear saying, "No, No!" through the gag. When Art was ready to cum, he pulled out and shot his load all over Lynn's back. Then while he was still hard, he stuck his dick back in her pussy and pumped for a couple more minutes.

Man, I wonder what kind of reaction I would have seen from them if I had untied Lynn and let her boys know who they had just raped. I bent down to Lynn and asked her, "Do you want me to let you loose now?" She shook her head no. I said, "There are a few more guys waiting to fuck you. Are you cool with that?" She nodded her head.

The black guy that was there earlier said to his buddies, "Aw-rite homies, we gonna has some fun now." Lynn heard him and realized it was a black man and started screaming and fighting the ropes again. Still, I couldn't let her go because the boys were there. The one black guy said, "Okay, Devon, you go first 'cause you da smallest." They all laughed at that. Then he said, "Jonny, you go fifth 'cause you da biggest." So now Lynn knew she was about to get fucked by five black guys. She knew that she couldn't do anything about it so she stopped fighting and just relaxed. Well, after the first guy shoved his cock in and started humping, Lynn took to it like a duck to water. I guess 'small' is a relative term because the first guy had a prety good sized tool. It was probably eight inches long and average thickness. She must have been pretty stretched out or really sore by now but she got into it after a couple of minutes.

After about 45 minutes, Art said to me, "Man that was killer, I can't wait to tell some of my buddies about this. We got to get going now. Thanks man. Oh, by the way. I called Uncle Kevin (Lynn's brother) and told him about this. You know what a horn-dog he is. I knew he would get into this. He said he would be down in a few minutes." Then he said, "Oh hey, thanks for taking mom home. She was really trashed." I thought, "Cool. They have no idea that they all just fucked their mother.

About five minutes after the boys left Kevin showed up with about seven or eight friends of his. He said 'Hi' to me and we talked a couple of minutes. He said he thought the boys were joking but glad they weren't. I told him she was a friend of mine and wanted to do this but didn't want anyone to know who she was and he said, "That's cool." Just then Lynn let out another muffled scream. I turned around and saw Jonny forcing his monster into Lynn's ass. He was the biggest! He looked like he had close to a foot of meat and thick as a bat handle.

Well, I figured that I had another hour or so to wait for Kevin and his group of friends to fuck Lynn so I just sat down on the ground to watch the action. After Jonny shot his load, Kevin said to Lynn, "Now it's time for some more white meat." Lynn stiffened when she heard Kevin's voice, but then just slumped back down on the table. Now she knew she was going to get it from her brother too.

It was about 4:30 now and I was getting tired and just wanted to go home and go to bed. Then my cell phone rang. It was a woman that I went out with a couple of years ago that I was totally in love with. She said that she and her boyfriend had a big fight and he slashed her tires at the bar and she was stranded. She tried my house a couple of times and then called my cell. She didn't know who else to call and asked if I could come give her a ride home. I figured Lynn would be busy for a while so I said, "Sure. I'll be there in about ten minutes." I knew Lynn would be busy for about and hour so I said to Kevin, "Hey Bro, That's my girl there. I have to go pick up a friend and I'll be back in about 45 minutes. Don't hurt her. Okay." They said, "Don't worry. We'll take good care of her."

It was about ten minutes to the place my friend was. I picked her up and told her I had to stop down on River Street to see if a friend needed a ride home. I parked on the corner and went down the alley behind D/D to see what was happening with Lynn. Well, word must have gotten around the bars because there were, I don't know, 15- 20 guys standing around watching Lynn getting fucked by someone. I recognized a few faces from the bars and saw one guy I knew pretty well. I told him the basics of what the situation was and asked him if he could stick around and make sure Lynn got home Okay if I didn't make it back. He said no problem.

When we got to my friend's place she said she was really upset and asked if I could come in for a while. Of course I went in to comfort her and and forgot all about Lynn. I woke up about 11:30 the next morning and the second thought I had, after banging my friend again, was, Oh shit! I forgot about Lynn." I told my friend I had something I forgot I had to do and would call her later and left.

I went back down to the D/D not knowing what to expect. For all I knew, Lynn could be gone, dead or dying. There might still be a line of anywhere from 1 to 100 guys waiting to bang her. My heart was racing and I was sweating like a pig. I was nervous and it was a pretty hot day. I didn't want anything bad to happen to Lynn because even though I was not in love with her, I do care about her. I parked and walked through the alley behind the D/D and Lynn was still tied to the table and tree just like I left her.

The pillow case and gag were gone but the blindfold was still in place. I hoped that Kevin left before that happened. She had dried cum all on her face and in her hair. She was a fucking mess. There was an old homeless guy that everybody in town knows sleeping about two or three feet away from her. He must have passed out right after fucking her because his pants were still down around his knees. Things must have gotten a little rough after I left because Lynn had a long-neck stuck in her pussy and there were a lot of bruises on her ass. She was still leaking cum out of her ass and there were a whole lot of used rubbers laying on the ground around her.

Some guys must have wanted souvenirs because her night gown was gone as were her shoes and her fishnets. I didn't know if she was unconscious or just sleeping so I shook her shoulder and she woke up. I took off the blindfold and said, "There is a bottle in your pussy and I am going to take it out now." She said, "Okay." I slowly worked the bottle back and forth and slid it out. She groaned a little bit. I knew she had to be sore because her pussy was really swollen and red.

I asked if she was ready to go home yet and she said yes. I didn't have anything in the truck for her to wear so I said I would go get something and be right back.

I only live up the street from River Street so It only took about five minutes to get to my house, pick up a big T-shirt and get back down to D/D. When I got back and came out through the alley, there was Lynn, laying on the ground with her legs in the air fucking the hell out of the homeless guy! When they were done Lynn got up and put on the shirt I brought and we got in the truck and left. I said, "I hope you're not too pissed at me for last night."

She said, "NO. That's the best night I ever had!" She said she had never had that many orgasms in such a short time. I asked her about the black guys and she said that she was pissed at first but they had such big cocks that she came two or three times with each one of them. Then I asked if there was anything else that she was pissed about. She said, "You mean about Art, Dave, Doug and Danny?"

I said, "Well, yes."

She said, "Well, I have thought about fucking Danny for quite a while but didn't think that was a good thing to do."

Then she said, "I was really pissed at first when I knew Art, Dave and Doug were going to fuck me. I thought, how could you let them do that to me? Then I thought, He's smart not to say anything to them. I wouldn't want them to know what a slut I am. I didn't like it when Kevin fucked me though. That was gross." Then she got this sly look on her face and said, "You know, I came the most when I knew I was getting fucked by my sons." I said, "It will be hard for me to top this one." She said, "Keep trying."

The End?

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