tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLynn's Festive Night Ch. 01

Lynn's Festive Night Ch. 01


Lynn sighed as she pushed away from her computer. The house was quiet and she'd like nothing better than to go to bed, but she needed to go to the store to pick up a couple things before morning. Her husband needed a sandwich for work, and the kids needed something for breakfast.

She grabbed her wallet and keys, and headed for the door. It was only ten o'clock when she arrived, and the lot still had too many cars, so she parked under a light at the back. As she walked to the doors, she glanced at a dark blue van a few spaces from a cart return. She chuckled as she remembered a friend from high school. He'd had one of those vans, white with blacked out windows and a mattress in the back. She'd teased him about it, and he'd teased her back, but he'd never invited her in it. He'd actually liked her, but she wasn't girlfriend material.

"More like guy-friend material," she sighed. He was one of many who was more likely to meet her and the other guys someplace to play pool or just hang out, than to ask her out on a date. She shook her head and continued walking to the store.

She spent a lot of time in the store, looking at movies and games before she finally picked up the groceries and headed out. It was well after eleven now, and the lot was nearly empty as she walked back to her car, the bag swinging against her leg. As she approached the can, the back door door opened. She turned to look as she went by, and just as she made out the figure in the back, she felt hands pushing her towards the open door. She dropped her back to grab the outside of the door and push away. But the person inside grabbed her hands and began pulling her in.

Quickly, she was brought into the van and she heard the door slam behind her. She started to cry out, but one of the men slapped her.

"Quiet" he hissed. She felt the man behind her, push her aside as she climbed up to the driver's seat. Then heard the van start up as she struggled against the man who was tying her hands to a metal bar that ran the length of the van. He brought his face close to hers and placed his hand on her neck.

"Don't move, don't yell, and don't think this is a game. You behave and you might survive the night. Might." The last word was a whisper against her ear. Then, he pulled away and began pulling on her clothes. She saw a knife flash in the darkness and heard the material of her shirt, shorts and bra rip apart.

"Hey man" he called to the man in the front, "this cunt don't wear panties, maybe she was ready for us." The driver simply laughed.

"Was that it? Did you want to be grabbed tonight, so you tried to be ready for us?" he laughed as he slid his hands over her skin.

Tears leaked form her eyes as he mauled her breasts. "I do like 'em big, lady. I think the big ladies don't always appreciate what they got. So I consider it my duty to remind em." He chuckled again then began sucking and biting her nipples.

An eternity seemed to pass, before he stopped, and the van came to a halt. The driver came to the back, and glanced at her naked body. "She ready to be fucked yet?" He pulled down his pants and pulled her legs apart. His hand reached up and grabbed at her cunt. "Man, what've you been doing back here? She's dry as a bone." He pulled his hand back, and spit in it, then spread the spit over the head of his cock. Then he placed it at her cunt and pushed inside.

Lynn groaned as she felt him push inside her. The tears were still streaming down her face, but she dared not say a word. He grabbed her hips, and began sawing in and out of her.

Her open lips were the only invitation the other man needed. He pulled down his pants and brought his cock to her mouth. She tried to turn her head, but he grabbed her hair. "Suck it bitch." he said, pushing the head against her lips. Slowly, her mouth opened and his cock slipped inside.

He pushed it all the way back, feeling her gag on it. Then he began pumping in and out of her mouth. "Fuck yeah, she's wet enough up here, and damn can she give some head." Automatically, her tongue began swirling around as she sucked his cock, feeling the other sliding in and out of her cunt. Then, she felt a hand on her breast, kneading the soft flesh. Slowly. She began losing herself to the sensations. The tears dried as her body began to respond.

"Hey, she's warming up, I can feel her gettin' wet." She heard the voice, but it was far away. She shifted her hips as he thrust, her clit rubbing against him. She also began turning her head as much as she could, working the cock in her mouth.

She lost herself completely as she continued fucking the men. "Fuck yeah, this cunt's hot. You know how to pick 'em." The man fucking her cunt began ramming it in harder, grunting as he rammed it in a final time, holding his cock inside her as he came.

"Of course, the big ones are always ready for this." He pulled his cock out of her mouth and began jacking off on her face, cum dripped from her chin and cheeks as she fell back to the floor of the van, panting. She'd been close to cumming, she could feel it fading and she nearly began to cry again as they untied her from the metal bar.

"Let's get the cunt inside, I think we can have some real fun with this one." They chuckled as they pulled their pants on, then half dragged, half carried her to a small house on a mostly deserted street.

It would be a very good night.

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