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M.I.L.F. Takes Charge



I had a story idea that I wanted to pass on since I know I won't have time to write it. It's based upon something that happened to me last summer. I would love to have people complete it. I think it would be interesting to see how many different directions it would go.

Here goes:

I'm a 47 year old divorced mother of 2, a 17 yo boy, Kyle and a 19 yo girl, Katye. I have a pretty nice place with a pool in the backyard where me and my girlfriends like to hang out during the summer discussing all sorts of topics, including stories we've read on this site.

One topic that we've been discussing is whether or not we are M.I.L.F.s. I'm pretty sure we are, or at least 3 of us are. I'm a retired body builder, but I still keep in good shape. I got confirmation that I'm a MILF when an old neighbor showed up.

I came home from running errands and Katye and a boy, who I didn't recognize at the time, were already in the pool. I didn't go out, but I yelled "hello" to them from the kitchen. I have to admit that I was intrigued by this hunk lounging in our pool. I had a great view of him from the kitchen, and he had to know it. He slowly climbed out of the pool wearing nothing more than a camouflage speedo that was hugging his cock and balls for all its life. He made no effort to hide himself. Then he walked towards the house, but never actually looked for me at the window. He played it cool.

Of course, if he did look at me I wouldn't have known because I couldn't take my eyes off his bulge. He wasn't completely hard, but shrinkage clearly wasn't a problem for him. Facing away from the house, he took his towel and dried himself off. I got a great view of his terrific ass. He spent a good amount of time drying his crotch before wrapping the towel tightly around his waist and coming inside.

I was surprised that he would come in without Katye to introduce him, so he already had me at a disadvantage. It wasn't until he had smiled and said "Hi Mrs. Millwood" that I recognized him. It was Derrick, the boy I had known since he was 5, but hadn't seen for the last 5 years because we moved away when I got divorced. He had always been a favorite of mine, and was over all the time to play with Katye. Now he's 20 (maybe 21) and has one hell of a hot body. He's not bulky, but he's well defined...and in all the right places. If I had to guess, I'd say he was almost 6' and about 175 pounds.

He wrapped his muscular arms around me and we exchanged a big hug. I could feel his cock against my hip. I had to be visibly flustered. I stammered to get my composure and tried to make small talk. I stood back and gave him the once over again and tried to compliment his great body without it being obvious that I wanted him to fuck me right then and there.

He complimented my body and I blushed, then I ran my hand over his arm and said something about how much he'd grown since I last saw him. He said that he had entered his first body building competition, and wanted to get some pointers from me since I had been a body builder. He proceeded to pull the towel from his waist to expose himself to me again, then asked how I thought he'd do. Again, my eyes didn't leave his bulge. His cock had to be as hard as it would get while still tucked down over his balls.

I couldn't help myself. I had to run my hand over his ass and shaved hamstring, and I'm used to seeing attractive boys in string bikinis. (I refer to all males as 'boys', no matter their age.)

I was so flushed that I didn't pay any attention to realize at the time, but upon reflection, I think he was a little nervous too. He seemed to be at a loss for words, which leads me to believe that he was nervous about purposely putting himself on display for me. And if he was showing himself off on purpose, then that leads me to believe he thinks of me as a MILF. And looking back, it didn't occur to me that while he had a nice build, he probably wasn't muscular enough to win a competition.

So, my girlfriends and I discussed this at length when they came over. They all agree with me that he thinks I'm a MILF, and he came back to find me and fuck me. Then we started talking about reversing the scenario. Aren't there sons that we'd all like to fuck? S.I.L.F. A better acronym would be G.I.R.L.S. "Guys I'd Really Like to Screw." Of course, it's taboo if they're still in high school, but in my case, Derrick was 'of age.' I realize that a story probably can't be written about mothers having a desire to 'have' the high school boy next door, but it didn't keep us from talking about it amongst ourselves. And we came up with a list, too.

Then we discussed the morals of having a desire for one another's kids, and why that would be different than wanting to be with a stranger's boy. And this hit home when my boy ended up on each of my friend's list. I didn't know if I should be offended or honored. I know he has a nice body, and every mother thinks their kids are cute, but I just never thought about how my friends thought about him.

Beyond that subject, one of my friends suggested that as the leader of the GIRLS, I take the lead and have my way with Derrick. For the rest of the weekend, we plotted... It wasn't long before we had the perfect plan. A couple of the girls, one who knew me the least, thought I wouldn't go through with it. We placed a bet, and to keep things honest, decided that my best friend, Leslie, had to quietly watch from the house.

Derrick came over on a day when I knew Katye would be away for the day. I had planned to give him legitimate advice, but it became clear that body building wasn't a high priority for him at the moment. He wanted to get some pool time in since it was so hot out. I was only too willing to oblige.

I had gotten in the pool and Derrick joined me. Then he sat at the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water. I strolled up and rested at the side of the pool, between his spread legs. I didn't say a word, but just ran my hands on his inner thighs up to his swimsuit. He just leaned back and locked his eyes on mine. His cock twitched and tried to grow, but the wet Speedo held it in place, bent over to the side. After a little more teasing, I ran my hand directly over his cock, then softly kneaded his balls. He groaned, but didn't resist at all.

I had finally had enough. I had to have him. I pulled the speedo from his waist, and he raised himself up so it would slide out from underneath him. I left it floating in the water. His cock immediately sprang to it's full length. OMG, it was amazing. It had been a long time since I had had a cock in my hand so anything would have looked marvelous, but Derrick truly was enormous. And any question I had about him using steroids was put to rest with the size of his balls. Steroids shrinks testicles. Derricks was as large as I had seen.

He slowly lowered himself into the water, stopping when his balls hit the surface. They floated there for a moment before he dropped all the way in. If Leslie hadn't been in the kitchen, there's no doubt that I would have let him take me. I wanted so much to just jump on and feel him slide into me. But I mustered all the determination and will I had built up during my career in body building and I stuck to my guns.

I whipped him around at the waist and pushed him up against the side of the pool. By this time, we were in the shallow end where the water was just lower than his balls. I made him promise to stay there, and I quickly sloshed over to where I had my strap-on hidden under a towel at the edge of the pool. I strapped it on, and positioned myself directly behind the boy.

I kicked his legs apart with my feet, lubed up my rubber shaft, and parted his ass cheeks with my hands. He bucked at the intrusion, and that's when I grabbed him by the balls with one hand and gently pushed his torso back down til his chest was again resting on the deck. It's amazing how a boy calms down when his balls are in someone else's hands.

As I positioned the head of my strap-on at his virgin hole, I told him that if he wanted to fuck me, he had to get fucked first. I reiterated that GIRLS stood for "guys I'd really like to screw." Boy, was he tight. I popped the head in, but the shaft of my strap-on wasn't so easy. I had to stretch him slowly before he let me all the way in. I almost came just from listening to his high pitched moans. He sounded like a little girl. LOL.

But finally, I was all the way inside him. My hips were against his ass. I raised his body up so he was standing upright. I felt his body against my tits. I reached around with my right hand and played with his left nipple while steadying him by holding his shaft in my left hand. I told him to bend his knees so he wasn't touching the floor of the pool. I bore all the weight of his body on my shaft. I slowly took him to deeper water, then began to fuck him. Now one hand was around his cock, and the other was firmly grasping his balls. I pulled his body up by his nuts, while drawing my phallic member out, then I pulled his body back down by his nuts and thrust my hips forward, burying my member deep inside him.

I don't know how long this went on. I know I came once, but I didn't want to let him go. We rested against the side for a bit before I continued fucking him again. Finally, he complained of having blue balls, but I waited until I got a second orgasm before I released him. Back in the shallow end, I leaned him back over the decking and held his ass while I slowly withdrew. What a beautiful sight.

I needed a break, so we got out and fixed a drink. His cock never went down. He remained as hard as a rock. I enjoyed watching him walk naked, his cock bobbing back and forth, his balls bouncing off his thighs.

I explained that I couldn't let a young boy just take me as he wished. I had to establish my dominance first. He needed to respect me before he could fuck me. He nodded, but I know he didn't understand, really. No way he could at his age and limited experience. It would take time for him to learn.

With that, I thought I held up my end of the bargain, so I told him if he wanted me he could have me. We headed back out to the pool where he sat on the edge again. I got in the water, and stood between his legs, playing with his balls which hung loosely between his muscular thighs.

During the 30 minute break, he never lost his erection. I couldn't take it any more. I pulled his balls towards me to get him in the water. He resisted, and with a smirk on his face, told me to ask for it nicely.

His second lesson came when I squeezed his balls as tight I thought he could handle without screaming. I yanked him in the water by his balls, and this time, he had no choice but to follow. There was no time for words. That'd come after. I had to have him inside me. It was his turn to whip me around in the water. He wrapped one arm around my torso, just under my breasts, lifted me up and with his other hand positioned his cock at the lips of my pussy, and took me with one hard thrust. I nearly lost my breath. He was fucking me hard before I could even regain my composure. He had me near another orgasm before we even got to the center of the pool. I felt so helpless, impaled upon his long shaft, and held tight to his chest by his arms.

He thrust harder and harder. I knew he was close to erupting. He squeezed me tight, and it was amazing. I felt his orgasm, like a shockwave throughout his entire body. He just shook as he pumped his load deep inside me. Finally he stopped. I wasn't sure he was going to be able to make it to the side of the pool. He was so drained of energy that I thought he might take in a few mouthfuls of water. He didn't let me off his shaft until we made it over to the side. What an incredible fuck.

We both got out and flopped down on a lounge chair. He was still breathing hard as he lay on his back, his cock finally beginning to go limp, resting on his thigh. What a body.

I left him alone for a while. I think he eventually fell asleep. I went in to talk to Leslie, who to my surprise, was still there. She couldn't staring at him through the window. After talking a while, we decided we needed to know how far he could shoot his wad. LOL I bet he could make it to his chin. Leslie thought that because he was already exhausted, he probably couldn't make it past his nipples. Another bet was on.

I went back out and found that Derrick was in fact, awake. His cock began to grow again when he saw me come back out to sunbathe naked. I decided not to beat around the bush. I just outright asked him how far he could shoot his load, if he could make it to his chin. He kind of chuckled, but only said that he wasn't sure but was willing to find out.

I pumped his shaft and massaged his balls. He lasted so long, I thought I was getting a good arm workout. Finally, he arched his back, his balls went tight to his body, and the head of his cock swelled. I aimed his cock towards his face and quickened my pace. Every muscle of his body was tight when he finally exploded. The first and second spurts landed on his throat, and the rest of his cum landed on his chest, then his stomach.

Again he lay exhausted. I was so horny. I couldn't resist the temptation to lick his thick white jism off his body. Every drop I licked up, and he tasted great. His precum that I tasted earlier was very salty, but his cum tasted different. How do ya describe the taste of a guy's cum?

After that, I rubbed tanning oil onto his body with whatever cum was left on his chest. I gave him a complete rub down, even his balls.

We made small talk for a while. His cock rose and went flaccid, over the next few hours. I prepared lunch for us, then we went back out to the lounge chairs to take in more sun.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because I awakened by what felt like a very hard cock pushing between my legs. I didn't resist when he pushed my legs further apart and positioned his cockhead at my pussy. I felt him enter me again. I gasped. Then he layed down on top of me, and slowly took me. We groaned together as he filled me completely.

I wanted to outlast him, just to show him that I could, but I had no chance. He pumped his shaft into me. Just as I was nearing another orgasm, he stopped, flipped me over like a doll, then took me hard, staring deep into my eyes. His shaft worked my clit. It was my turn to arch my back, and scream out. And I did just that as he fucked me to orgasm.

He layed on top of me until I calmed down, then started his hip thrusts again. He hadn't lost his hard-on at all. We were both nearing another orgasm when he unexpectedly pulled out. I wanted to feel him erupt deep inside me, but he had other plans.

He wanted to cum in my mouth. After a little maneuvering, I was in position between his legs holding his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. I massaged his magnificent balls while I feasted on his cock. I fought the gag reflex as best I could to take him down my throat. He was no match for me now. My tongue worked his cockhead and had him at the brink again. He held my head in place as he pumped his seed into my thirsty mouth. I nearly choked, but I wanted to keep it all in my mouth. I think that really turned him on. After swirling his cum around in my mouth, I swallowed, savoring his taste.

Later that night, as we lay in bed, he touched my thigh, close to my pussy and said, "I want to tattoo my initials right here."

"Why, because I'm a MILF? I'm your conquest?"

He chuckled and said confidently, "Yeah."

"Funny you should want to mark me as your conquest, because I was thinking that since I fucked your ass before you fucked me, you were my conquest. I think I should tattoo my initials on that fine ass of yours. Maybe make it a tramp stamp."

He laughed at the curve ball I threw him.

I continued, "Or what I really want to do is lock a ball stretcher around these balls of yours, and maybe teach you how to respect a woman."

He became defensive, "I respect you! Mrs. Millwood, I totally respect you."

"I know, but you have a lot to learn about sex. So much. And you need an experienced woman to teach you."

"Or I could just collar you and make you my body building bitch! I could make you oil me down every day, then suck my balls dry every night."


And that's where I have ended the story.

A year has passed, and I will tell you, one of us wears the collar of the other, and has since that weekend. Derrick has moved in with me for this summer, and probably beyond. He has graduated and is working nearby. My daughter did not go to her father's place this summer. Instead, she stayed here to keep her summer job and still lives in the house with me.

My son is staying at his fathers place for the summer, but will be back home in the fall to attend college. That will prove to be interesting. I think we already have a solution for his housing, but I still have some reservations about it. We'll see.

I would love to hear what you think happened next. You could take the story in several different directions. Feel free to rewrite what you have to, to make it work, but the story should generally, remain intact. I wish I could offer a prize for the story which comes the closest to what has really happened, but I can't. I just hope you have fun.

I plan to post an update in October, to let you know what did happen. I will also give an update concerning what we did over this summer.

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