Macallan Promises


"Good point." We reached the bathroom together and I leaned into the shower stall to turn on the water for her.

I burst out laughing when Tabby started crawling right into the shower with her clothes on.

"At least take your sneakers off, you little dope," I snatched her ankles and slipped her Nikes off before they got wet.

"Get in here with me," Tabby groaned after she stuck her head under the water, "this feels awesome."

Meh, what the hell, I kicked my shoes off and joined her. She was right, it felt fantastic. The icy water made my skin tingle.

This was the kind of silly, spontaneous thing that my little sister was good at. I'd missed her.

We sat together in the shower stall, side by side, with our backs to the cool tile and let the cold water rain down on us. Tabby's head lolled onto my shoulder as we sat there, slowly catching our breath. It was a nice sister-bonding moment that made my heart swell sweetly.

She asked a question so softly I barely heard it, "Molly? How come you moved so far away?"

"Work." It was a simple answer and even mostly true.

"That the only reason?"

Careful, just a partial truth now. "No, I dunno, I guess maybe I needed to strike out on my own a little."

"You didn't do it because you were mad? Or tired of looking after me? It felt like you ran away from me."

"No, honey."


"Promises are serious things for us, Tabby, you know that."

"I know. Still, promise?"

I sighed and chose my words carefully, "Yes, Tabby. I promise that I didn't move away because I was mad at you or tired of you."

No, dumbass, it was because I loved you a little too much. And not in the right way. Those last two thoughts echoed in my head so loud they hurt my ears.

"Thanks," she kissed my shoulder, "I love you, you know."

It made my heart twist in my chest. "Oh Tabs, honey, I love you too."

She nodded into my shoulder. "I know. But we don't say it enough, I think. I just felt like saying it. After Dad goes it's just you and me. It's starting to sink in."

"Mmmmm," I pursed my lips at the sad thought, "the last of clan Macallan."

"Aye," she agreed in a really bad Irish accent, one more appropriate for a cartoon leprechaun fleeing from kids who were after his breakfast cereal. It made us both chuckle and I threw an arm around her shoulders to pull her closer.

We sat quietly for awhile before she stifled a bigger laugh. "Okay, I have to say this... your white jogbra is completely soaked through and I can totally see your nipples."

I did my best to shrug it off even as I felt them stiffening more because she was looking. "They're nipples, sis. You have 'em too." But they began to push out against the wet white fabric of my jogbra even more. Just super.

"Yeah... but yours were always prettier," my sister said matter-of-factly, still watching my chest.

Her random compliment caught me off guard, "Really?"

"Mmmhmm, I've always thought so," she said as she finally stopped studying my chest to lean forward and pull off her socks. "But my toes are way cuter." As proof, she wiggled them and looked at me with a sweet smile, "See?"

I had to admit, they were adorable. "Yeah."

"Ever sucked on someone's toes before, Molly?"

Where did she come up with this stuff? "Eh, no. Can't say I have."

"You know, that's one upside of branching out into girls, sis. You can lick places on a girl you wouldn't want to go anywhere near on a guy."

"Yeah, well, I'll have to take your word on that, Tabs."

"I know. Just sayin'." She reached down and started wrestling with her tank top, "Hey, help me off with my top? It's stuck to me like glue and I can barely breathe between it and the bra. You're lucky you don't have to double-bag your chest when you're running."

Sports, I thought ruefully, the one consolation for the small-breasted. "Yeah, lucky me."

I pitched in to help her peel off her sopping pink tank, revealing a gray jogbra beneath that pushed her breasts up and together into a cleavage that could have sold bras for Victoria's Secret. She dropped the pink top to the shower floor with a wet splat.

I forced my eyes down off her breasts, now heaving a little after her struggle to get her top off, and admired her smooth and perfectly tanned stomach as it rose and fell too. She'd gotten her navel pierced since I'd seen her last. A delicate little gold butterfly decorated her taut belly.

She caught me looking and fiddled with the small charm. "Like it?"

"It's very pretty."

"It's a monarch butterfly. I picked it out special. They migrate you know. Like birds."

"Yeah, really far, right?"

"Mmmhmm, but it's really the timing part that amazes me."

"Timing part?"

"Well, somehow each one of these little guys knows when it's time to come together. And then they just do. There's no confusion, no hesitation. They don't just know who they're supposed to be with and where they're supposed to go... they also know the hard part... the damn when."

She looked down at her stomach and toyed with her charm then looked up at me again but with an expression I couldn't read.

"Lately Molly, who I belong with doesn't seem that hard anymore. It's when it's supposed to happen that I can't figure out." She gnawed her lip and sighed.

"And so you had someone stab you through the belly button with a gold butterfly to help you think more clearly?" I sassed her.

Tabby opened her mouth to defend herself but hesitated and shut it with a tender smile. She scooted back next to me to rest her head on my shoulder again. "Yeah, I guess it sounds kind of silly doesn't it?"

I felt bad about teasing her. "Did it hurt? I really do like it. Maybe I'll get one too."

Her voice brightened a little but still sounded tired, "I'd like that very much, Molly. Very much. Then we could both be butterflies."

Her sweet thought hung in the air as we sat together, letting the frigid water rain down on us. Tabitha pressed her closer leg against mine and I watched as our thighs started to lift into goosebumps, her bronzed skin against my porcelain white.

"Hey, Moll?" she finally broke the comfortable silence, "Would it freak you out if I took off my bra too?"

Jesus, of course it would. "Go for it, just be careful when you unleash those things in this confined space. You might accidentally knock one of us unconscious."

"Har dee har har." Tabby stood and I admired the way the muscles in her stomach and legs flexed and twisted smoothly as she did it. She fingered the bottom of her bra and looked down at me slyly. "So, ready to see them?" she teased.

My answer was more sarcastic than I intended, "Pfffh, how many men have you asked that question?"

"Thousands," she shot back, "and, not to brag too much, but I haven't had a complaint yet."

With one determined wriggle, Tabby jerked her gray jogbra up and off. My sister's spectacular breasts bobbed free, round and glistening under the cold water. They were gorgeous orbs of firm, perfect breast that thrust straight out from her chest. Strike that, I had breasts. Those... those were tits, I thought giddily. Jesus, they'd easily overfill my hands and were covered in an even, flawless tan. Tabby had definitely been sunning topless. The light pink of her tiny nipples was a tempting contrast against her slightly bronzed skin. Her areolas were puckered tight and her nipples were long and hard.

And suckable.

Ouch, bad thought. I swallowed and forced myself to look away as my sister, now wearing only a small gray pair of jogging shorts that clung to her hips, turned to duck under the water.

"Soap?" she asked blindly, eyes closed against the shower spray.

But I was still a little distracted from her strip show, "Huh?"

"Soap, sis. I need some soap."

"Oh, right. Sorry," I snapped out of my daze and rummaged in the soap dish, then reached up to pass her the slippery bar.

She didn't take it. Instead, she turned a little more to face away from me, "Actually, feel like washing my back?"

"Sure." I levered myself to my feet. Even Tabby's back was pretty. It was smooth and tanned with enough muscle here and there to be both fit and feminine.

I rolled the soap bar over and over in my hands for lather then began sudsing my kid sister's sleek back. I'd never washed her before, even when we were little. It was nice to touch her in this way, tender and a little sensual without being sexual.

In time, my soaping turned into a massage, white suds dripping onto Tabby's little gray jogging shorts then streaming down her tanned legs in milky streams as I kept kneading her back. She didn't move to stop me. In fact, she sighed and took a few steps forward to lean herself against the shower wall while I worked on her. She groaned softly into the tile every once in a while when I found a good spot and dug deeper.

I kneaded my sister's beautiful back for a long, long time, sinking my fingers into her exquisite, lightly tanned flesh over and over. I finally stopped only when I realized my own hands and forearms were getting sore. More importantly, my body was screaming its depraved hunger, a wicked heat coiling and uncoiling deep in my belly.

I backed away from her and she sighed dreamily. "Wow, that was awesome. Thanks so much, Moll." She spun slowly to put her back to the shower spray to rinse off the thick layer soap I'd spread on her. It put her smiling face right in front of mine. More importantly, it put my hands directly on her breasts.

I sucked in a breath as they filled my palms. Round. And firm. So firm. Hot in some places, cool in others where they'd pressed against the shower tile. Her nipples, thick and hardened, dug into my hands.

Tabby didn't even blink. And she didn't pull away. She just smiled softly. "Uh, I can wash those myself, sis, but if you really..."

"I'm getting out," I blurted awkwardly, palms finally flying off her chest and backing away.

But her bright green eyes locked on mine, almost pleading. "I'm sorry I teased you. That was mean. C'mon, I'll do your back too."

"Just... just take your shower, kiddo." With shaky hands, I quickly wrung some of the water from my hair and opened the shower door to step out.

Out. That's what I needed. I had to get out. And away. My head was spinning. I hadn't had lurid thoughts like these while I was awake in awhile. A mental movie of Tabby shuddering and groaning with my face in her lap was running in full Technicolor with THX surround sound in my head. Jesus, I swore I could taste her. She'd be tart, lemony. Tabby's skin had always been that way. Her little blonde honeypot would be that way too. I knew it.

"Sis, wait," Tabby caught my arm, "if it's me you're worried about?"

I could only shake my head. No, she wasn't the problem. "Please let me go, Tabby." I meant more than just this shower. God help me, I couldn't even look at her.

She shrunk a little but still kept hold of my arm. "Sis, this stuff doesn't make me uncomfortable. Really. Besides, I guess I just figured... I mean... you know... you've touched me before haven't you? When you do your time freeze thingie you must have at least once—"

"Never." I lied firmly, looking down at the floor like it had the answers to my self-loathing.

"Never," I repeated, more softly. Maybe if I said it enough I'd believe it too. "Mom and Gram made me promise not to do things like that when I use the gift. Not to family. It was... it was a blood oath, Tabby. I broke one of them once. I'll never do it again."

I had to lie to her about touching her. I couldn't tell her that she was the reason I'd dared to break a blood promise. That I'd briefly cupped one of her tempting young breasts way back when. I'd been too curious to stop myself.

Violating the blood oath had twisted my guts viciously as soon as I did it.

I had barely made it to the bathroom. I was vomiting for hours afterwards, sweating and shivering with fae fever, muscles twisting and knotting brutally on the linoleum floor of the little bathroom we shared growing up. It had literally been torture because that's what it was supposed to be. In clan Macallan, any promise was a serious business, blood promises even more so. I knew it. Tabby knew it too.

Her eyes widened, guessing at what I must have gone through. "Oh god, I'm so sorry, sis. I've always felt bad for you. Mom and Gram were so much harder on you since you're the oldest." She let me go.

"S'ok," I sighed, "I learned my lesson."

"I bet you did." Her already soft expression somehow softened even more as she watched me back away. Her tender, sympathetic look only made me want her more. As if that were possible.

That's when I realized I was out of the shower and standing in a shallow puddle from what was dripping off my own body. It wasn't much but it meant my bare feet were touching water, which meant it would be easier. I closed my eyes, listened and got lucky: a knot. I didn't even stop to think. I was tired of thinking. I just seized a few threads and heaved.

Everything stopped.

My topless sister stood motionless in the shower. The shower's falling water droplets all around her were paused in midair, glimmering and glittering in the light. It meant my already gorgeous sibling was surrounded by hundreds of sparkling diamonds. It was heart-achingly beautiful.

I couldn't fight my own ridiculous needs. Not anymore. I needed relief, was going to go crazy without it. I leaned back against my little bathroom sink and spread my feet. I stared, unblinking, at Tabby as I slid a hand into my soaking wet jogging shorts and pressed two fingers into my own folds. A groan slipped out at the first brush against my clitoris. It was swollen and tight with need and I was juicy to the point of being sloppy. It was going to be a knee-shaker of an orgasm, I could tell already.

"I'm so sorry, honey. I'm failing you again," I whispered, apologizing to my sister for the way I was about to use her.

I drank Tabby in. Her delicate angel's face with her thick, wet and now dark blonde hair plastered to one side. Her perfect body. Her honest sexuality. All of her. I pictured kissing my sister's lips, nibbling at her neck, dropping to my knees and licking at the dripping undersides of her large, round breasts, nipping at her puckered nipples, reaching around to cup her beautiful heart-shaped ass and digging my fingernails into it, then lapping my way down her flat, tanned belly, tugging those little jogging shorts down to her knees and pressing my lips to her...

That was enough. "Guh huh huh," I whimpered and came.

The orgasm that swept through me was a welcome and fiery wind, boiling my blood, burning away the ravenous, incestuous hunger. My eyes squeezed shut all on their own as I rocked into my hand and shuddered. I had to clutch the sink's counter behind me to keep from falling over while my knees buckled with the force of the glorious and much-needed release.

Holy crap. Yep, I was right, a total knee-shaker.

"Fuck," I panted, head hanging limply as the cum's heat drained away almost as quickly as it came. I gave myself a couple of minutes to recover. Then, with one last longing look at my sparkling, near-naked sister, I let my threads go and let time restart.

I smiled lamely at her as she started moving, slowly at first, like moving through hot wax, then sped up as time accelerated to full speed. "Finish your shower sis. I'll hop in when you're done, okay?"

She just nodded and watched me go. I could practically feel the pity coming off her in waves. She was still thinking about the pain of breaking a blood oath. She didn't know what I'd just done. That I'd masturbated over her half-naked body while she couldn't do a thing about it.

Fuck, I hated myself a little more than I did yesterday.

~*~*~Part 05~*~*~

As Tabitha suggested, we had pizza and wine for dinner, splitting a large pie and a decent bottle of pinot. We changed into pajamas and, with our bellies full of hot cheese and alcohol, Tabby cracked open a second bottle while I set up the DVD player. The rentals Tabby had picked up while I waited for the pizza to be delivered held a couple of surprises.

"'Desert Hearts'? 'Bound'?!" I looked at my sister in disbelief. "What is this? Lesbo night?"

"Ooops," Tabby giggled and shrugged, "I didn't realize. I was a little distracted. A very cute girl at the movie rental store recommended them."

I could only shake my head. "Yeah, I'll bet she did. What was her name?"

She smiled. "Becky. Why? Want her phone number? She gave it to me." Tabby's smile widened into a playful grin. "She's a little young for you if you ask me."

"Nobody asked you."

"Fine, Becky's shift finishes at ten," Tabby continued, "We could call her and invite her over. She seems like fun."

"Very funny," I snorted.

"Suit yourself," she shrugged, "maybe I'll give her a call tomorrow then. See if she wants to do some..." she drew out a suggestive pause, "...sightseeing with me." Then she had the nerve to bat her pretty green eyes innocently.

Something new and awful twisted in my chest. Jealousy. Marvelous.

"Sounds like a good idea," I said tersely. "So how about a fire in the fireplace during our lesbian movie fest? I know it's a little warm for it here, but it's January, dammit, and I'm kind of in the mood."

"Oooh, that would be awesome. I'm parking my butt on the floor then." Tabby plucked a pillow off the couch and plunked herself down on the thick rug while I got the fire going and shut off the lights.

I laid down on her other side, leaving her closer to the fire, and handed her the DVD player's remote because I felt guilty about being cranky. "Here chickie, little sisters get remote privileges tonight."

Tabby took it with a smile. "Sweet, now we're going to watch the girlie sex scenes in slo-mo. Maybe you'll learn something."

Super. I held my tongue. "Blanket?" I offered instead.

"Big enough to share?" she asked, eyes already glued to the TV screen as previews started.

"Yep." I flung it over both of us then settled in for what I fully expected to be roughly three hours of girl-on-girl torture: in the movies and on the floor with Tabitha.

"Molly? Thanks." She crossed her nearer leg over mine as Bound started. I'd seen the movie, so at least I knew what I was in for. Even I had to admit that Gina Gershon was ridiculously smart, hot and dirty.

"Thanks for what?" I said absently.

"I dunno. Everything. Letting me crash here whenever I want. And all the stuff you helped me with growing up because Mom wasn't there and Dad was clueless and Gram was so weird."

"I'm not sure I was all that helpful. As I recall, we figured out the big things together." A silly memory came rushing back that made me chuckle, "Remember locking ourselves in the bathroom and trying to work out what to do with maxipads?"

"Oh shit," Tabby grinned, "that was funny. I was pretty sure I needed one too. What was I, like nine?"

I chuckled again. "Yep. And there was no definitely convincing you otherwise. I really tried."

Tabby found my hand under the blankets and squeezed it gently, "I wanted to be like my big sister. Like you." She squeezed it again. "I always have, Molly. You know, I wish I could..."

"No Tabby," I stiffened, "never wish for the Macallan curse. Save your wishes for something better."

"...but that wasn't what I was wishing for," she said softly.

"Good. Watch your movie."

"'Kay," she turned onto her side and scooted down to rest her head on my chest. Her cheek felt hot against my breast even through the fairly thick, cotton button-down pajama top I was wearing.

"That's my boob your head is on, Tabby."

"Yep," she said simply, "and it's an excellent pillow."

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