tagBDSMMadame's Pet Ch. 01

Madame's Pet Ch. 01


It was early afternoon and I lay down to rest. My belly is swollen from nearly six months of pregnancy. My feet hurt, my nipples ache and my back is in constant pain. The black maids outfit is tight round my belly and my engorged breasts want to burst out of its top, but Mistress demands that I wear the uniform of my station. Madame Claire allows me these afternoon naps but I rarely sleep, for even in these respites my Mistress torments me.

After I served Madame's lunch and she had eaten, I was roughly bent over double. Claire barked for me to grab my ankles, sadly in that I failed. Because of my condition I could only reach my calves. I felt Madame's bare hand upon my buttocks, smacking each cheek in turn. She spanked me until the warmth spread through my flesh and tears were dripping down my cheeks. I did not cry out; Madame would only beat me more violently.

I thanked her as she smoothed my sore rump. Madame could be so tender when she wished to be. I felt her lips on each cheek as she kissed my behind.

"You shall wear this, Andrea, until I remove it my pet."

I could only look up from my bent position and I saw something phallic but wide. It reminded me of a Rhinoceros horn like I had seen in the library. And then I felt its tip at my tiny puckered hole. It was wet with gel and Madame was pushing it into my butthole. I squirmed, I couldn't help it.

"STOP IT!" Madame Claire smacked hard on my bottom, harder than her little punishment spanks.

I instantly froze. I bit my lip and closed my eyes tight. I felt the force of the penetration again. The tip pushed in and it quickly got wider.


Madame was very displeased. I am not usually insulted for my condition.

"I am deeply sorry, Madame. Please forgive me." I plead with my face between my knees. "It hurt my bunghole, Madame."

I got a light smack on my bottom again.

"Who's asshole, Andrea?" She looked down at my face.

I looked up at my Mistress, my sweet Madame. Her short dark hair frames her alabaster face contrasted by her pouty red ruby lips. She looked at me with those piercing blue eyes that see right through me.

"Your asshole, Madame." I gave, in a quiet subdued voice.

"Continue." She ordered. We have gone through this before, my willfulness and my inability to grasp that I am hers, all of me.

"My body is yours, Madame." I recite. "All of me. My pussy, my tits, these are yours. My mouth, my ass, even my tears are yours, Madame." I said in submission.

"Because..." She pushed for more while playing with the ring of my asshole.

"My Mistress is good to me. My Madame kept me after I embarrassed her by becoming pregnant while in her employ, and France is so far away."

Madame smiled, "Yes, you were a filthy slut." She intoned slowly.

I felt two fingers slip into my wet hole. My pussy has been constantly wet since I reached my fifth month. I am not permitted panties so my thighs glisten. Madame rubs my hole and teases me, making me moan softly.

"Even now you crave something in this void, don't you, Andrea?" Madame smiled wickedly.

"Yes Madame." There was no lying at that moment.

"We will fill your ass first, slut." She said emphatically.

And I felt the rest of this 'Plug' pushed into me. My asshole clenched around the tapered base as soon as it got past the wide horn. I felt full and had the urge to defecate but Madame said no and threatened severe punishment should I be found without it.

So I lay on my side on my small bed. My knees pulled up to try to ease the discomfort in my bottom and my hands cradle my big belly. I know my Mistress watches me, or has me watched. I dare not even manipulate the strange dong in my butthole.

My bell rings. I must have dozed off. I roll like a log off the small bed, getting my feet under my heavy belly and widening butt. As I stand up fully, I am reminded of the plug in my ass. As quick as I can I make my way along the second floor corridor. Madame has put me near her with special quarters in the main part of the house. The few other servants have rooms in the attic but my "service" has become much more personal to Madame.

I enter Madame's bedroom to find her standing naked in the middle of the floor. Madame is like Artemis the huntress. Her arms are supple, her belly flat. Madame Claire's legs are toned and strong. My eyes rove over her slim body until I hear her throat clear.

"Are you done, my slut?" Claire says brazenly.

My face goes red and I stare now at the floor after being caught. "I am sorry, Madame. You are beautiful." I hope the compliment will save me a spanking.

"Yes, I know. Now, turn around, lift your skirt." She orders me.

I turn and bend as best I can with both hands behind me lifting my skirts and petticoats to reveal my bare bum. Madame Claire pats the handle of her dong that protrudes from my hole.

"Dress me now, Andrea. I have a guest for dinner this evening." Claire stands again in the middle of the room.

I pick for Madame a fiery red gown that stands like a beacon against her white skin. My hand smoothes her lean bare back as I finish tying the laced cords at her waist.

"Surely Madame will not require me for this evening if she is entertaining?" I hoped for an early and easy night.

"Oh, on the contrary my pet," Claire patted my cheek. "You will be the topic of

conversation and inspection and therefore required."

"Of course, Madame." I held my hands in front of me and looked down. "May I inquire who Madame's guest may be?" My soft sing- song french accent thick from tension.

Claire turned quickly on me. "You are nervous?" She laughed derisively. "You shall have to wait then. I adore your apprehension my little pet. In fact go back to your room. I will send for you when he arrives."

Madame Claire was never cruel to me, but she loved for me to squirm, to never know when the next slap would come or where it would hit or if it would come at all. Madame would spank my ass red as I lay over the back of her mahogany leather couch. My flinches involuntary, she would faint a strike and laugh like a mad hen when my ass would jump when she hadn't struck me at all.

I did squirm as I waited in my room. My mind rolled over all of Madame's friends and those that she has allowed use of me before. She did say "He" so perhaps Madame would simply give me to this man for the evening, although that is usually not Madame's style. She likes to watch at the very least.

At half past eight I was called for and entered the dining room. All the curtains were drawn and the room was dimly lit for a cozy and intimate dinner. Did Madame have a beau? Would I be shared by the couple or worse, would I lose Madame's affections? Now I did squirm inside. My Mistress's attentions were MINE. If she cast me away I could not bear it.

Slowly I stepped to the edge of the light, making my presence known without interrupting. Madame sat at the head of the small dining table; It sat only six. To her right was an older gentleman with graying hair and a mustache. They were laughing over something when the man noticed me.

"Ah, here she is now, I believe." He said pleasantly.

Madame Claire swung her head to the left to put me in her gaze. "Yes, this is my Andrea." Madame smiled as if proud of me. "Pet, this is Doctor Aldridge."

"Good evening Doctor. I hope your meal was pleasant." I greeted as years as a maid had taught me.

The Older gentleman smiled at me. "It has been delightful so far, Andrea."

Madame broke up the pleasantries. "The good doctor is here to examine you, pet. He will be your physician at the birth."

"Thank you, Madame." Was all I could think to say.

Doctor Aldridge stood and walked to the empty end of the table, taking off his dinner jacket. "Come here, young lady."

I obeyed of course and stood before the Doctor.

"Well, disrobe girl." He said in disbelief at my inaction.

I looked to Madame but my hands were already going to the buttons on the front of my uniform. Madame just smiled at me, her eyes all over me, relishing my disrobing. My uniform and petticoats were tossed to a chair. I stood naked with one arm across my full D bosom and the other cradled my belly.

"Relax, girl." the man soothed. "I am a doctor."

Doctor Aldridge gently moved my arm and then cupped both of my large breasts, hefting them as if comparing one to the other. The old man rubbed his thumbs across my nipples.

"Some lanolin will help those nipples" His hand slid down my taut belly. "Also here. It would ease the stretch marks."

He had gentle hands at least. I felt him swoop low and lift and feel my belly and then down to my mound. The Doctor seemed to be measuring me with his fingers and hands.

"Six months, definitely." He said to Madame. "She seems healthy, but let's be thorough." The Doctor patted Madame's dining table. "Up on here, Andrea."

"On...the table, Sir?" I hesitated. Looking at him.

"Do as you are told, pet." Claire said sternly and automatically my eyes went to the floor.

"Yes, Madame." It was automatic.

Slowly I lifted my bottom to Madame's polished oak table and scooted it backwards. I felt the doctor put a hand under my back and ease me down.

"That's a good girl." He praised.

Then he put my heels on the table as well so my legs were splayed wide and my pussy a gaping hole. I put a forearm over my eyes in embarrassment. Next I felt fingers inside me, probing and moving in my sex. The doctor was pressing on my furred mound with one hand and feeling inside me with the other. It wasn't sexy but I still moaned. Something was inside me and to the body that was enough.

"You see, Doctor." Madame came around the table to him. "She is a lustful slut."

Doctor Aldridge smiled. "That is normal at this stage. The poor girl's hormones are raging within her. See here, how her pussy is wet?" He rolled his hand up my lips to demonstrate

"Yes, I swear the girl has been dripping on my carpet." Madame scolded.

"As I said, normal. Also see how open she is? Her vagina is like a cavern at this point instead of a silky tunnel. I had 3 fingers inside her easily."

They spoke of me as if I wasn't there, but at the same time I was the center of their attention. I felt the doctor's fingers spread my lips further.

"I scarcely doubt that you would have trouble getting a hand inside her."

"Oh, could I?" This piqued my Mistress's curiosity. "Would it hurt the baby?"

"Oh no, just don't challenge him to a boxing match." The doctor laughed. "I daresay it might do her good to have a release. Was there a reason for the butt plug?" The doctor flicked the handle coming out of my bottom.

"Just routine discipline" Madame was nonchalant. "Could I really get my hand inside?" that still interested her.

"Would you like to try?" He was serious.

I looked up at them but they paid no attention to me, well not my face. I felt a cold gel smeared across my sex. I jumped involuntarily, and then I felt four of Madame's fingers slowly spreading and entering my opening. She went slowly, working her hand in and then out, then up and down stretching my flesh a little and then with a push I felt her inside me.

"Oh, that wasn't so hard." Madame finally looked at me. "Do you feel that, pet?"

How could I not. My Mistress was inside me. I nodded to her. Madame smiled.

"The Doctor says, my pet could use a release. Shall I fuck you, my little pet? With my hand?" Madame Claire teased me seductively.

I nodded again.

"Ask for it, my slutty pet." She said coldly.

I looked over to Dr. Aldridge whose eyes were glued to my pussy. It was embarrassing but I said it anyway. "Fuck me, Madame. Please."

I felt Madame pull her fist to my opening. Her thumb pushed up on my pelvic wall. She moved her fist in circles just inside my pussy. I moaned loudly and squeezed my own tit and then I felt the doctor's hand on the other side, rubbing my hairy pussy mound. The two of them had my entire sex between them. My clit was mashed by the doctor's thumb and I wailed out again, biting my pinky as my back arched.

"You have left her alone too long, I think." The doctor said jokingly.

"Hardly," my Mistress laughed. "the girl is just a wanton little slut. Aren't you, my pet?"

"Yes, Madame." I answered almost automatically.

Madame was moving her hand faster inside me but she did not go deep. She stayed at the entrance of my love hole and when she tried to pull out I would feel a jolt to my very core. I moaned and writhed on the dining table.

"Good Doctor Aldridge needs paid, little pet. Should we let him fuck you?" I heard her say.

I looked to the doctor who smiled at me again but this time with lechery in it. I nodded anyway. I wanted to be fucked. I needed to be fucked. They pulled me from the table and Madame bent me over as the good doctor dropped his pants. Before he shoved his half hard cock in my waiting mouth, Madame was in my pussy again to her wrist.

"Pay the Doctor, pet." She encouraged as she fisted my pussy.

My hands gripped his waist to hold me up and I swallowed his cock. I took it deep in my mouth and felt it instantly grow under my care. I could see the gray hairs in his groin as I took him down. I moaned around his meat as Claire pummeled me from the inside. The good doctor got hard fast. He wasn't big but he was sturdy. He gripped my head by the hair and worked my lips over his cock and then pulled back from my hungry mouth.

"The table, girl." He ordered.

Madame eased her hand from me and guided me over the table. My belly hung down with my tits just on the polished wood. My legs were wide and I know my pussy dripped. I felt those gentle but strong hands grip my waist and the doctor plunged into me. My hot pussy welcomed him and gripped him. He buried into me until I felt his balls mashed on my clit.

The physician pounded me, slamming into my ass with his hips. Madame watched from the side as I took her friends fucking. I locked eyes with her and began to moan for her. He was fucking me, but I was fucking for her. I moaned loud, almost a cry. Madame reached for my cheek and she stroked me. She cooed to me. Leaning in closer

"Cum, little pet." She said just for us.

"Thank you" I mouthed for her before I screamed down the roof and threw my head back.

The Doctor exploded inside of me. His hot cum washed into my hole. My pussy spasmed, and milked him but in front it was just me and Claire. I gripped her hand as she stroked my hair. Finally he pulled out and I lay panting on Madame's table. Madame Claire stood up and simply went to the doctor.

"So my girl is healthy?" She smiled at him.

"The picture of health" He pulled up his trousers. "And strong. I foresee no complications."

"Will she need to see you again before the birth, Doctor?" Madame inquired.

"Oh, I will definitely check in from time to time." He said.

"Come along, Andrea. We must see our guest out."

"No need. I can find my way." Dr. Aldridge began to protest.

"Nonsense, we thank you for your service Doctor, and must show every courtesy."

They moved out of the dining room and to the main hall. I followed, still naked behind my Mistress. She let the doctor out who took a final look at me and once the door was closed Madame took my shivering body in her arms.

"You will go upstairs, pet, get the fire blazing and don't you dare put anything on." She said kissing my lips.

"May I take the plug out, Madame?" I pleaded.

She smiled at me. "Not just yet, little one." Then she turned me towards the stairs and gave my bottom a playful swat.

Madame walked into her room as I stoked the fire place with the poker. The heat was wonderful on my naked body and Dr. Aldridge's cum was drying on my thighs. I pulled myself up by the mantle and faced my Mistress whose eyes were all over me.

"Come undress me, pet." She beckoned.

"Of course, Madame." I moved to her quickly and Claire actually turned around for me.

My fingers quickly worked on the bows and knots and Madame stepped from her dress as I held the bodice. Madame was a Greek statue. Her skin was flawless, with a modest bosom and slim hips. Her patch was dark and lustrous just like her hair. Quickly I broke my reverie and put Madame's dress into the wardrobe. Madame Claire had already reclined upon her chaise lounge. She watched me with an arm draped over her head and her legs spread wide as if she was absorbing the fire's heat.

"Drop to your knees." She said casually.

I got down where I was and sat on my heels with my hands in my lap.

"What does Madame wish?" I asked with true curiosity.

She gave a crooked smile and leered at me. "I'm thinking about that now, pet."

I blushed. Even though she has seen me taken by many of her acquaintances, and has had me do nasty things to her own body and her to mine, My Mistress still makes me tingle and bashful.

"Come, crawl to me." She finally said, and crooked a finger at me.

On my hands and knees for her, I slowly moved, cat-like towards her. My tits swayed though and hung nearly to my elbows. Madame watched me and scooted closer to the edge of the lounge and her legs opened wider. 'She has decided what she wants' I thought to myself. I smiled a little. I did love to eat Madame. Making her cum was the only control I seemed to have.

I reached her knees and kissed each in turn, then gently pushed my head between them, letting my brown hair brush Madame's leg as I would kiss the opposite thigh. Slowly I moved up, going back and forth, kissing those alabaster limbs. My kisses got close to Claire's sex but never to it. Instead I buried my nose in her black fur. Kissing her mound and letting my hands roam her thighs. Madame smelled of roses in bloom. I powdered and perfumed her body myself.

Gently I pushed her legs wider and moved my lips to the soft inner thigh, that little crevice next to the pussy and licked my Mistress slowly and lovingly. My cheek barely brushed her pussy and Madame Claire purred for me. Her hand slid into my hair and my Madame held me.

"Here, you little tease." She giggled and moved my head to her red wet lips.

I kissed her pussy over and over. I would still take my time and would love it when my Mistress was flung over the edge... by me. My tongue came out and licked each lip from top to bottom, getting into the crevices then pulling them apart. It is hard to go so slow, my Claire is delicious, but I want to please her, to truly cherish my Mistress as she deserves. My tongue slips inside her and Madame Claire moans her pleasure of me. My mouth covers her sex and gently I suck it, with my tongue snaking into her tunnel.

Claire grips my hair. "Oh eat me, my little pet"

We look at each other and she strokes my hair as I gently lap her. My tongue slides up and down her sweet slit.

"Did you like my fist, little one?" She smiles

I nod with wide eyes, not taking my mouth from its favorite task.

"I loved being inside you, sweet pet. Never have I done anything like that. I was INSIDE you. I FUCKED you." Madame was excited and both her hands found my hair.

I looked up from my task. "I will take you gladly, my Mistress."

Claire grinned wickedly, "You will take me whenever I damn well want. Now eat, little slut."

Madame rubbed my face into her juicing pussy and then I slide a finger inside her. Madame only requires two at best. I think a man has never been between these legs but she will watch me be rutted by the thickest cock. I suckle now on her swollen clit and move my digit in and out in a circular motion for Madame. Her legs come off the floor and rest on my shoulders. I begin to finger fuck Madame faster and faster. My mouth licking and sucking the top of her pussy as I push the second finger into her. Madame lifts her hips and grinds.

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