tagIncest/TabooMade For Loving Me

Made For Loving Me


"Adrianna? She couldn't seduce a blind 90-year-old 600lbs man if her life depended on it!"

"Adrianna's okay, in an unsexy type of way."

"Sure Adrianna would get a boyfriend – if he was the last man on the face of the planet, I mean."

So long for one's family being the link to one's sanity. Those are comments I've heard from the family on my dad's side, or more specifically comments that have cropped up during dinner time from my two cousins Belinda and Corrine.

I'm, I pretty much suppose, your average 18-year-old girl, but not average enough to shine in comparison to Belinda, known as Lin or Corinne, usually called Rini. I can't blame my family thinking I'm a frigid, uptight loser – the image I portray in my oversized baggies and slightly greasy murky blonde hair, gives off just that notion. But quite honestly, my sex life isn't all that boring. Last year I sucked off a guy at a gig, another time, I fooled around with another lad in the ladies during a rock-music marathon. I'm not even a virgin for God's sake!

I suppose I just don't like looking like an ill-dressed slut all the time, unlike 20-year-old Lin and 19-year-old Rini. Ever since we were young, it's been a struggle between the three of us to see who is going to attract the most attention at dinner time. By the time they had grown breasts, I hadn't even hit puberty yet so I let my competitive streak fade into the background and let them flaunt themselves in front of their dads, uncles, mums and aunts. The attention they attempt to garner was more-or-less sexually oriented, but both of them also enjoy indulging in the bimbo-Lolita scene in order to appear a little more demure. I don't think either of them would ever dream seducing members of our own family; however they seem extremely comfortable with exhibiting they're sexuality all over the place, and smothering my own. Let's say they're two highly kinked up girls who like to flirt and bat eye-lashes a lot. That is why I'm not surprised when Lin sits across my dad's lap and wraps her arms around his neck, giggling like a 13-year-old school girl. I feel a little sick, but this behaviour seems to be perfectly acceptable in our family. Granted - My dad and Lin would not dream of sharing more than this teasing hug, and should that happen all hell could and would break loose. There are of course, fixed, yet unspoken parameters which all members should follow. It seems I'm the only one on the other sitting on the other extreme of the tease-o-meter, refusing to indulge in any activities of the sort.

So here we are again, at one of those mortifying family reunions for a whole weekend. It's still Friday and I can't possibly imagine how I'm expected to live through until Sunday night in company of six middle-aged parents and two nymphomaniac blondes.

As soon as dinner is over, Lin and Rini announce they're going out partying. They flash me the puppy eyes look, asking me if I'm interested in joining. I look from one pair of brown eyes, to the next blue, I avert my hazel gaze and shake my head in disdain.

"God! Dria! You really have to like, get out of the house more and enjoy yourself!" whines Lin.

Rini nods, her blonde and caramel braids swinging around her round face.

I sigh and tell them I'm in no mood to spend a night pressed up against men with rippling muscles and girls in tops and skirts three sizes too small or two inches too short for them.

Rini assumes I'm insulting her fashion sense (which I actually am) and protectively tugs at the hem of her baby blue mini. Lin, in turn, flicks at one of the buttons on her lilac shirt, displaying far more cleavage then she should be. The rest of the family applauds.

I hang my head and make my way to my bedroom. There's a bottle of wine in there and it's going to be my salvation tonight.


Once I'm assured that my mum and dad and my aunts and uncles are out for the night ‘fishing' by the lake nearby our rented cottage, I pluck the bottle of white wine from my big bag and glug at its content avariciously. The semi-sweet contents flow down my throat and fill me with a sensation of self-acceptance and relaxation.

I scamper into Lin's room to watch a little television in company of the wine. I can't do the same in the living room area for the simple reason that if the rest of the family barge in and find me drinking, they'll kill me. In turn, I suppose Lin would be pretty understanding.

I flick through the channels on the television but nothing really catches my interest. I blindly click the ‘Play' button to the DVD player, expecting to turn it off just as soon, but a brunette with humungous tits bouncing up and down on a Titanic-sized cock has me captivated. The beautiful brunette screams time and time again as the blonde guy jerks his hips and fucks her as maddeningly as she's fucking him. Two nanoseconds later they come in perfect synchronization, yelling obscenities at each other. But no sooner their orgasm is over, she's crawling down his body and taking him in her mouth. I try not to think so hard about how badly the DVD, apparently called "Shimmering Lust of a Slut" is turning me on and decide to let it play as I rummage through Lin's drawers. It's an impulse really, I'm half drunk anyway. I look through her small thongs and push-up bras, her micro- minis and a whole collection of erotic novels. I take extra time at gazing at the hot men in "Max" and the small framed females in "Playboy". I wonder why Lin needs to have "playboy" issues but I shrug it off. Maybe she swings both ways. At this point, it would be hardly shocking, let alone scandalous. I continue to fish through her stuff as the brunette gets her pussy eaten hard. I open the drawer to Lin's bed side chest of drawers and discover what I'd always suspected she'd own. Her very own Blue Beast, the rage of a vibrator everyone was crazy about a couple of years back. I remember my friend Tammy claimed she's used her mother s and insisted that the only way she could get off now was via Blue Beast. No amount of clit licking could actually set her off. The thought of never being able to have an orgasm naturally because of some stupid machine pisses me off and I chuck the sinful thing onto the carpeted floors. I settle back on the bed and watch the brunette lass have the Titanic-sized cock slipped up her ass. This part in particular repulses me, so I forward through the scene and when I hit ‘Play' again, the guy has her on all fours and is sliding a vibrator in and out of her shimmering wet pussy.

She growls and moans and yells and screams through her orgasm as the clit attachment vibrates ferociously against her protruding bud and the gadget is slipped deeper and deeper into her love canal. She buries her head into the mattress screaming all sorts of incoherent jargon having what seems to be the most mind-blowing orgasm in history. It's only when she comes to a standstill and I assume faints, onto the bed that I realize the blonde guy has just fucked her with a Blue Beast.

‘No way in hell can it produce that type of orgasm!' I spit cynically and skeptically. But as I shuffle over to scoff at the movie, my cunt is so wet that juices are staining my grey pajama bottoms. I'm seriously horny and maybe, just maybe considering of giving Blue Beast a try. I muster all the courage I have and slip my pants off. I'm aware that this is not my room and that if I get caught I'd probably have to do a lot of explaining to Lin, but I'm feeling so promiscuous I can't stop to think. I turn on the gadget on the low speed and slip it up my tight but very wet pussy. The vibrating end works its wonders against my clit while I slide the vibrator in and out of my pussy.

"In and out, In and out," I pant.

It's then that I hear footsteps coming from downstairs. Not quite thinking of how I should react, at first I freeze, the go into overdrive. I jab at the remote control and switch the DVD off, only to run towards the huge wardrobe with my pants around my ankles, Blue Beast still in hand, the bottle of wine in the other and jump inside. It is only when the door opens that I realize how stupid this idea is. I hear voices and giggles, Lin and Rini talking about "the hotness", "the wetness" and "the oh-my-gods".

Given the ample room in the wardrobe and empty wooden plank reaching half way horizontally across the furniture item, I plonk my ass on it and wait for the coast to clear. Once Rini scuttles off to her room and Lin is asleep, I'll plot my escape. I just hope Lin isn't horny tonight – if she doesn't find her Blue Beast it'll be the end of the world.


Long agonizing moments pass and Rini is still up chatting to Lin. There's a long silence followed by giggles, "hmms" and "ahhhs" and "ohhhhs". It only clicks when Rini says rather loudly "My tits Lin; my tits" that it finally clicks. To my utter and absolute horror I realize that my cousins are having it off in this same room while I'm hiding away from them. I try shielding my ears, counting noisily in my head, a gulping on my half-empty wine bottle, but nothing drowns out their moans of pleasure. What is worrying me more than anything else is the fact that I'm strangely turned on by their yelps and incredibly curious to know exactly what they're doing. Are the sucking each other off? Are they fingering one another? Could they actually be… grinding pussy? I try for al that it's worth to think of God in order to stop thinking about my cousins doing such things, but it's too late. My free fingers are already massaging my clit, beads of sweat cascading down my back as heat and the scent of my own pussy fill the enclosed space. My drunkenness doesn't help the matter and as soon as I hear one of them screaming her lungs out in pleasure, I cum hard along with her. I'm subsiding into afterglow when the wardrobe doors are flung open. And there I am, sitting on the wooden plank, legs spread, pussy spread, with fingers giving my labia congratulatory strokes for the pleasure I've just experienced.


"Oh my god!" giggles Rini.

"Holy shit Dria! You seem to have been having a good time!" joined in Lin.

"Well, well, frigid princess gets hot under the collar for girl-on-girl action, does she?" Rini adds.

At this point I just burst into tears. I expect they'll mock me for the rest of my lifetime. This time I have really blown it. They probably think I'm some incestuous lesbian.

Instead, Lin takes my hand and drags me to my feet. She's completely naked as is Rini. She takes me into her arms and hugs me, my face pressing against her large, soft, warm breasts.

"There, there Adrianna. There's nothing to be ashamed of. We were having it off too. There's nothing like a girl licking your pussy, and nothing more daring than that girl running her fingers through my spaghetti straight hair as her own blonde curls gather around the side of my face. This display of love makes me nuzzle my head into her breasts, inhaling the smell of her sweaty skin. I continue nestling my head onto her chest until unexplainably, my lips curve around her protruding nipple and encapsulate it. She lets out a thick sigh and whispers "Adrianna, you naughty little girl." I start off with soft kisses and tender licks, but these soon develop into vigorous suckling.

Rini mutters "God this is so hot!" and from the corner of my eye I watch her scoot over to the wardrobe, grab, blue beast and settle on the bed. I can assume what she's doing when the little machine buzzes and the room is filled by her panting and Lin's moaning. My fingers slip down Lin's waist and I'm dying to stroke her pussy, even if just once.

"Can I?" I ask gingerly.

She doesn't reply, but she yanks my hand and places it firmly between my legs.

"Rub my clit until I cum all over your hand darling!" she orders. I submit.

As she climbs towards a fierce one, I feel her velvety flesh grind against my burning hand, silken juices cascading from between my fingers. On the other side of the room, Rini fills the air with the same loud screams the brunette in the porn video had. Lin's legs buckle beneath her and Rini falls strangely silent. Suddenly I realize they've come both hard enough to fleet out of consciousness.


I feel very proud of my work, so incredibly proud, that I push Rini aside and settle onto the bed, my fingers once again toying at my flaming clitoris. Watching such two beautiful women unfold in orgasm in front of me like that has gotten me horny, insanely horny, yet again. I don't care if they're relatives and women, this sexual pleasure is the best I've ever tasted, and possibly the best I ever will.

I lie back, my head on the pillows, my legs splayed and my fingers stroking my clit into a hypnotic rhythm. I shut my eyes tight and feel the warning signs of orgasm like my pulsating and moistening pussy wash over me.

Then something warm gathers at my nipple, dampening it and making it jut and throb harder than it should be. I reluctantly force my eyes open and I'm greeted with the sight of a head full of braids pressed up against my breast. It's only then that I realize that Rini is sucking at my nipples. I feel immediately embarrassed but she looks up at me with her big blue eyes and I completely melt. I continue to rub at my nub between my legs, approaching orgasm with a heightened speed.

Then something warm gathers at my nipple, dampening it and making it jut and throb harder than it should be. I reluctantly force my eyes open and I'm greeted with the sight of a head full of braids pressed up against my breast. It's only then that I realize that Rini is sucking at my nipples. I feel immediately embarrassed but she looks up at me with her big blue eyes and I completely melt. I continue to rub at my nub between my legs, approaching orgasm with a heightened speed.

But Rini slides her hand down my stomach, past my pubic mound and curls her fingers around mine.

"Not yet darling… The best is yet to come," she giggles, shaking her wild braids around, then tipping her head forwards so that her tiny plaits tap and tickle my breasts.

I'm desperate to get off one more time; watching these two blonde beauties at it has completely turned my view of the world, of my sexuality and of sex itself upside down.

"I need it badly," I whisper hoarsely.

Rini sit up and pulls me towards her, my head engulfed between her large breasts.

"It'll be worth the wait kitten, trust me…" she sighs. Jus then, Lin starts stirring again, straightening herself into standing position before confidently striding towards the bed. With each pace she takes, her inner thighs glisten with fallen liquids, her clitoris still poking between the swollen mounds of flesh that surround it.

I watch her and Rini exchange knowing glances, and Rini lifts my head grabbing my hair into her fist and gently yanking backwards.

"Dria, it's pay back time.." chuckles Lin.

I gulp, somewhat nervously, but they assure me that what is in store is indeed pleasant. Rini arches my legs and spreads them as far as they can widen.

Then both of them lie on their stomachs, their faces just centimeters away from my throbbing cunt.

"How badly do you need to cum Adrianna?" utters Lin, her warm breath bouncing off my clit and causing my body to shiver.

"Lick it…" I moan lustily.

Rini grabs my calves and jams them backwards.

"Rest your back against the headboard sweetie…" she says. I immediately oblige.

"She's a good girl isn't she Lin?"

"Girls who shave their mound are always good girls," Lin replies, tracing my slit with her sift fingers.

I cry her name out loudly, bucking my hips hoping she'll put me out of my misery.

"There, There baby… Is this what you want me to do?" she asks innocently, dipping her tongue between my smooth labia and spreading them with the wet tip.

"Uh-huh" I scream.

"Well how about two tongues?" pants Rini.

I can see both of them placing their heads between my legs, their perfect pink tongues concentrating on one labia each, allowing the tips to purposefully collide against the opposite sides of my bulging bud with strategic each stroke.

The mere sight is turning on enough, but the experience in itself is utterly mind blowing. It only takes them a few licks between them until I feel myself tremor.

My back arches involuntarily, both my hands scooping their crowns into my palms and pressing them firmly against my aching, insatiable pussy.

"God, you're such a little whore," growls Lin, her blonde hair flaying across my stomach. I watch Rini's tongue slide across my clit harder and harder, while Lin wags her agitatedly.

Both of them seem as aroused as my own self.

"Come Dria, Come… You taste so fucking sweet!" squeals Lin, her voice causing violent vibrations to ripple through my spread lips.

"Yes, Dria, come on baby! Give us a full taste honey!" cries Rini.

"I'm so close, so fucking close!" I grunt, tears welling up in my eyes for no apparent reason.

I start grinding my cunt against their beautiful, porcelain doll-like faces, wildly, savagely, covetously. I watch their spit fade into my own juices, their faces pressed up against my sex so hard that our flesh seems to have become one.

"Oh Goooooooood! I'm gonna come, I'm coming... I'm coming Oh! Oh! Oh God! Ah, Ah, Ah, Aaaaaaaah…." I yell as big fat tears roll down my cheeks and honey sweet liquid gushes out of me and meets with their mouths and cheeks. Tingles rip through my core and spread through every articulation in my body. The room swims in white, the sounds of my piercing screams and their encouragement grows distant.

Never quite will I ever forget this night.


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