tagGay MaleMade to Fit

Made to Fit


"He's coming around. Do we have that feeding injection ready?"

"Yes, we have it right here. And the expunge tube too. It's too bad that we couldn't get the feeding and defecation refinement perfected for this one, though. Sheath4 is a magnificent specimen. Wherever did you find him, Dr. Wilson?"

"You can thank Jack for that. He's a sports buff. Saw this one playing arena football and then again later in the season for the city's basketball team."

"He's just perfect. So tall and muscular. He must be six-seven."

"No, six-eight and a half. And everything inside him was in such perfect shape. It was almost a pity, really."

"But you got everything functioning again?"

"Yes, of course. Not as he formerly was, of course, but there were further refinements we put in this one. Sensors along the channel. He'll enjoy it."

"While it lasts."

"Yes, well, one of these times we'll have the balance right."

"Pity about the feeding and defecation system, though."

"Yes, but maybe with Sheath5 or 6."

"Where did you capture him?"

"He was coming out of a gym. This was his whole life. At least with the sensor technology all of his work will have been worth it. This will be the height of his life."

* * * *

Perry woke in confusion. Where was he? He could remember waving good-bye to his mates in the gym and going out on the street. Nothing since then.

He was on a gurney, strapped down, but the straps on one of his arms were loose. If he worked at it for a while, he should be able to free an arm—then, with his strength, he should be able to get off of this. Then what?

He didn't know.

He felt funny. All hollow inside—well maybe not completely hollow, but like stuff inside there had been moved around. But he didn't hurt or anything. Maybe a dull ache. But he'd always been able to play through the pain.

Ah, yes, he was loose. He started feeling around his body. He was naked, but everything felt like it was there—it was just this hollow feeling . . . holy hell! What was this? His ass was a fuckin' tunnel. He could get his fist in there . . . hell, he could get both fists in there. Fuckin' A, what's—?

"Naughty, naughty, Sheath4. You aren't ready to get up yet."

Perry's arm was seized and strapped down again.

What's this Sheath4 crap? Perry wondered.

The gurney was been wheeled down a long, wide hallway. Some sort of hospital? The walls were stark white. The faces looking down at him were smiling and telling him that it was all going lovely.

The room was dark. Or at least very dim. After the bright light of the hallway, Perry's eyes weren't adjusting quickly to the difference in light.

He heard a loud, deep wheezing sound—perfectly frightful really. And a clucking and snorting noise.

He was being unstrapped and lifted off the gurney. Really too many strong hands to struggle with. And he felt weak and hollow.

He was being lifted against a wall, and his wrists and upper arms were being bound to some sort of chains on the wall—not plastering him to the wall; holding him suspended in space, his body arching out from and hanging down from the wall.

Then the controlling hands were gone and the lights went up.

Perry lifted his eyes . . . and screamed.

What he was looking at was a monster. A man, surely, but still a monster. A good twelve feet tall, the musculature of a human, but everything exaggerated—gigantic. Its face wasn't ugly—but it wasn't beautiful either. Perry appreciated perfectly cut man flesh, and so he should have been in awe of this creature. Everything was proportional, but it was all so huge—and threatening.

No, it wasn't all in proportion. What hung from the monster's crotch was way out of proportion even as gigantic as the rest of it was. The monster's thick cock dragged on the floor, and the balls of the creature almost reached the floor themselves.

Perry's eyes met those of the creature, who had been hunched over and snuffling loudly. What Perry saw in those eyes—lust—make him shudder, scream again, and tug uselessly against his bonds.

The monster smiled at Perry. It reached down with a gargantuan hand and encased the base of its cock. Perry looked on with horror, as the cock quickly began to rise off the floor and harden.

"No, no, no, please no!" Perry cried out, as the monster moved toward him, reaching out for him, grabbing his ankles and lifting and spreading his legs, moving the gigantic head of that cock to Perry's hole that Perry himself had discovered earlier was now as open as a train tunnel.

Perry continued to scream as the cock slid—not too easily—into that tunnel. He writhed and fought against it. Panted and moaned, grunted and groaned.

The cock was only half inside him when Perry went limp and his eyes rolled back in his sockets.

Unmindful, the creature kept feeding its cock inside Perry.

Back in the booth on the other side of the one-way mirror, the doctors were conferring.

"It's no go. Cock3 is just built too big. No matter how large-bodied the sheaths are, they won't take Cock3. Their torsos just don't have the room to enlarge the tunnel to the necessary dimensions."

"Just wait. I haven't turned the sensors on yet. We'll see. The cameras are rolling, aren't they? That's so important."

Dr. Wilson flipped a couple of switches. Both Perry and the monster came alive. The monster let out a groan and arched its back. It grabbed hold of Perry hips and began to stroke Perry's channel on its embedded cock. Perry's eyes popped open and he moaned in long waves, hooked his legs on the Cock3's hips, and reached out for the monster's bulging nipples.

The creature was fucking hard and fast. Perry shot a load up his belly and then the creature came too, its cum burbling out of Perry's mouth and down his chin. Not just once, but four times, coating his chest with white cum.

Cock3 reached up and jerked the chains binding Perry's wrists out of the wall. It tenderly carried Perry, who just flopped askew in unconsciousness, over to a creature-sized mattress on the side wall. It laid Perry's body gently on his back on the mattress, and positioned Perry's legs in an open position with pillows under the small of his back. Cock3 stood away from the bed to where it could position the head of its still-hard cock at Perry's tunnel and then pushed in to where it could go between Perry's thighs with its knees.

The creature began slow fucking Perry again and was humming its pleasure. Perry lay there, unconscious, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. Cock3 leaned over and lowered its lips to Perry's and gave him a long deep kiss. Then it moved its tongue down Perry's chest, cleaning up the cum it had spouted from Perry's mouth.

"Sheath4 is gone," Dr. Wilson's assistant declared. "That's all—"

"No, it's not all. Watch Cock3's behavior. It wants more sex; it senses there is more to be had. Always before when the sheath was expended, Cock3 lost interest. Cock3 has never kissed a sheath like that before. It's never taken a spent one to its bed before. Let's see more of this. I think it's the sensors. Turn the power up. And keep those cameras rolling."

Perry's body began to twitch and jerk, Cock3 let out a big groan—and began to pump in earnest. The creature also went into a frenzy of kissing Perry and sucking on his nipples and holding him close to its chest while it pumped.

The scene was going on at great length, and the two men in the booth agreed that the sheath must be expended by now; that no man's insides could take what Cock3 was doing to Perry's body.

But still, the young man's body writhed just as if he were alive. The assistant remarked on this, but Dr. Wilson answered that it was probably the strength of the charge coming through the sensors.

That charge certainly was fine with the creature, because once more cum poured out of Perry's mouth and onto his chest and multiple spoutings. And at the point of ejaculation, Perry's eyes flew open, he let out a cry, and his hard cock ejaculated as well.

"Merely mechanics," Dr. Wilson muttered. "But such a good show."

The creature was prodding and patting Perry's body, without reaction. It got off the mattress and went over to the center of the room, turned from Perry, crouched down in position sitting on its legs, its cock now streaming out on the floor before it, and began to rock. There was no telling if this was a sign or satisfaction or of loss.

"Show's over, I guess," Dr. Wilson said. "Very interesting. A bit of progress here."

"No wait," the assistant exclaimed, putting a hand on Dr. Wilson's. "Don't turn off the sensors. Sheath4 is stirring."

"Excellent," Dr. Wilson said. "Improbable but excellent." He checked the cameras to make sure they were operating properly.

Perry gingerly picked himself up from that mattress. He stretched and groaned. Then, he more stumbled than walked over to Cock3 and sat down—on Cock3's cock—in front of the creature. Cock3 looked up, surprise written on its face, and gave a shy little smile. Perry went up on his knees and leaned into the face of Cock3 and kissed the monster's mouth. With a sigh, Cock3 embraced Perry close to its chest with its arms. Perry reached between them and twisted Cock3's nipples until the creature's hips started moving in a roll. It was already hardening, but Perry reached down on each side and stroked the side of the engorging cock.

Cock3 lifted Perry high into the air in front of it with hands encasing Perry's waist. The cock came up at a 45 degree angle. Perry grabbed for his ankles, and spread his legs. Cock3 rubbed the upper side of its cock along Perry's hole as it moved Perry's body back and forth.

"Turning the sensors up on the rim now," Dr. Wilson muttered in the control booth.

Perry threw his head back and howled his pleasure. After a few moments of this, Perry cried out, "Fuck me. Oh, god, fuck me again!"

Perry was skewered again on the cock, facing the seated Cock3. The creature was pulling Perry's channel back and forth on the cock, close enough into his body that Perry could hang his heels on the monster's shoulders. Perry's body was arched back and way from Cock3's heaving chest. His arms were dangling at his side and he was crying out, "Yes, Yes. Deeper. Fuck me. Fuck ME!"

Cock3 was making deep, guttural sounds of supreme pleasure—and pumping hard and deep.

The two doctors in the booth had high fived, and Dr. Wilson was now going wild with the sensor controls.

The bulb of Cock3's cock emerged from Perry's mouth, and Perry had his tongue out of his mouth, flicking it over the glans. Perry spouted up at Cock3's face once, twice, three times. And then Cock3 repeated that doubly in a display of short-timed spray over both of their chests.

When Dr. Wilson turned the cameras off and turned to his assistant, Cock3 and Perry were stretched on the mattress, Perry's back cuddled into Cock3's chest and encircling embrace. Sheath4 was serving its purpose with Cock3 and Perry was sighing and moving his hips forward and back, giving gentle friction to the cock buried inside him.

"So, that was a success," Dr. Wilson's assistant answered.

"Yes, now with Sheath5 we need to get that feeding and defecation refinement in place. We can use Cock3 again. He's got a taste for it now."

"And the films from today?"

"To the Internet—to our special subscribers there, of course. We'll make a mint on this one alone. It's what keeps our important research going."

"And Sheath4? Leave him in there?"

"For now. After a few days, if he's still functioning, set him up with The Ram."

"The Ram? But we suspended that study."

"I know. But it was always a favorite film of the subscribers. And I like to watch too."

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