tagInterracial LoveMadison Satisfies Her Cravings

Madison Satisfies Her Cravings


Madison just turned 18, and like many girls from her well-to-do neighborhood, she had somewhat of a rebellious side to her. She is a beautiful blonde that stands 5-foot-7, and an impressive 120 pounds. She's toned and stays in great shape, as she participates on the cheerleading squad and soccer team at school. Her breasts are a near perfect 36C and her long, toned athletic legs go draw the attention of anyone in her presence.

She takes great pride in keeping her body in shape, and is well aware of the attention it draws to her. Madison of course does not mind the looks she receives from boys when she is walking the halls of school or out and about in town.

She has all the characteristics to attract any guy she pleases. In addition to her family's money, her beauty and out-going personality, Madison is very smart and plans to carry on the family tradition and attend an Ivy League school following graduation from high school.

All of this landed her one of the most sought after boys in the school. Caleb, her boyfriend, is also from a wealthy family and is a star athlete at their high school. They are considered to be one of the best couples in the entire school. Both are popular and are truly the envy of many other kids they know.

Despite having everything a girl could ever want, Madison has become unsatisfied with her and Caleb's relationship. He treats her well, but something has been missing. The two have been dating for nearly seven months, and they began having sex about a month into their relationship. Though Madison enjoys her intimate moments with Caleb, her young 18-year-old boyfriend has not been able to satisfy her.

When the two are together she plays her role and fakes her orgasms so Caleb will feel as though he is meeting her needs. In reality she is bored, and needing some more spice in her sex life.

Madison had been feeling this for some time, and she even resorted to experimenting with one of her cheerleading friends, but even contact with another girl didn't excite her in the way she was searching.

She was tired of being the good girl, and had secret cravings and fantasies of entering a world that her family, friends and community members would portray as taboo. Madison wanted to shed her good girl persona and have a different kind of fun. She was not quite sure what exactly it was that she wanted, but she knew that she had recently been drawn to the looks older men, gruff men had been giving her when she was around town.

Madison didn't know why, but these men looking her body up and down turned her on. She was confused by this, as she was not physically attracted to any of these older, dirty men, yet her body was reacting as if she was.

After these encounters, Madison would find herself day dreaming about these men and catch herself rubbing and massaging her own body in a kind of unconscious state. These actions kind of spooked her, but she kept all of these desires to herself and continued to try and focus on Caleb. She told herself constantly that she'll regain her sexual attraction to Caleb and things will be okay.

Time passed and Madison was still having these thoughts, yet she still shuttered at the idea of acting on these fantasies and desires.

Then one day it was as if her true desires completely took over her mind, and fused her thoughts with the cravings of her body.

It was on a Friday evening, and Madison, Caleb and their friends Taylor, Josh, Sara, Tanya and Matt all decided to go to the local high end shopping center across town. The seven of them entered the mall entrance, Caleb and Madison hand in hand as usual.

As they rounded the corner just inside the entrance, they walked directly past a group of three black men. Two of the men looked as though they were in their early twenties, and the third was clearly older - around 40 years old. They were all dressed in ragged, dirty clothes that appeared as though had not been cleaned in weeks. The older man's hair was not groomed, and his facial hair was stubby and rough.

While walking past this group of men, Madison was the closest to them and was clearly in perfect view of the men. As she walked by holding Caleb's hand, she glanced over at the men and noticed them looking her up and down, each with a grin on his face. Madison was wearing casual clothing, but in typical fashion, her choice showed off her incredible features.

She was wearing a short jean mini-skirt, and a tight white tank top. The tank top hugged her body and showed the definition of every inch of her upper body. Though not erect, the outline of her nipples could be made out as well. She was simply stunning, with her long blond hair waving back and forth as they walked past.

Just as they completely got past the three men, Madison heard one utter, "Damn, that's one fine white girl."

Without even realizing it, Madison turned to look back over her right shoulder at the men. When she did, she noticed all three staring at her, but her eyes were drawn to the older man. Again, not fully aware of her own actions she let out a slight grin at the older man, and turned back to face forward and continued walking with her group.

At the time, Caleb was talking with the others in the group as they walked and was completely oblivious to what had happened.

The seven friends continued to shop and strolled around the mall from shop to shop. After spending about 45 minutes jumping from store to store, they all agreed that it was time to go. Throughout the entire trip, Madison had caught her mind wandering to the dirty old black man that was undressing her with his eyes when they arrived. She was turned on more and more by the minute.

As they headed back toward the exit, Madison was hoping to see the three men still standing there when they passed through. Now, with his arm wrapped around Madison, Caleb and the group rounded the corner where the men had been standing. Madison's heart was pounding as she wanted to feel the men gawking at her body again.

They cleared the corner, and much to Madison's dismay, the men were gone. She looked in all directions hoping to spot them, but not one was to be found.

She was unsure to why, but a great sense of disappointment overcame her. Madison had no intentions of stopping to talk to the men, she simply wanted to experience the feeling she got as they looked her over. She wanted to feel naughtier than she had ever been before and offer a smile and wink to three completely strange men, that all looked as though they hadn't cleaned their clothes in forever.

They continued out the doors headed back to the parking lot. As they exited, Madison and Caleb still wrapped around each other, a voice off from their left said, "Hey girl, come here."

All seven slowed their pace and looked back to see the three black men. When they turned to look, the older man pointed to Madison and said it again, "Hey girl, come here."

They all stopped walking, and Madison looked at Caleb and he at her, as if to say, "Who is that?"

Madison and Caleb both looked back at the man, and he said, "Yeah, you. I'm talking to you girl. Come here."

"Come here. I can see it in your eyes you want to."

Caleb then responded by asking if they knew him. The man responded by saying, "No, but she wants to."

Caleb looked back at Madison, the others all looking at each other with bewilderment. None of them knowing really what to do.

After the man responded to Caleb in that manner, he tightened his grip on Madison's arm and told her it was time to go and began to turn away from the men.

The man immediately called out to Madison again, "Hey white girl, do you really want to leave with him and not come to me?"

To Caleb's and her own amazement, she stopped walking and turned back to look at him. She pulled her arm away from Caleb gently and took a step toward the man. Caleb was not standing behind her confused, and unsure of what was happening.

"What are you doing, baby?" Caleb asked.

Madison didn't even acknowledge his comments and continued to look in the direction of the man.

The man then said, "That's right girl. You want to come home with me."

She looked back at Caleb and quietly said, "I'm sorry" and began walking toward the man. The gruff black man began walking toward her and as they drew closer he reached out his arm, with his hand open to the side and placed it on her waist, pulling her toward him.

With no hesitation at all, she let her body be engulfed in his large hands and before she knew it she was pressed against this big, old black man that stood nearly 6-foot-3, and likely weighed over 230 pounds. His hands were stroking her back and sides, brushing against her breasts each time he moved them upwards. Her body was overcome with excitement and she was turned on like she had never been before. Her nipples began to harden as she looked up at the man.

Caleb yelled out to her, "What are you doing? Baby, do you know this man? Get back over here. We're going home."

Madison, to the amazement of Caleb and her other friends, replied, "I'm sorry, Caleb. I'm staying with him."

Caleb asks, "Who is he?"

With a slight grin on her face, Madison replies, "I don't know. I guess I'm going to find out."

Caleb and one of the other boys quickly respond by walking toward her and grabbing her arm pulling her away from the man. The black man didn't fight them from pulling her away, and they rushed her off to the car, screaming at her to know what she was thinking.

They took Madison to the car, a nearly brand new BMW X5 SUV, and got in. The group was screaming at each other, as they all were not believing what Madison had just done. A few minutes pass, and Caleb starts up the SUV, and just as they begin to pull out a big, beat up brown late 80s model Buick pulls up beside them. In the drivers seat was one of the younger men, with the other younger guy in the passenger seat. In the backseat sat the older man.

They pulled up where the older man's window was next to the passenger side where Madison sat. Her window was down, and the older man simply said, "Get in."

Madison sat still, and the man repeated himself, only this time he sounded more aggressive.

"Get in, slut."

At this very moment, thoughts were pouring through her mind. She was asking herself what she was doing. She had never been with a black man before, or even been attracted to one. Now she finds herself drawn to a complete stranger, over 20 years her elder.

She unfastened her seatbelt and began to open the door. Caleb reached out and grabbed her wrist and hit the power lock button with the other hand trying to keep her in the car. Madison jerked her hand away and unlocked the door and opened it.

Caleb, restricted by his seatbelt, tried to reach out and grab her, but he couldn't. Before he knew it his beautiful, young and innocent white girlfriend was out of the car and headed directly toward the back seat where a dirty, older black man awaited her. Her movements were as if she was in a trance, hypnotized by the lewdness of the events taking place.

The man opened the rear driver's side door and Madison curled her way around the door and proceeded to sit down inside the car. The man reached out his hand as she climbed in, and Madison eagerly latched on and moved the rest of the way into the backseat.

She pulls the door shut, and before she knew it, they were spinning off out of the parking lot. As they wheel around headed for the highway, she gazed at Caleb and her friends who sat in disbelief.

Within seconds after peeling out of the lot, the man moved his left hand to Madison's bare right thigh, just below her mini-skirt. She turned and got her first good look into his eyes and knew that she was about to find the satisfaction she had been desperately searching.

With his hand still placed on her leg, he turned his body toward her, reaching out with his right hand and promptly latching on to her left breast. Squeezing and massaging it in his hand he leaned forward and kissed her on the neck once and quickly moved to meet his lips with hers. Madison hungrily returned the kiss, burying her tongue into his mouth.

The car continued to speed down the highway, and Madison and her new attraction remained locked together by their lips. The man's hand was still exploring Madison's beautiful breasts, and all the while her nipples began to quickly harden again at the man's touch.

After several minutes of making out and groping, the man pulled away and looked her in the eye, still massaging her breasts. Though he didn't say a word, Madison knew what he wanted, so she reached under her shirt and unfastened her bra, tossing it to the backseat floorboard.

To this point, Madison had been in the car with the men for nearly five minutes, yet not a word had been spoken. The unceasing silence did not appear to bother anyone, especially Madison and her soon to be sex partner. Once her bra had been thrown out of the way, he reached back up with both hands, squeezing her breasts through her white tank top. He then moved his left hand upwards and slid her right shoulder strap down her right arm. Once the strap fell loose to the side of her arm he reached back over cupping the bottom of her right breast, pushing it upwards until it was free from under her tank top.

For the first time in her young life she saw a dark skinned man's hand against her tanned, yet still white breast. She was turned on by the sheer sight of what was happening. Cupping and squeezing her breast in his large hand, he slowly moved his thumb several times across her erect nipple. After teasing her for a moment with his fingers, he leaned in and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue around and over it. The feel of his tongue on her nipple jolted her enough that her head fell back against the headrest with her mouth slightly opening and letting out the first sound since getting in the car - a soft moan affirming the sense of pleasure she was experiencing.

He continued teasing her breasts with his lips and tongue, sending chills down her spine. But it was his next move that sent her into another world.

Still sucking on her right nipple, the man reached up with his hand, grabbing hold of her right hand and guiding it to his crotch. He placed her hand directly on his crotch, allowing her to feel him through his work-uniform styled pants. What she felt scared her, but at the same time sent her body shuttering for more.

Underneath his pants that she was now touching was 10 inches of thick black cock. Caleb, the only boy she had ever had sex with, was a thin six inches at best. Her eyes were practically jumping out of her head when she felt him for the first time. The look on her face transformed from an innocent young girl experimenting, to a hungry white slut eager to see her first real black cock.

Just as her hand met his crotch, the driver of the car turned a corner into an area of town Madison had only heard about. It was what many would consider to be the rough side of town. Drugs, sex and crime were prevalent throughout the community, and no stranger dared to enter this section alone.

Before she knows it, the car pulls into the driveway of a beat up, small rundown wooden shack-like house. The shudders around the windows were dangling, the white paint on the house was dirty and looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in over 30 years. Trash and junk littered the front yard. It was truly something that Madison only thought existed in the movies.

The older man gets out of the car, as do the two younger men in the front seats. The man that Madison had been playing out her fantasy with in the car walked around to her side, opened the door and reached out for her hand. She obliged and walked with him toward the front door.

The other two men lit up cigarettes and sat down in two wobbly lawn chairs out front. Madison continued to walk with the man, yet no words had been spoken even to this point. As they walk onto the wooden front porch, she looks up at the man and introduces herself, "I'm Madison, by the way."

The man looks at her with a slight grin, and simply says, "I'm Darnell."

Madison, who was completely turned on by this point, had no idea what was about to happen. Based on her past experiences, she expected to simply enter the house and have sex with Darnell. What she didn't realize is that it would be much different sex than what she was used to with Caleb.

They reach the door, and Darnell pulls out a set of keys, opens a torn screen door and unlocks the deadbolt of the main entryway, and proceeds to enter the house guiding Madison in behind him by her wrist.

As soon as the door slams behind her, without even giving her time to think, Darnell turns quickly to her, reaches out and grabs her right wrist with his left hand, still hanging on to her other wrist. He then lifts her arms up and forcefully backs her into the wall beside the front door entrance.

With her arms pinned to the wall, he begins furiously kissing her neck and attempting to remove her tank top in the process. After a few seconds he finally gets her tank top off and tosses it aside. With a much more aggressive way about him, he starts sucking, licking and teasing her nipples yet again.

Madison begins moaning from his touch. Darnell loosens his grip of her arms and she reaches down and begins unbuttoning his dirty blue uniform work shirt. Standing there in front of him with only her min-skirt and flip-flops on, she moves forward to kiss him. In the process she works to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants so she can see firsthand the largest cock she had ever had the pleasure of being around.

She manages to remove his shoes as well as his pants. She then slides off his white brief underwear, and his massive cock falls out into the open. Her eyes open wide, and without even noticing, she was staring at his cock, licking her lips all the while.

"You want my old black cock you little white bitch?"

No one had ever treated her that way or talked to her as if she was the street corner whore. Oddly enough, Darnell's lack of respect for the young beauty queen turned her on even more.

Almost immediately after Darnell uttered those words, Madison responded while reaching toward his black meat, "Mmmm. Yes. I've never seen anything so big and amazing."

"Get on your knees then slut, and serve the black man like you're supposed to."

"Yes, sir," Madison responded.

As she dropped to her knees, she realized that they were now standing directly in front of the screened front door. Kneeling down in front of this older naked black man, she looked over her right shoulder and out the door. She noticed that people, mainly black men, were constantly walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the house. It was then that Madison realized that she and Darnell were in clear view of anyone that walked by the house.

She wasn't completely comfortable with this, yet it still turned her on to a degree.

After looking out the door, Darnell, clearly ready for her to take him in her mouth, said, "Are you gonna start sucking bitch, or are you gonna stare out the door?"

Madison turns back toward him and takes his huge black cock into her tiny white hands and begins stroking his semi-hard dick. She grips him at the base of his cock with her left hand, and begins pumping her hand up and down his shaft. She continued stroking him for a minute and then finally wrapped her lips around the head of his dick. Madison then sucks him gently as if she had a lollipop in her mouth.

Here again, she was taking a black dick in her mouth for the very first time, not to mention her first dick that wasn't attached to an 18-year-old boy. She began twirling her tongue in circles around the tip of his shaft. The touch of her tongue on his cock was exactly what Darnell had been hoping for since he saw the young girl. Following her brief moment of teasing the burly black man's cock with her tongue, she slid her mouth as far onto his shaft as she could. Because his cock was so thick, she was only able to get about six inches or so into her mouth.

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