tagInterracial LoveMae's Revenge Ch. 01

Mae's Revenge Ch. 01


Karel, a 6'7" long, blonde, blue-eyed and muscular-built prototypical Dutch physics major in his early twenties, was looking for an affordable living place in Detroit, a must after he was chosen to be an research student at the Department of Physics of the Jesuit College of Detroit.

Out of a host of reactions on his newspaper ad, one stood out: a small room plus sharing meals for just $300 per month, less than half an hour cycling away from his faculty building.

A woman with a mellow, smoky voice picked up the phone. They agreed on a visit.

He took an instant liking on the house lady, who introduced herself as Mae Johnson, a petite, middle-aged pitch black lady in her late forties with awesome body curves -- if your gaze managed to escape from her sparkling, intelligent eyes with a speck of sadness in them. Her discipline and will-power hid a warm, tender soul. It turned out she lived off a meager daytime job and needed an extra source of income to make ends meet.

He liked the spacy room with a huge two-person bed and felt a little at home after Mae guided him around. "This was our bedroom, Williams and mine, before he ran away with our teenage neighbor girl," she said softly with a streak of sorrow in her voice. "I decided to move to our guest room because it feels terrible to sleep in this big bed here alone."

"I understand." Karel answered. He saw a framed picture of William and Mae together and realized, it would be hard to find a man which looked more different from the small, wiry, and likewise ebony unfaithful William than he. She would not be in danger of being reminded of her run-away husband too often.

She smiled and touched his arm lightly.

He moved in. Every day he attended college and did his research at the faculty, while in the evening he shared meals and a deep talk with Mae. She was an arts teacher and managed to survive on a small part-time tuition job at a nearby college. Soon after he discovered another reason why Mae was so welcoming to her new occupant. The neighborhood obviously had a problem. A group of drug users had chosen Mae's ward as their daily meeting point and regularly rang Mae's door for money or to use her toilet - if they didn't use her garden for that purpose. They were in for an unpleasant surprise when Karel opened the door instead of the fragile Mae. It took an hour and a half of heated argument and a short fight with the rowdiest of the lot, including catapulting the hoodlum over the fence before the group decided to change their lair to a less hostile place.

"Thank you, Karel," she whispered. "I was so scared. Finally someone dared to fight back." She hugged him and in an instant reaction he held the delicate lady tightly in his arms. Her feminine body scent entered his nostrils, her breath touched his neck.

Mae gently tended to his wounds and caressed his hands after for a long time with her sleek, fine fingers. Suddenly her eyes met his, absorbing everything. His heart bounced. What was happening to him? "Come, let's make our garden a better place. You Dutch have green fingers, isn't it? I want to forget those guys." she said and they left in her old pickup to the nearby garden center. That evening he got lots of sights at her marvelous booty when they planted the flower and vegetable saplings and her delicate B-cup breasts when her sweat glued her T-shirt to her body. He tried to behave like a well-educated young man, looking anywhere than her body but failed miserably.

It certainly didn't help that she kissed him briefly on his lips after they finished transforming her desolate garden into the beginnings of which would become a lustrous Kew franchise.

He heard her sing when she took a shower afterward. He tried to think about something else, but images of her naked body continued to pop up in his brain. He was in love.

He avoided her, tried to forget his feelings. Mae pinpointed the problem with ease. "I know why you are so shy with me, hon," she said when she served him the next dinner.

Karel decided to tell the truth. Mae was way too intelligent to be fooled by amateurish lies.

He mustered all his courage. "You are right, Mae. I am sorry, I... will leave your house."

Mae came next to his chair, caressed his hair. Her small breasts with erect nipples were clearly visible through her transparent white blouse, close to his face. Her bittersweet body-odor, product of a weary day of lessons to unruly students in her college, made his mind spin and awoke his penis. "No hon, why, are you crazy? I never felt so great in my life as I do now. Please, stay with me."

"But..." he stuttered. He looked up. Her intense look took away his breath.

"I feel safe with you, hon. You are so responsible. You know, I know, it will not work out between us. You will not break this old ladies heart by filling it with foolish dreams, will you, Karel?"

"I am sorry, Mae. I-don't-want-" They looked deep in each others eyes. He knew his feelings went not unanswered.

"Don't be, dear boy." she whispered eventually with a slight tremble in her voice. "To live is to feel pain. I made the choice to live long ago. I am happy nonetheless, even while feeling the sweet pain you are giving me right now. I know I am too old, I never will be desired by such a handsome man like you again. Look, for instance my wrists. So... old. So... ugly."

He took her hand, caressing her fingers lightly. He kissed her wrinkled wrist hungrily, again and again, then continued to fondle her hand. "I like your wrists."

She breathed heavily. Tears sprang up in her eyes. "Karel, stop it!"

"If you stop with depressing yourself with things that are not true, lovely beauty. Choose to live. Choose to fight back."

She broke down.

He stood up, caressing her feline, trembling body in his arms. She hugged him, shivered, pressed her face in his shoulder. She cried soundlessly. Her tears trickled through his shirt.

Suddenly, she loosened her grip.

"Never do this to me again! Never, do you hear!"

Her bright eyes flamed. "Out of my sight! I want to be alone."

He went to his room, tried to concentrate on his work. The sound of spattering water in the bathroom next to his room broke his concentration. He imagined pearls of water seeping through her helmet of Mae's curled hair, kissing her lips, exploring her neck, caressing her delicate breasts, covering her thighs, teasing her round butt, tickling her cunt while her tiny fingers massaged her belly, her bush.

He would have to leave here soon, he knew. Mae could forgive everything and everyone, except the man who made her loose control. He started packing his cloths and books.

He underestimated her determination.

After an hour or so, someone opened his door. Mae entered his room, dressed in a summer gown. She looked fresh, radiant and energetic like a water nymph from some Micronesian island, fully aware of the devastating blow she dealt to his senses.

She saw his opened suitcase and closed it resolutely.

"Mister Karel van Doorn, you will stay."

Surprised, he looked in her eyes.

"I will help you hon. Find your true soul-mate."

Like all of Detroit, the Jesuit College was clearly split between black and white students. Mae's neighborhood was almost exclusively black, while most of his fellow students rented their rooms in affluent white neighborhoods. He wondered how Mae could connect to a world a galaxy away, socially spoken.

"What do you have in store, Mae?" He tried to smile.

"By changing you a little, hon. Starting with dance. By the end of three months, you will be together with your true love."

"It.. will be difficult. To put you out of my head, I mean."

"I know, handsome young man." Mae kissed him briefly on his lips, enough to send his heart into a frenzy. "So I have this extra rule. You are not allowed to touch me or say anything nice about me or my body, except by my permission."

Mae kept her promise. Every night, after their meal and dish washing, they trained dance for a while. He tried to control his urge to hold her delicate body to his and kiss her full lips. "Put your hand around my middle, hon. Or even better, feel my butt. Now. Don't be shy. Good dancers ain't shy." After a short hesitation, he explored her perfectly curved African buttocks.

"You DO like my ass, eh?"

His face colored red. "Yes," he breathed.

Mae smiled deviously. "I don't mind, hon. Continue this way until you don't feel shy any more." She patted his buttocks. "I like your rear too, hon."

After he heard her giggle on the phone with her friend Sally.

Mae's shock therapy helped. He wasn't any more practicing dance, they were the dance. Their movements evolved into one organic whole. There was just the music from Mae's old hi-fi set, Mae's body against his, her arousing body scent, her sweet mellow voice when she sang along with the music.

After a long exhaustive session, they sat together on the old coach in her living room.

"What are you researching, hon?"

"Quantum entanglement. If two very small particles are together for a while, they become like one. Even when they separate after, they can influence each other. Even if they are billions of light years apart. Most people consider it boring. I blew already three dates by talking about it."

"On the contrary, hon. It sounds like love and magic are true," she whispered softly and looked deep in his blue eyes. "Tell me more. Mind the math, I am an fully-bred alpha mare."

She leaned to his shoulder like a small girl.

He did, totally absorbed in her warm, suddenly intense look, carefully avoiding things like Hermitian operators and Schrödinger equations.

She laid her left hand down on his knee, looked at him with a slight pain in her eyes. Please make me feel better, hon, he understood wordlessly. Still he remembered their agreement. He took her hand gently into his, looked in her eyes. Wordlessly, she agreed. He brought her hand to his lips, kissed her delicious ebony wrist, then the slightly lighter interior of her hand. He explored the fine knuckles of her hand with his lips, kissed them lightly, then hungrily explored her bare arms up towards her elbows. "You are so beautiful and yet so real, hon," he whispered. "Like a supernaturally gifted artist crafted all of you out of precious ebony wood."

She smiled like a shy schoolgirl, trying to control her tears.

"Thanks, hon. I needed this." She nestled herself in his arms. "Now hold me. I had a terrible day today."

He caressed her while he listened intensely to her sobs and her sad adventures with the overpaid school board after she tried to liven up her lessons a little. Without thinking he kissed her in her neck. She took his hand between hers and smiled like an angel. He kissed her again, and again. Suddenly she hugged him tightly, kissed him frenziedly. "Behave, hon," she whispered with shivering voice. "I cannot control myself any more, you must do it now for both of us."

Wordlessly he obliged.

Finally even the perfectionist Mae was content with his level of dancing skill. "And now, hon, join the student's dance club. Your first impression now will be great. The girls will vie for you."

That was where he met Vivian. At 5 feet and nine inches, she was the wild dream of every high school boy. Long blonde hair up to her buttocks, breasts like melons and a tightly cut ass. What's more, she was captain of the cheerleader team. Needless to say, many boys swarmed around her, especially those from the college's football team. To no avail, when Vivian saw him dancing she didn't want him to let go. Much to the chagrin of the football players. There were just four weeks between now and the college gala, so they practiced with vigor.

In short, she was the perfect means to get over his crush for Mae. They dated at her place, a student fraternity house of a sorority with a three Greek letters name. The other inhabitants giggled when they stumbled upstairs, to Vivian's bed room. Right after he closed the door, she tongue kissed him. He wanted to undress. She stopped him. "Not the first date. Just fooling around now. Come, I have some candy for you."

She pulled out her shirt and enjoyed his horny looks. He kissed her nipples, then circled them around slowly with the tip of his tongue.

It helped.

He managed to put Mae out of his head. At least for a few seconds.

He rode home on his bike. Mae smiled when he told he had a date. "I told you so, hon. Bring her over, I would like to meet her." He did.

Vivian looked around with disgust when she parked the old sorority Buick in front of Mae's house. "How can you live in a dump like this."

"Look at the flowers in the windows and the garden. Mae makes the best of it." Karel apologized.

And indeed, since the departure of the junkies in March, they had transformed Mae's garden in an oasis of colors in the desolate neighborhood.

"Mae this, Mae that." Vivian snubbed. "Why are you so obsessed with that old African-American?" Yuck, what a racist, Karel thought with himself.

Mae opened the door and smiled. Once again, Karel knew why he was.

"Hello Vivian, welcome." Her voice was warm. Karel could feel Mae's intense jealousy.

"Hello Ms. Johnson." Vivian replied formally. "Thank you so much for teaching my dance partner how to dance."

"You're welcome, Vivian. Do you like some coffee?" Mae's tone was far less welcoming.

"No thanks, madam. But I like to see your dancing with Carl."

And off they went.

It went, as always, like a dream. Nothing else existed than Mae, her sparkling eyes, her gentle touch. Suddenly she put her face in his neck. He felt her soft lips part, kissing his neck, then the tip of her tongue licking his skin. So far for his attempt.

"Carl, I am going. Now!" Vivian snubbed jealously.

He woke up. "Vivian, eh.."

"Go fuck that ugly old black broad. Brad is waiting for me. Don't think any decent girl want to come with you after this, European thrash."

Vivian smashed the front door and took off with the old Buick, roaring in low gear.

With his face filled with disgust, Karel made it to the bathroom.

"Karel? Is everything alright, honey?" Mae stood in the bath room, behind the shower curtain.

It wasn't. He hated Vivian more than he hated anyone in his life. Even after he cleaned his mouth several times and scrubbed his body he did still feel revulsion for every memory at Vivian's touch.

He saw Mae's butt leaning to the shower curtain, which followed her delicious curves. He tried not to look at it, to no avail. Suddenly she opened the curtain, stepped into the shower water. They looked in each others eyes. She was fully naked. She was even more gorgeous than he imagined. A sip of water dripped between her firm breasts with erect nipples, meandered over her belly. Karel lost his breath, overwhelmed by her slim, but well-proportioned body.


She turned her back to him, sat down, her face to the wall.

"Leave me alone, Karel. Vivian was right. I am so ugly. I saw how shocked you were."

He sat down behind her on the tiled floor, wrapped his arms around her shivering body, below her arms. The water drizzled over them. "Yes, I was shocked. By your beauty."

She sniffed. "You lie, hon. Just want to make this old lonely gal happy again."

He kissed her in her neck, wrapped his muscular legs around her. "I mean it, merry Mae. You are the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes on."

She lifted her head. "No one ever said that to me. William called me the ugliest broad of the street. Swear to God, you are not fooling with me."

"I wished I could," he whispered in her ear. "I did my best to forget you, you know that, even I dated that bitch, but..."

She climbed on his lap, her legs spread, buried her face in his shoulder. Her ass rested on his swollen dick.

"Hold me tight, hon, and say it again and again, until I believe you deep in my old lonely heart."

He tucked her strongly in his arms, one arm around her shoulders, another around her ass, then kissed her incessantly, only interrupted by his song about the beauty of her eyes, her smile, her skin, her calves, her legs, her buttocks. After he kissed her shoulders, her temples, her forehead.

She kissed him in the neck. "Did you ever have a gal before?"


"I knew, because otherwise she never would let you go."

"Now, repeat that again and again, Mae."

"Mae will never ever let you go, hon. I wanted you since you came here first time."

Then he understood.

"You did it on purpose, Mae. You did exactly that which would infuriate her."

She smiled. "That dumb bimbo asked for it. Do you mind, dear?"

"Thanks." He said it without any sarcasm. "I mean it, Mae. I belong to you. Forever."

She brought her lips to his ear and whispered. "I know, honey. God damn I know." There was fire in her eyes.

"You will not stop until I end up in the madhouse, Mae." It was not entirely a joke.

Mae smiled in a way which put Mona Lisa at a shame.

"Learning to love is difficult, honey. It is painful, it is hard. You have learned almost everything you need to know for now."

"I not want to learn, lovely black princess." he whispered, breathing heavily. "No more dates for me. I know you won't accept me, but..."

Her eyes glittered like black whirlpools of stars. "All will be right, my dream prince. Only sweet lessons now. You and I. Forever. Your Mae promises you." And her big, soft lips exploded against his. And again.

Before he knew what he was doing he kissed her hungrily. She parted her lips and let him in, then explored his mouth with her long, hungry tongue. This felt so right.

He held her tiny body towards his bare breast, his hands ravishing her buttocks. His swollen dick was squeezed between her round ass cheeks.

"Mae will make you hers now." she whispered.

She spread her legs, then before he knew she embraced his phallus with her waiting, hot cunt. She was surprisingly tight.

She slowly fucked him with wavy, tender movements. He breathed heavily.

"Control yourself, hon. I want our first time to last long," she panted, deep and tense.

Her tight, tender pelvis movements, the hot, hungry look in her eyes, the pressure of her big round butt on his loins made just that more and more difficult for him.

"Sorry, love, I'm coming." he whispered.

Gently, she pushed him back.

He let himself slide on his back, ignoring the cold tiles touching his shoulder blades. He moved the curtain aside, wrapping one arm around her thin spine, another around her rhythmically contracting and relaxing booty.

He slowly started moving his pelvis in opposition to her.

"Let me do the work for now, dear," she whispered. "I know how to keep a man from coming."

She looked deep in his eyes. Times after times, she seemed to sense when he was close to coming and then held down her pelvic movements, pressed the base of his penis with her thumb.

He squeezed her buttocks with both hands, then tickled her inner thighs.

She bit his shoulder, squeezed his loin with her thighs, then moaned.

He exploded deep in her.

"Sorry love," she whispered, panting. "So soon..."

"Sorry? For the best experience ever in my life, Venus?"

"Ditto, love god." She hugged him, nestled her face in his neck. "Please let your merry old Mae lie here for a while, feel her handsome young lover rustle deep inside her." He did, holding her delicious body tightly to his, feeling his penis rejuvenating in her fountain of life. He gently took her, again massaging her ass. She kissed him, slipped off him, then kissed his dick. "We will meet soon, little Karel. Just recuperate a little for tonight. Tell your boss to behave with this poor innocent elder lady."

They rinsed each other under the still drizzling shower.

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