tagErotic HorrorMage and Spirit

Mage and Spirit


Writer's Note: This story begins after the disappearance of Philippe Trufont in Vampires' Victim Disappears.


Lucius Carter sauntered down the sidewalk on Esplanade Avenue as the sun set over the French Quarter. He had no reason to hurry but did look forward to spending the night with his granddaughter. He reached the ancient brick building that had been converted into apartments and pressed the buzzer.

"Who's there?" came a feminine voice from the stat icky loudspeaker.

"It's Lucius, Astrid" he replied.

"Were you followed?"


The buzzer sounded and he opened the door into the stairwell and entered. He looked up the stairs to see Astrid open the apartment door. A view of him before he started up the stairs would always provide an extra few seconds should if Bloodmoon's guards had to defend her.

Astrid stayed at the door as Lucius climbed the stairs. When he approached the door she bowed from the head and waist to acknowledge him as her superior. Ever the gentleman, he bowed in response although their tradition did not require it.

"'Moon is asleep" the blond woman told him as she locked the door behind them. "The baby was active most of the day and our little mommy-to-be hasn't awakened from her nap yet. Shall I wake her?"

Lucius smiled and noticed the aroma of baking fish Astrid was preparing for the three of them. "No, let her rest a little longer. Why don't you have a glass of wine with me before dinner?"

"Trying to charm me, old man?" she grinned back. "I'm way too young for you." In fact, everyone in the coven was young compared to Lucius. Although he appeared to be a healthy man of fifty he was in fact well over eighty but years spent in the mirror universe didn't count against his lifespan. Astrid was in fact approaching forty herself and found Lucius extremely attractive and hoped that he was coming on to her.

"Not at all young lady" he said. "Just being courteous, mage to priestess, but now that you mention it I think I'll consider seducing you." They both chuckled as Lucius stepped to the bar and selected a white wine. Astrid noted that Lucius poured three glasses. "Pouring one for 'Moon, too?" she asked.

"No, for our other guest. You can show yourself now, Elizabeth" Lucius said without looking up.

Astrid spun to her right, scanning the room, then back to her left to see a white light taking form, becoming first translucent, then taking the form a beautiful young Catholic nun dressed in the white habit of a novice. Astrid was speechless, caught completely off guard that she had not felt the presence of a supernatural being. Some priestess I am she thought, chastising herself.

"I believe you two know each other" said Lucius. "What brings you here, Liz?"

"News on your hell spawn brothers" the nun monotoned. "They've started killing cattle in North Dakota."

Lucius frowned. "That is how they always start. Very well... Astrid will inform the sisters in that area."

The ghost matched his frown. "You won't go yourself?"

"Not until I see my great granddaughter safely into the world." He picked up two of the glasses of white wine and handed one to Astrid. Then he extended the other to the ghost. "Join us." The ghost took the glass and held it in front of her face, glaring like a jilted lover. Lucius picked up the third glass and toasted her. "To the old days!" and drained the glass.

Astrid sipped her wine and watched the ghost do the same.

"You're not funny, Lu," said the nun. "You're a murderer. Trufont was just the weapon you used." Lucius' face lost all expression and he looked directly into her eyes. "They were hopeless drug addicts, Liz. Having Philippe kill them was an act of mercy."

"Two of them were Catholics, Lu. They could have been..."

"Then I saved them an extra thousand years in purgatory!" Lucius raised his voice to stop her in mid sentence then lowered if to a whisper. "If it will please you I'll sponsor a mass in their names... the bishop owes me a Latin mass anyway."

"You should have him say one for you while you're at it" said Elizabeth as she put the empty glass down.

"God can choose between me and his beloved King David on Judgment Day" said Lucius. "After all, He used both of us the same way... to kill His enemies."

"Thank you for the wine, Lu. I wish I could say it was nice seeing you again but it would be a lie." "Not for me, Liz. I still love you" said Lucius. "Have a nice afterlife until we meet again."

Elizabeth seemed to fade before Astrid's eyes. When the apparition was gone she turned to Lucius and asked "What is it between you two?"

The mage spun on his heels and hurled his wine glass at the fireplace. It missed by a yard, shattering on the mantle. Astrid was sure he was crying, but when he turned back to her he was completely composed. __ _____ ____ _____

It was a warm day in the spring of 1928. Lucius Carter lay on the bed of the rented room staring at the ceiling fan that turned above him. There was no knock before Elizabeth entered the room; she barged in like a common whore but she was dressed as properly as a New Orleans lady could possibly dress and still be stylish in the Roaring Twenties.

"I was afraid you wou'na' be here" she said. Lucius knew she'd come to New Orleans as a child and spoke English and French flawlessly, but she was making no effort to hide her Irish brogue. "I'd have walked to Texas if you had asked" he replied. "Why did you send for me? Have you changed your mind?"


"You're still going through with it?'

"I take m' vows on Sund'y" she said. "Please, d'na' ask again. Ah'v made up m'mind and made a promise t' the Blessed Mother."

"So why did you send for me?"

She could no longer look him in the face so she turned to the mirror to remove her hat. "I've been talking to Bridgette. She tol' meh wha' she and Dan use t' do 'fore they were married... so she'd still be a virgin on the' weddin' night."

Lucius said nothing, but in the mirror she could see that his eyes were boring a hole in her back.

"Bri says as long as ya d'na' put yer... yer thing in m' baby hole I'm still a virgin. So I came t' make an offer."

Lucius was sitting up, still staring at her. She turned, still looking down at the floor.

"Ah've t' offer ya ma arse, Lu. Will ya take meh like a Sodomite?"

Lucius was enthralled by the offer. He'd have kissed her ass if she asked. Hell, to see her naked he would have kissed the devil's ass. Some portion of his brain told him this wasn't good so he proceeded cautiously. "Don't tease me like a trolip, Liz. I know you too well... or so I thought."

She raised her eyes to meet his and began to unbutton the high collar of her dress. For the first time in years Lu saw the scars of a vampire's bite in her white skin.

"'Tis na' teasin' I'm doin', love. If you'll promise t' take meh only by the arse, ya ca' have meh."

"Why are you doing this, Liz?" he questioned.

She fixed her eyes on his. "I trust Bri na' t' lead me wrong. Ah know how happy Daniel makes her...and I ca'na' go to the convent withou' knowin' what it feels like to love a man."

"Asses are second best..." said Lu. "Abandon the order. Marry me! Let me take you properly! Let me sire your sons and daughters!" She made no resistance as he grabbed her shoulders but put here hand on his chest to gently hold him at bay.

"Ah could na' ever marry ya, love" She said. "Pappa wou' kill ya an' me too for marryin' a Jew."

The phrase made Lu furious. "I'm not a Jew, I'm a Kennite. of the House of Jethro..."

"Pappa woul'na' know the difference, as long as yer na' a Catholic. Would you convert and take Holy Orders if I asked it of ya'?"

Lu looked down at the floor and shook his head. "To abandon the Old Ways? That is one thing I cannot do...not even for your love, not even to have you forever."

"So will you take m' arse? Secon' bes' is the bes' ah can give ya and still keep m' word to the Virgin Mother." She had completely unbuttoned the dress and now she let it drop from her freckled shoulders revealing white breasts with nipples as red as her hair. Petite and firm, her mammaries had no need of a bra to bind them or support them. Lu had a thought, a vision of an infant nursing from such a sweet organ, but the reality that she was entering a convent turned it off like the switch turns off the light bulb.

"What will the nuns say about this, Liz?" he asked as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Nothin' if I only confess to the priest" she chirped, letting her dress drop to the floor. She stood before him in her silk tap pants and untied the drawstring.

Lu had his shoes and socks off and stood again to remove his pants and boxers. His erect penis stood free. Liz looked at it with a half-grinning half-fear expression. Reaching for her purse she produced a small sealed jar.

"Olive oil" she told him. "Compliments of Bridgette and Daniel. Bri said ya' should rub it around m' arse hole before ya' try to enter me."

"OK" said Lu. "Do we do this standing up or shall I put you on the bed with your ass in the air?"

"Neither" said Liz. "Bri said if I lie on m' back..." she crawled into the bed "and raise m' legs..." she spread her self wide so he could see both her vagina and rectum, "...You can take meh as if ya were m' husband taking meh in ma baby hole."

Lu began smearing the oil on her rectum. He deliberately let his finger stray up to her vagina and touch her clitoris, but Liz extended her hand and covered the orifice with her fingers. Lu was hurt. "Don't you trust me?" he begged.

"I trust YOU" said Liz, "But not yer organ. When a man's in rut he migh' forget and use th' wrong hole. Ma fingers stay 'til you're safely in my arse."

Lu climbed into the bed and positioned himself. Liz kept her hand in place but used the tips of her fingers to guide him. The oil worked well and his member slid into her ass.

Lu began thrusting, Liz feeling his pubic bone strike hers and her clitoris was stimulated quickly to orgasm. Lu kissed her neck as she began thrashing in pleasure, finally covering her mouth with his and exploring her with his tongue as she climaxed a few seconds before he did.

Spent and out of breath the lovers lay in each other's arms for some time before Lu's penis released enough blood back to his brain to make conversation possible.

"That was marvelous" he said. Then he realized they could never have this again. "When you get up from this bed, it will be over forever, won't it Liz?"

"Th' physical is over" she replied "But since this is th' only time I'll eve' know a man, let's stay here in th' bed for a while."

So it was that for the first and only time in her life Elizabeth fell asleep in the arms of the man she loved.

On Sunday Lucius Carter sat at the far back of the church to watch Elizabeth kneel before the Archbishop of New Orleans who placed a novice's hood on her red curling hair.

__ _____ ____ _____

"So that's the story, Astrid," said Lucius. Astrid realized how shallow her breathing had become, and that her right hand had worked its way under her short skirt to he leg of her lace panties.

"I could never have given up a man I loved" she said.

"You weren't bitten by a vampire at the age of ten" Luicius countered. I know what she went through for eight years after that but I didn't know how to help her. I was just a boy myself... The only source of help was the Catholic Church.."

"Lu, when this is over and 'Moon and the child are safe..." Astrid started.

"Yes" he said

"Yes?" she repeated.

"Yes, when 'Moon and the child are safe I want to take you in the name of the Goddess, right there in front of God and all your coven, including 'Moon."

She hesitated before saying "For the Goddess, yes, but what about for you? Could you do it out of love? Not to release life energy, just to love me?"

"Yes, Astrid, I could, I can and I will" said Lucius. "At the next full moon we will be the most married couple in all New Orleans' magic community. Mage and Priestess. We make a good match, don't you think? I'll even wear the Horned God outfit for you."

Astrid leaned over to kiss Lucius' cheek . Despite the appearance from the dead nun it had been a good day for magic in New Orleans.

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