This was taking a lot of work. Jim sighed as he looked around at his grandmother's house, now empty of life since her death three months past. His mother had gone back to her home in the east, leaving Jim and his sister Maggie to deal with disposing of all the old lady's stuff. The house had been full to the brim.

"Well, we're beating it down," sighed Maggie as she wiped her brow. At forty-five she was still a fine looking woman. She worked at staying fit; they both did. "You take the attic, Jim, and I'll do the guest bedroom, I've already got the master bedroom cleaned out and freshened up for the next folks. That should finish the lion's share of it."

"Ok, deal, let me know when it is time for a union break, and I'll take you out for coffee."

"It's a date," she laughed. "Now off you go."

Jim headed for the steep narrow stairs that led up to the attic. He forced his nearly fifty year old knees to make the climb, but they didn't like it. He got the one dim bulb lit, then began poking through the piles and piles of stuff. Locating an empty box, he began to fill it with old books and journals. One fell from his fingers then lay open on the floor. He recognized Maggie's handwriting.

"Maggie's old diaries," he mused as he picked it up, and in spite of his better judgment, began to read.

"Dear Diary,

Today is my seventeenth birthday, but I didn't get what I wanted, not even close. I know I shouldn't have the hots for my brother, but I do. He is so perfect, and I want him so badly it hurts. I practically threw myself at him, but I think I must have scared him, because he made a feeble excuse and hid in his room. What I really wanted was to give him my virginity, but instead, all I got was ignored. Why doesn't he think I'm attractive, all the other guys seem to? Oh well, I have another month before he leaves for college, maybe I'll get lucky."

Jim's palms were sweaty, and he glanced around guiltily before reading another page.

"Dear Diary,

Well, I bombed again. I don't know what else to do. I love Jimmy so much, but he doesn't seem interested in me at all. What's wrong with me? Why doesn't he want to fuck me?"

Jim swallowed hard, then turned another page. It was more of the same. She had kept trying until he'd left for college. Maggie never knew how badly he wanted her, just as he had never know how badly she wanted him. He just thought she was teasing him, trying out her equipment with someone who was safe. How wrong he had been.

He read on, finding where she'd given her virginity to the first guy who wanted it after he'd left home. It had not been fun for her, and she had gone a long time before trying again. Jim flipped a few pages, reading only scraps, but the theme was the same, even into her failed marriage. Maggie had only ever wanted the one man she could not have.

"What the heck is so interesting?" Her voice sounded close behind him, and he jumped up, dropping the book to the floor. "What the??? My old diaries? You read my diaries? Oh my god, you read my diaries." Maggie flushed beet red and fled the attic.

Jim hurried after her, and caught up to her in the kitchen. "Maggie, I am so sorry. I'd didn't mean to... did you really feel that way about me?"

"You are so damned blind, Jim. Any fool could have seen I was yours for the taking. I still am." Maggie hung her head, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Maggie, oh my Maggie," said Jim softly, as he took her in his arms and held her gently. "I knew, but I was so afraid of hurting you, my perfect angel. I wanted you, gods how I wanted you. I nearly perished from blue balls, the way you used to tease me."

"You knew? You really wanted me?" she sniffed as she looked into his eyes.

"Still do," he choked out, then he kissed her. It was tentative at first, but she began to respond eagerly. Maggie parted her lips, inviting his tongue to explore her mouth.

As his little soldier leaped to life, Jim crushed her to him, returning her kiss with enthusiasm. Feeling his hard-on against her belly, Maggie rose up on tip toe and ground herself against it, making it even harder. Her skirt rode up over her hip as she lifter her leg up and hooked it behind him to pull him even tighter to her. Jim's hand dropped to the small of her back and lifted her up as he pulled her closer.

As the kiss ended, Maggie looked deeply into his eyes then slowly started to slide down his body. Jim was having none of that, and he caught her and stood her back up. "No you don't, Maggie, not this time. This one is my fantasy, and I will not be denied."

"Your fantasy?"

"Oh yes, I have envisioned this a thousand times. Now put your hands right here on the counter and don't move."

"I'd rather hang on to you."

"Later, my darling, but for now just lean back against the counter and be still." As he spoke, Jim sank slowly to one knee then lightly ran his hands up her skirt, firmly gripping her ass then going higher to hook his finger in the band of her panties. Slowly he drew them down her legs and, one by one, lifted her feet out of the delicate lace garment. He then began kissing his way up her bare thighs, nuzzling between the to gently force her legs apart.

Maggie reached for his head to guide him, but he took her wrists in his hands and firmly moved them back to the counter at her sides. Still nuzzling her thighs apart, he heard a sharp intake of breath as his lips lightly brushed her labia. Jim lovingly kissed the join of her leg and body, then dragged his tongue along her pussy lips until he reached her clit. He gave it a few flicks with his tongue just to hear her gasp, then licked back along her pussy until he could force his tongue into her hole.

Jim's hands had released her wrists and found their way to tightly grip the cheeks of her ass, as he tried to force his tongue deeper inside her. Maggie grasped his head as she ground her hips against him now, moaning softly. He licked harder and deeper as she rode his face. Suddenly he captured her swollen clit tightly between his lips and sucked it into his mouth where he gave it a few flicks with his tongue. Maggie fought to stifle her scream as the waves of ecstasy hit her. Gasping and groaning, she squeezed him with her thighs as she rode the orgasm to it's blissful conclusion.

Her knees began to buckle and she started to sink to the floor, but strong hands bore her up, loving arms embraced her, and hungry lips sought her. Eagerly, she returned his kiss. Jim kissed her and held her until her breathing returned to normal, then he gently turned her around and bent her across the kitchen counter. She fairly purred as he slowly entered her from behind, carefully pushing into her warm welcoming wetness until he could go no further. Holding her hips tightly, he began to pump in and out slowly.

Maggie was having none of that. She thrust back hard with her hips, moaning with delight. "Come on, Jim, fuck me hard. Fuck me hard, you know you want to, always wanted to. Bang your little sister hard, Jimmy, pound my ass..."

Maggie talking dirty to him pushed him over the edge. She was working her fingers furiously on her clit, and when she felt him swell up inside her, it sent her into free fall. She managed one more "fuck me hard" then their cries of release mingled together in an incomprehensible song of joy.

Slowly, gasping for air, half laughing, half crying, Jim slipped from her body. Lovingly, gently, he turned her to face him then kissed her softly. "Oh my dear gods, Maggie, that was awesome."

"Yes it was," she purred as she snuggled down on his shoulder. "So, that's what an orgasm feels like."

"Maggie? Are you saying you've never..."

"This was my first one."

"So, I took your orgasm virginity."

"Yes you did. I am no longer an orgasm virgin. Oh Jim, I have wanted that for so long, and I just knew you would be the one to bring it to me."

"Oh my god, Maggie, my dear sweet sister; I have so longed for this moment, but didn't believe it could happen." Jim scooped her into his arms and carried her to the living room where he sat with her cradled in his arms. He kissed her softly once again, then hugged her tightly.

"Oh Jim, I don't want this moment to end."

"It doesn't have to, Maggie my love."

"What do you mean?"

"I have another fantasy."

He was smiling at her now and she was fairly purring. "If it is half as much fun as the last one, I can't wait to find out what it is."

"Maggie, I woke up this morning with this fantasy running through my mind. You and I have inherited this house, free and clear. We both have a bit put aside, and I have a lot of equity in my big house. We could quit our jobs, buy that little antique store at the edge of town, and move in here together. You know, live as husband and wife."

"Are you serious?"

"Well, it was a fantasy of mine," he said softly, avoiding her eyes.

"Jim, no teasing now, would you really do that with me? Be my real husband and love me every day?"

"Yes Maggie, my sweet sister, I will love you every day and make love to you every night. So, was that a yes?"

"Oh god, Jim, yes. If you really mean it, yes. A thousand times yes." She was smiling through the tears as she gazed adoringly into his eyes.

"Alright then, let's get cleaned up so I can take you out to dinner, then we can go by the motel and pick up our stuff and bring it over here to our house."

"Our house, oh Jim, that sounds so wonderful."

Suddenly she leaped to her feet, grabbed his hand and pulled him off the couch. "Come on, Jim, let's get in the shower."

"So, now you're in a hurry," he grinned as he allowed her to pull him down the hall. "Have you worked up an appetite?"

"Oh yes," she grinned lasciviously as she reach out to caress his half hard cock. "I'm hungry now, and it is my turn to fulfill a fantasy."


"I was just eighteen when I saw you in the shower, stroking this beautiful monster. I was nearly overcome with the mad desire to get in the shower with you and stuff that beautiful thing down my throat. I was too afraid to, and I have never sucked a man's cock before, but it is my turn, and I want to suck you in the shower."

He watched with a sloppy grin as she started the water, then gently pushed him in under the falling rain. Maggie got in with him and began washing his body slowly and carefully, exploring him as she went. She paid particular attention to his cock and balls. By the time she was satisfied, he was rock hard once again.

Maggie sank to her knees and inspected his cock closely. Smiling with delight, she rubbed it on her cheek, then kissed the big purple helmet softly. "I've never done this before," she said softly. "You'll have to tell me what to do, or I'll just start experimenting."

"I have no idea at all," he groaned as she licked the underside of the head gently.

"Experiment it is," she said with a delighted grin. Slowly, gazing into his eyes, she moved her mouth over the head and down the shaft as far as she could go, then pulled back, sucking tightly all the way. She pushed down again and made purring sounds, sending vibrations all through him. Maggie bobbed her head fast, then very slow, swirling her tongue softly as she did, always watching his eyes. She was surprised to find how much she was enjoying the taste of him. His hands were on her head now, and she felt him begin to swell in her mouth.

"Maggie honey, I'm close, you have to stop..."

Instead, she grabbed his ass with one hand and squeezed, gently cupping his balls with the other. "Give it to me," she demanded as she popped him out of her mouth for a second, "I want it all." She sank back onto his throbbing shaft and sucked gently. She wasn't ready for the explosion in her mouth, but, even though she gagged a bit, and lost some down her chin, she swallowed as much of his sperm as she could, gently milking his cock with her mouth.

"That was awesome," she giggled as his knees began to buckle and she rose up to steady him beneath the stream of warm cascading water. She helped bear his weight as his breathing slowly returned to normal. He kissed her softly, then hugged her tight for a moment. Another kiss then he pushed her gently against the shower wall.


"Open you legs, Maggie."

"Oh Jim, you don't have to..."

"Have to? Try and stop me, woman. Now, my dear sister, open your legs for me."

She did as he ordered and he sank to his knees before her. There was no gently caressing or tease this time, he just dove into her pussy, licking and sucking at her clit. She shrieked and moaned then began to grind her hips against his mouth. In short order she was screaming as the orgasm coursed through her body. He held her until it was over, then gently kissed his way back up her body, pausing to pay extra attention to her nipples, then worked his way up to her mouth for a deep sweet kiss.

"Oh gods Jim, please tell me every day will be like this," she sighed softly into his shoulder as she hugged him tightly.

"Yes, my darling sister, every day will be like this. We have nearly twenty five years of lost time to make up for. We'll be in our eighties before we start to get even. The water's getting cold now, I'd better get you out and dry you off."

He turned off the water, lifted her carefully from the shower, gently toweled her off then kissed her again. "Gods, I can't believe I've really got you at last."

"I'm yours if you want me, Jim, all yours."

"I do want you, Maggie, and I always have. Let's get ready then go eat. Then I want to move us in here tonight. I never want us to be apart again."

"We won't be," she breathed as she stepped into his arms for another soft kiss, "not ever."

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