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Maggie's Little Kink


Maggie's story is yet again set just before the sixties summer of love kicked off, we were all having a giggly girly evening when she started; it was not long after Frankie had told her tale.

Maggie was just a bit younger than Frankie, she tells us about 35, when her story occurred, but again it had a base in a hotel, again in Birmingham and involved a basement "Snack Bar" in one of the upmarket hotels. What is there about that Birmingham, it seems like a heaving hot bed of iniquity? I have called her story:-

Maggie's little Kink

I will let her tell the story as she told it to us.

Well, there are several things I want to say before I start, I wasn't going to actually tell my tales as they seemed a bit ...well, sort of tacky if you know what I mean. But listening to the rest of you, I don't think they are any worse than others I have listened to.

I wasn't married or going steady or anything, I like sex, always have but I have this little kink. I like, don't laugh, I like being touched up, sort of like, groped if you get what I mean. I could, you know, I could actually cum, just being touched up.

Mind you not everyone who made me cum knew they had done so. I sort of got to know a few sort of regular places I could go to, like pubs that were a bit crowded where people were crushed together and I knew I had a good chance if I was feeling horny.

A busy Saturday afternoon at the covered market, get jammed in where they do those mock auction thingys, and some times if I had a really good cum, I'd pee, then slope off, leaving a yellow puddle where I had been standing. It took a lot of effort not to let on what was happening, and I got quite good at it, years of practice see.

Some fellas started just giving a quick squeeze, and if I didn't move away got bolder and bolder, some would rub up against my bum, some would try to slide a hand round to touch my front. Any way, that was my kink, if anyone tried to take it further, I'd just turn and glare at them or if I fancied them or the idea, I would put my hand behind me and rub them off, mostly through their trousers, but just occasionally I would get a meaty cock in my hand.

The story I am about to tell is about my work. It went a lot further than my public 'performances'. I worked in the prep room of a snack bar in the basement of one of the big hotels, it wasn't so much a snack bar as a posh 'grill', I'm trying to think, I remember the story well, but what was the place was called..Oh yes, The Copper Beech, the story has kept me going on many a lonely night.

The menu was grills and omelettes served with salads and stuff, there were about four young waitresses, a manager, and two apprentice chefs, part of the main hotel staff, and who were rotated for experience, Dave, the kitchen porter to do the washing up, he really fancied the pants off me but I didn't fancy him, he would have given anything to get into my knickers, and me, I did the salads and things.

Staff changes took place generally on a Monday morning when the head chef, a tall slim French man with a gold tooth or his second, a surlier bugger, would bring the new apprentice and introduce him. This particular day, the Chef himself brought the new chap down. The manager was not far from me when the Chef entered.

"Ahh, Bon Jour Monsieur James, Zis is Richard, ee vil be wif you for zee nex sex months."

His accent always got me; I shivered as the thrill ran through me.

"I vil inroduce heem to ees colleagues."

Richard and Chef moved away as he was introduced to the kitchen and waiting staff.

Coming back into my area, where I was starting to prepare the salads.

"An zis ees Maggie you pay er zee attention, she vil teach you about salad and things, and you do as she say. Ok Mademoiselle"

I had just put tomatoes and a cucumber on the table which I stroked in a most suggestive way, Looking Richard full in the eyes I just said...

"Yes Chef, particularly the 'and things'."

Richard went a deep shade of red.

"Bon, Bon" says Chef, "au revoir"

He turned and bid good day to the manager and left the department.

"Now young Richard, for the time being you will work out here with Maggie, then as you get used to the place I shall expect you to go in front of the customers and work in the restaurant. For now, you need to consider Maggie your boss."

I was rather taller than Richard, and certainly a bit better built, I am as you might say big "up top", not excessively so but adequately well developed. You could never get away with things nowadays what with all the PC stuff and harassment nonsense. But I hugged him to me, pressing his face into my boobs as he struggled to get away.

"We are going to get along just fine aren't we Richard?"

He broke free as the waitresses stood giggling at his embarrassment. Poor lamb. Now I felt a stirring in my knickers, I just knew this was to be a good time for me.

I hugged him again.

"So what do we call you Richard?"

He mumbled.

"What do your mates call you?"

Again he mumbled almost inaudibly.

"Come on, Chef said you had to pay attention to me. Speak up."

"Dick." He reddened again.

"Dick." I repeated, "I like Dick." I emphasised the like.

"The name I mean of course."

Again he blushed.

"Well we had best do some work. We'll sort out this salad stuff for the lunch, you do the lettuce."

He looked around, the waitresses were about their work and no longer interested in us.

"You will need the colander to wash it; it's on the shelf down there."

I indicated the bottom shelf of the stainless steel bench full of pots and pans behind us.

As he bent to retrieve the colander, I turned and shoved my hand up to cop a handful of his bits. Dick jumped and pitched forward, the noise was incredible as the pots went everywhere, as if the world had come down around our ears.

Of course in moments, there were people everywhere, Manager, waitresses, chefs, and of course Dave. Dick was lying across the base of the bench with his chef's hat rolling on the floor.

"Alright everyone, nobodies hurt, he just slipped."

Dave helped him back to his feet, and then went back to work, looking at me as he went, and shaking his head, I guess he guessed what had occurred.

The remainder of the day was uneventful really, I managed a few hugs and touches, much to Dick's discomfort I got his face onto my boobs a few times too.

It was quite warm in the kitchen, so none of us was over dressed, Like Frankie, I wore a twill wrap overall, but being in the kitchen, mine was white. Underneath I just wore knickers, bra, and stockings and suspenders.

Dave had a few attempts at getting his hands on me, but I had managed to fend him off, although on one occasion he had managed to get his hands on my knickers. I had to be quite firm with him which he didn't like much, and went off in a sulk for days.

By the Wednesday, Dick had settled in and had got used to my hanky panky, but I was a bit startled when, after I had touched him up for the third time in an hour, he groped my boobs. I pretended not to have noticed. The next time I touched him, he retaliated with his hand straight up my skirt. I pushed it away, and he ran to the toilet and didn't come out for at least ten minutes. Yes, I had got what I wanted, he was doing just as I had hoped, but he didn't put his hand up there again for several days.

Dick was a 'live in' apprentice; he was about eighteen I think, away from his home for the first time. I didn't know if he had a girlfriend, but I wanted my fun with him regardless.

Friday evening, we weren't too busy and it was soon time to clear up. The gang couldn't wait to get away and that just left Dick and me to finish off and lock up. It was generally my job, because I was always last, to hand the keys to reception as I was leaving.

Because business had been light, the clearing up had been quick so I made a couple of coffees.

"Come on; let's have a breather before we lock up."

I took the cups to the rest area and we sat in two adjacent easy chairs.

"Pass me that..." I broke off my sentence, I had a better idea.

I leaned across him jamming my boobs into his face to reach the newspaper left by one of the others.

"You seem to be keen on my titties."

He blushed deeply.

"That's several times today you have nuzzled them."

"I...I..." he stammered

"Don't you get enough of your girl friends tits?"

He reddened still more.


"Jeeeezus! You're not the other way inclined are you?"

"Cer...certainly not!"

I placed my hand on his thigh.

"How about having a proper feel of them? Go on, I don't mind."

"G... G...God you embarrass me at work."

"Do you want a feel or not?"

I stroked his thigh, edging it further up towards his groin. He reached out and touched the front of my overall. I stood, untied my overall, and pulled it open before straddling the arm of his chair. Now there was just my bra between him and my tits, and my transparent nylon knickers between him and my puss.

"Now I 'spose you're stuck? You don't know which to go for?"

"I don't mind, you go for what you want. You shoved your hand up my skirt the other day, so you must want that, but then you keep bumping my tits so what's it to be?"

His one hand rested on my stockinged thigh and I could see the other hovering towards my tits.

"I don't suppose I am the first you got your hands on?"

He blushed again.

"Oooh I am, how sweet." I hugged him to me. His nose was between my tits.

"I am sorry I have been such a tease, come on, have a feel, I don't mind...honest."

My hand reached his virginal cock, and it was glorious. A decent length and not bad thickness either. But the most important bit was its virginal status.

I took his hand and lead it to my bosom. He started to fondle my brassier, He was however looking at my pubes.

"Squeeze my tits, stroke them, I like that. I can see I am going to have to teach you a few things."

He touched the flesh above my bra, my whole body tingled. It was unusual for me to be this intimate in private and of course this excited. My usual being as I have said, being touched up in a crowded situation. I was however in control, and more to the point enjoying it.

I gave his cock a squeeze.

"If you haven't a girlfriend, how do you cope with this? It can't be the first time you had a stiff one."

He blushed again.

"Do you wank it off?... I bet you do."

He took his hand from my tits and gripped my hand holding his cock. I had been moving my hand just gently stroking, his grip stopped me.

He returned to fondling my tits, I just let him.

"Can you stroke my bum?"

His hand reached round behind me under my overall. His face resting against my tits, he must have been able to hear my heart pounding. His touch on my back side was feather light, not at all what I was used to.

"When you wank, do you hold it in your hand or do something else?"

"I mumble mumble mumble."

"Sorry, I didn't catch that, you were told I was your boss and take notice, I can't hear you. Speak up."

"I said I rub against my pillow."


"Will you need to wank this evening when you get into bed?"

"I expect so."

"And why is that?"

Its...its...It's...because of you."

"Me? What about me?"

"Ever since I started working with you I have been like this. I have had to do it."

"Would you like me to do it for you?"


"Does my bum feel like your pillow?"

"Uhm ...yes...sort of."

"And my knickers, do they feel like your pillow?"

"Nnno, they are sort of silky."

"You know don't you, that women get horny too."

"Girls do a bit, but old women like you?"

"Two things, one I am not old, and two, I get just as horny as younger women, I don't just puff and pant though."

"Ok, but you have been puffing a bit this evening."

"Well, how about, I teach you about women and their interests and you help me out, it can be good for both of us."

"Yeees... but I don't know what to do for you."

"Well, you said my bum is a bit like your pillow and you rub yourself off on your pillow."


"Well, you are stiff as a rod, stand him up." Dick adjusted his cock in his trousers.

I handed him a serviette, now, wrap it in that. He did so.

"Is it still standing?"


"Come here." I felt the front of his trousers. Yes, no mistake.

I took another serviette, eased out the front of my knickers and put the serviette into the gusset.

"Now then," I turned my back to him, threw the overall up on my back and bent over the table. "Think of my bum as your pillow, hold onto my tits and rub yourself off against me, just as if you were doing it in your bed."

There was a slight pause, and then I felt him behind me. There was some movement as he very tentatively settled himself into the crease of my arse. His hands came round me taking hold of my tits, firmly but gently, and then he pulled himself tight to me. I was almost creaming at that point.

"Are you going to give it a try?"

"Is that alright?"

My mound was pressed against the table edge.

"Yes, that's fine, you do it."

He started thrusting sliding up and down my crease against my shiny nylon knickers.

With the first few thrusts I started to get off, with every cum that I had there was a small squirt of pee.

He pounded away energetically pulling himself firmly to me by my tits, he rode my backside like a champion. Until suddenly, he dropped to his knees, resting his head on my backside and holding his cock. Puffing like an old man.

I looked round, and then turned, the purple knob of his cock was protruding from his trousers and wasn't covered by the serviette, just sticky and glistening wet.

My overall was slipping back down my body, and the cold wet spunk was being dragged down with it wetting my knickers as it went.

"Made a bit of a mess of that didn't you."


"Do you make as much mess as that in your bed...I do hope not?"

"Do you want me to wipe it off your back?"

"I think you should don't you?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make a mess."

He lifted my overall and taking his serviette wiped the remains of his cream from my back.

"Don't worry, we will do this again sometime, you just have to be more aware of where things go."

The overall hung loosely about me with cold wet spots. I shrugged it off and went to the changing room for my coat.


"Where to?"

"The changing room."

I walked off across the darkened restaurant in my pants bra and stocking and suspenders. Dick followed on shoving his cock back into his trousers. He stopped at the changing room door.

"Come on in."

"It's the ladies room."

"I'm inviting you." He followed me in.

I pulled a skirt and blouse from my locker and threw them onto a chair. Then crossed the room to the toilet, I didn't bother with the door, as Dick surveyed the room I sat to pee. He looked across and saw me.

"What are you looking at?"

"You, sat on the toilet." He was far bolder now, than when we had started.

" Well here's something to look at."

I straddled the bowl, my knickers fell to my ankles, I gave a little squeeze, a trickle, a fart, then I relaxed and the pee gushed from me, splashing noisily into the bowl. Dick rubbed the front of his trousers, then unbuttoned them to reveal a new stiff cock.

"It was worth showing you that then." I wiped myself with the serviette I had removed from my knickers and along with the one from Dick's trousers buried them at the bottom of the laundry bag.

"Now button up."

I dressed, and ushered him out of the door locking it behind us.

"See you on Monday, don't be late and don't wear that lovely cock out by wanking too much." I patted his lovely tight bum then turned and headed for my bus.

Monday started another week at work; it was all much the same; I made sure that I got plenty of gropes of the desirable bits of young Dick, and as he became more relaxed, Dick responded to each opportunity that presented itself by touching and groping me, my titties were well fondled, both outside of my overall and with a hand slipped inside whenever possible.

As for my nether regions, my damp nether regions, they too were well attended to, although I found it necessary a couple of times to remind Dick to wash his hands after a touch, before continuing with his food preparation.

About mid morning we found we had a shortage, can't recall what of, and I had to visit the main kitchen.

"Bon jour Mademoiselle."

"Bon Jour Chef. I have been sent to collect..."

"Oui Mademoiselle, you go to ze larder, zay wait for you."

The clerk gave me a chit to give to the larder chef and I made my way through the kitchen to the accompaniment of wolf whistles, calls of "nice tits", "show us yer tits" well you can guess the sorts of things, I didn't mind too much and gave as good as I got.

"Here you are Love, just for you!" the young vegetable prep chef brandished a modest carrot.

"If that's the best you have to offer Kid, don't waste my time!"

"Come round the back and I'll show what I've got!"

"I'll give it a miss...too busy."

I entered the larder and proffered the chit I had been given.

"The tray is on the left in the cold room." The Chef indicated the "walk in" fridge.

I opened the door and entered.

Holy Shit! The cold air hit my very damp knickers and I nearly wet myself with the cold shock. Heck, even my nipples were up like organ stops.

I grabbed the tray and left, kicking the door shut as I exited.

"Thanks Chef."

The elderly grey haired Chef his grey moustache yellow stained by snuff grunted his acknowledgement as I passed.

"Oh! Girly!"

"Yes Chef?"

"You are quite a looker, pity I am not younger!"

"Thank you Chef."

"Bugger Off."

I was rather put off by the thought of his gnarled arthritic fingers probing me, attempting to get my juices flowing to accommodate, what sort of old cock.

"Yes Chef!"

I headed back to my own department, very aware of the cold fabric of my knickers between my legs.

Passing the tray which I had brought from the larder to the duty Chef, I excused myself and leaving Dick to continue alone departed to the "ladies" where I removed my damp chilled knickers which had not warmed up after their chill in the larder fridge. The pee gushed noisily into the pan, and a brief wipe took a step towards warming my chilled puss.

Knickerless, I returned to my work. Young Dick had continued his work in my absence and on my return he took no time at all to return to his naughtiness. Naughtiness which I admit I had engendered and encouraged. At this point, that naughtiness was welcomed, I urgently needed my nether regions to be warmed. Honestly I encouraged his attention, directing his attentions to between my legs, he wasn't slow, and this virgin performed a very useful service to a cold yet horny older girl.

Fortunately, this all took place shortly before the end of the lunch time service. Monday was rarely busy, and as such we were only open for lunch with no evening service. Of course that meant that tasks normally undertaken after closing at night had to be carried out in the afternoon.

I managed to drag it out and the clearing up lasted till after everyone else but Dick and I was gone. Well, not really, but I made it look that way, I desperately needed my "needs" taken care of and I knew just the guy I wanted to assist me.

Grabbing a couple of cups of hot coffee I virtually dragged Dick to the ladies changing room where I sat him in the chair just inside the door.

"Oh Fuck!"

"What's wrong?"

"It's alright, I'll be back in a minute."

To be honest, I had forgotten to lock the doors. As I said, I got my thrills in crowded public places, but to have someone walk in on me up to mischief at work was a definite no-no.

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