tagMind ControlMagic Lessons Part 4

Magic Lessons Part 4


This story contains scenes of non-consensual, reluctant, and mind-controlled sex, including bondage, fetishism, male-female, and female-female sex. Readers below the age of eighteen should stop reading now.

Chapter Seventeen

When Julia returned from her business trip, Lucy and Michael had gone to her house for an evening meal, which had continued into a night of three-way sex. Everyone was forgiven their trespasses and their odd relationship appeared to be back the way it had been before Michael's little explosion. Now, for example, Lucy was lying on a sun lounger in Julia back yard wearing the tiny red bikini that Michael had found in her drawer the week before. Julia was kneeling beside Michael, her mouth wrapped around his cock, tongue stroking along the shaft in a delicate way that was driving him completely nuts. Supposedly, this was all to further his education.

"Which Cleopatra is she?" Lucy asked.

Michael concentrated hard, trying to clear his thoughts enough to reply. "The first one, I think," he thought.

"Hey! Very good." Lucy said. "The first, right? I don't know how you're doing that with your cock in her mouth. I know what she does to my pussy with that mouth of hers and I have trouble thinking straight, never mind projecting."

'Projecting' was what Cleopatra referred to it as; Michael called it telepathy. He tried some more. "She was a Syrian princess married off to one of the Ptolemys so that Syria got free of Egyptian control."

"Oh," Lucy said aloud. "You didn't answer my question about Julia's mouth."

Michael groaned in reply, his hips twisted as he tried to suppress the strong desire to push his cock up into Julia's throat. Lucy was right. It was something he knew he would never say aloud, but Julia was a much better lover than Lucy. Lucy made up for a lot with sheer enthusiasm, but he guessed that there were some things she would only manage with experience. Her ability to use her cunt muscles was getting better by the day; he knew that Julia and Cleopatra had been explaining a few things while his back was turned and Lucy had been practicing. There were methods of torture that Julia had perfected using her mouth, however, that Michael wondered if it were possible to teach.

"Sheer talent," he managed to project before his balls began to boil. "I'm cumming", he groaned out loud. Then Julia slipped him out of her mouth and did something, and he was not. "Oh, god, not again." Her mouth slid down his shaft again and he was off into pleasure too intense to handle.

"The party's tonight," Lucy reminded him.

"I remember. Should I pick you up from your place?"

Lucy listened to the words in her head and replied, "No, I'll walk 'round to you. Your place is closer to Janine's, and I want to keep you away from my Dad."

Julia's mouth left Michael's cock and she looked over at Lucy. "Lucy, try to just think things for him to react to. He has to learn to read thoughts as well as send them." She flashed Michael a grin and went back to work with her mouth and tongue. Michael's eyes rolled back in his head and his hips jerked again.

"Okay, what would you like me to wear tonight?" Lucy thought, trying to enunciate her thoughts carefully.

"Hey, wow, it worked!" Michael's thoughts floated through her upper mind. "Um, I don't know."

"Well, do I go for virgin, slut, or full-blown whore?"

"Did I hear that right?" he asked aloud.

"Yes," she thought.

He grinned as visions of what she might come up with floated through his mind and his cock pulsed in Julia's mouth. "Okay, go for whore."

"My master's wish is my command. I'll definitely need to wear a coat on the way out of the house; Dad would freak."

"That makes me all warm inside," Michael replied, and realised that it did. His body stiffened and Julia sank down so that the head of his cock met the back of her throat. He exploded into her mouth and she hungrily swallowed down what he gave her.

When he was done she lifted her face and licked her lips. Grinning like the cat that got the cream she asked, "What's this party you're going to?"

"The cheerleading squad organised something," Michael replied.

"It'll probably be boring as hell," Lucy added, "but I said I'd go way before Michael turned me into his personal sex slave. It's a prior engagement."

"And you're taking Michael?"

"Yeah. He's not exactly Jock material like most of the other guys will be, but he's my lover so he's going. Besides, I think he can hold his own against the dorks the other girls will invite." She sat up and swung her legs off the lounger. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get dressed so I can go shopping. I have to get just the right outfit for tonight."

Michael could not wait to get Lucy to Janine's house that evening. She arrived at his place wearing a summer coat that fell to her knees that was buttoned up to her throat. Her hair was wound into a knot at the back of her neck. The sight of her feet made his cock twitch, but she refused to show him what was under the coat. She was wearing a pair of black patent shoes with two-inch platforms and six-inch spike heels. The heel strap on each shoe twisted into an ankle strap which was closed with a tiny silver padlock. As they walked the half mile to Janine's place, the exaggerated sway of Lucy's hips kept Michael hard the whole time.

Janine answered the door and Michael would have found the look on her face on seeing him quite amusing, if he had not been so keen to get Lucy's coat off. "May I take your coat, Lucy?" Janine asked, ever the hostess.

"I'll get it," Michael said and stood behind his lover as she unbuttoned the coat. He took the shoulders in his hands and slipped it backwards off her arms. She stepped forward and both Michael and Janine gasped.

"You look like a stripper," Janine said. She grabbed the coat from Michael as Lucy turned around.

"Oh? I was hoping for hooker." The dress revealed nothing, but left little to the imagination. It had string halter straps and a scoop neck. The bodice was held in place at the sides by two pairs of strings that, in turn, lead to an O-ring between her shoulder blades, with the halter straps joining the same ring from above. The bodice narrowed to a slim strip of fabric down her midriff, leaving her sides fully exposed. The skirt was long enough to be descent, but that was about all, and the back of the skirt was joined to the front by three large O-rings on each side. The flesh visible through the rings and the gaps in the skirt made it pretty obvious that the dress was the only thing Lucy was wearing apart from her shoes. She reached behind her to the knot of hair at the back of her neck and pulled out a single pin. Her hair rolled out around her neck and shoulders like a blonde wave and she shook it generating a throb from Michael's crotch that had him wishing he could have her then and there.

And I could, was what he thought. He could screw her bend her over, and push his cock into her pussy, and fuck her brains out, and he could make it so that Janine would not even remember the event. The dress would certainly not get in the way.

"Is it good for you, lover?" she asked him. "I left my collar off. I hope you don't mind, but it didn't go with the dress."

Michael swallowed, hard. "We'll have to get you a set of collars for all occasions," he croaked.

"You two had better come in and join the party," Janine told them.

There was a brief, but quite obvious, pause in the babble of conversation around the room as Michael and Janine walked in. To Michael it was pretty obvious that the women were having to drag their male friends' attention back to them and away from Lucy. Lucy had a large grin on her face as she walked toward the drinks table and scooped out too glasses of fruit punch, and Michael assumed it was the attention she was getting that was causing it. Instead she leaned toward him and whispered in his ear. "Janine couldn't keep her eyes off that bulge in your trousers. She'd probably love to fuck you. She goes with Brian Graham and from what I've heard he's not too big in the penis department."

Michael was a little surprised. For one thing, Brian Graham was in the defensive line of the football team and weighed in a little over the tare weight of a semi-truck. The idea that his cock might not match the rest of him was something of a surprise. For another, he had been too busy looking at Lucy to notice where Janine's eyes were, and he told Lucy this. She grinned brightly and sipped her punch. The grin turned to a grimace. "Someone's been naughty with the punch ingredients," she said. "They were a bit heavy-handed about it, too."

Michael took a sip of his own drink and understood what she meant. "Bourbon?"

Lucy nodded. "Mom has an extensive supply and I'll admit to having sampled." She shrugged. "I guess Janine's parents are out for the evening."

"They are away for the week," Janine supplied. Michael turned to see the tall girl standing behind him. He noticed her eyes flick down toward his crotch area.

"Brian been stopping over much?" Lucy asked with a smirk. Michael got the feeling that he was standing in the middle of a cat fight that had been going on for years.

Janine flushed a little. "Once or twice. You look as though you've been spending quite some time with, um, Mark here." Her eyes swept up and down Lucy in as dismissive a way as she could muster with red cheeks.

Lucy stepped around Michael and looked Janine in the eyes, something she would normally have had to look way up to do. Her voice was low. "He's called Michael. You'll want to remember that or you'll never get his nice, thick cock in you." She stalked off in the direction of the dining room where the dancing was happening. Michael blinked a couple of times, smiled as sweetly as he could at Janine, and trailed after Lucy.

"I'm going to have enough trouble hanging around your crowd without you pissing off the Prom Queen," he thought at Lucy.

She glanced at him with a look of irritation mixed with a plea for forgiveness. "Sorry, it's just that Janine's been getting on my tits since I was old enough to have them."

Michael grinned and swigged back the last of his glass of punch. "Now there's an image I could conjure with," he said aloud and, taking Lucy by the hand he pulled her into the crowd of people attempting to look like they could dance.

The third number was a slow one and Lucy made a point of pulling Michael in close as they shuffled around the other couples, swaying slightly. Her mound rubbed against his cock, he could feel her nipples pressing against his chest through her dress on the thin fabric of his best shirt. "These shoes were a mistake," she whispered.

"Feet hurting?"

"No, but I want to rest my head on your shoulder and I'm too tall."

Michael chuckled. "Never mind. I'm enjoying having my chin resting in your cleavage."

"Do you like the dress? Slutty enough?"

"I am enjoying the dress; every other boy in the room is enjoying the dress, but the girls..."

It was Lucy's turn to chuckle. "You've never seen some of the stuff that goes on in the girls' locker room." Michael felt his cock twitch; so did Lucy. "Feels like you'd like to see some of that stuff."

"What red-blooded male doesn't like to see naked cheerleaders?" he replied. "It's the American way."

The dance ended and Michael could feel the alcohol from the punch getting to him. "Let's get some air," he suggested, and they walked out into the garden. The summer night was warm, but there was a light breeze that swept cooler air into Michael's lungs, making him feel less dopey. It also stirred Lucy's hair in a manner that made him want her again. He followed her down the garden, watching her hips sway.

They arrived beside a pool that was sunk into the lawn. The only light came from the submerged lights, but Michael could make out a little pool house at the far end. Some of the kids had brought swimwear with them and a few were in the water, though none appeared to be swimming. Mostly they were paired off, talking or smooching. The various seats around the garden were also occupied with necking couples.

Lucy let out a soft moan. "God I need you inside me," she hissed under her breath. Then her face fell. "Oh shit, not Brian!"

Michael felt a lumpen hand land on his shoulder and he looked up to see Brian Graham grinning down at him. Brian was six-foot-five of muscle with enough brain cells to keep his bulk moving and that was about all. Still, he had a real genius for defensive plays and it was very likely that he would hook a sports scholarship. "So, Peters, how come you've managed to hang on to this little beauty all night?"

"He's my boyfriend, Brian," Lucy supplied, the expression on her face shrieking distain.

"That doesn't mean you can't give the rest of us a dance," Brian replied with a leer.

"I'd rather not have your grubby hands on my ass this time, Brian. I think I'll skip the pleasure. Why don't you go rub up against Jan?"

"Aw, come on, Lucy, you know you want to."

"I don't think she does, Brian," Michael said quietly, turning so that he was facing the hulking football player. "Why don't you leave her, and me, alone?"

Brian was not used to anyone smaller than him standing up to him, particularly not someone like Michael. He jabbed his finger into Michael's chest, making the smaller boy stagger back. "You gonna make me?"

It was a show of strength, not really a threat. In the part of his brain that was being rational, the part that was, in fact, sensing Brian's surface thoughts, Michael knew that Brian would not push it to a fight. Unfortunately, several other parts of Michael's brain were acting on years of suppressed anger at being pushed around by oafs like Brian Graham. His hand shot forward, palm open, so that the heel of his hand struck Brian squarely in the breast bone. There was a rush of air from Brian's lungs and then he was flying backwards into the pool.

There was a sudden feeling of exhilaration. Then, when they realised that Brian was floating on the bottom of the pool, thrashing wildly, there was a feeling of pure terror, and Michael was running. He dived into the pool and grabbed the footballer around the waist, heaving him toward the surface. Still submerged, lungs screaming for oxygen, Michael pushed Brian up onto the edge of the pool, standing on the bottom to do it. The punch had been fuelled by anger, but the extra power now came from the cool, calm realisation that he did not want Brian to die.

Michael surfaced, gasping for air, and hands grabbed him, hauling him out. Lucy was there, fussing over him, so were some girls in bikinis. If he had been more aware of what was happening to him, the pressing of young, firm, wet female flesh against him would have turned him on. As it was all he was worried about was Brian. He was dimly aware that Janine had appeared and that she was kneeling beside her boyfriend. Brian's chest was working up and down; he appeared to be alive.

"There are towels and a drier in the pool house," he heard Janine saying. "I'll sort Brian out in the house." Lucy led him down the garden and suddenly he was in a building and Lucy was taking his clothes off. Naked, he slumped onto a chair and a moment or two later he heard a machine start up.

"That was so cool," Lucy said standing in front of him, her legs slightly spread. He could smell her arousal and his cock twitched into life. She pulled up her skirt and straddled his legs, slipping him inside her and sinking his length into her. She groaned. "I've wanted you inside me since we got here."

Michael closed his eyes as she slid back up his shaft and then sank back onto him. He sighed. "And I want to be here, but would you wind making sure Brian is okay?"

She pouted, but she could see he was actually worried, and she slid off him. "Okay, I'll go, but you owe me two fucks later." Michael felt incredibly tired, he nodded. "And you'd better put a towel around your waist until your clothes are dry," she added as she headed for the door.

Michael found a towel, and a soft couch to lie on. He lay back, draped the towel over his lap and closed his eyes.

Minutes passed, he might have fallen asleep. He opened his eyes at a soft cough, expecting to see Lucy. Instead, he looked up into the face of Janine. "I, um, wanted to thank you for pulling Brian out of the pool like that."

"I threw him in; it only seemed fair."

"Yeah, well, still..." She trailed off, looking uncomfortable. She dropped to her knees beside him and licked her lips. "Look, there's something I wanted to ask you."

Michael felt as though he was floating and wondered if he had slipped into the dream world, but he was pretty sure he had not. "Ask away," he said.

"C-could I... Could I see your, um, cock?" Before he could respond, she reached out and snatched the towel away from him. "Oh!" she gasped. "It's so big." Her hand wrapped around his hardening shaft, lifting it, rubbing her thumb along the spine of it. "Ooh, could I..." She never finished the question, but her lipstick coated lips wrapping around the head of his cock made it pretty obvious what she was asking for.

"Lucy?" he thought. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes. Boy did you cause a stir. The whole place is talking about how you just picked him up and tossed him thirty feet into the pool and then pulled him out with one hand."

"But I didn't."

"Don't knock the power of exaggeration. Anyway, he's fine; wet, but fine."

"Well he might not be if he could see what Janine is doing to my dick right now."

He heard a mental snort of laughter. "Told you she wanted it."

"Will you please come rescue me?"

"Big strong lad like you shouldn't need a little girl like me to help you. Fuck her brains out."

"Lucy, please!"

"Okay, I'll be there in a minute."

Michael looked down at the brunette's head as it bobbed up and down on his cock. She was not very good, as it happened and Michael wondered if Brian really was as small as Lucy had said. He heard a click and saw Lucy slip into the room, locking the door behind her. It was apparent that Janine had not heard her entry since her face was still bobbing up and down on Michael's shaft.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Jan?" Lucy snapped.

Janine bolted upright, struggling to her feat. Her face was flushed, her silk blouse undone to the waist. She must have been playing with her tits, Michael realised. "I-I-I..."

"You were sucking Michael's cock." Lucy grabbed the front of the taller girl's blouse, holding her still as she tried to leave. "Is that what you were doing?"

"N-no, I mean yes, I..."

Lucy had learned things from Cleopatra about keeping her foes off balance. "You were sucking his cock and playing with your tits. I look like a hooker and you act like one. You're a slut, Jan, aren't you? Yes, that's what you are, a slut. What are you?"

"A sl... no, I'm not..."

Lucy slapped her across the face; a light flick of her wrist, barely a slap, but Janine reeled back as though she had been hit with a baseball bat. "You're a slut, a whore. What are you?"

"'m a slut," Janine mumbled.

"Louder," Lucy commanded.

"I'm a slut. I'm a whore." The tall brunette seemed to sag visibly on saying the words.

"Good. Now undress."

"What, I can't..."

"Do it, Janine, you know you want it. You're a slut and you want Michael to fuck your precious cunt with his big, thick, hard cock, don't you?" Lucy let go of Janine's blouse and the brunette began to undress. First the blouse fell to the floor, then her bra; her breasts were full with large areolas topped by thick, erect nipples. Then the zip of her hip-hugging pants was undone, sliding down between her buttocks, and the fabric was pulled down her legs leaving her wearing only a tiny white thong. As Janine reached for it Lucy stopped her, hooking her own fingers into the sides of the cotton garment and pulling it away from Janine's shaved pussy. "Naughty girl, Jan," Lucy breathed. "Shaving yourself like that. Little hussy."

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