tagIncest/TabooMagical Incest Ch. 03: Black Mirror

Magical Incest Ch. 03: Black Mirror


All characters and the story itself is purely fictional. All parties in the story are18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank Todger65 for taking the time to review my story.

The next morning when Dean met his mother for breakfast he asked, "So how did you sleep?"

His mother looked at him and teasingly replied, "Oh I had a lovely rest. I feel so refreshed today. How about you?"

"I guess I can say the same."

Dean noticed he was running late and quickly finished his meal. Before rushing off, he went to give his mother a quick kiss on the cheek and was startled when she quickly turned her head, and their lips met.

Astonished, Dean pulled back as his mother grinned and said, "Have a great day son."

"Um... You too mom?" Dean replied and went out the door on his way to school.

After school, Dean sat in his room and replayed how his mom acted. Then he felt the need to read more of the sinful tales he discovered online.

I have to stop myself. It's not helping by reading those stories. He thought.

However he couldn't, and as he opened the website he mumbled, "Maybe just one more." There was a new story listed on the page titled "The Black Mirror." That caught his eye, and he began to read.


Hi, my name is Morgan. My mother Kalea and I now live in a small apartment since my father passed away fourteen months ago. Dad unfortunately didn't have any life insurance and with all the debt and burial expenses, mom was forced to sell the house. It took some time but eventually I adjusted to the life change excepting one small detail. I began to think of my mother in an inappropriate manner.

It happened the night my girlfriend, and I were sitting in the living room, and mom decided to join us. At first, I was fine with it since I wanted mom to like Janis. However, as I sat there listening to them talk for over an hour about nothing in particular, their words became gibberish and my eyes for some reason focused on mom.

Now I've seen my mother's complexion at least a thousand times prior to my turning eighteen. This time it was different. I wasn't looking at her as my mother but as a sexy older woman.

As my eyes trailed down from her long red hair to her succulent c size breasts; that were squashed under her tight fitting low cut white dress; I found myself wondering what it might be like to suckle on one then flicker my tongue over her nipple.

I felt my dick stiffen as my eyes wandered lower until I was staring at her bare knee. Mom had her legs bent and resting to her side on the sofa. However, as mom chatted away with Janis, her leg ever so lightly lifted off the sofa and exposed more of her hidden flesh to my prying eyes. With my raging hard cock tenting my clothes, I peered at mom's inner thighs until my peripheral vision caught mom's hand waving and heard her say, "Hey earth to Morgan."

I looked up at mom's face and noticed her questionable expression as my face reddened.

"So are you going to answer her?" Janis said.

"Hugh? Oh, I'm sorry I was lost in thought."

"I should say so." Mom said. "I asked if you wanted to watch a movie."

"Oh. Um. Sure. If Janis is interested in watching one."

Both of them laughed. Apparently, while I was in 'la la land', they had already discussed which movie they wanted to watch.

Mom put the DVD on and turned off the lights and of course as it began to play it was obviously a chick flick.

Mom and Janis quickly became engrossed in the estrogen filled feature. This was a good thing because whilst the movie played, I again fixated on mom's legs. It got to the point that my cock actually hurt from pressing so hard in my jeans and I needed to find some kind of relief so quickly. I asked if anyone else felt a bit chilly and they both replied, "Yes."

Excusing myself I went and got two blankets and handed one to mom and then sat on the couch and covered Janis and myself with the other. With my bottom half covered, I bent my left leg under the blanket causing it to tent, which allowed me to release my stiff cock undetected.

I don't know why, but having my dick out and my mother only feet away, caused me to do something daring. As mom watched the movie, I slowly maneuvered Janis's hand to my exposed cock. She gasped softly as she looked at my mother, and I whispered, "Shh."

Janis did try to pull her hand away, but I kept it firmly in place moving it slowly across my shaft until she finally took hold of it herself.

Janis slowly stroked me as her head shifted from glancing at mom then back to the television. I, on the other hand, kept my eyes on mom and imagined it was her hand jerking me off. My cum rose quickly, and I gave Janis some subtle hints of its arrival by squeezing her arm and thrusting slightly in her hand. Janis jerked quicker, and I held my breath as my sperm splattered under the cover.

Without moving too hastily she wiped her hand on my chest and pulled it out of the cover and placed it on her lap.

However, I wasn't finished with my little game just yet. Easing my hand over to Janis, I worked it inside her jeans until my fingers were rubbing her little pussy. Once again, I glanced at mom and wished it was her cunt I was dabbling inside of. Janis whimpered softly while I toyed with her clit until she came all over my fingers.

I pulled my hand out of Janis's pants and put my manhood away just as the flick ended and mom asked, "So how did you like the movie?"

I replied, "Different."

"Yes, definitely different." Janis said as she looked at me quite shocked.

Mom got up and said good night leaving, Janis and I alone on the sofa. As mom vanished up the steps, Janis let me have it.

"What the fuck Morgan?!"


"You know what! What if your mother caught us doing that? I would have died!"

"I thought it was kind of exciting. I mean you did cum so you must have liked it also?"

"That isn't the point!"

"We'll I'm sorry if I upset you. You want to fool around some more?"

"Oh my god! Your mother is right up stairs. Didn't you hear me say I would die if she caught us?"

"So that is a no then?"

"Ugh! Please just take me home."

Well, I did as she asked and that was the last time I saw Janis. Not that she broke up with me, but because I no longer had an interest in her. I couldn't help but think of mom in this new sexual way; and it tormented me.

I found myself at night jerking off to unthinkable images of mom and I in different sexual positions, as well as checking out her ass and tits every chance I got during the day. That's when I knew I had to do something about this new perversion before I did something stupid.

I looked into ways I might be able to correct this problem myself and came across the subject of self-meditation. After reading a dozen or so articles on the subject, I found an author that was selling a book along with a kit that took my interest. According to her sales pitch, anything was possible if you meditated hard enough. I figured what do I have to lose so I went and placed the order.

After several days, it finally arrived and that night in the comfort of my room, I opened the package and inside was the book along with instructions attached to this eight-inch circular black shiny object. I've never seen such a thing but according to the instruction, it was a black mirror.

After reading the instructions, I hung the mirror, so I could see my reflection in a seated position and then proceed to read the book. It took four nights before I finished reading it and was anxious to try out what I had learned.

Setting a chair in front of the mirror I stared long and hard into it and after a half-hour or so, I noticed a black ring forming in my peripheral vision and over the next several minutes the black ring began to increase until I could only see myself in the black mirror.

That's when I thought to myself. You don't think your mom is sexy. You don't want to fuck your mother. You don't want to fuck your mother. You want to fuck your mother. Wait... What?

Even though my intentions were pure I couldn't yet break the strong sexual drive and desire I was feeling. So night after night I practiced until I began to think of some of the thing's mom and I did together. The thoughts weren't sexual but loving, and I figured this was a good sign.

Over the next two weeks, I gazed at the mirror and meditated and sure enough I wasn't jerking off or checking her out anymore and thought to myself. I did it.

But how wrong I was! On the following night as I meditated, I lost concentration when a sudden strong urge to take a leak came over me. Our bathroom is at the end of the hallway which meant I had to pass by mom's room. As I did I noticed her door was partially open, and this caused me to pause and admire her sleeping body tucked under the covers. As mom slept unaware of my presence, I wondered what she could be dreaming about. I finally left and relieved myself in the toilet.

As I returned to my room, the thought of mom's dreams stayed in my mind and when I returned back to my meditation, I unknowingly concentrated on that. I guess without realizing I could do this, my mind entered my mother's dream and just as if I was a bystander, I watched it unfold.

Mom dreamt about dad and her at the ocean, and I felt my heart sink when I saw him once again. The vision appeared to be so real I could smell and taste the ocean air. In fact, it scared me so much that I broke the connection. That night I lay in bed and was awed by what I found I could do and looked forward to trying it again.

So on the following night when mom went to bed, I concentrated on her dreams once more. After an hour of gazing into the black mirror, an image formed. It grew in size, overtaking the black mirror, until my entire room disappeared and I was in my mother's bedroom.

All the hard work and effort I did to change my thinking of mom was lost. For in mom's slumber was my father once more, except this time he was naked and so was she.

I could feel my sexual desire increase as I watched them fondle each other. My cock stiffened in mom's dream as dad guided mom's head to his groin, and I watched as she bobbed on his dick.

In mom's dream I opened my pants, pulled my dick out, and slowly jerked it off as dad laid mom on her back and got between her spread legs.

My strokes matched dad's pumps as mom wailed and moaned until dad was fucking her fast and hard. I was just about to blow my load when I saw mom looking in my direction and as dad slammed his cock into her snatch I hear her say, "Morgan! Oh my god! What are you doing here?! Why ugh... Why are you jerking off?! Oh no... Aww... Honey stop! Our son is watching us!"

I heard dad reply in a grunt, "I can't I'm too close."

Mom looked horrified as she watched me jerk off until I exploded just as dad filled her womb. That's when I was ejected from mom's dream and found myself back in my room. I could hear mom stirring so I quickly jumped into bed and acted as if I was asleep. I just managed this as mom opened my bedroom door. With my eyes closed I listened as mom just stood at my doorway for what seemed like a half-hour. She finally closed my door and went back to her room.

"Holy Fucking Shit!" I said to myself and felt my cock stirring as wicked thoughts flooded my brain. My new-found power to enter mom's dream and actually being able to take part was sending me down a dark road that maybe I should have avoided. However, I was lost in my lust for mom.

The next morning at breakfast mom didn't say much. Even though I tried to make some small talk with her, she seemed off, and I figured it had to do with what happened last night. So I decided to give mom a couple of days before I attempt to enter her sleep again.

Once mom seemed to be back to her normal self, I waited until mom retired to her room and then I tried again.

It took me a good two hours of meditation before I could enter mom's dream and I kept myself hidden once inside until I was sure what mom was dreaming about.

This time I saw mom was alone sitting on the living room couch sewing something. I swallowed my spit and walked into the room saying, "Hi mom. What you doing?"

Mom looked up at me puzzled and said, "What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean? I live here." I replied as I sat on the couch next to her.

"Oh nothing! It's just that. Well, I just wasn't expecting you."

"Who were you expecting?" I chuckled.

"Your father of course."

"Is that his shirt?" I said.

"Yes. He needs it fixed for his meeting."

I reached out and touched mom's hand, and she looked at me when I blurted out, "I'm sorry about the other night mom."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about; when you saw me jerking off while you and dad were doing it."

With a shocked looked mom put her sewing down and said, "That wasn't real."

"It was mom. It was real. And I'm sorry it happened. I just couldn't help myself. You're just so fucking hot mom. I had trouble controlling myself. Just like now." I said as I reached down and slowly unzipped my pants.

"Morgan. This isn't happening. It can't be happening."

"It is mom." I replied as I pulled my stiff pecker out and stroked it.

Mom rose quickly from the couch and yelled, "Morgan! Put that back inside your pants! What do you think you're doing?! What if your father comes home?"

"Dad is gone mom! It's just you and me now." I told her as I deliberately worked on my tool. "Don't you see what you're doing to me? Just look how hard I am."

Mom's head was turned, and I watched as her eyes shifted and watched me stroking my cock, long and hard.

"Yea mom. Oh yea... You make me so fucking hot."

"Morgan. Please stop this. It's wrong."

"I can't mom. Oh fuck! Just look at it mom? Why don't you touch it and see it's real?"

"Morgan! I'm your mother. I can't take part in this."

Quickly, I stood up and took hold of her hand. "Just feel it mom." I said as I pushed it onto my rigid pole.

Mom hesitantly enclosed her hand around my shaft, and I groaned, "Oh fuck yeah... See... Doesn't that feel good between your fingers?"

Mom slowly moved her hand back and forth across my shaft as I took hold of her waist and pulled her closer to me.

"Oh Morgan... I shouldn't be doing this with you. It's so wrong of us."

"That's it mom stroke your son's cock. I've wanted you to do this for so long." I replied before grasping her ass and locking my lips to hers.

Mom "hmfed" in my mouth as my tongue forced in between her lips and I felt her resistance melt away as she willingly kissed me back and stroked my cocked harder. Our breath raced as I molded her firm tush in my palms and felt my sperm rising.

Then suddenly mom stopped wanking me and broke our kiss panting, "No Morgan! We... We have to stop this insanity."

I nodded in agreement and cautiously lowered mom down to her knees until her face was staring straight at my cock.

With my left hand, I pointed my dick at mom while my right hand gingerly moved her head toward it and said, "Taste it mom."

Mom looked up at me and slowly shook her head as I eased her closer to my swollen manhood.

Then it happened. Mom lightly kissed the very tip of my mushroom head, and I grunted, "Oh shit!" Followed by, "Holy Fuck!" When her moist lips passed over my cock head, a rush of pleasure I never experienced before consumed me. The feeling of mom taking my shaft down her throat was so real I couldn't stop and hold back. I grabbed her head hard with both hands and thrust forward, forcing my entire shaft inside her mouth as I blew my wad.

Mom sucked and gagged as I came like never before and I almost fell to the floor when my legs began to shake uncontrollably.

Unfortunately, my climax also broke my concentration, and I was once again thrown out of mom's dream and back into the reality of my room.

I looked down to see that my pants were open like in the dream, and had cum splattered all over the place. I guess I was lucky mom didn't decide to check in on me like she did the previous time I tinkered in her mind.

Once again, at breakfast mom seemed different, so I didn't push her into chatting with me. However, I also didn't give her a chance to recover from my dream encounter as I did the previous time, and that night I had another sexual encounter with her.

Mom was lying in her bed this time when I walked into her room naked, holding my stiff dick in my hands.

"No... Not again Morgan. It's so wrong for us to be doing this." Mom said as she covered her body tightly with the covers.

I grasped the sheets with my hands and pulled them clear off the bed, exposing mom's naked body underneath and said, "But it's your turn to cum mom and I'm going to make you cum like never before."

"Please Morgan. I'm your mother. This is incest."

As mom pleaded I grabbed her legs and pulled her body towards me. With mom's legs dangling off the bed, I spread them wide and latched my mouth onto her succulent snatch.

"Oh... Oh... Oh Morgan." I heard as I flicked my tongue across her clit. No longer pleading mom put her hands on top of my head and was pulling me tighter to her love hole as her hips gyrated to and fro.

I inserted two-fingers inside mom's cunt as I sucked on clit until she was bucking hard.

"Christ Morgan this is so wrong." She whined, "But it feels so good. Oh my god! My son is going to make me cum!"

"That's it mom cum for me. Cum hard. I want to taste you." I said and put a third digit inside her.

Mom wailed and moaned her climax building as I fucked her hard with my fingers. Then mom grasped my prying hand with hers and pulled it tight as her body stiffened, and she groaned, "Oh fuck... I'm cumming!" Mom quivered, and I felt her juices flow past my fingers as she arched her back and grunted.

When mom finished I stood between her spread legs and lined my hard cock at her entrance. But just before I could slide inside mom snapped her legs closed and pleaded, "No... Not that Morgan. We can't fuck."

"But mom! I know you want this also."

"No honey that is too far for us to go."

Mom sat up and took hold of my cock and stroked it and said, "I'll make you feel good another way."

After a couple of long strokes, mom leaned forward and inhaled my cock in her mouth and bobbed on it once more.

As mom worked her mouth on my dick, I managed to make my way into her room for real without breaking my concentration. My vision resembled what a double exposed picture would look like and could see what mom was doing in her dream and what I was doing in real life. Once I got next to mom's bed for real, I pulled my pants down and nudged my cock next to mom's lips and just like in her dream mom opened her mouth and inhaled it.

Just like in her dream the feeling was fantastic and it wasn't long before I was pushing and pulling myself in both places. Mom began to hum on my cock as my sperm became ready for release and just before I blew in real life, I pulled myself out and splattered into my hand. At the same time in mom's dream I blew my load down her throat again.

The climax was too much for me, and I lost my connection to mom's dream and found myself standing next to her inside her room. I tip toed out as quietly as I could as mom stirred in her sleep. But before I made it out of the room I heard mom mumble, "Oh Morgan I love the taste of your cock."

That night I was so turned on by what happened, I couldn't wait to try again. So try I did but to no avail. I just couldn't reconnect with mom's dream and fell asleep totally drained physically and mentally.

Come the next morning. Mom was very standoffish and wouldn't look in my direction, so I said, "Mom everything ok?"

"Hugh oh yeah honey I just had another bad night's sleep."

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