tagIncest/TabooMagical Incest Ch. 05: The Hex

Magical Incest Ch. 05: The Hex


All characters and the story itself is purely fictional. All parties in the story are18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank Todger65 for taking the time to review my story.


Quickly, Dean changed into his swim trunks and met his waiting mother at the doorway.

"We had better hurry." He heard her say as he glanced over her sexy figure.

Macey wore a thin yellow swim dress that tied at her waist line. Her head was covered with a matching yellow hat that had a large brim around it and a pair of dark sunglasses.

"That's how you're going?" Dean asked.

"It is a pool party Dean. Why wouldn't I?"

"It's just... Well; just kind of... Um... Revealing."

"Dean are you worried I might embarrass you dress like this?"

"Oh no. God no mom. It's just... Well... You look hot wearing that."

Macey giggled and playfully slapped his arm and said, "If I didn't know better I'd say you were getting jealous."

Dean rolled his eyes and said, "No mom. I've just never seen you dress like this. I think you look great."

As they drove to Cathal's house, Macey pestered Dean about everything he might know about his friend's mother. However, since Dean only met her once himself, he really had no clue.

"You sure this is the place?" Dean asked as they drove up a long driveway. In the distance, they could see they enormous house as they drove through the large green sprawling front yard that had mature trees lining up the driveway.

"You never told me your friend was wealthy?" Macey said.

"I didn't know myself mom."

As the car circled around the cul-de-sac Dean spotted Miranda and said, "Holy crap." When he noticed her wearing the skimpiest red bikini he had ever seen.

Quickly, Macey said, "Oh... Is that Cathal's mother?"

All Dean could do was nod and stare as they stopped outside the front door.

"Hi!" Miranda said as she opened Dean's door and followed by, "I'm so glad you could come."

"Yes thanks for coming." Cathal announced as he held Macey's door open and helped her out.

As Dean stood up, Miranda caught him by surprise when she embraced him with a tight hug pushing her firm breasts hard into his chest.

Dean felt his cock stir as she leaned forward, kissed his cheek and whispered, "I hope you and your mom have a great time today."

Dean glanced over his shoulder as Miranda backed away to see Cathal also giving his mother a tight embrace.

By the expression on his mother's face, she was taken by surprise like he was.

Miranda took Dean by the hand just as Cathal did to Macey, and they led them into the house.

"You have a lovely house Miranda." Macey said as they entered the foyer.

"Thank you. I've worked hard to keep it up." Miranda said as they ventured through the house until they were standing at a pair of glass French doors that led into the back yard.

Dean could see a group of people spread out mingling around the large in-ground pool.

Miranda opened the door and led them over to where a large group of people were standing.

It didn't take long before Dean quickly noticed all the boys were around his age, and the women were older like his mother.

It can't be? He thought as Miranda introduced him to a young boy and heard him say, "Hi I'm Caiden."

Dean stumbled over his words when he asked him to repeat his name again.

"Caiden." The boy said. "And that is my mom Johanna over there."

"Oh ah... So how long have you known Cathal?" Dean said cautiously.

"Well I really don't. We met online in a forum, and he invited a bunch of us over for a party. How about you?"

"Oh... Well he attends my school, and his mother invited us this morning."

"So your mother is here also?"

"Yes." Dean said as he scanned the crowd and noticed her sitting on a lounge chair chatting with Cathal.

"She's over there." He pointed just as she stood up and removed her sun dress revealing the sexiest yellow bikini he ever saw her wear.

"Wow dude your mom is smoking hot."

"Huh?" Dean responded as he quickly looked at Caiden.

"I said your mother is very attractive."

"Oh. Thanks." Dean said as he looked back at his mother to see her and Cathal walking towards the pool edge.

Macey and Cathal sat at the edge of the pool and set their feet in the water still chatting up a storm as Dean walked over to them and asked, "So what are you two doing?"

"Hi sweetie. Oh just making small talk. Cathal was telling me all about himself and his mother. How about you. You making any new friends?"

"Um... No just being polite and making small talk myself."

"Oh I had better go help my mom." Cathal said and rushed off in her direction.

Dean watched as his mother playfully dangled her feet and said, "Why don't you sit next to me?"

Dean was just about to sit when Miranda yelled, "The burgers are done."

"Can you help me up Dean?" Macey asked as she extended her hand out.

Dean leaned over and helped his mother to her feet, but as she rose their eyes met, and he stared into them deeply.

Her sexy outfit and half naked figured was taking a toll on his young body, and he could feel his dick begin to bulge as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"We'd better go." Macey sweetly said and picked up her sundress.

Macey took hold of Dean's hand as they walked over to where the food was being served.

Once there Dean couldn't help but glance at his mother's sexy ass as she reached for the food. It was barely covered under her little bikini. Then he noticed her perky nipples pressing against the tiny yellow top which caused his uncontrollable lust to make his dick super hard.

"You look like your getting a chill mom." Dean managed to say.

Macey lightly chucked and whispered while glancing down, "I think you'd better deal with your own problem before some else notices."

"Jeeze mom." Dean said just as Miranda put her arms over both of them and pushed in between saying, "You two having fun?"

"Yes. This is a great party." Macey said.

Dean quickly lowered his plate and tried to hide his obvious erection from Miranda.

However, she looked down just as his hand moved and smirked then said, "When you two finish fixing your plates. Why don't you come and sit with my sister and me?"

Dean just nodded as he felt himself blush.

Miranda pulled Dean into her breasts and whispered, "It happens to my son all the time." Then squeezed his arm before turning away.

"What did she say?" Macey asked as she finished fixing her plate.

"She noticed my er you know!... And said it happens to her son also."

Macey handed Dean her sun dress and said, "Hold this in front of you." Then put her arm around his waist and pulled his hip into hers.

With Macey holding Dean to her waist, they ventured over to where Miranda was sitting and set their plates down on the opposite side of the table.

Dean held his mother's chair before sitting himself. However, before his ass hit the seat, he heard Miranda say, "This is my sister Blythe." And he paused and looked at the woman in shock.

"What's wrong Dean?" Macey said.

"Oh nnn... Nothing." Dean responded as he slowly lowered himself down.

Can't be the same person. He thought and asked Blythe, "So what do you do for a living."

"I have a little shop; I sell herbs and stuff out of."

"Oh..." Was all Dean could say.

"Yes I also do a lot of sales online. For some reason, my odds and ends are selling well these days."

"So you sell herbs online?" Macey asked.

"Oh... That and stuff you generally couldn't find at other places. It all depends on what my clientele are looking for."

"Like what?" Macey said with a puzzled expression.

"Well..." Blythe replied as she looked at Dean. "Candles, trinkets, things that might help kick-start a special relationship."

"Oh... So romantic items." Macey replied with a giggle.

"Not exactly romantic. More of a way to open one's self to what they desire the most."

"Now you got me interested. Can you show me some of these items sometime?" Macey said causing Dean to quickly look at her.

"Mom I'm sure Blythe doesn't have time to." Dean began to say when Blythe broke in and replied, "Nonsense, I have no problem at all showing you my stuff. As a matter of fact, I have something right here." And reached into her handbag.

Dean watched as Blythe held in her hand a three-inch smooth oval stone. It was grayish in color and had some kind of a black symbol drawn on it.

"What's that?" Macey asked as she looked at the odd stone.

"This is a truth stone. It shows people what's really in their heart."

"How does it work?" Macey asked.

"Mom... I think we bothered Blythe enough."

"It's ok Dean." Blythe said and looked at Macey replying, "If you're really interested I'll be happy to show you. However, we'll need Dean's help."

"Oh yes I am very curious now."

"I... I don't know about this mom."

"Please Dean." Macey said as she held Dean's hand and pouted.

Hesitantly, Dean agreed.

"Ok then when we finish eating I'll show you."

Dean ate slowly hoping by some miracle his mother would change her mind. However, alas as Dean took his final bite Blythe said, "Ok we need a place that has no distraction."

"I know just the place." Miranda said, and they followed her into the house.

Miranda led them down a long hallway that went into a large bedroom.

"Ok the first thing to do is both of you face each other and take hold of each other by the waist."

Dean and Macey did as Blythe requested, However, Miranda spoke up and said, "You need to be closer than that." And pushed on their lower backs until Dean felt his mother's mound press against his groin.

"There that's better." Miranda expressed as she pulled her hands away from them.

"Ok now I'm going to place the stone between both of you and when I do. You'll have to push your chests together and hold it in place over your hearts. Then close your eyes and we'll see if it works."

Dean was already having trouble. Feeling his mother's mound nestled next to his crotch it was becoming hard for him not to become stiff.

"Ok here goes." Blythe said and placed the stone between them.

Dean felt his mother's globes press hard into his chest as they held the stone in place and closed their eyes.

Then as they stood motionless, he felt a finger tracing something on his back and heard Miranda and Blythe softly chanting a phrase.

"What are you doing?" Macey said.

"Shhh. It's part of the ritual. We need to activate the stone." Blythe replied as Miranda kept chanting.

Suddenly, Dean's mind went racing and a vision of a small dark circle surrounded by flashing lights racing by him, made it seem as if he was traveling down a long tunnel. As it went on, the black circle grew until it was the only thing he saw. Then as if a switch was thrown a bright white light filled his entire mind.

In the whiteness, a foggy figure emerged and steadily became visible until he was seeing a vision of his mother standing naked with her arms reaching out to him. Dean looked down and noticed his own nakedness as he ploddingly approached his mother until he was standing right in front of her.

"I want you Dean." He heard her say as she reached out and pulled him tightly into her flesh.

Dean felt his mother's warm naked body pressing into his and kissed her lips.

His mother welcomed his lips and opened her mouth letting him slide his tongue inside.

Dean's passion grew as the kissed deeply and felt his dick becoming stiff as it pushed between his mother's legs and slid across her wet pussy.

"Mmmm... Oh Dean. Yes... Oh yes... How I've wanted this." His mother whispered as she ground her mound against his firm shaft.

"I... I want you too mom. But it's wrong. It's so wrong for us to want this." Dean replied uncontrollably grasping her ass hard while rubbing his solid cock at her pussy entrance.

"It's ok baby. Take mommy. I want to feel you inside me." He heard her say and pushed forward. However, just as his cock was about to penetrate her, the vision disappeared, and he opened his eyes quickly.

"What the hell?" He said as he felt his really hard cock grinding against his mother.

They both broke their embrace and stood there flabbergasted before Blythe said, "So... Did it work?"

Quickly, Dean spoke, "No... No it didn't."

Macey looked at her son shocked before saying, "Yes. I think Dean is correct. Nothing happened."

"Oh... Well that's too bad. But if you would like to try it again sometime just let me know."

"Thank you but I think that was good enough." Dean replied as dizziness overtook him.

His mind raced with the unthinkable images of his mother and him and became overwhelmed by how real it felt.

"You ok honey?" Macey asked as she touched his shoulder.

"No mom. I think I'm getting sick."

"Oh... Well maybe we should go then."

"Yea mom I think we should."

Grabbing their stuff they made their way home. Nothing was said about what happened as Dean rested his head on the window and gazed into nothingness.

Once home Dean quickly ran out of the car saying, "I'm going to lie down for a bit mom."

"Ok sweetie." He heard as he closed the front door behind him.

Dean cleared his mind and fell asleep hoping when he awoke everything would be better.

But alas after napping for five hours he headed down into the living room.

Dean looked around and didn't see his mother anywhere in sight and gave a sigh of relief figuring she must have gone to bed herself.

Sitting on the sofa he turned on the TV and then heard footsteps coming down the stairway.

Dean looked at the doorway and was surprised when his mother entered the room wearing a White Silk Charmeuse Babydoll and couldn't help but gawk at his mother as she strolled by him. The Babydoll had two thin white straps at the front just above his mother's breasts that were half exposed by the deep scope neck. The back of the Babydoll revealed most of Macey's naked back down to one inch above her tail bone and was held in place by a thin white strap tied midsection. Dean's eyes trailed lower and his cock thickened when he glanced at his mother's soft firm thighs, just as she sat on the couch next to him.

"You feeling better?" His mother asked as she tucked her legs to the side.

"Huh?" Dean said as he glanced up from his mother's legs and noticed her staring at the growing bulged in his shorts.

"You feeling better?" His mother replied and smiled when her eyes met his.

"Err... Yes. I think I am."

"Well, maybe we can talk now." Macey said.

"About what mom?"

Macey leaned forward and grabbed the remote, but as she did her nightwear drooped and Dean had a clear view of his mother's luscious breasts. His mouth watered as the sight of her hard light pink nipples tormented his all ready confused mind.

Macey turned the television off and said, "I think you know what."

"You talking about what happened at the party?"

"Yes. I think we should discuss it."

"Mom! I ah..."

"Shhh... Let me finish." Macey said as her body shifted on the couch and caused the Babydoll to ride higher up her thighs exposing more of her skin to her son.

"I think that stone revealed what we both have been hiding from each other."

"Mom this is getting weird."

"Maybe... But let's be honest honey. That hard on in your pants is telling me I'm right."

"Jesus mom. I don't want to talk anymore about this." Dean said and stood up.

However, before Dean could dart away his mother rose, caught his hand and pulled him to her.

Dean's crotch smashed to his mother's body as she reached behind his neck and pulled his face close to hers.

"Kiss me like you did in the vision." Macey said as she embraced her son and their lips met.

Dean was surprised at first but as his mother's tongue mingled with his, he couldn't help but reach back, grasp her firm ass with both hands and pull her hard to him.

Dean felt his mom wrap her left leg around his and grind her mound against his hard cock as his hands lifted her Babydoll up until he was palming her bare ass.

Dean's cock throbbed in his shorts as his mother ground herself on him. As he felt his mother's hand slip into his pants, he broke away and ran to his room yelling, "Holy shit mom! We can't do this."

Confused Dean lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling as he contemplated what was taking place.

What the fuck was I doing? He thought

Just then, in the darkness, his laptop started up and with no help from him flicked through pages until is stopped.

Cautiously, Dean approached his PC and read the Title on the screen. It was called "The Hex."

Dean sat in his chair and began to read.


Hi, my name is Cathal, and yes I have sex with my mother. However, this story isn't about how when I turned 18 mom showed me how a son should love his mother. It is about how my mother, aunt and I helped a friend of mine achieve a secret hidden desire that I have seen in him.

It all started the day he was nice enough to help me at school. You see I've been the brunt of many jokes until one day he offered to lend assistance. It was then as he picked up my papers, I noticed his darkest desire. I say I noticed because ever since I started to practice some witch craft with my mother and aunt, I've been able to sense people's desires.

As a reward for helping me that day I began to show him and his mother a world they never knew existed. Unaware that they both were reading the same stories I sent to their computers; I felt that by reading them; it was having the same effect on each other. Slowly after reading several stories, they started to get sexually aroused by each other.

Unfortunately, unlike his mother, he couldn't accept the fact that he indeed desired his own flesh and blood. I consulted with my mother and with the help of my aunt, hatched a plan that would steer them into each other's arms.

You see my aunt is a very capable white witch, and she placed a powerful hex on a common stone she had in her garden. All that was needed was to have them both connect with the stone while mom finished the incantation.

I had to find a way to complete the task, and that is when mom came up with the idea of a summer cook out. I wasn't sure if my friend and his mom would come since we really didn't talk in school much. I was surprised when mom called, and they said yes.

Quickly, I called a bunch of people my aunt and mom have helped over the years, and once they heard what I was planning to do they didn't hesitate to give assistance.

I was nervous at first since I still figured they wouldn't show up, but became ecstatic when I saw their car pulling up the drive way.

Mom held my hand tightly and said, "Here we go." as the car stopped in front of us.

Quickly, I went over to my friend's mother's door and opened it for her as mom did the same on my friend's side.

I could see why my friend indeed lusted over his mother since her complexion was very attractive and only added to her firm figure.

Mom and I both gave them a big hug and rushed them into the back yard were all the guests had gathered.

I noticed my aunt smile when she saw us walking into the yard, and I stealthily pointed towards the pool. Hoping I could talk to her in private about our little plan. Unfortunately as I walked over, my friend's mother followed me and said, "Can I talk to you for a moment."

What else could I do but say yes. So we both sat in some lounge chairs, and she began to ask me a bunch of questions about mom.

I explained to her what mom did, and then she asked me if she also knew how to read dreams.

I told her I wasn't sure and then asked why.

My friend's mom said she was having very troubling dreams and needed some advice.

I had to ask what they were about, and she was very hesitant on revealing them at first. She finally sighed and said how they were about her son and herself doing unquestionable things.

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