tagBDSMMaid in Charge Ch. 02

Maid in Charge Ch. 02


Suki was looking at some dresses, when Susan came in.

"Hello Suki."

"Mrs. King."

"You can call me Susan, you are not working."

"Thank you Susan."

"Special occasion."

The Asian nodded, "Interview."

"Did Caroline let you go?

"It was time.

"Work for me, "The black woman offered.

"It's not what you think."

Susan slapped her, "You think you're too good to work for me?"

Suki tried again. "I.

Shut up, looking at the manger. "This trash can't shop here. I want her out!"

The middle aged man looked at Suki, "You have to leave, and Mrs. King is an important customer.

Suki fled the store crying.


Suki sat on Caroline's sofa crying. "I've never been so humiliated."

Carolina patted her shoulder, "That bitch!"

"Thank you for letting me come over and talk."

Caroline held her hand, "None of that. You have worked your butt off getting your PHD and you are no one's trash.

Suki kissed her. "You have been so good to me."

"You have been good for me too." Caroline smiled. "Not just our kinky games, most of the people here, including that cow are very shallow people."

"Next week for play time."Suki began to rise.

"Sit back down, "Caroline ordered. "You think I am going to let what happened stand!"


Caroline was fuming, "That boutique will lose most of their customers when I am through."

Suki expression began to brighten

"As far as Susan goes...


Susan came into Caroline's house.

"Thanks for inviting me."

I heard what happened at the boutique," Caroline responded.

"Some people don't know there place."

"I agree, "Suki said.

"I accept your apology, "Susan said hauntingly.

"Accept this, "Caroline interjected slapping her in the face."

Susan looked at her shock, "Who do you think you are?"

"She is my friend and playmate, "Suki announced. Tackling her to the floor.

"Let me go!" The Nubian demanded.

Not a chance parasite, "the smaller Asian responded as she began ripping off Susan's designer clothes.

Caroline do something."

The golden haired beauty looked at Suki, "Do you want some help Mistress>"

Suki laughed, "No love, I have this bitch subdued," removing the last of her clothes. "Just hand me some cuffs."

"You can't do this!"

Suki restrained her wrist, "I think she needs a spanking. " Dragging Susan to the sofa, the diminutive Dom began a rapid spanking.

"OW stop!"

Be quiet." Suki ordered.

The ebony divorcee started crying.

"You want to join in?"

"Thank you mistress, "Caroline took control. "Now bitch you are going to, learn a lesson. "Eat Suki pussy." Carolina began whipping her with a strap.

"Ah. She is good for something." Suki commented.

"She had to con her former husband someway." Caroline pointed out.


Susan had been gagged with a sponge.

"I have not found a maid service yet" Caroline told Suki.

"Good help is hard to find."

Caroline forced Susan face to the counter and began scrubbing.

"I taught you well, "Suki complimented.

Caroline lifted her captives head, "She and I are your superiors. You understand that?"

A terrified Susan nodded.

She doesn't yet, "Suki remarked, looking around. "Your floor needs cleaning too." Choosing several more sponges she attached them to her tits and knees.

"On your belly."

Susan started moving like a worm.

Caroline clapped, "Very good, feeling better?"


"I have two bathrooms, that you will handle next slave."

After Susan finished that, Caroline gave her a shower so she would be clean for her next punishment.


"So," kissing her nude friend. "How did you enjoy domming?"

"It was fun." as she swatted a hogtied and gagged Susan with a paddle. "But not the release and buzz I usually get when you are my Mistress."

"Well we will continue that, but what about her."

Caroline removed her gag, "Yes what about you?"

"Please I am sorry," Susan blurted. "Let me go!"

Suki looked her in the eye, "You fucked with my feelings. Now I am going to fuck you! But first punishment" As she dragged Susan to her feet.

Susan was terrified; she was at the mercy of two psychos. The little Asian Suki had her walking over a knotted cord, her pussy and clit were being painfully stimulated. At the same she was being prodded by a violent wand. She had fantasized about things like this but she was the one in control.

"Rich bitch, are you sorry?"

"Yes Mistress Suki!" she spit out.

"Now go backward."

Susan had no choice; she had been restrained and was at Caroline's former maid's mercy.

"Off the rope."

Susan breathed a sigh of relief.

"What do you say?" Suki demanded.

"Thank you mistress."

Suki put a white strap on, "You know what do."

A resigned Susan began lubricating the device

Suki took control off her head. "That is cunt." She then pushed the black woman to the floor." Spread your legs."

Susan did so without thinking.

I broke her; Suki thought gleefully, "I told you I was going to fuck you!" As she jammed the strap on in.

Susan groaned.

"Yes take it!

"Give it to me, "Susan pleaded.

"What are you?"

"Your slave, Mistress Suki.!"


Suki heard the door opening, Caroline had come back from her mission.

"Come slave," as she dragged a bound Susan by her leash.

When she saw Caroline, Suki dropped to her knees.

Her beautiful friend was dressed in a red dominatrix outfit.

"Mistress, please let me serve you!"

Caroline was surprised, but at the same time had fantasized about controlling Suki.

"Yes slut, I will grant you that." Caroline lifted a finger. "But first we have to restrain this piece of garbage."

"As you wish mistress."

Caroline retied Susan in a speed eagle, gagged her and put a hood on her.

Returning to the room, she lounged on the sofa, "Suki worship my body."

"Yes Mistress." Suki began licked the boots. She really loved Caroline. Slowly she reached her calves.

The blond sighed in pleasure. "Keep going."

Suki began licking her friend's breasts.

"Yes make them hard."


Caroline grabbed her head, and kissed her." Sticking her tongue down her throat as made the Asian hers.

"Now," she said imperiously.

"You need to repay me for the slave."

"Yes Mistress I owe you."

"Crawl over and bring me a crop. "

Suki did,"Banister."

She understood the same place where she domed. She would now be punished.

"Kiss it" her blond Goddess demanded.

The Asian obeyed, "Caroline began o on her ass, "I went to a lot of trouble for you," she commented.

"Thank you mistress."

"Of course have 2 slaves are a bonus!" She slid the rod of her whip between Suki's pussy.

"You like that don't you cunt?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

Caroline put the crop between her teeth. , as she repositioned Suki so her front was exposed.

"Don't drop it!" Caroline put on vampire gloves and began stroking Suki.

The smaller woman hisses as the points hit her body. Caroline went on teasing her friend. Than slapped her tits hard.

Suki screamed.

The blond smiled evilly,"You dropped it."


Caroline released, Susan and dragged her to the main room. "Time to put you to use."

She tied the ebony girl's wrists to her angles putting her in a kneeling position. She than fastened a penis gag to her.

"Suki in the middle."

The nude Asian crawled and began deep thorating

"Good girl," Caroline stepped behind her and spread her ass cheeks.

"Take it my fuck slut!"

Suki shuddered as she was penetrated anally.

"Yes you both are mine!" Caroline crowed.

Suki shuddered as she orgasimed


Caroline grabbed Suki and gave her a passionate kiss, it's time for you to Dom again. Get two strapons."

Suki giggled, "How many toys did you buy."

"A lot," Caroline responded. "But I am rich."

Suki came back with a red one and a blue one. Caroline fasted in around Ski's waist and than Suki returned the favors. Than they lubricated each other's toy.

Caroline un gagged Susan and released her bounds. "In the middle where you belong!"

Susan crawled between her Mistresses. Suki grabbed her ass and thrust in.

"Take it you piece of trash!"

Caroline grabbed her head, "Deep throat you piece of shit

"Take it!" Suki howled as she pumped.

All 3 women organized

"My turn," Caroline said as they turned her over. Caroline spread her legs and penetrated her pussy.

Suki took off her strap on and sat of Susan's face. "Eat me bitch."

Caroline grabbed Suki as she fucked Susan. "I love you Suki."

"And I love you." Her friend responded.


"Do you too think you are really going to get away with this?!" Susan demanded.

"She doesn't know us, "Suki said to Caroline.

"I know you are going to be in jail, You cunt!"

Suki slapped her, "You are nothing."

"Actually, "Carline pointed out. "She is a criminal."

"I am not!"

"Bribing a judge? "Caroline asked.

"I uh..

"You see, while Suki was having fun, I took a look at your records. You got your divorce settlement by bribing a judge and perjury."

"Jail time for spoiled rich bitch, "Suki pointed out.

"Please! I'll pay you anything!"

Caroline kicked her in the pussy, "You are lucky, Suki and I are not into the public good."

"Yes were into our good."

"Meaning? Susan gasped from Caroline's attack.

Caroline took out a paper and pen, "We enjoy having you as our sex slave. We are going to keep you for a while.

"You can't."

You have a choice Susan", Suki told her. Go to prison or serve us. Either way you are going to be someone's bitch." She lightly caressed her face. "Our way, you will at least partake in some great sex and after a year we will have modified your behavior."

The beautiful woman bit her lip and signed. Bowing her head. "What are your orders? Mistresses"

Caroline handed her a tooth brush, "Clean the living room floor." Turning to Suki she kneeled. "What is your wish Mistress Suki?"

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