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Shauna Jackson had just walked in the door, when her cell buzzed in her purse. She knew it was her girlfriend Layla. Shauna had promised her they would go out to the club after they both got off work, but after working an eight hour shift at a Wendy's the last thing she thought about was spending more time on her feet.

Shauna read the text about where and when to meet. She threw herself on the couch and texted back her apology for not going. She put her feet up and waited for the reply. When Layla texted back it was not so much a complaint but a request. Shauna knew that Layla was a house cleaner, and made great money. She wanted to do the same, but her criminal record kept her from getting hired. Now; Layla wanted her to take over for a week while she goes on a vacation.

The idea of making more money was something she considered, but the company Layla worked for would never hire her. If she missed more than a day of work she would be fired, not to mention her Parole Officer would know about it too. Shauna knew the risks were greater than the reward, and texted her back that she was going to pass.

Relaxing from her day at work, Shauna put on the TV and put her feet up. It was towards the end of the night she heard her phone buzzing like crazy. Shauna was too tired to reach for it on the table, and went back to flipping the channels. Within a few minutes, she heard a knock on her door. It was then she heard Layla's voice telling her to open up.

Shauna opened the door and let her impatient friend come in. Layla showed her phone to her and spoke up, "You don't be answering your phone. I tried to call to let you know I was coming up."

"What's got you all bothered tonight? Is it 'cause I bailed on you?"

Layla "No. It's nothing about tonight. I really needs you to cover for me for next week. I know you can find someone to cover your shift."

Shauna sat back on the couch and crossed her arms. She wondered why her friend was so worked up on having her clean a client's house. It was not like she owned the cleaning company. Layla was a paid employee. Shauna knew that the company forbids its workers from accepting tips, and there was no real great reward.

Shauna slyly answered back. "Tell me why you want me to cover so bad, and I will ask DaShawn if he will work my shifts next week."

Layla sat down on the couch and opened her purse to fish for a cigarette. "You know that guy I told you about? The one who keeps his place looking like a magazine ad. Well, his place is the only place I want you to clean. If any of the other girls find out he leaves me a tip, I will be fired."

Shauna smiled as Layla's Spanish accent kicked up. She now realized how heated she was about keeping this job, and collecting this guy's tip each day. "So I'mma be keeping that tip while I clean, right?"

Layla lit her cigarette and took a deep puff before answering. "You can keep the pay, and the tip girl. Just you be following the rules, when you clean his pad though. Like no talking that hood shit while you're there. Don't be stealing anything, or looking like you gonna steal. And don't be smoking anything neither. You gonna really have to clean the place too."

Shauna gave a look of disgust at the rules she had to follow. "So I should be all like proper and shit while I am there? Oh, and Mr. Johansson has me on lock down wit dat drug testin' shit."

Layla laid back and took another drag, "I will drop off my stuff for you tomorrow and shit. Don't be forgettin to wear the stupid outfit either. They won't even be opening the door for you if you not dressed like me. Place is easy as shit to clean though. I am supposed to be there for like three hours cleaning, but it takes me like forty five minutes to get it all done."

Layla's phone rang, and she checked it before shutting off the ringer, "Gots to be out now. I will hit you up tomorrow with the rest of the info on the place. Trust me, you will be thanking me when I get back."

Shauna waved off her girlfriend as she walked out the door. She picked up and shut off her phone before going to bed.

The next morning Shauna texted her coworker about taking her shifts next week. She was sure that someone would take them; it was a fast-food place that turned over workers just as fast as the burgers they served. When the text came back she was relieved it was so quick and easy. All she had to do now, was wait for Layla with instructions.

Shauna fixed her meager breakfast as she waited for Layla to text back. She looked around and wondered how she was going to be a maid for someone else when her own place was a mess. She just chalked it up to the place she was living and not her abilities. After all a few months ago she was rotting away at the Northridge Women's Correctional Facility.

When Shauna answered the door thinking it was Layla she was pissed to find her man Ty. He had clothes draped across his arm, "Layla said you have to be there 'round 'bout 9. Said for you not to show up at 10. Oh, and there is a list of things to do somewhere in one of her pockets."

She quipped back, "Please tell Lay that she is fucked up for not showing up. She ain't even tell me what all I have to do for this guy."

Taking the clothes, she made a sound of disgust as she closed the door quickly. She did not even ask if she was close by, or where she was. Shauna had the day to kill before going to work cleaning some stranger's place.

When Shauna put on the outfit she noticed that is was for her friend's body and not hers. Her hips and chest felt loose as Layla was a bit larger than her. She let out a sigh knowing that her Spanish friend had more of a butt than her. Layla also had a man who enjoyed it, and that was two things Shauna wanted.

Shauna stood there staring at the mirror. She fingered her hair, and wished to herself that she could afford to get it done. She remembered the extensions she had before she went away, and desperately wanted to get them again. Her five foot five inch frame also had no curves to it, and that was another thing she put on her want list.

She pulled out the crumpled instructions in the front pocket. She had to pick this guy's groceries up, make him his three meals, while cleaning and doing his laundry. Shauna wondered how it only took Layla forty five minutes. This guy paid for a few hours, and the company knew how to charge.

After a bus ride, and a walk for a couple of blocks, it was over an hour since Shauna left her place. She was now in the wealthy part of the city, and she felt like a maid from the 19th century. When she walked into the apartment, the guards acted as if they knew she was Layla's replacement for the week. Shauna sighed her relief, knowing the people at the front desk knew about her 'cause she was prepared to be sent packing. Now she waited in the elevator to get to her floor wondering what this week was going to be like.

When Shauna knocked on the door, she was expecting to see some fat old rich guy. After a few moments of patiently waiting, she knocked again. Her impatience grew to anger as a few minutes turned into fifteen. She picked up the phone to text her friend, and bitch. All she got back as a laugh out loud, and instructions to just walk in and watch.

Shauna took the advice, and quietly opened the door. She announced herself the second she cracked the door open. When the door was fully open, she walked in to see an immaculate apartment. The white walls had a few pictures on them, the wood floors looked like they were just cleaned, and there was not a spot of dust. Shauna scanned the room really quickly waiting for this guy to come and introduce himself. Shauna called out again that she was there.

The further Shauna walked into the apartment, the more she realized her friend was right. There was nothing out of place, and not a speck of dirt or dust to be found. There were only a few pieces of furniture, and everything looked new. The kitchen could be seen though the living room and it also looked seldom used.

Shauna was now more than a few feet into her new workplace when she heard a grunt. Not a mean or angry grunt, but a sound of straining. Shauna walked to the hallway on the left to see if her new employer was in trouble. When she peered around the corner and could see down the short hallway, she finally set her eyes on whose place she was cleaning.

Gasping the second she saw him, Shauna's mouth dropped. There he was, wearing nothing but a tight pair of running shorts. His porcelain body was something she had only seen in the movies, or some magazine ad featuring male hunks. Shauna was never interested in white guys, but she knew a good looking guy when she saw one.

Shauna ducked behind the wall so only her head poked out as she spied. As he lifted the weights, Shauna strained her eyes to see all of the muscles that bunched and strained beneath his pale skin. She never realized a white man could look so buff and so tempting to her. His mind was focused on lifting and the earbuds in his ears let her know he was not listening for her.

Standing there gawking like a schoolgirl, she felt a little guilty. She pulled out her phone to text Layla and to tell her she was a perv for spying. When she texted her, she heard the clanking of the weights being put down. Lifting her head she watched him strip off the tight shorts, and grab a towel. As he headed towards the bathroom on the hallway, his entire body was on display, from the broad expanse of his shoulders, the rippled canvas of his torso and tight butt that made her itch to squeeze.

Shauna also got a great look at the white monster that hung between his legs. She had never seen such a piece of flesh that big on a white guy. When her phone buzzed, she quickly covered it so he wouldn't hear. When she looked up again he was out of view. Shauna could feel her heart race fast as her body reacted to seeing such a sight.

When the door closed and the water running, Shauna breathed a sigh of relief. She saw the text from Layla as her phone buzzed again. "LOL. Not bad for a gay guy."

Shauna put the phone away and closed the front door to seem like she was coming in and not spying on him.

A voice called out from the hallway. "I will be out in just a second! If you want there is some coffee made!"

Shauna walked into the kitchen to find a freshly brewed pot of coffee. She scanned around the kitchen to see if anything needed cleaning. She was now wondering what she really was doing here. The place was like it was never lived in. Finding something to do for the time she had to spend here was harder than the work that had to be done.

With a cup of coffee poured, Shauna sat at the small kitchen table waiting. When he came out, he wore a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt that did nothing to hide his bulging muscles.

"So you must be Layla's friend. I heard you are going to cover for her for the week. I am Jack." He said coming over with a friendly smile and hand stretched out. Damn, even his smile was sexy. Shauna couldn't help but think that this week will either be awesome or sweet torture.

Shauna stood up to greet him with a handshake. "I am Shauna."

She tried not to stare at him, but found herself wondering how a man such as this could be gay. She used that thought to focus on the task at hand, "Layla told me you need me to cook and clean for you. Do you want food now?"

Jack gave a chuckle at Shauna. "Oh you don't have to. I mean unless you want to, then it's ok. I am not crippled, it's just that I don't eat that much. Layla cooked only because she liked using the kitchen to experiment. Almost all the food she made went home with her. "

Shauna gave a look of confusion as she answered back, "So, I don't have to cook for you?"

Jack nervously answered, "No, you don't have to. I mean....I just need help cleaning is all."

Shauna knew she shouldn't say anything, but she just had to know. She figured the curiosity was going to kill her, "If you don't mind me asking. Why am I here? This place looks cleaner than a museum."

"Oh, I know, but the service is paid up for the year. Just figure, I would hate for someone to lose their job."

Shauna tried to find the right words, something that sounded white and educated, but she simply shrugged his answer and nodded, "Well, I guess I can clean and keep it clean. You prolly off to work now."

Jack gave a look of displeasure at listening to how Shauna spoke, but still answered back, "Yes, I will have to work today. My office, and cellphone number is on the fridge in case you have to reach me. Just be sure to use the service elevator when you leave, and not the main elevator you came up on. Also go out the back entrance when you leave the building."

Shauna was taken aback by his instructions and gave a kind of pissed look. She figured that this white guy did not want anyone to know a black girl was his maid, "Oh so, you can't be having a black housekeeper be seen. I can understand that."

Jack nervously answered as if he said something so wrong. "No. No. Nothing like that. The main entrance will report you left early and you will be docked pay. I don't want you to lose money."

Shauna felt dumb for jumping to conclusion and tried to save face, "Oh, sorry about that."

Jack smiled and saw that she was genuinely remorseful after finding out she was wrong, "Don't worry about it. It's a weird situation."

Breaking the awkwardness, Shauna said, "If you tell me where the cleaning stuff is, I can get to work. You prolly got somewhere to be."

"It's in the front closet and all the laundry is in the laundry area at the end of the hallway."

Shauna smiled and walked off to get started. She heard Jack make something in the kitchen before heading out the door. Shauna spent more time looking for something to clean than actually cleaning. The laundry only took a few minutes too. She was just sitting and waiting now to put the clothes in the dryer before folding and going home. She did not have to do laundry, but needed something to keep her occupied.

To get her mind off the boredom, Shauna reached for her phone. Maybe Layla would have her phone nearby. Layla texted back, "Hey girl, How's Jack?"

Shauna smiled when she answered back. "He is weird, but fine."

Layla quickly texted back. "He is way shy, and gay girl. Guy a fine as him, never have any bitches around."

Shauna was laughing as if Layla was right there next to her. She quickly answered back, "Don't make him gay. Shy is all shit, but not a fag."

As Shauna waited for a reply she walked around the apartment looking for clues. She walked around to see if anything would stand out as gay to her. Although she wondered what a gay guy would have, an extensive wine collection or a wristband to a local gay club, or even a motherlode of gay porn maybe. She also wondered why a guy with money has almost nothing laying around.

Layla called back and Shauna sat on the couch as she answered the phone. When Shauna picked up the phone Layla called out, "Damm this couch is nice."

Shauna listened to Layla as she moved her body on the plush couch, Girl, dis how I know he gay. I forgot to wear my outfit one day, and he just looked away from me almost avoiding me. I asked if he wanted me to clean without clothes, and he got beet red and walked away. "

"Did you ever see his boyfriend or anything?" Shauna said, curious if her friend was right.

"Girl, no, but can't no straight man turn away this pussy. I gots that good-good. He is so fine, he could get any bitch he wants. You don't believe me. See for yourself. Offer to clean naked, and watch him run like he scared of pussy."

The door lock clicked as Shauna was about to talk prompting her to hang up quickly. Jack walked in just as Shauna put the phone on her lap. He turned to her and spoke, "Sorry, I just forgot something."

Shauna gave a bright smile, as she realized he didn't care about her sitting on his couch doing nothing. She decided to get up and act busy as not to cause him to inquire about her loafing around. As she walked near him she saw a smile form across his face. Shauna smiled back to be polite, but wondered about why he was smiling.

The quiet tension was ended when Jack gave more instructions, "Oh, if you can, the delivery guy comes at weird times. Can you make sure he comes before you leave?"

Shauna smiled as she responded, "Sure."

Shauna waited for Jack to leave before snooping around. Once the door was closed, she was on a mission to ransack the place for clues. Walking into his room was like walking into a sci-fi film. He had multiple computers and monitors running. They were all shutoff, but it was clear that he was a computer nerd of some kind. Shauna also noticed the lack of pictures or any other kind of mementos. All of the walls seemed barren except for a few pieces of non related art. It was like he had no family or friends.

Shauna finished the laundry and the delivery guy came while she was sorting. She was expecting to find something telltale gay about his clothes too but was shocked to find that his clothes were cheap and plain. The dilemma was now puzzling her more than anything else. She left for the day thinking about Jack's sexual orientation the whole time. She tried to call her friend, but her call went straight to voicemail.

The night passed with the question still in her head. Nothing seemed to add up, but Shauna was determined to find out. She went through her limited wardrobe to find something hot and sexy. She looked for a fuck me outfit, but wanted to still be able to work in it. Shauna debated about just stripping off her clothes and throwing herself on him.

She giggled and laughed to herself knowing that this idea was stupid. As she decided on wearing the plain outfit again, she looked in the mirror at her body. She knew he had an amazing body, but did not know if he was into black girls. Thinking again she could be turned down because of the race difference. Her skin was the shade of cocoa, and his was the color of ivory. Shauna wondered if he wanted a girl like him, some pale ass white girl. Shauna just did not want to test Layla's theory on the fear the rejection would hurt her as much as jeopardize losing the job for her friend.

Right before Shauna was about to leave there was a bang at her door as if someone wanted to break in. Looking through the peephole she spotted her Parole Officer, Mr. Johansson. He was a hard as nails guy, who loved to put people back in the pen without any real justification. He even said to her when she got out, he was not expecting her to last.

"Open up, we need to talk about your new job."

Shauna opened the door expecting to be threatened to be "caged up" again. Shit, she'd forgotten to tell him she was covering for Layla. The constant keeping him informed always pissed her off, now it was going to piss her off even more.

Mr. Johansson stepped in and unleashed his rhetoric of going back to prison as a real possibility, how she needed to keep him informed of any real changes, and how Shauna was lucky to not go back to the halfway house just for this. At the end of his tirade, he said that a Jackson Cain informed him of her new employment and he provided references.

Shauna did not want to tell him that it was temporary and that she would be back to flipping burgers by next week. Shauna even got her hours for next week, but liked the idea of doing something different.

After the little speech about going back to prison or the halfway house, Shauna watched her bus ride off. She knew she was going to be late and was going to miss the showing of Jack working out. While she waited on the bench, he mind wandered to dirty thoughts about Jack and the dirty sexy things he could do to her body and the things she'd do to his if given half a chance.. She pushed her naughty ideas back. She had never slept with a white guy, and she still had to determine if he was even straight.

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