tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMaid Service Ch. 03

Maid Service Ch. 03


I love that feeling of putting on fresh, crisp, lacy panties. They hug my bum so nicely giving me a beautiful curvaceous rear. Well as beautiful and curvaceous as a guy's bum could be. No matter how much I tried, I could not get that firm, round butt like Laura has.

Anyway, I had just finished cleaning the house for Laura. I took a long shower and carefully shaved (legs, bum, underarm, etc) and was changing into some clean panties. I didn't realize what time it was when I heard the front door open.

"Marta! Where are you?" Laura demanded.

Not finished dressing, I ran to where Lady Laura was waiting. I found her standing there with one foot in front of the other; the lead foot was impatiently tapping the floor. Her arms were crossed and there was a slight frown on her lips. Behind her, the front door was open.

"Marta, I expect you to be waiting for me as I come in through the door." Laura told me. "I don't expect to have to tell you again. Do you understand Marta?"

"Yes, Lady Laura. " I answered. "I understand, but I was ..."

"I don't want to hear it!" Lady Laura cut me off. "Don't make your problems, my problems!"

"Yes, Lady Laura." I cowered. "I am sorry."

"Look at you! You're not even dressed." Laura pointed outside through the open door. "Are you trying to show all the neighbours what kind of slut you are? Maybe I should make you stand outside like that? Would you like that, slut?"

"Lady Laura, please! No" I begged. "I can ...."

I didn't get a chance to finish me begging.

"Now pick up these bags, shut the door and bring the bags to my room."

There were two large bags dropped just behind where Laura was standing.

I followed Lady Laura's instructions exactly; grabbed the bags as she walked to her bedroom, closed the front door and then chased after her.

"Marta! Come help me change."

I quickly dumped the bags on the bed and scurried to help Lady Laura. I slipped off her shoes as she removed her suit jacket and let it fall to the floor. As I was picking it up, Laura had unzipped her tight skirt and let if fall around her ankles. I waited as she stepped out of it before picking it up and putting the suit on a hanger to put it away.

"I want a quick shower, Marta. Go ready it." Laura instructed me.

I went to the bathroom and started running the water. Laura entered a minute later totally nude. I was still wearing only my panties.

As Laura stepped into the shower, she ordered, "Marta, come inside and soap me."

I started to take off my underwear but was stopped. "Marta! I didn't tell you to undress!" Lady Laura scolded me. "This is my shower, not yours!"

I pulled my panties back in place and entered the pouring water. I carefully washed her body before kneeling down. Laura spread her legs slightly as I soaped her hairless pussy.

Laura turned and put her hands against the far wall. She stuck her ass towards me and told me "Make sure it's clean."

I poured some liquid soap down from the top of her crack and thoroughly cleaned her.

"Prove it's clean enough to eat off of." Lady Laura told me.

I immediately planted my face between her cheeks and started mawing her soapy hole as if it were my last meal.

"Fuck me with that long tongue of yours, Marta!" Laura commanded.

Fully extended, my tongue is almost 4 inches long. Almost as long as my stiff cock, but more talented and more enjoyed by Lady Laura.

I stuck out my tongue, pushed it between her parted cheeks and into her puckered asshole. It had a little residual soapy taste but I dared not comment for fear of not cleaning Lady Laura sufficiently.

I inserted my tongue as far as it would go; curling the tip up and down as I fucked Laura's ass.

Lady Laura's breathing became harder and louder. I could tell she was about to come when suddenly she stood erect and told me "Stop! I'm not here for your enjoyment! Get out and get my towel!"

I followed her request and dried her with a big fluffy towel. Laura then wrapped it around her body.

"We're going out for dinner." She said out of no where.

I followed her to her room where she opened one of the bags; then the other. "Here! Wear this underneath. You can put your ugly man clothes over it. I don't want others to know what a sick girlie bitch I would allow to accompany me."

I took the bag and looked inside. Lady Laura had purchased a new set of lingerie for me. I eyed the other bag.

"Don't look in the other bag until I tell you." I obeyed Lady Laura's order.

I moved to my bedroom and laid the new outfit on my bed before stripping off my wet panty. I went back to the bathroom and dried myself off then inspected myself for any stray hair. I ran my hands over my body. "Mmmmm!" I thought to myself smiling. "Nice and smooth!"

Back to my bedroom to dress. I picked up my new thong: pink and lacy, but the crotch had a lining inside. I read the label: "Stagettes." It was a cross town place where CD's and pre-op TS's go to purchase clothes. I looked closer at new panties and saw it was designed to better control my "package" from moving and showing.

I put them on; the thin string slid between and up my crack snuggly and then a pink, lacy waist cincher to give me a more feminine shape and control my tummy. I carefully rolled up the white, opaque stockings with a pink seam running down the back of my leg and attached them to the six cincher garter clips (three on each side).

I just picked up the bra as Lady Laura entered my room. She was dressed in a tight hugging, backless, black evening dress. The hem was well about her knees. I could tell from the bumps on her thighs Laura was wearing stockings with garters.

"Well...well. Marta, you look cute but some thing is not right." Laura stared at me with her piercing eyes. "I know! You're looking a little flat!"

I returned a look of puzzlement.

"You need some help on top!" Laura clarified. "Here Marta. Let me put these on for you."

Lady Laura opened a small bag and pulled out something. Lady Laura was thoughtful enough to purchase some C-sized silicon falsies to insert into my empty cups.

As Laura placed each over my breast, she pinched the silicon nipple and pushed the inside firmly against me. As well as an adhesive, there seemed to be some sort of suction feature that pulled my nipple into it.

"There!" Laura smiled as she helped me with my pink shelf bra. "They fit perfectly. Don't worry Marta, they won't fall off. The glue was made to hold until I want to remove them!"

As if to prove a point, Lady Laura started to pull my new nipples; my new breasts held tight. As she pulled, my nipples seemed to be tugged as well. I started to get a little boner. Laura noticed.

"Put your suit on." Laura scolded me. "Don't get your new panties soiled. Hurry up or we'll be late!"

I donned a crisp white shirt and Boss tie. I was deciding on my black suit when Lady Laura told me to wear the light beige, linen suit. I knew if I put it on, you would see traces of what I was wearing.

"Lady Laura! You can see what I'm wearing underneath!" I pleaded. "Please let me wear my darker suit!"

"You should have thought of that before you dressed!" Lady Laura denied me my change.

The jacket barely concealed my huge tits. I would have to hunch over a bit to try and mask my noticeable mammalian glands. I started to put some socks on.

"What are you doing?" Laura asked. "Don't be stupid! You can't wear those socks on top of stockings!"

Knowing there was no arguing the point, I left my socks off and put my shoes on.

"Come here! I have one more item for you to wear!"

I moved towards Laura.

"Turn around!"

I turned to face the bed. Laura reached around and undid my pants, letting them drop to the floor.

"Bend over and put your hands on the bed."

I complied.

Laura lifted my jacket and shirt tail over my back. I felt her move my thong string to one side; then a cold, wet and firm item push against my rear hole. I dared not protest as I felt this plug fully enter me. Then I thought I could feel it growing in girth. I turned to see Lady Laura pumping what looked like a rubber ball in her hand. With each pumping motion, I felt a pressure increase in rectum. "Gawd!" I felt so filled; so excited; so used.

When Laura stopped pumping, she held the base and pulled. "There! That won't come out until I want it to!"

She unattached the hose from the plug. "Come on! Marta! Oh I guess I should call you Martin when you're dress like a man ... sort of." Laura chuckled. "Come on Martin. Fix your panties and pull up your pants. Let's go!"

I readjusted myself and followed Laura. Unaccustomed to my butt plug, walking was slower and harder. I could feel it move in my bowel with each step.


"Ooooh!" I yelped.

Oh, Martin. I forgot to tell you." Laura smirked at me. "The plug has a remote control, vibro-shock feature for when you misbehave. Now hurry up! You drive."

I walked as fast as I could to the car and got in. The plug did not make things any more comfortable.

"Lady Laura. May I ask where we are going?"

"Follow the GPS. It's already programmed." Laura told me.

I started the car and pulled away.

Laura's hand felt my lap. She pulled at my garter strap and ran her hand between my legs squeezing me as I tried to drive.

"Mmmmm. Nice underwear you seem to be wearing Martin." Laura smiled. "You'll have to model it for me later."

I took the on ramp to the express way. As I entered, I started to feel a small tingle up my ass.

"Please Lady Laura!" I begged. "Not while I'm driving!"

But to no avail. In fact, Laura increased the intensity. It took all I had to maintain control of the car.

Suddenly, there was a blare of siren coming from behind. I checked my rear view and saw the flashing cherry of the cop car.

I pulled the car to the road side and stopped. Laura thankfully shut off vibro plug and I watched the officer get out of his car through my side view mirror.

I rolled the window down and looked at not a he, but a she cop! Blond hair, red lips was all I could see from beneath the cap and sunglasses. Her uniform looked regulation but was fitted. I could tell she had a nice set under that shirt.

"License and registration please." Her name tag said "P. Bracey."

As I shifted for my wallet in my back pocket, my jacket gaped opened and exposed my huge chest to Officer Bracey. I handed over the documents before she walked back to her car smiling to herself. I watched as she called it in over her radio.

I started to feel a small buzz up my ass. "P ... please Lady Laura! Don't do this!" Once again begging for her to stop.

"That is for not obeying the law and getting us pulled over." Laura reprimanded me.

I didn't see Office Bracey return. I turned to see her with surprise. "Oh! I didn't see you come back!" I told her.

"Martin. Do you know why you are being stopped?" She asked.

Just as I tried to answer, I felt an increasing pulsing, surge in my bum.

"I ...eeee! 'm sorry off..FF..icer! I guess I WASN"T paying attention." I tried to answer her calmly.

"This car is not registered to you." Bracey said.

"No..oo..oo! It's hers!" pointing at Laura. I knew calling her just "Laura" that I may pay for it later, but I could barely speak properly.

"Are you alright sir?" the officer asked.

"I'm fi...EEN!" I groaned.

"That's it! Please step out of the car sir!" as she backed away from the car. "Come around to the front please and put your hands on the hood. Miss, would you please remain inside the car for your own safety."

I got out and tried to comply but each step I took was made more difficult with each pulsing, vibro-shock from the butt plug. I just managed to make it to the front of the car and lean against the hood. My knees barely support me as I stood there. Officer Bracey kicked my legs further apart; I squeeze my buttock together...hard and closed my eyes. My tiny cock was rock solid.

She went through the pockets to my jacket before sliding her hands underneath to frisk me. She ran her hands over my back; feeling my bra and then in front over my tits. I could feel her pinch my nipples and squeeze each breast. I moaned.

"Nice tits, Martin." Bracey told me. "Almost as nice as mine and your girl-friend's!"

Laura tweaked up the intensity a notch; my knees buckled slightly.

"Remain standing or I'll cuff you!" she warned.

The Police Officer started moving downward; over my ass; between my legs and then down my thighs and calves. She reached under my pant leg and found my stockings. Her hands started moving up the front of my legs. Upon reaching my garter clips, the officer started playing with them as she press against me hard from the rear.

"Nice!" Officer Bracey whispered in my ear. I could tell she was staring directly at Laura as spoke. She pulled my zipper down and reached inside. "You're her little panty bitch aren't you Martin!"

I tried to concentrate.

"Answer me girl!" the Officer commanded as she crushed my aching balls.

"Yes!" I cried. "I'm Lady Laura's panty bitch!"

"Lady Laura!" I could sense Officer Bracey's elation. She pulled me to the passenger side of the car. "Lady Laura, did you know your boyfriend here is a little panty bitch?"

"He's my husband actually." Laura pretending surprise. "Martin! What is this police officer saying?"

"Here! Let me show you Lady Laura!" Officer Bracey undid the rest of my pants and let them drop to the ground. "Look! He's wearing panties. Very nice ones too."

"Oh Martin! I'm so shocked. Are you some pervy, panty slut?" Laura mocked. "Officer, I bet he's hiding something up his ass too! Could be dangerous!"

Bracey ran her fingers between my cheeks and found my butt plug. "What's this?" She asked.

"Oh I think that's what this controls!" Laura showed Bracey the remote. "I wonder what this button does?" Laura pushed the button.

A rr.rrrr..gh!" I screamed. The intensity and pulsations increased to more than I could stand. Officer Bracey held me erect and started to dry hump me from behind. I started to spasm and cum hard in my panties until I finally collapsed and blanked out.

The next thing I knew, I was in the car passenger side pulling into our driveway. My pants were gone, I sat there exposed in my under things.

"Well it's a good thing Officer Bracey was able to put you in the car, Marta." Laura said. "But you wrecked my dinner. Go make me something when we get inside..... I'm so disappointed with you."

Laura got out and left me in the parked car which was nearer to the street than the house. It was still semi-light out so anyone would be able to see me. I looked around and dashed out towards the house. The door was locked.....again!

I timidly knocked on the door. Laura opened it after a few moments. "Hurry up Marta! I'm starving."

Not wanting to anger Lady Laura any more than I had to, I rushed to the kitchen and started to prep whatever I could find.

"Ding-Dong!" The door bell rang.

"Marta! I'm not dressed. Go answer the door." Laura shouted down to me.

"What about me?" I thought to myself. "I only have underwear on and women's underwear at that."

I unlocked the door and carefully opened it just a crack to peek out. The door swung wide open and forced me back. Standing in the door way was Officer P. Bracey.

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