tagMind ControlMaid Wife Ch. 02

Maid Wife Ch. 02


Jim gently replaced the phone with a shaking hand. Angus had told him he would be at the hospital for some time and why, though Jim had only heard he was to look after Melody. Perhaps Angus didn't realise how deeply she had been hypnotised or was relying on the password protecting her from Jim giving direct commands. After all she had never been left with someone else or even been in the presence of someone while hypnotised.

Melody heard Jim talking to her husband on the phone wanting to shout for help, wishing for him to speed back to her rescue. Why had she been left like this at a stranger's mercy? If it were a game it was devilishly cruel. He hadn't actually touched her nonetheless she had never been so humiliated, bending over displaying her body so rudely. In her own lounge she had been put into this degrading situation with a complete stranger. Anger left her shaking.

Jim couldn't keep his eyes off the delicious sight before him. The little black dress was up around her waist. The suspender straps curved around white cheeks clasping tight the seamed stockings. Her delectable arse was perfectly framed. Little involuntary movements of her legs thrust the lips between tightly clasped thighs as though her pussy were winking at him.

The enticing sight of her rear brought him close like a snake being charmed across the room by the swaying of her hips.

Hearing him move up close transformed the anger in an instant to fright, 'No! Stop.' She wanted to scream only the words wouldn't sound.

"I want to kiss you." He said.

It took a moment for the words to reach into a mind reeling from fear. 'No. Just let me go.' She thought. Involuntary words left her lips as programmed. "Yes, master." A fleeting moment of relief lifted her spirits at the thought of being able to move from this shameful position. Kissing him would be preferable to what she thought was about to happen while bent over with her panties around her ankles.

Feeling his breath upon her bottom she froze in fright. Again she wanted to cry out. His lips touched hers. Her hazel eyes opened wide in dread. It wasn't her mouth he was kissing he was doing it to her down there. Clasping her legs together was no good her lips were protruding between them. A shiver quaked her belly. An anguished groan escaped her pursed mouth on feeling a tongue brush between those lips.

'No! Please leave me alone.' Melody whimpered, only the sound was a shuddering out rush of breath. Realising she had pushed herself against him brought on a distraught whimpering. Feeling his tongue enter brought with it a need for more. The whimper changed to a yearning moan. When he sucked her pussy into his mouth she moaned in pure pleasure all thoughts of resistance washed away on a tide of desire.

In one last desperate attempt she yelled with her mouth wide, 'Stop. Please stop.' Only the words were merely a guttural sound from her belly. Trying not to give in to her body the gyration of her hips was more a pulling away than the forward push it pleaded for.

"I want to fuck you." He said. The words vibrated against her bud sending a shiver through her tummy, tingling her nipples. "Yes, master. Oh! Yes master. Yes please!" She moaned, at last giving way. Only a distant fading part of her mind remained to cry in despair.

Devouring great gulps of air he rose up in one powerful motion to lunge into her. Lifting her onto tip toe with the momentum of the thrust he held her there a moment. Lowering her whole body with his penis he felt her grip tightly not wanting to lose the feeling of fullness. Instinct taking over his body he began to piston his hips with her taking up the rhythm.

Like a machine over wound they desperately moved as one, breathed as one, cried out together in magnificent heaving breaths of sound. "I'm coming. Come." He shuddered, gripping her breasts forcefully.

She needed no order to obey. The ultimate thrust filled her body sending quaking lava heat out from her sex washing through every nerve. Outside was a stiff unmoving thing while inside was awash with fire. The grip upon her breasts hurt wonderfully.

Not wanting the wonderment to end she gripped his deflating penis until with a feeling of loss it slipped from her. She flopped upon the floor in an untidy heap upon him. Wanting to push him away, to run away, and the need to hold him equally charged her mind with emotion.

Jim wrapped his arms around her. Brushing her hair to one side he kissed her forehead. "You had better go upstairs and shower. Go to bed and sleep." He told her.

Reluctantly Melody dragged her feet up the stairs away from her lover but there was no choice she was impelled to obey. She wanted to stay with him clinging on to the warmth of the afterglow of the most satisfying orgasm ever experienced. Guilt swept over her at the thought and the realisation she had wanted him. It was easy to understand. He was young and handsome and it had been so naughty, such an illicit affair.

Without thought she entered the guest bathroom, unconsciously refraining from using the on suite. Not wanting to enter their bedroom after being used like that, it wouldn't be right, while glowing from a marvellous orgasm with a stranger. Why hadn't he thought to command her to forget, it would have made things so much easier? Then again it had been an experience to remember. Frightening yet so very much a pleasure.

Jim listened to the sounds of a shower eventually followed by the muffled patter of feet on soft carpet, the closing of a door brought silence to the house. Still on edge he waited the return of her husband. Angus didn't look the aggressive type but he had just taken his wife, what if he found out. They weren't really friends as such but at the very least it would cause a scene and how could they work together after this?

Even the street noises had ceased in the early hours of the morning. Jim was on edge. Startled by the sound of a car pull up in the drive he jumped out of the armchair. Grabbing a book from a shelf he settled back down attempting to look comfortable and casual as though nothing had happened.

"Hi, Jim. Thanks for holding the fort. Do you want a drink I could use one. I didn't know you were interested in trains?" Angus said over his shoulder.

Jim looked at the book in his hands. The illustrations of steam locomotives obviously upside down, fortunately the plain red cover hadn't revealed the mistake. Slamming it closed he walked into the kitchen attempting to sound nonchalant. "She's upstairs asleep. I hope that's alright."

"Oh. Yea. Thanks. Mother is sleeping too." Angus voice didn't betray his feelings, sounding light hearted as though returning an off hand remark.

Jim caught a glimpse of tears in his eyes as Angus turned quickly to the kitchen counter. When handing over the glass they had been wiped away. "Mmm. Nice Scotch. So what happened?"

"Mother is dead. That's it. She went peacefully. Didn't know what was happening. Thanks for looking after things Jim. Could you tell them in the office I won't be in. Monday."

Jim made the usual commiserations glad that Angus was keeping his emotions to himself and quickly left. It was a fraught drive home trying to remember the way still not used to the hire car. He wanted to speed back to the sanctuary of the hotel room yet managed to keep within the law. Had he broken the law back there?

*** Next morning she wondered where her lover was, what he was doing. It would have to be a naughty one off, it could never happen again. She had only allowed her husband to carry on with the silly hypnosis thing to keep him happy. At least he paid her more attention than his hobby even if the sex had been a little one sided. Now it would have to stop. He didn't have to know about what happened last night but somehow she would have to tell him it couldn't go on, just in case. What if someone else, some stranger took her like that? It was too terrible to think about.

Still not having worked out how to broche the subject of hypnosis with him she served breakfast. He seemed more distracted than usual and she became afraid he had found out. When he told her his mother had died in the night the weekend became a torture of unbearable guilt. He was still unaware that she knew about the hypnosis so she kept quiet, giving him space. Fortunately he kept to his room intent on the hobby, reading and planning trips that never happened, as he often did. It was his way of dealing with emotional issues and it seemed to work for him.


Judy looked after personnel, security and a multitude of other office tasks in the branch office. She made some clicking noises with her tongue then asked. "I knew she was ill as he had time off recently but not that ill. Any idea when the funeral will be?"

Jim figured all she was interested in was when he would return to the office. "I'll phone him later. In the meantime I need to complete the reports. I need his password." He told her. The word password had taken on a new secret meaning but he managed to say it without cringing.

The morning was spent immersed in figures where he escaped from dwelling on the betrayal of a colleagues trust. Inevitably he couldn't resist looking at some personal documents and there he found the password. He had already found that out but above it was another phrase, obviously the one that put her into a trance. There was nothing else, no explanation of what it referred to so if anyone came across the document it would be meaningless. Still, it was pretty useless even to him as there wouldn't be an opportunity to use it even if he wanted to.


"Hello Angus how are things?" Jim asked.

Judy nodded at a chair meaning for him to sit. It felt crowded in the small office and he was nervous in Angus presence having not seen him since that Friday night over a week ago.

"Angus has just come in to hand his notice in. Under the circumstances I think it's reasonable he doesn't have to work a months notice. Could you fill in until we get a replacement? Sorry to land you in it like this but, well, you know." Judy shrugged her shoulders attempting an appealing expression instead ended up looking pathetic.

"Sure. Anything to help." Jim replied, looking instead at Angus. The gut seemed OK but why was he doing this, had he found out? "Have you cleared it with head office? I've already overstayed the couple of weeks originally arranged."

"I thought I would run it by you first." Judy said, attempting now to sound and look helpful.

'You damn well know what your doing. How can I say no in front of Angus.' He thought.

Angus smiled. "I'm sorry about this Jim. I'll spend a few hours with you, filling you in. I'm sure you can handle it."

Back at the desk they sat close, hunched over the computer screen. "This is all a bit sudden Angus, are you sure?"

Angus interrupted. "I've been through all that with Judy. I've made up my mind. If I don't escape now I never will. There's nothing stopping me now mother's gone. It reminded me how short life is. We work, retire a few years then die. Sorry! I'm OK. I'm going to live life the way I want, do what I want. I've made plans to travel for so long then just torn them up, not this time."

"What did your wife say?" Jim asked quietly, not wanting to use her name in case it exposed his feelings.

"Not much. I was surprised. Perhaps she doesn't believe it. Anyway, I'll pack when I get free of this place, she'll believe it then. The mortgage is paid up, she has her inheritance to live on, and she'll be OK."

"Where will you go?"

"Canada first. By train through the Rockies then down through the states to South America, as far as the rails take me. Right down to the tip of Argentina. After that Europe, then there's the trans Siberian railway, right across to China. Melody won't go of course she'd be bored out of her mind." His eyes glowed with the idea of freedom, of the immensity of the plans he had pored over for years.

"That's really something." Jim responded hardly knowing what to say. It would be his idea of hell but then a weekend Jazz festival would probably leave Angus feeling the same way.

"Come over for dinner before I go. I need to thank you for, well, taking care of all this." Angus laughed with a wave of his hand taking in the office.

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