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Maisie Williams: Beach Party


If you go to enough of them, all parties start to feel the same after a while; the same music, the same conversations, the same drinks. And that night was no different. I had been partying a lot around that time. After finishing up Game of Thrones, I needed time to let my hair down, especially after saying goodbye to Arya for the last time. That night, I was at a beach party near my hometown, Bristol. England was about a month into a heatwave that was supposed to only last a week. After months spent filming in heavy costumes, it felt so good to finally wear bikinis again, to feel the soft sand dance between my toes, the sun warming my skin.

It was about 10 o'clock. We had pretty much been drinking all day. I was really buzzed. The party moved into a bar that was about a 2-minute walk from the beach. I sat on a couch with a drink, trying to hide from anyone looking to take selfies with me. The thumping drums blasting through the PA was starting to give me a headache. I flicked through my phone, twirling the straw around with my tongue as Instagram notifications blew up my phone one after an other. 'Valar Morghulis', 'a girl is turnt af' — I've seen all the Arya-related captions a thousand times by now. I decided I needed some fresh air so I took my Vodka Red Bull and pushed open the big glass door that lead out to the beach. The sandy, wooden steps down to the beach tickled my feet as the long, straw grass breathed and swayed in the gentle summer night's breeze.

With every step further from the bar, the thumping pulse of the DJ's beats grew quieter. I began to notice my ears were ringing from the loud music as I stepped closer to the beach. 'God, these parties can't be good for me', I said to myself, wiggling a finger in my ear, trying to stop the ringing. As I got closer to the beach, the lazy sighs of the sea as it washed to and from the shore started to drown out the ringing. The sun made its way behind the horizon, coloring the sky with vivid orange and pink. There was a gazebo overlooking the sea which looked as good a spot as any to stop and think for a while. I walked in and dusted off the white, chipped paint from the top of a wooden panel, and rested my elbows on it, leaning into the sunset. I felt lonely. Maybe it was just the alcohol. Maybe it was the impersonal selfies with fans, but I couldn't shake this hollow feeling deep inside me.

I glanced around and saw a man walking on the beach towards me. He wore a white, collarless shirt rolled up past his elbows, and coffee colored shorts. His mahogany hair was cropped and lazily finger combed back. It was hard to see under his flowing white shirt, but he looked fit. The hazy sunlight cast shadows over his muscular arms, confirming their size. He approached me. Our eyes met. He tilted his head like a confused puppy and furrowed his brow.

'I'm sorry, but, are you... you're Arya Stark, aren't you?' I tilted my head toward him and grinned.

'Yeah, I am. I'm Maisie. Nice to meet you.' I offered my hand. He shook it confidently.

'Would you mind if I...' he said bashfully, raising his shoulders.

'Oh, sure, absolutely.' Presuming he was asking for a selfie, I placed my drink on the ledge, and moved my hand toward his back to get into position for the photo. He turned, facing me, reached around and put his hand on my lower back and pulled me in close, pushing his lips against mine. I let out a small squeak in surprise, but I didn't feel myself pushing away. My head was screaming 'WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING. GET OUT'. But my body wouldn't let me. I leaned in and kissed him back, draping my arms over his shoulders. He laughed, blowing out a little air from his nose onto my top lip. I felt his cheeks rise against mine as he smiled. His hand traced down my lower back until he grabbed a handful of my butt. His other hand grabbed my shoulder. Our bodies were locked together. Our tongues exploring each other's. And all with a complete stranger. It felt so wrong but I couldn't bring myself to stop. I pushed myself up onto the tips of my toes and nibbled his ear.

'What are we doing?' I smiled. 'I don't even know you're name!'

'I'm Andrew.' He chuckled. 'Do you want to stop?'

'No, no. I don't think so.'

'Good. I want you so bad.' He dragged his hand down my thigh and pulled it up, straddling his waist. I arched my neck away from him as he began running his lips along it.

'We should do it right here.' I raised my palm to my mouth and softly gasped.

'What? That would be so naughty', I giggled. Without thinking, I flicked my hair over one shoulder and reached back to the clips of my bikini. It unhooked and fell to the floor. I pulled him close, pressing my bare breasts against his chest. He slid his hands up my waist and gently rubbed his thumbs over my nipples. Shock waves shot down my spine. My skin goose bumped. I dragged his left hand to my mouth and sucked his index finger. We stared deeply into each other's eyes. I caressed his other hand on my breast, directing it as he massaged my nipple. I moved his left hand onto my butt, and traced my hands down his chest to the waist. I ran my hands under his shirt, revealing sculpted abs. I looked up to him and smirked. I breathed out deeply as he sucked and kissed my neck. My hands caressed his waist. I cupped the bulge in his shorts and squeezed, feeling it grow harder through the cloth. He slid his hand under my bikini bottoms, gripping my cheeks.

'Put it in', I moaned impatiently.

'Are you sure?'

'Please.' I pulled the string on both sides of my bikini bottoms. They feathered to the floor, revealing my glistening wet pussy. He began massaging my clit with the palm of his hand. I could feel his hand getting wetter and stickier with each stroke. I slowly pulled down his shorts. His cock sprung out, hitting my waist. He pressed it against my belly. I could feel its heat pumping through into me. My belly felt sticky as his cock wiped precum onto me. I took it in both hands, running my fingers up and down his thick shaft, and gave it a few slow jerks, looking passionately into his eyes. I gradually eased his cock inside me. I let out a soft moan. My pussy was on fire. I frowned my face in pleasure. I pulled his face to mine and sighed, 'are you gonna make me cum?' I rocked my hips back and forth, feeling my pussy grip his thick, hard cock, sliding deeper and deeper. He picked me up, holding me up under my butt. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and my arms tight around his shoulders. He held me up against the wall of the gazebo, knocking my drink off the ledge into the sand. He pushed all of himself into me, hips to hips. He moved faster. The sound of our bodies wildly slapping together bringing me closer to ecstasy.

'Oh, fuck', I panted. 'You're so big.'

'Cum for me, Maisie. Cum for me.'

'You want me to cum on your big, hard cock?' I was breathless. I started to feel a warm sensation well up deep inside me. It spread in waves to every inch of my quivering body. With every push of his cock, I got closer to bliss. My breathing got faster. Shallower.

'Make me cum, then you can cum anywhere you want.' I dragged my lips along his cheek and bit his ear. With one powerful thrust, an orgasm erupted throughout my body like an earthquake. I cried out in uncontrollable pleasure. My whole body gripped him tighter. My toes curled. I moaned with every breath I took. He kept pushing into me, not allowing the sensation to end. I relaxed into his body, paralyzed in euphoria. I let him fuck me. I was powerless. I surrendered to him. To the orgasm. To the moment.

'I'm ready, babe.' I climbed down and sank to my knees. I took his throbbing cock, ready to burst, into my mouth. I could taste my pussy and his precum. I tickled the tip with my tongue, and heard him groan. I felt his whole body sink and relax as he shot burst after burst of hot, salty cum onto my tongue, tickling the back of my throat. My mouth was full and dripping with cum. I had to swallow. I gulped it down, and stared up into his eyes with fiery passion. My tongue played with the tip of his cock, licking off every last drop. He collapsed back against the frame of the gazebo. I got to my feet, and we had one final kiss, sharing the last of the cum on my tongue.

I didn't know what to say. I was speechless. The orgasm weakened my knees; I could barely stand. After we caught our breath, I bent over to pick up my discarded clothes and pulled them back on. He pulled on his shorts. We exchanged numbers, and I stiffly made my way back up the stairs to the bar with my new man, arm in arm.

Maybe meeting fans isn't so bad.

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This is Great please do more of maisie

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