tagGay MaleMake 'Em Scream Ch. 02

Make 'Em Scream Ch. 02


I knew what I was looking at. But I still couldn't believe it. Sweet little Bryan throwing his head back and spasaming on a tranny's cock. What the fuck to the situation and what the fuck to the hard-on in my pants!?

Bryan had known I was there. And he wanted me to enter the room. I wanted to run and hide my throbbing shame but I couldn't seem to turn and go. I opened the door and slowly walked in. Bryan was sitting on his knees watching me. Melanie was sitting back in a chair with her legs spread and her huge cock still rock hard.

"OK Eric I'm sorry for springing this one you. But please don't freak out. This is Melanie."

Melanie stood up and sashayed in her stilettos to me. She held out a large manicured hand and I shook it.

"My full name is Melanie Makeemscream. But you can just call me Ms. Melanie."

Bryan got off the bed and still naked came by my side and took my hand. I didn't know how to react. Uncomfortable because everyone except me was naked, and because I was tenting pretty noticeably in my pants. Or excited because Bryan was naked around me and I was close enough to touch his gorgeous body.

"This is gonna sound crazy but I know Eric. That you like me. And its OK. I like you too. Melanie helps me when I'm horny but we don't have a relationship or anything like that. I want you."

I could feel my insides twist and turn. The butterflies in my stomach turned into trapeze artists flipping around in there. Bryan my best friend just said he wanted me. And I was definitely not gonna doubt how much I wanted him.

I looked at Melanie who was checking her phone, completely out of the situation. Bryan was sleeping with her. He was clearly more experienced then I was. I was still a virgin.

I always knew I was gay. I just wasn't attracted to girls. Not growing up, and not in college. And since I really only wanted one person I just never got around to losing my virginity. But I might have a chance now. To the person I've wanted for the over three years.

"Bryan why didn't you tell me in college. I thought you were straight. I've been keeping this inside of years!"

Bryan turned red and looked down.

"Well I was scared. I could tell you were the settle down type. I thought if I told you that I knew you'd want to be in a relationship. I just wasn't ready. That was then. I know what I want know. Its you. Please forgive me Eric."

I nodded and Bryan pulled me into his tiny frame. As if I wasn't 8 inches taller than him I clung to him. A flood of emotions rushed to the surface. Things I had been holding for years. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't hear Melanie come up behind me.

I could feel her hardness up against my ass as she whispered in my ear.

"You don't mind if I have your boyfriend again do you? I can never get soft unless I bust a second load."

I shook my head no and stepped aside. I didn't mind watching him. I liked it in fact. His beautiful body twisted and moving in a sexual way was enough to make me insane. I sat back in the seat Melanie was previously in.

I watched as Melanie kneeled on the bed and Bryan took his position on his hands and knees. His back arched again as he started to rock back and forth. Melanie held it out and Bryan pushed forward to suck it.

My eyes travel to Bryan's ass. Every forward motion he made his hole seemed to clench. I watched it awe at how sexy this was. As if it were possible my cock got even harder and felt ready to burst out of my pants.

I untied them and started to stroke myself. The red tip was already covered in precum. I groaned softly as my hand sped up.

Melanie was watching me and continued to watch me as she wrapped her hands around the back of Bryan's head. Her hips started to move and I could hear the soft gagging noise coming from Bryan with each thrust.

These faster thrust caused Bryan's cute little bud to expand more and clench harder. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to touch it. And taste it even more. On my knees I crawled toward him until Bryan's ass was just in front of my face.

I could smell Melanie's sweat covered my boy's twitching hole. And mixed with his natural smell it was more than inviting. I spread Bryan's pert little cheeks and was rewarded with a soft little whimper.

I was now intent on pulling out as many moans and whimpers I could from this sexy little man. I leaned in and ate him like he was my last me. I plunged my tongue forward and was granted a serious of sharp moans.

Bryan moves his hip with each backwards thrust so my entire mouth was serving him. Hearing his whimpers and moans had me stroking even faster ready to explode. Melanie removed her cock with a wet plop and stroked it in sync with me.

"Hey Eric. Why don't you fuck your boyfriend's ass so I can cum."

Bryan turned around with swollen red lips and wide eyes. He never looked sexier.

"Please Eric. Please fuck me. I want it so bad."

I was already kneeling behind Bryan and his twitchy little hole seemed to be begging me as well. It was already slick with lube. I lined myself up and sunk slowly into him.

I was astonished at how warm and soft Bryan's hole was. My aching cock was surrounded in a silky strong hold. We both let out a moan sounded almost the same.

I couldn't be slow any more. The man of dreams was accepting me inside of him. I gripped Bryan's hips hard enough to leave a mark and pistoned into him. His little body melded with mine perfectly.

The only thing left was to kiss him. Those red soft lips I had dreamed about were now mine and I would have them. With my hands on his shoulders I pulled Bryan to my chest and started to fuck him upwards.

I could feel myself going deeper bringing an almost shout of pleasure from Bryan. Melanie stepped forward and I watched her stroke herself furiously. Her hand was a blur as she prepared herself for climax.

"Fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum. I'm gonna shoot it on your boyfriend Eric."

Melanie looked into my eyes and groaned louder. As if we were all connected I could feel my orgasm race forward and Bryan's clenched around me as I felt his. I reached around and grabbed Bryan's hard cock.

It sent us all to the brink. My cock spasmed inside of Bryan as his load shot across the carpet and Melanie's load covered Bryan. One united moan that seemed to shake the house erupted from all of us.

When it was over we just held each other, breathless. Melanie got dressed and as of nothing had happened left us kneeling in the middle of the room. Bryan was the first to stand. He turned to me with a red face. His chest had splotches of cum across them.

I pulled him close to me and licked him clean. I didn't mind Melanie's taste. It was bitter like kale. I stood up too and this time it was I who pulled Bryan in for a hug.

Neither of us spoke. He just lead my to the bed and we laid beside each other. I played the big spoon and cuddled my sweet little man. His soft even breathing put me right to sleep.

We spent the rest of spring break locked together like that. We had called for Ms. Makeemscream several times over those two weeks. And she even made me scream. But thats a story I'll save for later.

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by Anonymous

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by sober7110/24/17

Loved it

To answer your question, yes would enjoy reading of his reaction to trans seduction,
One of my fantasies being and enjoying a transsexual.

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by oreolover1308/09/17


Do u guys think a story about Eric and Melanie's fuck time would welcomed? Tell me in the comments.

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