tagGay MaleMake 'Em Scream Ch. 01

Make 'Em Scream Ch. 01


The cab ride from the station to this little suburb was a lot shorter than I expected. Compared to the train ride that is. Spending three nights on two trains was not my ideal way to travel. But this is the life of a broke college kid.

Before he graduated my best friend Ryan said for spring break I should come to his house. He was one year older than me and in all honesty my hugest crush. I was in college now. I was 21 years old. I shouldn't have a crush. Especially on a guy. My dad would kill me if he knew I was gay. But I couldn't help it. Bryan was so cute and small even though he was older than me.

After the multiple rides on public transportation and then squeezing my 6'9 ass into a little cab I was ready for a shower and some sleep. Bryan said I could just come right in and the door was never locked, His neighborhood was very safe and everyone knew each other. The cab dropped me off in front of a cute blue house. It perfectly fit Bryan.

He was no more than 6'2 had light blue streaks in his blond hair and always seemed really at home. And it rubbed off on me in the years we had known each other. After tutoring me in physics we became friends and started to hang out outside of school. I was happy for the company. Being a jock doesn't always mean you're good at making friends.

I was about to reach for his door knob when I stopped myself . It was something I had thought about a lot. Could I stay with Bryan and control the way I feel about him? I hadn't confirmed if he was gay or not. I didn't think so since there was always a new girl he was with. I sighed deeply and scorned myself. It was two weeks. I could keep my feelings at bay for that long. I think.

I turned the doorknob and went in. The house was neat and smelled like vanilla. This is where Bryan got his smell from. He always smelled like vanilla and his hair shampoo. Like the stalker I was I looked at the bottle one day while he was gone. Clean Linen. His car was in the driveway so I knew he was home. He was probably napping. He told me he worked at night.

I walked forward down the hall. As I got closer toward the end I started to hear something faint. It sounded like moaning. Two different types. One was definitely a girl's. My heart dropped. Bryan was straight. As I got closer to the door I noticed it was cracked. I watched the shadows move across the floor. There was a soft slapping sound. I could hear Bryan moaning. It was beautiful. Almost like a girl's. But it was special to him.

"Oh God Melanie! Fuck me harder!"

I took a step back. What? I think I've heard a straight guy say things like that. Like when a girl is in charge they say she fucked them. That was definitely the way this was. Plus her name was Melanie. Clearly a girl. I stepped closer to the door and peeked through the crack. I pushed my bag strap higher up my arm and leaned even closer. What I saw made my mouth drop open.

Bryan and his lithe little body, back arched, and mouth wide open. A long haired woman in red six inch stilettos fucking him. With each thrust a new moan would come from his mouth. She was moaning to. She must have been. That was some impressive strap on she was using on him. It was even bigger than my 8 inches. I looked at her tanned waist and was confused. There were no straps around her waist.

She pulled the dildo out and started to stroke it. I looked closer and felt even more confused. Is it a dildo? Why is she stroking it like that?

"Oh shit. I'm gonna cum! Where do u want it?"

Bryan turned around and starts stroking. I got a look for the first time at his cock. It was an adorable 6 inches. Perfect for his size. His mouth hung wide open and he was breathing hard.

"I want your cum on my face Melanie."

I confirmed two things as a hot load of cum came shooting out and covered Bryan's face. One Melanie was a transvestite and two Bryan looked so sexy with cum on him. My rock hard cock was pressing against my jeans in a terribly uncomfortable way. Bryan collected it on his fingers and started to lick the cum off of them.

He looked towards the door and smiled.

"You can come in now Eric."

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