tagIncest/TabooMake Me Man, Mum Ch. 2

Make Me Man, Mum Ch. 2


**** this is the story 2, continues from Make Me Man Mum. Mom and son went to lingerie shop to buy panties for the son, there they meet Lisa, the owner of the shop and friend of the mom....***

"Oh! Lisa you are so right, I'm sure he wouldn't have any problem if you could shave him." My mom said with a smile and blinked her eye to Lisa.

"Yes, we can do that, I really wonna fuck this young stud", Lisa said.

I laughed from the stud! Hahaha, she will know soon that I'm not such a stud.

I bought my new panties, and I choose another pair of panties, this time a white silk g-string. My mom set up a meeting for the evening with Lisa. We paid and we left for home.

On our way back:

"Mom, I need to thank you for the presents today, I really looking forward to wear those nice panties tonight."

"Thank you my boy, that's what mothers are, after all" said and smiled, and continued, "tonight you have to understand that you will have a special role, Lisa is going to come, and you will be our servant…you will try to fulfill all of our needs. Can you do that my son?"

"I don't know mom, but sure I'll try to make you and Lisa happy."

"that's my boy", my mom said and gave me a big kiss on my cheek.

It was 17:00, and my mom was having a shower, we are expecting Lisa in about two hours. Mom asked me to get in the bathroom. I went there. She was just standing there naked..

"Baby please, could you shave mommy's pussy" Even she was shaved, she obviously wanted to shave her pussy again. I said okay, and I tried to get the foam to apply some on her pussy.

"No, don't waist any foam, we will need it later when Lisa will do you, use please if you can some of your cum."


"oh! Come on son, don't you love mommy, jerk your nice dick, I need your cum, for me to shave."

"okay mom, sorry, but sounds kind of weird"

"oh, probably you don't know it, but male cum is the best for…any occasion, and on the other hand, I really want to see you cuming."

"ok, mom, I'll do it." And with that I drop my trousers down and start jerking my dick off. Looking at my mother's sexy figure I didn't have any difficulty to get my dick hard. Mom was standing and watching me, and I could see the lust in her eyes.

"yes baby, jerk it good, mmm I'm sure you enjoy it very much" mom said..

"yes son, yes, now I want you to put your index finger in your ass."

"give that finger to mom, mom will lubricated a bit" said and licked my finger

"…good, now stick it in baby!"

with my right hand I was still jerking off my dick, and with the left I was playing with my asshole, the excitement was tremendous, though my ass was really dry.

"..now another one finger…in your cute ass, do it son."

I was having some problems to fit the other finger inside me, although I wanted too much to satisfy mom. Left hand was not good for the job, so I stopped playing with my dick, I put some saliva on my two fingers and put them up in my ass.

"deeper son, go deeper, your ass has a lot of space"

I really couldn't go any deeper, but with that mom got mad at me.

"I told you to go deeper, come on here". Mom was obviously wanted to take charge of me, she made me bend over, and spread my asscheeks apart.

"when I say deep, I mean that deep." Said and stuck her finger all the way up my rear end.

"..and when I say two fingers I mean two finers son", and with that I felt two fingers spreading me apart.

"oh! Mom, that's so fuckin' good" I said and keep strocking my dick

"wait to see this baby…mom will fist your ass now, all the way baby"

Mom moved her fingers out and then I felt three!!! Fingers coming against my ass, she couldn't get the fingers in, so she took some baby oil, and poured on her finger and my asshole.

"yeah, now it's better, I'll make that ass of yours capable to take a full hand in!"

"mom, please put your fingers back in my ass, move them in and out hard, I want you to fuck me mom, please" I said whilst I was playing with my dick.

"oh son! My lovely gay son, my lovely boy. Mom is fucking you boy" .

Three fingers were up into my ass, and mom, was doing and excellent job there, she was moving really fast her fingers in and out, in all the way and out. I was about to come.

"mom I'm cuming, I'm cuming mom"

"in my palms baby, give mom's the precious juices of yours"

And with that I started to cuming in my mom's hands. I felt like I was going to tear apart, the orgasm was one of the greatest I have ever experienced. Mom was holding my dick soaking cum into her palms.

She took the cum and applied it on her venus mount and to her outer lips till down her thighs.

"Now, baby take the Gillette and shave mommy's sexy pussy"

I did as she asked, and from my surprise she was right, cum had made her fuzz very smooth and easy to shave it. After I finished with her pussy, mom rinsed out her self and stepped out of the shower.

"Come on take a shower yourself, and get dressed, I will have some clothes on your bed to wear, and get hurry, Lisa should be coming soon!"

I washed my self good and went to my room to get dressed. From my surprise, mom has special ideas for me. I saw the black panties I bought early this day and a black mini skirt and a red blouse . Gosh! I thought, she wants me to dress like a girl. The idea of that made my dick to swollen again.

I put my new g-string on, then the skirt, and the red blouse. I didn't wear any shoes, after all it was just a few months since we've changed our carpet, and I went downstairs.

The door bell rung, mom went to open the door. I was sitting on the couch, with my legs crossed the way my mom does. I was so horny. Lisa came in with mom.

"oh! My god, he is gorgeous", Lisa said.

"thank you mrs Lisa" I replied.

"well, well, what we have here" continued, "I'm sure you're wearing those nice black panties you bought from my store today!?"

"yes of course I do" I smiled to her.

"did you shave your dick?"she asked me.

"oh! No he didn't, we were waiting for you Lisa, to have him shaved." My mom answered the question instead of me.

"so let's go and do it, if I remember correct, bathroom is upstairs.".."but you" Lisa said looking at my mother, "you have to stay here, we'll be back soon, don't worry your boy is in good hands"

my mom agreed and told me not to embarrass her, and be the good boy I am with Lisa.

"Now, I have to ask you to take off all of your clothes" lisa said as we entered the bathroom.

I did as she asked and stood in front of her, she was sitting on the toilet.

"well you are not too hairy, that's good, I have a special spray here, with that we will remove all the hair from your body, from your breast, your legs and arms. And then we shave your balls, dick and ass. Is that ok my boy?"

"wow! Yeah sure it is mrs Lisa, I don't like those hairs at all."

And with that, Lisa started to apply the special spray all over my body. We waited for 5 minutes and then she rinsed out the spray as well with the hair. Then she took some foam and started to shave with care my "bush» and the balls. After she finished with that, my dick was looking like I was still going in the primary school. She didn't mention anything about my hardon. Then she asked me to bend over and keep my asscheeks spread. She shaved my ass very gently.

"your asshole, looks great now"

"really mrs Lisa, thank you very much"

"now I'm going downstairs, so get dressed and come join us the sooner.",she said and left the bathroom.

I was so horny I couldn't wait for her to fuck me, I dressed really quick and I went downstairs. There was my mother on her knees, naked, licking an artificial dick strapped on mrs Lisa's waist.

"oh you came already, your mom, was preparing my "tool" for you boy." Mrs. Lisa said with a big smile.

"I'm ready for you mrs. Lisa" I replied

"Your son is really a bitch!, so you're ready huh, ok turn around and go against that wall, I'll fuck you like a bitch on the streets"

with that my mom, stopped taking the dildo, and stood up. she came beside me and put the skirt up, she didn't take the panties off but she just pull the string a bit on the side, and started licking my asshole. I felt once again the warm tongue of my mother in my ass. my dick was throbbing hard! she did good job with her mouth and when she finished she announced.

"He is ready for you now"

"He better will" Lisa said and placed the tip of the strapon on my ass, she moved a bit and I felt the plastic cock's head in my asshole. oh it was so good. automatically I started playing with my dick.

"Leave you dick for mommy" my mom said and with that she slipped over my legs and put my hard cock into her sexy mouth.

Mmmm, I was in heaven, mrs. Lisa was fuckin' my ass and at the same time my lovely mom was giving me one of the best blow jobs. the dildo was all into my ass, it was not more than 7'', and my dick was all into my mother's mouth.

"you dick looks great shaved son, I love to have it in my mouth." mom said.

Lisa was not saying nothing, she was just fucking my ass really hard. I felt like coming, so I said:

"I'm cumming mom"

"yes son, cum on my mouth, cum!" mom said and grab my balls and squeezed them gently.

I couldn't stand anymore so I big load of cum came out of my balls. my mom was doing a great job swallowing all this cum. I wanted to fell, it was the best..but!

"I'm not over with you bet, bitch" mrs Lisa said "I will keep fucking you till your dick is up again."

and with that she pushed even more inside me.

"oh! mom, please I cant do that" I said in a crying way.

"oh! now he asks for his mother, I'm sure that your mother cant help you on that. you wanted to play naughty..I'll show you good naughty boy" Lisa said and by placing her hand over my waist pushed me hard on the dildo.

after good 5 minutes of raping. I started to feel ok again. my mom noticed that and asked for lisa to switch. they put me on my knees and mom wearing a black strapon at least 10'' replaced Lisa. Lisa, took off the dildo and swoing me her wet pussy asked me to lick it till she cum.

mom was fucking better than Lisa, she was doing cycles with the dildo inside my ass and she was touching my dick whenever she could. when I saw Lisa's sexy pussy understood why she was so eager to shave me. she had a hairy pussy. it was really difficult for me to find her clitoris. although I had a kind of experience due to mommy's lesson.

"oh! mrs. Lisa I think you also need to apply some of that spray you applied on me before.." I said teasingly.



you could see her fingers on my red cheek

"Don't comment bitch, just lick me dry, understood!?" mrs Lisa said.

after that I understood why my mother told me that I will be the servant! I didn't say anything else but I thought to punish this old whore.

I licked her clit very good, I put all my efforts on that, she was obviously very horny, and I cause mom still fucking my ass. then I put on finger on her pussy. lisa moaned and that gave me the courage to continue. I put another finger in her pussy. she was so fuckin horny. a thought crossed my mind. with my other hand I put a finger in her asshole, also hairy! yeah I was fucking with my hands her pussy, her ass and with my tongue her clit.

"mmmm you little bastard, you little bitch, you fuck gooood!!"

"yes I'll cum mmmmmm"

"oh god I'm cuming!!!"

"I'm cuming too" I said

Mrs. Lisa, with a big scream cum on my fingers. I licked and swallow her juices. mom put the dildo out of my ass and stroked my dick. I cum again and felt down the carpet with my eyes closed.

"Mom thank you, it was the best!" "Lisa you are the best thank you!' I said

"Yeah we thank you too boy!!" Lisa said!

"can we repeat that some other time" I asked

"yes sure we can," my mom said "actually lisa was thinking to bring her nephew next time, it will be nice for you to fuck a male ass and get fucked by a real dick!, what do u say baby"

"what can I say... Make Me Man, Mum!!!" I said and blinked my eye.

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