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Make Me Your Bitch!


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

Bright glares from the fluorescent lights created an illuminated view of the room. Fans were spinning over to the left side of the room while the weights and fitness cycles were in use. The gym was usually in good use during the afternoon hours of the week day. Right now, a handful of men and women were operating the tools given to have a proper work out. A man took a deep breath as he laid back on the weight training bench and began to lift. Shirtless, the sweat dripped from his ripped abs. This was a common occurrence within the week for him to work out. A gold Cuban link necklace with a dollar sign dangled from his neck down over his black skin. From his ears were a pair of expensive headphones playing soft music while he lifted the large weight and did his work out.

Michael M. Bishop was a busy man with talents. The 26 year old rapper had become a star just three years ago with a hit on his debut album. It helped that he was signed to a major record label. From a teenager, he had spent most of his time dancing and training. Before he began to rap, he wanted to become a break dancer. That all changed 6 years ago after his 20th birthday when he stepped in with a friend and hit the stage to rap. A local club in L.A. that was frequented by a big name music mogul noticed the young man as proper talent to become a star. After three years in the background serving as a backing vocalist and writing lyrics for established singers, Michael got his big break; changing his name from 'Michael M.' to 'Money Mike' on record.

At 6"5, he had taken care of his body with routine work outs to build up muscles. It was part of his image, to take his shirt off in videos or on stage and show off his strongly built black body. Every Tuesday and Wednesday he did work outs at a gym, while using Thursday to do a 2 hour jog. He kept his head shaved with just short hair and occasionally put a big diamond ear ring up in his left ear. Only a tattoo of a Roman numeral 'VI' remained on his left chest over his heart. The meaning being that he was the sixth son in his family. Growing up in tough times with a poor family, he never forgot the struggle of where he came from. Often times using his lyrics to demonstrate the struggle, when he wasn't rapping about money and his sexual adventures.

While slowly lifting the weight, he felt his phone vibrating in the pocket of his shorts. Taking in a deep breath, Mike lifted the weight slowly back on the rack above him. He reached his hand into his pocket then and answered his phone, bringing it up to his ear.


"Hello Michael, are you busy right now?"

He leaned up from the weight bench and sat up before answering back. It was his manager in studio: David Jones.

"I was working out, ya know? It's Tuesday after all."

"Oh yeah, I know. But I had to call you about something that's come up. Can you come to the studio within an hour or so?"

"What for?"

"We need your input on a new producer that has made some backing tracks for you. I know, you already did 5 songs on some of your own backing tracks but I think you're gonna like this better."

Mike rolled his eyes while talking on the phone. David could be such an annoyance sometimes with changing his mind about an album. There was no sense in really arguing with the old man though. Mike did appreciate everything he had done for him to help him make a career, he would feel bad if he talked down to the guy.

"Fine, I'll come over right away."

"Great, I'll be expecting you."

The phone clicked hanging up and now Mike took a sigh as he got up from the work bench. This was calling off a work out early, but at least he got the 2 hours in. He made his way out of the gym's main room to retreat back to where he had his locker and to change out of his work out clothes. After changing, he would have to hit the road and take the short drive out back to the studio. First, he figured it was not a hassle to drop by and have a little snack from a drive thru fast food joint. After all the working out he did, nothing hurt to splurge a little from his diet.



Mike took his time going from point A to point B and finally to the studio. He pulled up his BMW and stepped out, wearing a low cut T-shirt with an old 80's metal band on it and his blue jean shorts. Below, he had a cheap pair of sneakers. Despite the millions of dollars he had, he wasn't one to blow his money on fashion choices. A casual dress code made him blend in out of the public eye. He took the back door to the studio, knowing that where he always had to go was upstairs where his sessions room remained. Going up the long staircase, David awaited for his younger musician as he came at him with a smile over his face. The old man was in his 60's and had been a long time companion in the business.

"There you are, Michael! Come along, there's someone else here for you to meet."

Ignoring his manager's words, Mike walked right past him as they moved to the door facing one of the session rooms. From the right side of the room, he looked over to see a short blonde haired woman standing in a pair of black shorts and a low cut black shirt. Her belly button was obviously pierced, but without a ring today. His eyes wandered over a strong built stomach with amazing abs, just before he looked up to see a nice pair of breasts and a face with the most beautiful smile. There was no way Mike could mistake this woman, it was Britney Spears. He froze in his tracks as Britney looked at him and smiled.

"Hi, you're Money Mike right?"

She said his name! He smiled big before nodding and replying.

"Yeah, and you can't tell me that you ain't Britney Spears."

"What if I told you I'm not, would you believe me?"

He laughed at her as she offered her hand out to him. Mike shook her hand as David walked on by and then spoke up.

"There she is! Michael, this is Britney Spears as you know. Britney here is looking for new talent to record on a new song of hers. She needs someone who can rap good, maybe you?"

Looking back at Britney, Mike watched her nod before she spoke up.

"Yes, I need someone for a lead single to help me out. I'd like you to be a choice."


"Yes you, silly! You're Money Mike after all, I love your style!"

David looked over at both of them to get Mike's attention, but the young man's eyes were glued to Britney. This was his crush as a young boy and to have her say his stage name and want to work together? That was enough to make him feel like he had finally made it somewhere in the music industry. When it seemed apparent that David could not get his attention, he spoke up.

"Britney, I hope you don't mind waiting for a minute. I have to introduce Michael here to a couple producers working on his new album."

"Oh, that's okay! I ain't going anywhere!"

She smiled at him as she watched David walk him into the door to the sessions room. Once the door shut, Mike was too excited to contain himself.

"Why didn't you tell me I was gonna be meeting Britney Spears? I would have rushed over here instead of taking my time."

"It was supposed to be a surprise, I didn't think you were gonna be that ecstatic over some washed up pop star."

"Hey man, she might not be hitting #1 singles anymore, but that woman's body is still bangin'."

David rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah...Come on, this is the producer I want you to meet. This is Franklin T."

Across the room sat a black man in a denim jacket with a couple of necklaces on. He flashes Mike a two fingers as 'peace' before the two walked over to shake hands in a proper introduction. Outside the studio room, Britney bit her lower lip before she was escorted downstairs back into the waiting hall. She was happy that she found the one rapper she wanted for her lead single on a new album. At the moment, she was working to make her new album more urban and modernized. She knew that she couldn't make every song a dance hit in the clubs, there had to be another audience to reach out to.

In a strange coincidence, Britney's management realized that she already was on the same label as Money Mike. She had heard all about him as the new hot shot rapper over the past few years. Britney had seen some of his music videos a couple months back and was impressed. From there on, she had figured he was someone she wanted to work with for a lead single that could possibly shoot up the charts for multiple genres. Little did she know of how much he admired her. She was the one white woman he had the biggest crush on back during his teen years and that feeling never went away. Mike couldn't get his mind off Britney as he met Franklin.

Within 30 minutes of the meet with Bishop, Mike already was thinking about the song that Britney wanted. He discussed ideas with Bishop and listened to a couple backing tracks that had already been edited. Nodding his head, he was already impressed. Only with a couple tweaks of slowing down verses, that's all his old tracks would need to be edited with new instrumentals. Once the two came to a quick agreement, he left the session room and set his mind on Britney. Down the hall, he met her in the waiting room giving her a big smile before sitting down next to her.

"Sorry about that Britney, kinda embarrassment. To meet you and get pulled away into a room like that..."

He shook his head and she laughed.

"Oh, don't worry about it! It's happened to me before too! I know how it is, you stay busy in the studio."

"Yeah, well I wanted to come out and see you. You said something about working on a single together.

Britney nodded.

"I already have the song worked out and on disc. There's a cut in it where I just need one verse where you can do your rapping stuff. At the end, you can do some fill ins over the final chorus."

Mike nodded.

"Alright, that sounds good. You got the song on you now?"

Giving him a little smile, she reached into her purse and handed him a burned blank CD with a heart marker written over it.

"There you go. If you want to do it, I'd be very happy."

"Me? I can't believe you, Miss. Britney Spears wanting to work with me!"

Laughing at him, Britney smiled big.

"What person wouldn't want to work with you? I saw that last music video of yours that had all the girls dancing in it. Some of those are my dancers, you know?"

Giving him a wink, Mike smiled big and just shook his head.

"No, no...I didn't know that, wow!"

"Yeah, who do you think taught them to shake it like that?"

She clapped her hands as he laughed. Mike just smiled as he accepted the CD from her and held it in his left hand.

"They learned from the best, that's all I can say. I'll give this a listen and see what I can come up with."

Nodding her head, Britney smiled.

"Alright, call me up when you have something done. You got your phone on you?"

"Yeah, right here."

"Let me see it."

Mike reached into his right pocket and grabbed his phone before handing it to her. Britney immediately pulled up the contacts and inserted her name in and her personal cell phone number before handing him the phone back.

"There you go, call me when you have it done. Or you can text, I like to text anytime."

"I will do, so how long are you town for?"

"2 weeks before I go back to Vegas. I'm taking some time off to relax. Maybe we can hang out sometime after you're done with that song."

"I'd be honored."

Britney smiled big when he said those words. A man like him would be honored to spend time with her, she knew he was attracted to her. She watched him rise up from his seat and then wave at her.

"I'll see you around Britney, it was my pleasure to meet you."

"Oh no sweetie, the pleasure was all mine."

She winked at him before he smiled and began to walk back upstairs. Mike's mind was all over the place now. He finally got to meet his dream woman in life. It didn't matter if she was in her 30's or not, she still looked beautiful. To him, Britney would always be the legendary pop princess. To be able to work in a song with her was something he had only dreamed of years ago when he first was getting started. Right now, he was planning on listening to her song and working out vocals for it. She didn't exactly give him a due date for the finished product, but that wasn't going to stop him from working on it. Mike liked to get things done on time and put a dedicated working effort into his music.



Wednesday afternoon came with a change in schedule. Despite it being one of his gym days to work out, Mike called it off and hit the studio by himself. The previous night, he stayed up listening to Britney's song and letting his mind get a creative flow of what to do with it. There was a tight spot for about a minute where he had time to add in a rap verse. Usually, he liked to free style something on the spot but today he was doing something different. This wasn't some pop star or anyone else asking for a favor, this was Britney Spears. Mike wasn't going to waste her time, he wanted to make sure he got something that she would love.

He spent two hours thinking up lyrics and getting a flow going of his rap to put in her music. The song was about love and a relationship, so he decided to add in a little something. As if he was a character dating her in the song, making reference to those curves and her voluptuous body. Near the end, he did fills on the chorus ending for her from request. Going through the song again and again to make sure he had worked it perfectly, Mike wasn't exactly done after he had mixed his vocals on track. He wanted to try and impress Britney even more by remixing the song.

For the last few hours in the studio, he used his mixing software and worked the magic to split the song up and begin to remix the instrumental beat in the background. It took over an hour to get a good instrumental mixed and isolate her vocal tracks. After he was done, he added in another verse of his rapping. A verse that spoke of her to 'move that body and shake that ass'. Mike often had sexual lyrics in his songs, when he wasn't singing about money. He had nothing but lustful desires for Britney, something he had dreamed about for years. He didn't care if he pretty much put those thoughts out in the open with the remix. He wanted to fuck her, something to dream about at night.

After he was done with his remix, he texted her from the studio. She quickly replied within seconds to send him an email address to send the songs to. At the computer, Mike wasted no time at all uploading them in a file from his email account and then sending them over. Once he was done, he turned the computer off and turned out the lights to the studio to retreat back home to his mansion. It wasn't until he got in his car did he receive a text back from Britney in all caps 'FUCKING YES, I LOVE IT'. He smiled big when he read her text. Another one followed 'OMG, hot beats!' She seemed to be very satisfied with the songs. A couple minutes later, his phone was ringing with her calling. He answered it before shoving his key into the ignition of the car. Britney spoke loudly.

"Oh my god! I fucking love this! You did an amazing job and I like the remix too! It's hot!"

"I'm glad you like it, Britney. I worked hard all day on-"

"I love don't like it, I LOVE IT! Especially the remix!"

He couldn't believe how excited she sounded over the phone, cutting him off in his words. Britney spoke up again.

"I just sent the songs back to my management for the single. Look, please don't put it on social media or anything. My team wants this single to be a secret right now and a bit surprise to the fans. I might even be able to get a music video going for it."

Mike gasped when he heard the words about a video.

"If you're doing a video, can I be in it?"

"Of course! Oh my god, we can wear matching money symbol necklaces like that chain you got!"

She laughed at him over the phone, he couldn't believe what all she was saying. Britney spoke back up again.

"So...Mike, what are you doing Friday? Are you gonna be busy?"

"No, I won't be busy at all. I am going jogging tomorrow though. I always like to jog on Thursdays unless I'm on tour."

"Mmmm, nice. I like a man that takes care of his body. Would you mind inviting me over Friday afternoon? I wanna see your place."

His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he starred down at the steering wheel of his car. Britney Spears just asked to come over to his place. He felt this was a dream.

"You serious? You wanna come over to my crib?"

"Yeah! I wanna see Money Mike's crib! Let me see this place you rap about in your songs."

He laughed at her words. He couldn't believe her, knowing that she was listening to his music and taking note like that.

"Alright, you got it. Friday, that's our day."

"Yay! Thank you for the remix hun, I will call you Friday morning and we can make plans."

Hanging up the phone, Mike couldn't help but sit there thinking about the whole thought. His world had been changed since yesterday when this woman walked into his life. Now she wanted to come over to his place. He couldn't help but think about the fact she mentioned his songs. He had a number of songs where he talked about bringing girls back to his crib and fucking them. Could Britney have been listening to those songs? Did she want to become one of those women he referenced in his music? He already was thinking about the possibility if he could fuck her, let alone put it in a song to brag about such an achievement in life. He let the thought slip his mind momentarily as he started the car and began to drive back home.



The morning sun had risen as one would always expect. With no bad weather in sight, this Friday looked like a usual L.A. day. Mike had did his jogging around the neighborhood yesterday but he just could not shake the thought of Britney on his mind. The fact that she wanted to be invited over to his place was enough to put his mind in a different place. He made sure yesterday that his mansion was cleaned up to impress the guest who would be arriving during the afternoon. Outside, the swimming pool to his mansion sat with a Greek statue that poured out the water into the oval shaped pool. It was his pride and joy, the part of his home he was the most proud of.

For Britney, she couldn't help but play into this rapper's mind. She had heard his music and all the lyrical bragging of his sex life. Weather it was all a show in the music or not, she didn't care. She had been single for over a year now and happily living a life where she could indulge in sexual fun without it ended up all over the paparazzi gossip magazines. She thought about him all morning before finally making the call and getting his address to the mansion out in the hills. It would be 1 PM by the time her white Mercedes Benz was pulling into his driveway. This gave Mike just enough time to be ready waiting for her.

He dressed down for himself. Just a white muscle shirt and some cargo shorts, no jewelry needed for today. Mike wanted to show her his strong muscles over his body, though he was more concerned about what she would be wearing. A couple minutes later, he would have this answer revealed for himself. He watched the white car pull into the driveway and Britney stepped out by herself. The sun shined down over her glasses as she stood tall in a pair of black high heels. Her legs were covered in stone washed blue jeans with a big leather belt over them. Like a couple days ago, Mike could see her amazing built stomach. This time, she had a silver piercing in her belly button and a low cut white top to finish off her outfit.

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