Make Up


Hi, let me tell you about myself before I start my story. At the time of this story I was about 44 years old. In my entire married life, I think my wife dressed up with makeup and lipstick maybe once or twice. I think my wife look good enough that she didn’t need any of that stuff. I came from a blue-collar family and I don’t remember my mother ever wearing any makeup either. So I guess I never gave it any thought. This is about my first experience with a woman who wore makeup.

I met Linda where I worked. She worked in the assembly room and I was a manufacturing engineer. We hit it off right away. Now Linda was also the one of the first black women I ever met. When I came to work at this company I had no such acquaintances. I came from the valley and the places I worked did not have many blacks working for them. But this was a new company and they had blacks all over. For some reason I got along with them very well. I met many black guys and made friends with them easily. I also met a lot of black women and I hit off with them even better. Maybe it was because I was Mexican-American. I’m not really sure.

Linda and I started going out together after work just for drinks and for the pleasure of each other’s company. I work far enough from work that I could tell my wife that traffic was bad and it took me a long time to get home. She never asked about my coming home late so that playing around after work was no problem. It was on one of those liaisons that I told Linda that I never been with or kissed a woman who wore makeup. She then asked me to pick her up Friday afternoon at her home.

When I went over Linda’s house to pick her up, she met me at the curb. When I looked at her I was surprised to see that she had on makeup and purple lipstick on. She wore a purple satin blouse and a mid length black skirt. I have never seen her like this before. Most of the time she we went out right from work and she had no makeup on and wore jeans and a T-shirt. As she came to the car door I thought she looked fantastic. I guess the makeup enhanced her features in some way. All of a sudden here was this very good-looking lady getting into my car. I took her to a nice restaurant to have dinner and a few drinks. I couldn’t get over how good she looked. Now she was not bad looking even without makeup. This just gave her a whole new appearance.

After a while I asked if she would like to go outside. She said, "yes, I sure would like that". When we got outside she turned to me stepped into my arms and gave me the most sensuous kiss I ever received. Her tongue entered my mouth and circled around my tongue. Her tongue tasted wet and warm with a smoothness I had never felt before. Her arms encircled my head and held me in place. When she broke off the kiss she said let’s go to the motel down the street. We got in my car and I drove like a mad man to the motel. When we entered the motel room we embraced and kissed again. Her hands began working on my shirt as I tried to remove her blouse. She backed away and wouldn’t let me remove her blouse, but she continued to work on my shirt and pants. As she removed my clothes she still had all her clothes on. I was standing there in the middle of the room in just my boxers. She stepped back and told me to take a good look at her.

She stood there in her purple blouse and a black skirt. Her makeup accented what she had on. Funny this was the first time I really noticed that. Linda was not too tall; the top of her head came to my shoulders. She stood there posing and letting me look at her. Her breasts seem to push against the blouse straining to get out. Her legs were alluring as they reached out from under her skirt. They were dark, long and very smooth. She stood there like a model, very beautiful, dark and mysterious.

Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse; it was like watching a show just for my benefit. As the blouse opened I got a glimpse of her bra bound breasts. The bra was purple and her breasts were about a 36C, she filled the bra to over flowing, they looked like they were about ready to burst out. She came close to me and told me that the clasped was in the front. I reached over to her and began to undo it with shaking hands. Just as it was about to open I held the two sides of her bra together and slowly let her breasts escape. They spilled out just as I thought they would. When I looked at her I notice that her lipstick had matched her bra. Now with her standing there, blouse off and her bra in my hands. She was even more appealing. When I opened her bra, her nipples stood straight out waiting to be kissed. I wasted no time in putting my mouth on them. My tongue made circles around those quickly hardening points of flesh. I moved from one to other, I couldn’t make up my mind as to which one I wanted in my mouth. Linda pulled back and slowly took off her skirt. This lady had no need for nylons; her legs were as smooth as silk. She had purple silk panties on too, matching her lipstick. This excited me on like nothing else. Everything she had on matched her makeup and lipstick perfectly. This had all been done for my benefit. I loss no time in showing her my appreciation. I pulled her panties off to expose her well-trimmed bush. Again she pulled back.

She reached out and pulled my boxers down, and got to her knees. With one fast motion she inhaled my now fully erect penis. This was the first time I ever felt lipstick on my cock. It felt kind of filmy, like her lips had oil on them or something. Her lips flowed smoothly down my cock. It was a new experience and a great feeling. Linda’s head bobbed back and forth as she pumped and sucked like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes she pushed me on to the bed. I lay there waiting for her to get on the bed too. But to my surprise she had reach into her purse and pulled out a purple lipstick.

She then straddles my chest and starts to redo her lips. When she finishes putting on her lipstick, she lifts herself up and impales herself on my now pointing to the ceiling cock. I arched up to meet her thrust. With her hands on my shoulders she bends over to kiss me with her newly painted lips. At the same time grabbing my cock with her pussy. Her hips move up and down to a rhythm only we can feel. Her pussy seems to pull at my cock, sucking it in farther and faster. Her lips moved all over my face and chest, at times biting my own nipples. It was a sensational feeling! As she leans over me I reached up and fondled her breasts, my thumbs and forefinger tweaking her nipples and making small circles around both her erect nipples. With her pumping my cock she was able to control every aspect of our lovemaking. She was definitely in charge. She was working us both into a frenzy. She was bouncing up and down on my cock; I was arching to meet her every move. My hands roaming all over her body cupping her ass. I knew it would only be a New York minute before she would make me climax. But to my delight she it looked like she was going to climax first! Her load moaning filled the room. Her head tilted back, mouth open, gasping for air, and eyes rolling in her head. I knew she was about to cum! To my pleasure we would both climaxed at the same time. With a big gasp of air, her juices started to flow over my hard working cock. At that I let loose with a gusher that filled her pussy with my hot cum and it flowed back over my cock.

It took a few minutes but she started to calm down. Her hard thrusts turn into a sitting and enjoying the feeling. Me, I relished in the feeling of her still holding on to my cock with her pussy, only not as tight. It was now a more relaxed hold on my semi hard cock. Her glazed eyes looked down on me and a smile came over her face. She asked me how did it feel making love to a lady with lipstick and makeup on. I answered that the makeup didn’t do anything for me but the lipstick sure made me feel something. The smoothness and feel of her lips on my cock was something I never had felt before. Again she just smiled and reached for her lipstick once again. I knew in a few minutes we would start all over again!

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