tagRomanceMaking Decisions Pt. 03

Making Decisions Pt. 03

byDG Hear©

This is the conclusion to this story. You may want to read Parts 1 and 2 first, if you haven't already done so. A big thank you to Mistress Lynn and Techsan for editing this story for me.

Chapter 5: Being with Kimmy

We started to date regularly after our discussion about my past and of course buying her Puggy helped too. "Thank you Dad for the suggestion."

We started to date regularly. Saturday was our date night seeing we worked different shift. On Sundays we did family things, either with her family or mine. My brothers couldn't get over how nice Kimmy was. They would tell her that she could do much better. I went along but it did piss me off some.

We did go to the zoo and to the aquarium. We attended our nieces' and nephews' games, plays or whatever they were in. One weekend I asked her if she wanted to go to Indiana to meet my sister and her family. We waited for a holiday weekend so we could have three days to travel and visit. My sister Sally loved Kim. How could she not? Everyone loves angels. Ben said I did good; it made Kimmy blush.

We had a wonderful visit. Kim slept on the extra bed in the basement and I slept on the couch. Like mom, Sally was rather old fashioned too. Maybe she didn't realize it but Kim was almost as old fashioned as her.

After we got back, Kimmy thanked me for being so understanding in our sexual arena. I told her I figured she would let me know when she was ready. She did let me feel her breasts and her mound through her panties. Whenever we reached that sexual point of no return, we stopped. It was hard on me but I would wait for as long as it took. I guess it's another reason why I knew I loved her. Abstaining wasn't a word I was used to.

When I got off work one Friday night I went home and undressed down to my white briefs. I had sat down on the couch where I slept about half the time, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it just a little and there stood Kimmy.

"Kimmy, are you alright? What are you doing here? Come on in." I forgot all I had on was my briefs but I didn't care.

It was midnight and she has never been to my apartment. I was very nervous for her. I thought for sure something was wrong.

"I have something to ask you. You have to be honest as possible," said Kim.

"What is it? I told you I would never lie to you."

"Do you love me? I mean really, really love me?"

Without a hesitation I replied. "Kimmy, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for you. You are my life, you're my reason for living. Why are you asking me this?"

"I want you to make love to me. I don't want sex, I don't want to just get fucked. I want you to make love to me right now."

"Kimmy, I have to ask what brought this on."

"I've wanted you for a long time and it has been weighing heavily on me. You take me places, even to your sister's in Indiana. You always stop when I ask you to. I love you, Jimmy, and I want you to make love to me."

I brought her to me very gently and hugged her. I then kissed her very sensually and she was returning it.

"Jim, are your sheets clean?" she smiled. I knew she wanted to cut the tension we were having.

One thing about being in the service is you learn to keep a clean house. Right now I was very thankful for that.

"Yes, Dear, I hardly ever sleep on them," I smiled back as she walked into my bedroom.

Thank God, it was halfway clean. Kimmy stood in front of me and started to unbutton her blouse. I asked her to let me do it. After unbuttoning one button, I stopped to kiss her again. I did that after each button. After undoing the last one I pulled her blouse off her shoulders and set it on a chair. I hugged and kiss her once again. While kissing her, I unclasped her bra. I took one step back and took it off of her shoulders. It quickly joined her blouse on the chair.

Next I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. I saw her pink panties that matched her bra. I put my hands behind her inside her jeans, squeezed her ass cheeks and then continued to slide the jeans down her butt. I had her sit on the edge of the bed as I pulled them off the rest of the way. I leaned forward and kissed her mound through her panties. She was so beautiful and I told her so.

She was very quiet and just watching me. I could tell she was extremely nervous. I didn't do much talking either. We could hear the sound of the TV I had left on in the living room. I kissed her some more to help ease her nervousness.

We slipped into the middle of the bed and began kissing again. She wanted to be made love to and I was going to do exactly that. I wanted it as bad as she did. We kept kissing as I gently massaged her breasts. One then the other, I took each into my mouth and sucked on her nipples. She was making little noises all the while. Her nipples were taut as I kissed lower. I was kissing and licking every inch of her belly. I moved lower into that erogenous zone below her belly button.

I kissed and licked this area of her body, while listening to her moans of delight. I was between her legs and could smell her sex as I slowly removed her pink panties. I kissed her muff and moved lower.

"Jim, please be very gentle with me. I want you so bad but I'm a bit nervous too. I also need you to wear a condom. I'm not on the pill. I'll go see the doctor about getting on them. I hope you're not mad at me."

I know it seems odd but I thought about my dad for just a second. He told me I should always wear a condom because many women try to trap a man with a pregnancy. Here was my beautiful Kimmy telling me to make sure I wore a condom. There was no doubt in my mind that if she got pregnant, I'd marry her in a second.

"Mad at you? I love you Kimmy. I'm just so happy you're here."

I took my thumb and began to rub the nub of her clit. She was so soft and moist. She kept pushing her pussy against my fingers. I opened her lower lips with my thumbs and saw why she was so worried. Her hymen was still in place. She was still a virgin.

I thought about some of the stupid things I had wondered about her. I now saw why she wanted to make sure I was in love with her. She was giving me her love. I separated her lips again and began licking and sucking. Soft, wet, moist, pink, it was all there. I kissed and licked till I heard her have a climax.

"Oh, God, Oh, God, I'm coming, I'm coming, Jimmy...coming, Jimmy," she growled from deep in her throat..."AAHHHH!"

She had her pussy pushed against my face. Her thighs were literally squeezing my head. I knew she was in ecstasy but I had a hard time breathing. Finally she came down from her climax and took the pressure off her thighs and I could breathe normally again.

She looked at my red squashed head and said, "Oh, God, Jimmy, I'm so sorry; it felt so good, I hope I didn't hurt you."

"Kimmy, you just made me the happiest man alive. For the record, I love you and will do that for you anytime you ask. Are you ready for...for...?"

"Yes, Jimmy, make me your woman," she smiled.

I slipped my briefs off, slipped on a condom and rubbed the head of my cock against her slit. Every time I started to push it in I could hear Kimmy hold her breath.

"Do it, Jimmy; it will only hurt for a few seconds. I love you, Jimmy"

I pushed my cock in about three inches and stopped. I heard Kim scream out.

"Aahh, Aaayyy, whew, Ok now, Jimmy, just please go slow to start. I'm not used to this, in case you didn't notice," she smiled.

In and out, in and out, first slowly and then faster. We were both now pushing against each other. "Oh, God, Jimmy, you feel so good, make love to me, Jimmy, make love to me."

I don't know how long we did it but I held off as long as I could. I wanted it to last forever.

I was sweating and pumping hard into my lover's virgin pussy. I started coming and could feel myself shooting into the condom. I heard Kimmy scream out again. She was coming with me, her petite body totally covered in sweat.

I felt her pussy spasm over and over again. I don't know how long it took her to come down but I loved every minute of it. Eventually I climbed off her, went into the bathroom and disposed of the condom. I came out with two towels. I had one around my neck and the other I began wiping the perspiration off my girlfriend. God, she was gorgeous.

I leaned over, took her nipples into my mouth and started sucking.

"Honey," she said. "I don't think I have it in me to go again so soon. I'm completely drained."

"I just want to feel your beautiful body and suck on your breasts. I love you, Kimmy, I really do."

I climbed up on the bed and lay next to her and we both fell asleep.


From that day on, we made love regularly. Usually on Friday nights she would be there when I got home from work. While the guys I worked with went to the bar, I went home to the sexiest woman on this planet. Usually, all she had on was one of my tee shirts. My tee shirts have never looked any better.

Ellen called me and said she talked to Kimmy and asked if we wanted to go to the club on Saturday. Kimmy told her to ask me. She would go along with whatever I decided. I told Ellen that we would go but Kimmy was the love of my life and there would be no swapping or sharing.

Ellen laughed. "Jim, I know it's hard for you to believe but Clay and I feel the same way. We are both working hard on our relationship and we do not intend to ruin it. I might mention to you that Kimmy said the same thing. Believe me when I tell you she is a one-man woman. You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch to have her,"

On Friday night after Kimmy and I made love, she said she had something to ask me but didn't want me to get mad at her.

"Honey, we said we would always be honest with each other. If something's bothering you of course I'll answer it. I can't promise not to get mad until I hear it," I smiled.

"I know you've been with a number of women. I was always afraid that I might not be sexually good enough. It bothers me that you might be thinking about them while we are making love. You always seem to be so happy."

I smiled at Kimmy. "Sweetheart, I look happy because I am happy. You see, I love you with my whole being. When we make love, it's exactly that, making love. I don't think about other women when we make love. I am too engrossed trying to make you happy. When I feel and see you having an orgasm, I know I did what I set out to do."

"I will tell you I have had sex with a number of women. I didn't love any of them including your cousin. It was all about getting off. None of them can hold a candle to you. Why would I think about a hamburger while I'm having steak?" I smiled.

Whatever I said must have worked because she pushed me on my back and climbed up and lowered her hot body onto my cock. She really was the greatest.


On Saturday, I went over and picked up Kim and we headed to the club. We were light drinkers but decided we would have a couple. We were sitting in a booth when Clay and Ellen arrived to join us. Ellen and Kim began talking about everything under the sun. Clay and I were talking about the car sales business.

The place began to get crowded. The band started with a couple of fast numbers so we all got up to dance. A slow number followed and I took Kim into my arms and we danced. She felt so good. We glanced over at Clay and Ellen and they truly looked happy as well.

We sat out the next couple of fast songs and then the girls got up and danced one. Damn, they sure could shake it. Kim would look over at me and I would smile. I knew she was dancing for me. After the song ended they came back over to the booth and Clay and I just slid over so the girls could sit on the end.

Some guy came over and asked Kim to dance. She looked over at me. I looked at the guy and said, "No, not tonight. She's with me."

The guy looked a bit angry but walked away. It wasn't five minutes before another guy came over and asked her. "No, I don't think so, thanks for asking." Kimmy was just too nice.

The guy touched her arm like he wasn't going to take no for an answer. I told him to let go of her arm or pay the consequences. He quickly let go and left. The girls started laughing. Kim leaned over and gave me a kiss.

Clay was smiling too. He said, "Jim, can I have a dance with Kimmy?"

I didn't answer; I wasn't sure what to say. Ellen spoke up. "Jim, it's okay. If he tried anything with Kimmy, I'd kill him myself. Besides, I would like a dance with you, but you have to promise to keep your hands where they belong," she laughed.

"It's alright, Honey," said Kimmy. "Ellen's my cousin and Clay is your best friend."

We all got up and danced. Kim blew me a kiss while dancing with Clay. Ellen was laughing, telling me to ease up. We were all friends and our swapping days were far behind us. She also reminded me that I was never that protective of either her or Dee.

I didn't tell her that I never loved her or Dee like I loved Kim. They played another slow song, Kim came to me, and Ellen went to Clay. Kim just smiled and it was all I needed to know everything was all right.

As the evening rolled on we were all having a good time. Kim looked at the far end of the bar and there was Alan hitting on a young girl. Kim shook her head and said she felt about half-sorry for the girl. I didn't know what she was talking about till Ellen told me who the guy was. I didn't remember him that well but I wanted to get up and wipe the floor with him until Kim told me to cool down. It wasn't our place since he had left Kim alone after she basically told him to go fuck himself.

Clay looked over at a table and there was the black woman that Alan had brought to the party over a year ago. Her name was Veronica. She was with a big strapping black man. Neither Clay nor Ellen knew who he was. I didn't know if Kim ever knew about the black girl at the party and no one wanted to bring up the past so we all kept quiet about it.

Kim looked over as though she knew them. It kind of surprised me but she lived near here her whole life. We saw Veronica get up and kiss the man lightly on the lips and headed for the woman's rest room. About a half-minute later, Kim excused herself and went to talk to the man. We were all dumbfounded, even Ellen.

They talked for about a minute and he kind of shook hands with Kim as he looked around the bar. About that time, Veronica came back and it looked like Kim knew her too. She talked for a minute and then came back to our table.

I wanted to ask her so bad who they were and how she knew them. I thought it was better for me to wait and let her volunteer the information. Ellen wasn't so courteous.

"Kimmy, who are those people?"

Kim laughed, "It's Charles and Veronica Everest. They have four-year-old twin girls and they bring them to our nursery school. They separated about a year ago but tried to work things out. About a month ago, when Charles came to pick up the girls he asked me if I knew an Alan Smith. He said he knew I was born and raised in this area. I told him I did but we weren't friends and I didn't know where he lived.

"I have a sneaky feeling that Alan put the make on Veronica and Charles found out. I know it's bothering Jim seeing Alan over there and I didn't want him to react stupidly so I pointed Alan out to Charles."

It wasn't five minutes later when Alan went toward the men's restroom. We saw Charles follow him. There was an exit right next to the restroom doors. We couldn't see anything from where we were sitting. It was just a few minutes later when we saw Charles coming through the front door. The rear door was an exit only so we figured Charles went out it and needed to come back in.

He walked over to his wife and told her they needed to leave. She looked a bit worried but they got up and left. It wasn't too long before a couple of uniformed cops came in and were looking around.

Clay happened to know one of them and asked what was up.

"Hey, Clay, long time no see. Do you happen to know Alan Smith?" asked the cop.

"I know of him but we're not exactly friends. What's up? Alan was in here a few minutes ago."

"Yeah, we know. He was found out back. He said a black man pushed him out the back door; he really did a number on him. Alan said he didn't get a good look at him other than he was black. It was dark outside and he was to busy trying to protect himself. We got a 911 call and we came here to check it out.

"Was there anything unusual that you might have noticed? Do you know if Alan was with anyone in here?" asked the officer.

Clay pointed to the young woman at the end of the bar and said he had noticed Alan talking to her earlier. There was no way we were going to say anything about Charles. We figured he did the number on Alan.

Joe, the cop, just shook his head. "What is it, Joe?" asked Clay.

"The only thing Alan said the black guy said was, 'You fuck with my woman again and I'll fucking kill you.' I was just wondering how many women this Alan guy messed with. White or black, he better throw away his little black book."

Joe looked over at Kim. "Hi, Kim. How are you doing? I haven't seen you for a long time."

"Hi, Joe. Nice to see you again. I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Jim, and this is my cousin, Ellen. How are Nita and the little one doing?"

"Oh, they are doing fine. It sure is different being a dad but I love it. I'd better go talk to that woman and see if she knows anything about Alan." He held out his hand and said it was nice meeting me

Kim explained to us after he left that Joe worked out in her brother's gym. He got married to his high school sweetheart two years ago and they just had their first child. Damn, Kim seemed to know everyone.

Life with Kim was always full of surprises. Everyone said she was the one that got away. Her story was she never found the guy she loved until she met me. I again thought about what my dad used to say that in time I would find the right woman; I knew that woman was Kim.

Clay told me his friend Joe stopped in and said they weren't doing much investigating in the Alan Smith case. He wasn't willing to give them his black book so they could check on any possible leads. The last we heard was that after Alan got out of the hospital he asked his company to transfer him to another city. I figured it was the last we would hear of him.

Apparently he was scared shitless of Charles or he didn't know whose woman he had messed with. Either way I was happy to see him gone.

One Friday Kim was at my apartment riding me for all she was worth. I still thanked God for her. She was letting me finally go bareback now. It felt so much better shooting my load deep into her. She was riding me and I saw our joint juices running down my cock and on to my pelvic area. I could also feel it running down my balls. It was such a turn-on.

After we both climaxed Kim laid next to me on my arm and we cuddled. I wanted her with me forever. I hated the thought of her always going home and hardly seeing her during the week. She was lying next to me and said she forgot she was supposed to ask me something.

"Jimmy, do you want to go to a party with me next month. You're supposed to be my date and I forgot to ask you."

I think I turned white from fright. Kim looked at me and I think she noticed something was wrong.

She slapped me lovingly on the arm. "You idiot, not that kind of party. God, you know me better than that. It's a thirty-fifth wedding anniversary for my parents and I forgot to ask you to go. It's not a surprise since we're having it at the house. Your mom and dad are going to be there too."

Once I regained my color, I apologized to Kim. I told her of course I would be there. I kissed her and began to rub her body again.

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