tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Him See Things My Way

Making Him See Things My Way


All characters are 18 or older. I apologize in advance if there are any grammar errors or poorly worded sentences, I only went over this once.


Chapter 1

forcing my son.

I made sure to be as silent as possible as I tip toed barefooted down the hallway from mine and my husband Bill's bedroom toward my son Jake's. It was 2 in the morning now, and after weeks I had finally built up the courage to go through with it. I had stripped out of my nightgown in favor of the silk black robe which now existed as the only thing covering my body. I had spent the last several hours silently fingering myself in anticipation for this while my husband slept beside me. I was so overwhelmed by lust that I doubted anything could change my mind this time. The wet hotness between my legs needed to be satisfied, and it wasn't going to be Bill who would do the job. When I reached the door to my son's bedroom I took one last deep breath before taking the doorknob and silently turning it. I slowly pushed the door open, having made sure to lubricate the door's hinges earlier in the day so I could do all of this without even the hint of a sound. After making my way inside I closed the door behind me as quietly as I had opened it.

It was dark. Jake was sleeping soundly, his nudity covered only by a single sheet... Perfect. This image visible only by a soft green glow from the glowing numbers of his alarm clock. A silk belt tied my robe about my waist and in it's left pocket were two more similar belts. I planned to use all three as well as the roll of duct tape in the right pocket. I'd have laughed to myself were discretion not critical, it occurred to me it was almost like I was kidnapping my own son... but that's not what I had in mind at all. I could feel hot juices trickling down my thighs as I considered the real purpose of this intrusion.

Moving him would be relatively easy, I knew my boy was a heavy sleeper, he had always been nearly impossible to wake up even as a child, and of course he conveniently slept on his back most of the time, as was the case tonight, so I really didn't need to reposition him a whole lot. Regardless, my heart was racing so feverishly in my chest I thought it alone could be enough to wake a normal boy, and I needed to move his arms and legs... I thought to myself how thankful I was that he slept naked as this saved a lot of work. I reached out for his right arm, trying to control my breathing in the process. Gentle as a mothers touch can muster I took his wrist, moving it out toward the bed's post, and sure enough my tensed nerves were for naught because he didn't seem to have noticed the invasion even subconsciously. The rest would be easy. I silently tied the silk belt around his wrist, making sure it was tight enough that he couldn't pull out of it when he woke up, and he -would- wake up, so it was important to ensure that when he did that I would be in complete control. Being his mother offered me some level of command, but not enough to make him immediately consent to me fucking his brains out.

With the first belt tied to his right wrist I quietly tied the other end of it to the bed post. My eyes scaled his body and I took a moment to really absorb what I was doing. To force myself on my own son... the most terrible taboo, especially considering I could have had almost anyone I wanted. His torso was exposed, all of those usually tight muscles now relaxed, his chest rising and falling slowly... my own flesh and blood. I almost reconsidered it all before I let my eyes fall to the enormous bulge beneath the sheet, another hot wave of anticipation spread through my from between my legs and I remembered I had to have him, whether my son or not. Even soft it was a sight to behold, and I'd seen it hard some mornings when I cracked the door to yell him awake. I imagined countless times having it buried inside of me, and it was time to make dreams come true. My breathing was becoming more steady as I gained confidence and I was suddenly eager to get his other hand bound. I walked without a sound to the other side of his bed, repeating the process with his left hand as gently as I had his right. Again he didn't stir at all, his breathing pattern hadn't even changed.

I was now sure that even if he'd awoken now I could get what I had come for, but I didn't want him to yell and wake his father so I kept my discretion as I moved to the foot of the bed. His legs were apart slightly, and my nerves tensed again as I lifted the sheet enough to expose them, afraid the cold air may cause him to stir enough to realize his arms were tied to his bed. It didn't, and I calmly took an ankle in each hand, bringing his feet together slowly. I looked down at him, a smirk playing on my soft lips as I pulled the bow out of the belt tied around my waist. My robe fell open as I pulled the belt from it, I could see myself in the large mirror behind my son's bed, my naked body illuminated in a soft green glow. I looked pale in this light, my long blonde hair almost white, the color of my nipples hardly distinguishable from the rest of my skin. I held my smile as I looked at myself, I was proud of how fit I was. Large breasts, smooth curves, mostly flat stomach, a mother's hips, long legs. I noticed my inner thighs glistening in the green light beneath my bare pussy (I'd shaved for the occasion). It was nearly time. I wrapped the belt around his ankles carefully, then tied the other end down to the bed frame so he wouldn't be able to pull them toward his chest.

With one final look at my son to ensure he was completely helpless I moved back to the head of the bed on his left, taking the roll of duct tape from my robe's pocket before letting it cascade to the floor behind me. I leaned down moving the roll just over his face... this would wake him alright, my heart pounded in my throat, it was now or never.

Quickly I pulled a long sheet of tape from the roll, the loud ripping sound momentarily filling the room. Jake's eyes flashed open to the noise at the very instant as I brought it down over his mouth tightly, wrapping it around to the back of his neck and in the same instant ripping it free from the roll. I'd practiced this a few times earlier in the day.

"Mmmmph!" Was all my son could manage as he stared up at me in wide eyed horror, to which I merely smiled warmly. I leaned down onto him, my boobs mashing against his shoulder, and whispered into his ear seductively "shhhhhh, don't worry sweetie, momma won't hurt you, be a good boy."

As I stood back up he looked me over with those same wide eyes, his breathing was fast with panic. I couldn't help but laugh softly. I reached down and took a bundle of his bedsheets into my hands, pulling it off to expose him completely. He mumbled defiantly beneath the duct tape as he witnessed this. His cock was still soft, but I wasn't offended. If I hadn't assumed my son to be less twisted than I then none of this would have been necessary. He would come around though, I would make sure of that.

"Mmmm... You're such a good looking boy honey, I can't wait to have you in me..." I commented in a matter of fact fashion, to which Jake's eyes widened more with a muffled gasp.

I moved to the foot of the bed again, swinging my hips sexily with each step, dragging my fingertips over his naked body as I walked, then turned to face him. His expression never charged, but I saw goosebumps on his skin in the electric green glow. I crawled onto the bed over him slowly, keeping his wide eyes on mine as I lowered my chest toward him. I wondered if he'd finally figured out why I bought him such a big bed. My nipples dragged against his legs as I moved upward, sending tingling jolts through my body, then I sat up and looked down at him. I was seated on his legs, my knees folded beneath me to either side of him, my soft ass resting against his quads, my wet inner thighs slippery against his outer legs. His penis was less than a foot in front of my soaked, spread opening.

"You'll be my play thing tonight sweetheart" I said softly as I took his cock into my hands, kneading it's softness gently. He moaned reluctantly, closing his eyes tight in a clear attempt to resist the sensation, though it was clear to me he was failing as his penis began to slowly solidify. "Oooh... you like when momma touches you like that hmm?" I cooed. He shook his head quickly, his eyes closed tight. "Mmmm someone seems to disagree" I responded, moving my thumb in gentle circles around the head of his semi-erect member. "Let's see what he thinks of mommy's tongue shall we?" I asked evilly, to which he shook his head more quickly.

I scooted back, my coated thighs dragging themselves dry against my son's legs, and leaned down toward his cock. I nuzzled my cheek against it gently, moving my hand down to cup his balls as I slowly dragged my tongue from it's base up to the head to which he gasped again and then managed a muffled whine. Despite his disagreement to the situation his cock was almost completely hard. "Awww.. my poor boy, you'll see things my way soon don't worry" I said softly against the head of his cock, looking up at his now once again staring wide eyes. He might have tried to draw his hips back but I could hardly tell with how well I had him bound, and without my eyes leaving his I lowered my head, letting my lips part naturally to the shape of his penis. He groaned as I sucked his cock into my mouth, my cheeks drawing in as I raised my head again. I followed my lips with one hand which easily glided against his saliva clad dick. My other hand was busy between my legs, my middle finger working at my clit as I sucked my son's cock. I kept my eyes on his the whole time as my head bobbed up and down, waves of pleasure repeatedly burning through me as I worked myself toward orgasm. "Mmmmmm" I moaned against his cock, watching as he closed his eyes tightly again, knowing that was my cue. I worked my clit like a vibrator and went down on his dick nearly to the base, it had to be at least ten inches long. His hard shaft was twitching in my throat as I swallowed repeatedly, my throat muscles working at his cock head mercilessly. I let out a muffled moan as my son's erection exploded in my throat, stream after stream of hot cum pouring into my mouth even as I pulled back, at that instant I nearly screamed as I squirted an orgasm all over my hand, my whole body twitching with ecstasy as I lifted my gaping mouth from my boy's solid rod, his cum dribbling from the corner of my mouth down my chin, a string of it dangling between my lips and his penis.

I opened my eyes slowly and tried to steady my breathing, looking up at my son who was watching me with a look of defeat, it looked like his eyes were watering. I smiled at him, his cum still sticky on my chin. "I'd say you're already.. hmmm.. coming around dear. Don't you?" I asked, licking my lips and wiping my chin the best I could. He shook his head slowly, his eyes looked tired and his penis was beginning to soften again. "No huh? Well... maybe you just need to warm up to mom a little more" I said darkly, raising the hand covered in my cum to his face, brushing a soaked thumb against his cheek gently despite his trying to turn away. "I know just the thing... this will work much better than duct tape..." I stated with a grin. "Momma will have you nice and hard again in no time".

That said, I lifted myself up, twisted around and repositioned myself so I was facing away from him, then I brought myself up on all fours and looked down at him past my dangling breasts, his eyes were wide again as I started to crawl backward until my dripping wet pussy hovered about a foot over his face. "See how wet you make your mother?" I asked softly, watching him stare up at my drenched hole. My lower lips were slightly parted with my position, wetness glistened between my inner thighs from having just cum. Warm liquid periodically dripped down onto his nose and onto the tape covering his mouth. I looked down then at his cock which was perfectly positioned right before my eyes. I was sure it was starting to grow hard again and I smiled impishly.

I brought myself down onto one shoulder so I could reach down to his neck, watching his cock from the side as I did. I grabbed an end of the tape and yanked it away gently, he didn't resist, but I knew he still didn't approve of what was happening, so I still had work to do. "You'll do as I say, son, and you will enjoy this before the night is over... more than you already have" I laughed as I pulled the tape free from his mouth.

"Christ mom what the Hemmph" was all he could mutter as I brought myself back up onto my hands and lowered my vagina onto his face.

"Ooooh" I cooed as I felt my pussy lips spread out to the sides of his mouth. He kept his lips closed tight, clearly refusing to do the chore I was giving him. "Jake, you're going to eat momma's pussy, and you're going to do it the best you can, and the sooner you start, the sooner I'll let you breathe" I ordered as I sat up somewhat, rocking my ass onto his face enough to bury his nose between my ass crack, surely cutting off his air.

"Mmmmgh!" he growled loudly into my cunt

"Ooooh that felt nice, use you're tongue sweetheart" I responded sinfully, to which he finally obliged. I sighed warmly as his hot tongue penetrated me, leaning forward again to allow him to breathe while he took care of business. "Sooo much better baby, keep it up" I said, my juices trickling down his cheeks freely as his tongue explored deep inside of his mother's hole.

I lowered head enough to have his once more rock hard cock rest against my lips. "Lick mommy's clit dear" I breathed as I ground my cunt against his face. "Oooh God yeah that's it" I moaned as he obeyed, then I pushed my head forward, taking his cock deep into my mouth again. He moaned against my cunt as I sucked on his cock again and it felt incredible. This went on for some time, I sprayed two more orgasms onto his face and into his mouth. Each time his cock twitched I would stop sucking so he wouldn't cum. After the second orgasm I let his enormous cock flop out of my mouth. I smiled blissfully as I lifted my vagina up from his lips, looking down at him. His pillow was soaked on both sides of his head and his face was drenched in his mother's cum. Sticky strings of liquid dangled between my pussy and his mouth and chin. His mouth hung open and he breathed loudly.

"You did very, very good son... I'm sorry I didn't let you finish, I love my baby's cum, but I wanted you to save it... for momma's pussy"

"Mom..." he said weakly, clearly defeated. "You can't... this is so wrong.."

"I can't huh..?" I said warmly, reaching down and grabbing his hard, slick rod and stroking it gently "Doesn't seem like you really feel that way to me son"

"I can't help it, it acts on it's own when you do that stuff"

"Well... the body never lies honey" I said with a tone of parental wisdom, then moved around to reposition myself on top of him so that face was just over his. I lowered my hips so that I could grind my pussy against his giant cock as I stared into his eyes, leaning down to put my lips to his right ear "You really don't want to be inside me huh?" I whispered as I moved my hips up and down, his dick gliding between my soaked lower lips easily.

His breathing sped up, I felt his hips move with mine somewhat "I... but mom..."

"Don't you but mom me" I said as I raised my hips a bit more, positioning the head of his monster right at the opening of my tight cunt, the soft puffy lips spread apart from one another by it. "Do you want it?"

"...Nngh... Yes.. damnit, fine" he responded begrudgingly, clearly hating himself for agreeing to all of this like I knew he would.

"Mmmm... that's a good boy, I knew you'd see things my way" I said lustfully as I lowered my hips inch by inch onto his massive erection "Oooohhh my... such a big... boy.." I gasped as he penetrated me deeper and deeper, spreading my tight vagina open wider than any cock ever had.

He moaned as I collapsed onto him, bottoming out completely onto his giant member and relishing the feeling of it. My tits were smashed against his chest and my hot cunt was tight around his cock, I very slowly starting to grind my hips. Our eyes were closed and he buried his head into my silky blonde hair. I placed my trembling hands to either side of him and pushed myself up, moaning with each ecstatic motion, then started to slowly lift myself off of my son's huge erection, bracing myself only for a moment before dropping back onto it with a loud gasp. I sat there again for a moment enjoying the feeling of my son's cock pressing hard against my vaginal walls from all sides. I lifted again more quickly this time, putting a little more effort into gliding back down onto it, crying out as quietly as I could at the sensation of having my cunt filled up so quickly. Eventually I was able to manage a rhythm, but it was difficult to restrain my voice with my son penetrating me so deeply. "Ooooh yes baby, you like fucking mommy's pussy don't you?" I moaned as I rode his pole, my hands on his shoulders, my hair dangling down onto him.

He started to buck his hips with me, pressing against me each time I came down onto his cock, grunting now with each thrust. I smiled down to him warmly, watching his expression as I impaled myself over and over.. "Ooooh my baby boy is so biiig" I cried as he pounded into me from below, bracing myself as a fresh orgasm overwhelmed me. My pussy clenched tight around his cock and my nails dug into his shoulders. I stopped moving as I shuddered with the pleasure of an orgasm, but he kept driving his enormous penis into me over and over relentlessly, which only made it all the more intense. His eyes were closed tight, like he was trying so hard not to think of who he was fucking the hell out of. I was going to make sure he knew though as I ordered in a trembling voice "Open your eyes honey, look at me" Every other syllable interrupted as he drove himself into me.

I joined back in, easily matching his rhythm as he opened his eyes slowly, looking up at me. I smiled to him, pushing myself down onto his cock as hard as I could and grinding my hips as I whispered "You're gonna cum inside momma, baby, I won't stop until you do."

To this he paused his movement, staring up at me in horror again "Mom, please, I can't, what if you"

"Shhhh" I sighed as I rocked my hips "Just stop thinking dear. I want you to fill me with cum, just keep enjoying momma's pussy" I said as I started to ride him again. He moaned and started fucking his cock into me again. I couldn't wait to be full of my son's seed, so I started to ride him as hard as I could, latching onto every bit of willpower I could to not collapse onto him in another orgasm.

It was perfect that he was indecisive about whether or not he wanted what we were doing, it made him last so much longer than I could have hoped for, but he was losing his ground and I could tell. He watched me, his mother, as I took him deep into my cunt again and again, and I felt all of his muscles tense below me. "Oooh yeah, that's it son, fill momma with your cum" I cried desperately, riding him all the more relentlessly.

"Nnngaaaah" He groaned, driving his cock into me hard. I matched his thrust, forcing myself down so his ten inch monster cock so it was completely buried in my tight hole and flexed my muscles around it, milking it as I lowered my hands onto his chest. Finally I felt hot liquid spurting into me, my son's cock twitching deep inside of me as it filled me with it's load. I cried out as I let my own orgasm take me, my vagina clenching and releasing tightly around his rock hard, twitching cock. "Oooooh my God sonnnn, mommy's pussy is so full!" I cried, sitting up after my orgasm took its toll to look down between us, taking a moment to absorb the reality of just how much he'd cum as bits of thick, hot, white liquid leaked out of me around the base of his softening penis.

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