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Making Love to You


A lady friend of mine asked me to write her a story about what it would be like making love to her. She wanted to know how and what I would do. So here is the story of how I would make love to my lady.

I would make sure I got home at least three hours before you do. In that time I would have the house clean and laundry done and anything else that needed to be out of the way. I would also have supper cooking. Tonight the menu consists of your favorite meal. Chicken stir-fry with Almonds, the chicken of course has been marinating for a day and a half in garlic, soy and white wine. It will be served over long grain wild rice. And for desert a fresh fruit plate consisting of Strawberries, apple slices, raspberries, pineapple, grapes, melon, and strawberry yogurt to dip the fruit into. After our dinner I send you to our bedroom and tell you to put on what I have laid on the bed for you and then wait for me. While you are in the bedroom getting ready I am cleaning up the kitchen, rinsing off the dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. As I am on my way to the bedroom I pick up two wine glasses with some strawberries and raspberries and a bottle of White wine to make your favorite cocktail. I then come into the bedroom and join you.

When you got to our bedroom you found a single red rose lying on your bathrobe with a note telling you just put on the bathrobe nothing else. Along with the rose there was also a chocolate mint. Out on the patio you see a tray full of body shampoo, oils, and lava sponge. Soft body brush and a shower cap.

On the patio by our hot tub you see two-padded massage tables set up. And also some tikki torches going through out our private flower garden with a water fall running, giving a soft background sound. With all of the fragrance of the flowers in the air it is very relaxing and setting a very relaxing mood for the night ahead.

When I come into the room you see that I already have on my bathrobe and two glasses of the wine cocktail. I kiss you deeply and give you one of the glasses. As you sip some of the wine, I take you by the hand and walk you out to the massage table. You notice a hose with a showerhead that we use to water the flowers with but its not attached to the outside faucet, but instead runs into the laundry room thru the window. When I turned it on I had already had it set to warm water. I then remove your bathrobe and look at your lovely body and help you up onto the first massage table, putting on the shower cap. I have you lay on your stomach. I take the hose and wet you down with the nice warm water. Picking up the lava sponge and getting it wet also, I pour some of the rich body shampoo and lightly massage it into your back, getting your back all good and soapy.

Then taking the soft body brush and lightly using it all over your back and your lovely butt and then down both your long lovely legs and then your feet. Every inch of your lovely body. I wash the rich soap lather with the brush and with the brush and lava sponge I lightly rub your lovely butt and all the way around to your clit. And then back to your rose bud paying close attention to it. I know how much you love it when I play with it. I put down the lava sponge and pick up the hose and begin rinsing the soap off you using my free hand to caress your body. Starting at your neck and slowly working my way down your back and down your legs and feet and then back up to your lovely butt. I gently let my finger lightly rub your rose bud until you begin to moan. Then I stop and help you roll over onto your back. And I then repeat the same on your front soaping you all up from your lovely neck down to your toes. I pay close attention to your lovely breast and then to your clit. Then rinsing you off the same way as I did your back.

I begin lightly massage your lovely breast paying attention to your nipples. I watch one then the other one slowly working down to your legs and toes, then back up to your clit until you begin to moan again.

I then pick you up and carry you over to the other massage table I have set up with a big beach towel spread out on it and then lay you down on it rolling you over onto your stomach. Patting you dry, then pick up the body oil and begin to work it into your neck and slowly work down your lovely back. I proceed down each leg and foot massaging the oil into you. While doing this I kiss every inch of you're back to your lovely butt. I can feel you lifting your butt to make contact with my kisses waiting for me to make my way to your rose bud. With anticipation you lift it up to me and you reach back and open your butt to me. I know you want me to lick it and slid my tongue into it and use my tongue to make love to it. So I do.

As I make love to it, I use my tongue on it and then into your rose bud in and out deeper and deeper with my tongue I go. Bringing you to your first orgasm for the night but not your last

Now you are thrusting your butt higher trying to drive as much of my tongue into your rose bud. I take my finger and begin to use it, sliding it in and out as you thrust it up to meet me. With my other hand I use my fingers to start rubbing your clit, as soon as I touch it you have another orgasm. I roll you over and let you recover from it as I massage the body oil into your breast and start kissing them. I take each nipple into my mouth and start sucking them rubbing them lightly with my other hand.

Working my way down your body and down each leg and kissing your feet and toes. I continue to work my way back up to your clit and mound. I start licking you clit lightly up an down and you respond by picking up the pace an did drill my tongue deep into your love holes and you start moving faster. I can feel you getting close so I take my two well oiled fingers and slid them deep into your lovely rose bud and that pushes you over the edge as you have a strong orgasm. I look down at you and how lovely you look as you recover.

Then I pick you up and carry you to our bed laying you down and slowly make mad passionate love until we are both spent. And as we drift off to sleep in each other's arms I whisper into your ear how much " I love you."

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