tagIncest/TabooMaking Mom Happy Ch. 07

Making Mom Happy Ch. 07


It is recommended previous chapters are read first to enjoy this part best...


"That was fabulous mom," I said, feeling exhausted now, but also exhilarated.

"Good" she replied, beaming a wide smile at me.

"Well-done son" said dad, reassuringly, "You're no longer a virgin now, and what a way to become initiated to the ways of sex", he added.

"Now, we don't want to tire you out completely," said mom, looking at me slightly concerned. "We've done a lot tonight. Go to bed, as we want you to recharge yourself and rest for tomorrow, when we'll have some more fun."

I got up, and as I passed by mom on the way to the door, she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and a light slap on my ass. "Have a good sleep," she said with a wink.

I went to my room, and pretty much fell into bed. I was still on a high, but it was a nice high, one that I would learn gives a good sleep after sex. As my head hit the pillow as I slipped under the duvet, I drifted off to sleep almost straight away.

I fell into a deep, deep, sleep. I didn't dream, I don't think, I just slept, like I had never slept before.


I don't know what time it was when I awoke. I felt something warm and soft nudging up against my belly. I was flat on my back in the bed, not my normal position when waking, and as I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe my sight.

It was mom's naked ass cheeks hovering over my chest, giving me a gaping view of her asshole and cunt.

"Mom?" I said.

"So your awake now darling," she replied. "I was trying to be gentle and wake you slowly with my movements" she added, not looking at me, as her head must have been somewhere near my cock, which was by now springing to life as if on autopilot.

"I wanted to make sure you knew last night was not a dream," she continued, "And you would wake up to the sight of my ass, which I know you adore so much."

As she spoke, she moved her butt towards my head a bit more and almost smothered my face with her fleshy, butt cheeks, rolling and rubbing the mounds over my face, whilst she lightly teased my stomach and cock with her tits as they hung down under her.

Jesus, this was incredible, what a way to wake up!

My cock was rock hard now at this incredibly horny and sensual feeling, and the sight of mom above me in a 69.

She started licking at my dick, as if it was a lollypop, teasing me more, by not yet taking it fully into her mouth. As she played with me, I inserted my tongue into her pussy and took in the aroma of her ass as it hung over me in. She'd obviously showered, as she smelled clean, fragrant and fresh. I lapped at her cunt, licking her labia lips and silkily running my tongue up and down the pinky flesh inside. As I did so, I grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her buttocks, one in each palm, and squeezed and felt them greedily, as if trying to devour her whole, glorious, full backside, in one go.

As I grabbed the fleshy orbs of her ass, moving my head forward to penetrate my tongue deeper into her cunt, darting it in and out like a mini-prick, she took my hard dick into her mouth, all the way. It felt amazing. I pulled my head back for a moment and just watched her asshole and cunt, and the flesh of her ass cheeks ripple, just inches from my eyes, as she continued her licking and sucking on my dick. I could spend hours in this position, just looking at her wide full ass like this.

"Yea mom, suck it good. That's fucking great. I love your ass. Wake me up like this whenever you can - its so fucking hot!"

She responded by tightening her lips and mouth on my dick, and sucking harder. At this rate, I wasn't going to last long.

Her pinky-brown asshole looked really inviting, and I had an urge to taste it and stick my tongue in.

"Move back a little mom" I said, "I want to lick your asshole."

She promptly obliged, still playing with my dick. For a moment she stopped sucking and grabbed my hard on with her hand, stroking up and down the shaft, as she adjusted herself for me.

"That's right Rasheed" she said, "Lick mommy's asshole, stick your tongue in it, swirl it around, and then back into mommy's pussy."

Her encouragement spurred me on, and I started lapping at her asshole, letting my saliva moisten and wet it thoroughly, before inserting my tongue in. It tasted great.

She writhed on top of me, enjoying the pleasurable sensations of her nerve endings there, being activated and played with by a moist wet, warm tongue.

Her mouth had taken the place of her hand again, and she was now bobbing her head up and down my shaft, deep throating me.

We continued for another minute or two like this, until, I felt myself building up to cum. I started bucking my hips. She seemed to sense I was going to cum, and adjusted the movements of her warm wet mouth to my upward thrusts and increasing the pressure of her lips on my dick. My tongue was back at licking at her pussy now, and after a moment I felt the spunk rise in my balls. I laid my head back onto the pillow, and shouted "AHHHHHHHH" as I thrust my hips upwards hard, and shot a huge load of spunk into mom's mouth, whilst she clamped onto my prick.

"AHHHHHHH, yes," I shouted again, still spurting into her. "Fuck yea mom. Take it all."

She's swallowed the lot, like the cat that got the cream, and I felt a wave of pleasure run through me.

As I relaxed on the bed, she gently licked around my dick and the tip, cleaning and savouring the taste.

After a moment, she got up and laid down next to me on the double bed.

"That was lovely" said mom. "I love sucking cock first thing in the morning and having cum for breakfast," she added. "You now know how to keep me happy."

"You're so hot mom," I replied, and leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"Where's dad?" I asked, laying my head back on the pillow next to her.

"He's just showering", replied mom. "I showered before him, and told him I wanted to give you a morning wake up treat."

"You sure did that," I said with a giggle.

After a moment, I heard dad's footsteps in the corridor and then he came into my room, looking fresh and with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Here I was, with mom naked on the bed next to me after she'd just given me a fabulous blowjob and 69, and dad casually walking in on us. It still felt a bit weird, but I was getting used the nudity and open sex now.

"Morning son" said dad. "Did you have a nice sleep, and more importantly, a nice wake up?" he added, smiling.

"Morning dad. Yea, mom sure knows how to give a nice good morning wake up call," I replied, cheekily grinning back at him.

"Now, Rasheed, why don't you go and have a nice shower, whilst I give your dad a rub down?" said mom.

"That sounds good to me" I replied, getting up off the bed. I was butt naked, but felt pretty much uninhibited as I walked nude in front of mom and dad out of the room towards the bathroom.

"We'll be waiting for you when you finish" added mom before I was out of earshot. I wondered quite what she meant.

I went to the toilet, brushed my teeth and took and long warm shower, making sure I cleaned every nook and cranny thoroughly using my favourite shower gel. I wanted to smell nice. I knew there would be more sex to come. I only hoped I'd manage to keep up with mom being so damned hot!

As I stood in the shower, with the hot water spraying over my head, feeling revitalised, I thought about what had happened over the last 24 hours. It seemed too good to be true – I could hardly believe it. I felt like I was living in another world now, almost. It felt like I'd crossed over some kind of bridge in my mind, and gone into adulthood. I was hooked on sex now, on mom's body, and having my father around while we did it seemed pretty ok too!

After getting out of the shower, I wrapped the towel around my waist like dad had done, and walked back towards my room. I could hear pleasurable moaning, and as I stood in the doorway, I was met with an amazing sight. Mom was straddled on top of dad, with his hard dick buried deep in her pussy as he lay flat on my bed, as she bounced up and down on his pole, whilst her tits were dangling over his face. It was an awesome sight, and extremely erotic.

Being a 'butt man', seeing the way moms ass cheeks rippled, rose and fell as she moved on top of dad, with his dick moving in and out of her pussy, was extremely arousing.

I cleared my throat, to let them know I was back.

They heard me by the door, and mom said nonchalantly, "Come in Rasheed, don't be shy now."

"I'm here mom," I replied, still standing behind them a few feet from the end of the bed. "Your ass looks so good from here, I'd just like to watch for a while," I added.

Mom tossed her head backwards for a moment, and then, as if to put on a better show for me, angled her butt a little higher, so I could get a better view of dads cock as it slid in and out of her pussy, as well as a better look at her gaping asshole. God, her asshole looked so inviting.

My cock responded at this horny sight and pushed against the towel still wrapped around my waist causing it to 'tent up'.

I wanted to make a little 'show' for mom, myself, so moved to the side of the bed, where she and dad could both see me clearly. "Have a look at this mom," I said. As she looked over towards me, whilst still riding on dad's cock, I removed my towel, so that my raging prick came into full view.

"How about two hard cock's mom?" I said brazenly, enjoying being lewd in my language with her.

"Mmmm, that looks nice," said mom.

"Just hold off a minute Rasheed," said dad, "I want to finish cumming inside your mom like this. Just watch us for a bit." I stood there whilst dad increased the pace of his bucking up into mom's cunt, and mom moved faster on top of him, her tits, swinging wildly, and started to stroke my hard on in front of them, pointing in the direction of mom's tits.

If someone had told me a few months back that that one day I'd be standing like this next to my bed after my usual morning shower, whilst my mom and dad fucked wildly in front of me on my bed, I'd have told the them they were completely mad. But it was happening!

After a few moments, they both started moaning and shouting, indicating they were going to orgasm. Finally they both shuddered and mom collapsed on top of dad. They had both been quite loud with their 'Ahhs' and 'Oohs'.

The sight of them fucking had kept my hard on going pretty much, but as they collapsed on the bed, enjoying the after-fuck moment, I felt myself going a little limp again, as the action had stopped.

Mom, who'd, rested for only a minute or two noticed and said, "We can't have you going soft on me now Rasheed, after seeing such a lovely boner you had earlier. One thing a woman can do is have sex again very quickly and enjoy it, so come here." She beckoned to me, and I walked over to the side of the bed nearest to her. She sat up, and whilst I stood in front of her with my cock level with her face, she took my now semi-flaccid dick into her mouth.

"I'd like to fuck you doggy style if I can this time" I said, as she played with my dick in her mouth.

"That's right son," piped up dad, "Your mom will love that, and it's my favourite position too. Like father like son, eh?" he added, grinning as he watched us, with his back leaning up against some pillow and legs stretched out on the bed. He looked like he was enjoying the sight of mom sucking me.

"Ok," said mom, "But only if you play with my tits first, they're aching for some attention."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I knelt down in front of mom so that with her still sitting on the bed, my head was now about level with her boobs. I licked gently around each nipple and areola, first the left then the right, and then groped and squeezed her tit flesh, burying my face in those large mounds, licking and slurping all over them. My cock jerked up, becoming even harder in response.

"Oh yes, baby" said mom, "That feels so nice. Lick mommy's boobies."

After a few moments more of this, she stood up and positioned herself all fours on the bed next to dad, presenting her glorious ass to me as I stood beside her. I couldn't help kneeling down once more and kissing her ass cheeks all over. Then spreading her cheeks wide open to expose her fully, I ran my tongue up and down her ass crack, all the way from her pussy up to her asshole and then back again, this time inserting my tongue in her pussy fully and tasting it before fucking her.

Then I stood up again and slapped my now raging dick on her ass cheeks for a moment, running it up and down her ass crack, and my dick became even harder doing this. Then I pulled aside the fleshy part of her ass cheeks near her pussy a little, and inserted the tip of my cock into her inviting, wet cunt. I shoved it in and felt her pussy walls clamp onto me.

"Oh yes, fuck," I said out loud, as I felt her pussy grip my prick.

"Yes baby, come on, stick it in," said mom, encouraging me.

"Go on son" added dad, spurting me on. "Stick it into her, she loves it."

I slapped myself hard against her buttocks as I thrust in fully for the first time, and then out again, enjoying every sensation as I did so.

"Oh yea, fuck me" said mom, "Fuck me harder."

I gave her right butt cheek a light slap as I thrust into her.

"Fuck yea, mom, I just love fucking you. Your ass is so fucking hot. Fuck me, this is so fucking good, fucking you like this from behind. Fuck yea."

The sight of her below me wriggling her hips and moving her awesome ass back towards my dick as I fucked her was driving me wild.

I slapped her right butt cheek again, this time a little harder, and then grabbed the sides of her hips firmly and really thrusted hard, so I went deep into her ass flesh with my groin, and my balls slapped against her buttocks.

Mom was shouting now, "Yes, yes...AHHH...AHHHH...AHHHH. Fuck me. Fuck me baby."

I felt like an animal rutting. It felt so animalistic, the whole thing, but I couldn't help it, and it felt so good.

We carried on like this, humping away for what seemed like ages and exchanging obscenities as we fucked.

Finally, I felt myself cumming, and shouted out I was going to cum. With a final hard thrust, and hard smack on her right ass cheek, I grabbed onto her hips firmly and spurted deep inside her. "Ahhhh....Yessssss," I cried as I came, feeling the final pulsations of my prick as mom's pussy walls milked me dry.

Eventually, I let go of her as my dick became soft and crashed onto the bed, savouring the after moment and feeling high with sexual pleasure after having fucked mom again.

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