tagBDSMMaking of a Sex Slave Ch. 07

Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 07


Over the next couple of months I learned my sex slave duties the hard way, through reprimands, discipline and punishment.

The hardest thing I had to learn was keeping the chains on my wrists and ankles. It is hard to walk around with manacles on your ankles. It's even harder if you also have your wrists bound together with a chain and cuffs, even if the chain is a lengthy one.

I didn't have any trouble when Benjamin chained me up when he visited me while I was living with Sal. First of all, it was only a chain around my waist for a few hours or a couple of days that he had me chained up. Secondly, I didn't have to do any housework while wearing chains. Well, he did have me wash the dishes several times with the chain around my waist. But that was nothing compared to also having my wrists and ankles chained up while doing general house work.

It was easier to do my work without my chains. Since both the ankle and wrist cuffs could be released with just the push of a button, I sometimes removed them while doing my domestic duties. Then once I was finished I would put them back on. For example, I frequently removed the chains on my wrists and ankles when cleaning up after breakfast or lunch but I usually removed only the leg manacles when I vacuumed or mopped.

Most of the time I got away with it as Benjamin was in his office doing his accounting work. But on those occasions when he caught me . . . well my ass felt it. I think what eventually convinced me not to remove them was when Benjamin made me sleep alone in the dungeon, after beating my ass for the umpteenth time.

The first time he caught me he merely frowned and reprimanded me. The next several times he spanked me, at first with his hand, then with a paddle and finally with his belt or a cane. Also, each time he caught me, the beatings got more severe, both in the number of times he hit my ass and the ferocity of the smacks.

The last few times he caught me without the chains on my ankles or wrists, he dragged me to the dungeon and hung me by wrists from the chain in the ceiling -- hanging from it is a pair of leather cuffs attached to a long chain that is run through an O ring through which the ceiling chain is also run. He then beat me until I was crying uncontrollably.

The very last time he caught me he beat me with his belt and then lowered the chain, allowing me to sit on the floor -- it is doubled over on itself, making it adjustable. But he ordered me to remain in the dungeon, hooked up to the ceiling chain. He returned a couple of hours later, took the slack out of the chain -- forcing me to stand on my toes again -- and beat me again. He kept me chained up all day and beat me several times during the day.

That night he made me sleep in the dungeon by myself. He didn't beat me any more but after three days of sleeping alone, I begged him to let me sleep with him in the master bedroom.

Now if I have to remove the chains from either my ankles or my wrists I get permission from my Master first. He almost always says yes.

The second lesson that I had to learn was to always refer to Benjamin as Master and all other men as Sir. But he never punished me for not calling him Master. Whenever I called him Sir he would just remind me that I was his sex slave and he my Master.

Funny, it took me only about a month to learn to always refer to him as Master, whereas it took me almost three months to learn not to remove my chains. You would think that I would have first learned not to remove the chains as that involved punishing me with more than just a reprimand.

His brother Troy and his brother's wife Vanessa came over almost every Saturday night. On those nights Benjamin would usually take Vanessa to our bedroom and Troy would have me in the guest bedroom. But sometimes the four of us would have a sex orgy in the dungeon or in the living room.

Whenever we were in the dungeon the two men would beat and sexually torture us women. Once they were finished abusing us then they would fuck us. After that they would make us eat each other's vaginas. I love sucking Vanessa's cum filled pussy.

Vanessa had an art class she attended on Tuesday evenings. So sometimes on a Tuesday Troy would come over and he and Benjamin would take turns screwing me until I was a used up ragdoll. At other times one of them would fuck me in the mouth while the other one fucked my vagina. Then they would swap places. But no matter how they fucked me, I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday evenings with Troy and Benjamin using me as their personal fuck toy.

A little over four months after I moved in with Benjamin, we joined the sex club to which Troy and Vanessa belonged. The other members would not let Benjamin join earlier because he did not have a sex slave to offer to the other members.

The club's outward appearance is that it's a social club -- its name is the Social Exchange Club. But the members privately call it the Sex Club. One becomes a member only through invitation from a female member, although male members may recommend someone to receive an invitation. That's because it is actually the women who make all the rules and make all the final decisions. Also, every two years women are chosen to fill the office of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. A man is chosen to be the sergeant of arms.

The club has two main goals. First, it is a civic and social club that helps out those in need. If a disaster strikes, if someone's house burns down, if a child needs a special operation, if someone is in need of something then the members -- both male and female -- will help them out. Although both male and female members discuss what project the club will help out, it is the women who make the final decision.

Usually an issue is brought before the members. Anyone can do this. Next several male and female members are chosen to look into the particulars of the project. The following month the women will decide what the club will do -- whether to continue to look into it or to act upon it.

However, if it is an emergency or something that cannot wait then everyone will collectively make a decision upon what to do.

To help pay for these projects and goals the members have car washes, solicit money from businesses, go to local shopping centers with cans and ask for donations from shoppers. They have even held bake sales in front of churches on Sunday morning -- anything non-profit organizations normally do to help raise money for the needy.

But the main purpose of the club -- a secret purpose -- is for sex. All the women are the sex slaves of all the male members. No female member can say no to the sexual desires of any male member. But here again, the women made the rules.

Of course there are a few restrictions like no sex with shit, pee, animals, children, the mentally handicapped, cadavers and other such similar perversions. Further, everyone has to practice safe sex. But other than that, the only limitations are what each individual woman sets during the sex scenes. Most of these limitations are negotiated among those who are participating in the scene.

The club officially meets the first Friday of every month -- the members meet privately during the month for sex. Master Clifford, one of the members, has a seven bedroom house with a large den and living room so there is plenty of space for sex. He also has a three car garage that he uses as a meeting hall and sex orgy room, although sometimes they meet in the one of the meeting rooms of the local library.

First they discuss any civic or community problems that may have arisen since the last meeting. These discussions can last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. If no decision is made on a particular project after ninety minutes then the project is set aside for further investigation by selected members. They in turn will report back their findings at the next meeting.

After the civic discussions are over, if the club is meeting in the library, then the meeting is adjourned and everyone reconvenes in Master Clifford's house. Once everyone is there, a few of women are then chosen to be the sex slaves of the night. These women are then stripped naked and literally auctioned off to the highest bidder. The proceeds are added to the treasury to help pay for whatever projects the club has decided upon.

Usually two or three women are chosen to be auctioned off. Then all the male members will write an amount of money on a slip of paper along with the name of the woman he wants for a sex slave. Those men who make the highest bids get to own those women for the rest of the weekend. Everyone who makes a bid must donate that amount of money to the club to help pay for whatever civic or community projects that are on the agenda.

The real purpose of the auction is to raise money for the needy. But it's all in fun or should I say sex and fun. Since, according to the laws of the club, all of the women are already the sex slaves of all the men and are not allowed to say no to the sexual desires of the male members -- as long as those desires are not any of the perversions I mentioned earlier.

At my and Benjamin's first meeting the club voted to help out four people who were in need. First there was an elderly widow who fell and broke her hip. She need hip surgery and physical therapy. Her medical insurance didn't cover all her expenses. The members decided to help pay her medical expenses.

Next there was a young couple whose apartment was vandalized while they were away on vacation for a weekend. The vandals wrote graffiti on almost every wall of the apartment, broke most of the furniture, burned holes in the carpet and just destroyed everything. Their insurance didn't cover everything so the club voted to help them refurbish their apartment.

Finally, the club voted to buy a puppy dog for a small child who had cancer. She had never owned her own dog. After getting permission from her parents, the members voted to buy her a Cocker Spaniel.

Then I was led before all the members by Troy and another man -- we were meeting in Master Clifford's garage. All my clothes were literally torn off my body.

I knew what was going to happen; Vanessa told me earlier to wear something that I wouldn't mind getting ripped off my body

Next Vanessa and another woman marched Benjamin to the front of the room. The two women removed all his clothes.

Vanessa then said to President Lynette, "I have given this gentleman and his sex slave invitations to join our club as a Master and his sex slave. I can personally vouch for both of them. They will be discreet, prudent and rational in everything they do with regards to the Social Exchange Club."

"Does she realize that as a sex slave of our sex club she must make herself available to all male members for their sexual pleasure?" Lynette answered her.

"Yes Madam President she knows. I informed her of all of her responsibilities."

"Does he realize that he must allow all the male members to fuck his sex slave whenever they want to as long as they use discretion?"

"Yes Madam President he knows. I also informed him of his duty."

"Are both applicants to our club aware of the sexual taboos of the Social Exchange Club and can the members be assured that they will not take part or engage in these perversions?"

"Yes Madam President. I have instructed them both in those sexual perversions which the members do not indulge in."

"Madam Secretary, do we have a quorum of members present to cast a vote allowing this sex slave and her Master to join our sex club?"

"Yes we do Madam President. We have twenty-six members present this evening." Shawn answered her.

All 36 members were informed that Benjamin and I would be here tonight to join the club. They were all encouraged to come to vote on our admittance.

But the vote is really academic. It is rare for the members to vote against allowing a couple to join the club and that's usually because at least one of them has a sexually transmitted disease, has been found guilty of sex with a child, has been found guilty of dealing with child pornography in some capacity or has participated in one of the sexual perversions that the members consider taboo.

I want to point out that an investigation was done on both Benjamin and me by the other members in the weeks preceding our joining the club. Troy and Vanessa gave them a lot of the information after getting it from us. The rest was gotten with our permission through credit checks, police reports and other such sources.

Lynette then said to me, "What is your name?"

"I am sex slave Deidra," I answered her. This too was just a formality; I was introduced to everyone before the meeting got started. The main purpose was to ensure that everyone knew my name just in case I was not introduced to someone.

"Do you realize that before you can become a member of our sex club you have to have sex with all 36 members? You have to let all 18 men fuck you, you have to perform fellatio on them and you have to perform cunnilingus on each of their sex slaves."

"Yes Madam President I am aware of that and I am looking forward to it."

"But you do you understand that you have to have sex with all the members before the next monthly meeting?"

"Yes Madam President I am aware of that." Of the thirteen male members who were present that evening, I was sure most of them were going to fuck me before the night was over. I was also sure that at least half of the thirteen women who were present were going to have sex with me.

Lynette then turned to Benjamin. "Sir, what is your name?" she asked him.

"I am Master Benjamin," my Master answered her.

"Do you realize that before you can become a member of our sex club you have to have sex with all 36 members? You have to fuck all 18 women, eat their pussies and suck the cock of every male member?"

"Yes Madam President I am aware of that. But I . . ."

"Madam President," Troy interrupted him, "Master Benjamin is my younger brother. The laws of our sex club do not allow him to have sex with me as that would be incest."

"Then we will make an exception in your and his case. Madam Secretary please note in the minutes for our meeting that Master Benjamin is exempt from having sex with Master Troy."

"Yes Madam President."

Then Lynette turned back to Benjamin. "Do you understand that you have to have sex with all the other members before the next monthly meeting?"

"Yes Madam President I am aware of that."

"Does anyone present have any objections to this man and this woman becoming members of The Social Exchange Club?"

No one answered her.

"Ok let's have a vote. Everyone in favor of their becoming members raise your hand." She paused and counted. Then, "Oppose." No one raised their hand.

"You two are now provisional members. As soon as you've both had sex with all the members and pay your annual dues you will become official members of our sex club."

There was a round of applauses from everyone. Vanessa and the other woman standing next to Benjamin began rubbing their bodies against him. Another two women joined them. Meanwhile, Troy and three other men started to grope and finger my body.

I was picked up and carried to a corner of the room. The last I saw of Benjamin was that he was being led to another corner.

We arrived at the meeting about seven in the evening. After about an hour and a half of discussing community affairs the members voted me and Benjamin in as provisional members. Benjamin and I left a little after eleven. That was over two and a half hours of constant fucking. I have never had so much sex in my whole life.

I lost count of how many men and women fucked me. Later Troy told me that Benjamin screwed 4 women and sucked off 3 men and 6 women, while 10 men and 5 women had sex with me. I had a cock or a strap on dildo in my vagina the entire time and frequently someone was fucking my cunt while I was sucking someone's sex.

It didn't take long for those members who were absent to fuck me. In fact, within two weeks Benjamin and I had sex with most of the remaining members. By the end of three weeks there was only one couple who hadn't come over to Benjamin's house for sex with us and they came over Wednesday of the fourth week after we were voted in.

On the afternoon of the third Saturday I was living with Benjamin, Sal called me on my cell phone. Benjamin and I were in the living room discussing our plans for the evening. Before answering the phone I informed my Master who was calling me and asked his advice on whether or not I should answer the call. He told me to go ahead and answer it.

Sal asked me when I was coming home. He said that he caught some fish and wanted me to fry them. I told him that I was happy living with Benjamin now and that he should contact my attorney if he had anything to say to me. He answered that he got the notice from my lawyer of my intention to divorce him.

Next he asked me where I was living. I told him that that was none of his business. Then, completely ignoring that I had told him just moments before that I was living with Benjamin, he asked if I knew where Benjamin lived. He said that Benjamin left some furniture in the house next door and he wanted to return it to him.

But I knew he was lying because Benjamin told me that he took everything out of the house when he moved. I answered him that he would have to contact Benjamin about that. As soon as Sal realized that he wasn't going to find out where I was living he hung up.

The following Monday I called my lawyer and told him of the phone call I got from Sal over the weekend. He advised me to block his phone number. I did so as soon as I hung up.

It took Sal 88 days to respond to my lawyer's notice that I intended to divorce him -- my lawyer gave him 90 days to respond. Sal wrote a short note telling him that he didn't care what I did. In the note Sal also asked him if he knew where I was living and was I living with Benjamin.

My attorney answered Sal informing him that any and all future correspondence he had with me should be handled through him.

For the next several weeks life got routine. If you want to call sex nearly every evening and sex parties a couple of times a week routine. As I said earlier, we had sex with Troy and Vanessa nearly every Saturday. Then at least once during the week and sometimes twice there was almost always a Master and his sex slave from the Social Exchange Club over for an evening sex party. On those evenings that Benjamin and I were alone we also frequently had sex.

In the mornings I would do my domestic duties. Then in the afternoons I worked as Benjamin's secretary. I of course worked in the nude with my chains on. Then in the evenings after Benjamin and I cleaned up the kitchen together we would usually end up having sex. Although sometimes we didn't have sex until after we showered together. On those evenings it was because we went out to eat at a restaurant, went to a movie, went shopping, had someone else over for a sex party, played on the computer, watched television or did whatever.

Whenever we had a sex party, Benjamin made me answer the door -- in the nude I must add. Several members of the Social Exchange Club even commented that they had never seen me with clothes on. I answered them with a demure smile that the rules of my sexual slavery to Benjamin do not allow me to wear clothes without permission from my Master.

Except for my slippers and chains, I have been completely naked almost every day since I moved in with Benjamin. In the evening after supper, Benjamin would also frequently go naked. The only exceptions were when I went to the dentist once, when my Master had me wear a sexy negligé a few times and on those occasions that he and I went out somewhere. But then this is what I want; I want Master Benjamin to see me naked.

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