tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Rent: Bruce and Family

Making Rent: Bruce and Family

bySean Renaud©

Jermaine was a short greasy man. The kind who was only slightly taller than he was wide and he'd never learned to buy clothing that disguised that fact. He insisted on t-shirts with logos warped across his cut and jeans that seemed unreal with their huge waist bands and narrow cuffs at the far end. His short hair was perpetually slicked back into a nasty duck tail. There was only one part of him that and sane woman could find even remotely sexy.

His eyes. Jermaine's eyes betrayed his intelligence. His eyes were dark brown to the point that his pupils were nearly invisible. He just seemed to have oil black eyes that bored straight through a person. There were very few people who could hold his gaze for long. There was a power in Jermaine's gaze that defied description but was very real.

It was those powerful eyes that Bruce found himself staring at when he opened the door to his apartment. Bruce wasn't the kind of man who was used to being looked down at but the last year and a half had been rough. He'd been dishonorably discharged from the Navy after eighteen years of service. It effectively black listed him from life. Bruce could barely get a job at McDonalds much less hold it down long enough to make payments. Six months after his discharge they had burned through his savings and had to sell their house. The money from the sale carried them through most of another year along with the occasional job that never seem more than a week and then that started to run dry. Now they were in the rundown shit apartment complex Shady Oaks. Bruce was a month and a half behind on his payments and again between jobs. "Look man if I had the money." This wasn't the first time he'd tried this shtick on the manager. In fact it was almost like a monthly dance between the two men. There was something though in Jermaine's gaze that made it apparent that this was the absolute last time they would try out that old two step. "Please don't throw us out."

"Can I come in?" Jermaine was always bold but there was something in his voice that just made Bruce shiver. He knew better than to bite the hand that fed him though. He stepped out of the way making a weak motion for the land lord to walk in. What the fuck does he want that he can't handle from out there? Is he trying to see how much damage I've done before he rents this piece of shit out? Bruce pondered as Jermaine walked past him.

Jermaine paused for a moment casually taking in his surrounding before he sat down on what served as a combination work station, wet bar, and kitchen table. "Are Rena and Fiona home?" Bruce nodded slightly walking up to his landlord. "Okay I know how hard things are for you and I'm going to make you and offer just once. If you want to even hear it you call them into the room."

In hindsight Bruce knew right then what Jermaine was going to do. What else could he have wanted to negotiate for? It wasn't like there was a reason to believe that Bruce was ever going got come into big money. There aren't that many things that men are willing to trade for goods and if Jermaine had wanted someone killed he wouldn't have asked for Bruce's wife and daughter to enter the room. "Honey! Fiona I need you to come in here real quick for a family discussion."

The first to arrive was his daughter. She was half dressed and half awake when she stumbled into the living room. She was wearing blue and white striped dress shirt that had belong to her father before it had become too faded to wear in public. Now it doubled as a nightie for his daughter. It was loose enough around her torso that it only gave a slight hint to her swell of her breasts. Jermaine had seen in her regular clothing before though and knew that she had an okay set. Nothing that made her really stand out but not bee stings either. The oversized shirt, though it ended mid thigh with the way it was slit along the sides the hem of her white panties were clearly visible. "What is it Daddy?" She grumbled rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and still not noticing their guest.

"Go get dressed we ha-"

"Stay as you are." The sound of Jermaine's voice pulled a surprised squeal from Fiona. Suddenly aware of how much skin she was showing her knees pulled together and her hands moved to the bottom of the shirt desperately trying to stretch the fabric an extra few inches. Her pale skin lit with a red blush that stretched from her forehead to her toe nails. She didn't stay where she was because he'd told her to. She stayed because she didn't have and choice. Fiona's slender legs were locked in place. "You look good Fiona." Jermaine leered. Flustered Fiona reached up and started tangling one of her hands through her shoulder length red hair.

"What do you want?" Bruce asked restraining a growl. Like any man he recognized the predatory glare in Jermaine's eyes. He knew they were sizing his precious nineteen year old daughter as if she was a piece of meat. Would you like fries with that shake? Juicy thighs and extra firm breast! Grade A meat no preservatives and natural raised! He had to restrain the urge to make the little man eat his teeth instead of the succulent meal dressed with all the trimmings before him.

Jermaine let his eyes remain on the young redhead for a moment longer but a sound from the master bedroom jerked his attention away from the daughter. Rena was living proof that not only wine improved with age. There were definitely women who followed the same trend. She was wearing her pajamas when she sauntered into the living room. She had the confidence that only a forty year old woman with a twenty year old body was capable of. She looked almost identical to her daughter body wise accept she had put on probably twenty pounds in all the right places. Motherhood had taken her average rack and pushed it to the extreme. She'd thought about getting reductions plenty of times but never had the money. She knew she had an ass; she purposely bought her pants, even her pajamas so they clung to her rump as she walked. "What is it honey?" She asked. When her eyes tracked far enough across the room to notice the landlord she just smiled.

Without her permission or even knowledge her body started to wake up. She didn't mean to cock one leg slightly further accentuating the length and tone of her legs nor did she mean to turn her body slightly to give him a better look at her profile. Her nipples hardened, not that they could be seen pushing through the thick flannel fabric. The two cues she was aware of she managed to stave off. Her hand had started on its own accord to move up and fix her blonde hair but she instead brushed some imaginary lint from her shoulder. At the same time she managed to keep herself from either whetting her lips with her tongue or biting down on her lip. Rena wasn't really sure which she'd been intending but she managed to stop either from happening. "What's going on honey?" She wasn't naïve though. She knew what was about to happen as well. There is a short list of things that a man is looking for when he wakes a woman at ten in the evening.

"I think I'll let Jermaine answer." Bruce replied in a low tone. If he didn't understand before he knew for certain when his wife and child walked into the room, the only question was if it was worth it or not. "Actually it's nothing go back to sleep."

"Wait. I don't think you should be making that kind of decision without consulting your family first. Maybe they want to keep a roof over their heads?" Jermaine said moving his eyes from one person to the next. It was rare to see a man as physically dominating as Bruce so utterly defeated by a man like Jermaine. It had only taken that one sentence to slump his shoulders over. It looked like he was trying to hold the apartment on his back

Jermaine waited a long moment for any of the family to utter a word of protest. He met their eyes one after another. Bruce's defeated eyes quickly retreated to focus on some spec, real or imagined in the corner of the room. Rena's aroused stare bore back into his sending a slight flash of heat through the small man. Fiona's confused gaze remained on his for a moment before glancing to her father and finally her mother. "So you all know you are about a month and a half behind on your rent, and that's after we've already made a number of concessions over the last six months. If you want to keep your home I can only think of one way."

"Please don't do this." Bruce muttered.

If Jermaine heard him he didn't bother to respond. "You two will be earning your keep around here and just to make sure that I don't try to claim that I wasn't paid Bruce here is going to watch." Jermaine sneered.

"What does he mean Mom?" Fiona asked glancing to her mother then to the man lecherously grinning at her. Her mother didn't need to answer the question though. It dawned on her teenage mind as soon as she saw where his eyes were focusing. He wasn't looking at her eyes or even her face. He was focused on her thighs. Fiona could suddenly feel his gaze lifting the shirt out of the way so he could get a better view of her pantied crotch, she promptly redoubled her efforts to stretch the shirt far enough to block his view.

"I'm not in the mood to waste a lot of time here. I've got people line dup to rent this spot already. Rena, Fiona if you want to stay in here you two will obey everything I say from here on out. Got that?"

Rena couldn't stop herself from biting down on her lip that time. She'd always craved a strong man, the kind of man that Bruce had been when they had started going out. She just hoped that her husband couldn't smell the slickness spreading down her thighs. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt a rush like the one currently revving at her heart. Rena didn't trust her voice so she nodded. She shouldn't have trusted her body either. Her body refused just as stubbornly as her voice would have to lie for her. Bruce winced when he saw how eagerly she nodded and the glimmer of lust in her eyes.

It took Fiona a moment longer to fully wrap her mind around what was going on. It was like being in a fog, she could see what was happening around her and the vague shapes were familiar but the pattern just didn't make sense. Jermaine wanted her and her mother? Could he really do that? Fiona slowly sized up the man and his indecent proposal. He wasn't the kind of man she found attractive, actually she doubted he was the kind of man any woman found attractive. Two things made the decision easier for her. The first was seeing her mother had already accepted and the other was a memory of when they had first lost their house. The family had spent two weeks living out of Bruce's car. It had rained for three days and nearly dropped beneath freezing. It was not an experience that she was eager to relive. "Yes."

"Okay. I want you two to kiss." Fiona hesitantly looked to her Mother who simply nodded and the two women leaned forward and pressed their lips together. It was a simple chaste kiss they had shared dozens of times before. "No I want you to kiss her Rena." Even without the emphasis on the word 'kiss' the two women knew exactly what he meant.

Bruce watched with a morbid fascination as his wife of twenty years scooped his barely nineteen year old daughter's face in her hands and pulled her close. Don't do it Rena. We can live on the streets, we'll find away somehow. He thought but refused to speak. He wasn't going to lie to them, this was the only way. Rena slipped her tongue against Fiona's and his daughter's spine straightened. The faintest whimper escaped Fiona as Rena slipped farther into the kiss tangling her tongue. As the kiss deepened Fiona's body relaxed into Rena's sliding her eyes shut at the same time.

Jermaine's cock started hardening his slacks as the two women made out. Even he could tell that Rena was already aroused. There was a dark spot forming between her thighs and she had one leg pushed between Fiona's legs. The young woman was started grind back and forth against it trying to get any friction she could manage. It looked almost like she was trying to start a fire from Jermaine's point of view. The women had their arms wrapped around each other pulling each other closer now squeezing their breasts together. "Strip."

It's about damn time. It's getting hot in these clothes!" Rena thought reluctantly pulling her lips away from Fiona's for a fraction of a second while she tore her pajama top off and tossed it to the floor. Removing Fiona's shirt was easier; it was just a matter of unfastening buttons. Even it had been years since she'd been in half the rush to remove her husband's clothing as she was her daughters right now her fingers remembered the motions well. That and any button that didn't instantly comply was simply torn off the aging shirt. Neither woman had been wearing a bra so it was flesh against flesh when their embraces were renewed.

Fiona nibbled on Rena's lower lip a lusty growl rumbling out of her throat. At the same time she slid her fingers into the waist band of her Mother's Pajama pants and sank to the floor. After a few inches it was obvious that her mother hadn't worn anything beneath the panties and that she wasn't a natural redhead either. The narrow band of fuzz was bright red like her daughters head. The rest was shaved smooth and already glowing with her arousal. The drip of Rena's arousal was halfway down her thigh; the heady smell of it slapped her daughter across the face. Her tongue slipped out quickly whetting her lips as she stood up resisting the urge to kiss her mother on the lips again.

Rena slipped behind her daughter and hooked her fingers into her daughter's panties pulling them down and off. It had been over twenty years since the last time she'd been with a woman but she never forgot how wonderful they felt. Soft and sensual. They instinctively knew where to move and read every sign so perfectly. Her last lover didn't have the fantastic shape her daughter had maintained her entire life almost without trying.

"Suck my cock, both of you." Bruce watched his precious wife and darling daughter walk over to his landlord and pull his pants down to his knees along with his boxers. He'd half expected his cock to be hidden beneath Jermaine's gut but that wasn't the case at all. He had a cock like an anaconda. It was just as fat as he was and it still had some length to it. Rena enthusiastically wrapped her lips around the tip and started sucking while Fiona knelt close by and watched. Jermaine lifted one leg onto a near by stool and guided Fiona to his scrotum.

It was a unique combination of emotions pumping through Bruce's veins. It might have been the perfect mix to keep him from leaping up and taking action one way or another. He was enraged that a man was taking advantage of his wife and defiling his baby girl in the same motion. That was stewing around with the sight of two naked women one on her knees the other bent at the waist. From his seat Bruce could see Rena had managed to cram three fingers into her pussy. He could hear the sound of her fingers pumping in and out of her sopping wet hole. Even across the room he could smell hot turned on she was. He wasn't ant more in control of his body than she was. Inside his jeans his cock was lurching to life, pushing against its confines every time his heart beat.

"You ever give a rim job before girl?" Jermaine asked looking down into Fiona's eyes. The girl shook her head and continued caressing his nut sack with her tongue. "Then you start sucking and you're Mommy can show you." Rena glanced up at him twisting her lip in mock disgust before moving beneath him and pulling his cheeks open. It wasn't that she enjoyed doing this for a man, she didn't it was the power he held over her that was setting her body on fire. He was making her into his slut, she had no choice. If she didn't do this her daughter would be homeless.

Rena didn't mind knowing that she was the reason that his body was jerking around like a marionette. Her daughter was also responsible for it the spasms racking the man's body. She loved the way it felt when he jerked his hips away from her because her tongue had probed the perfect spot or the way he pushed back towards her when she was simply spiraling around the opening with her tongue. Rena shuddered when his body tensed and she could tell he was trying to hold back his orgasm. She could have ended it right then if she'd wanted to. She could have rammed her tongue into him and driven him into Fiona's mouth and he would have came bust instead she backed off just enough to let him get himself under control.

"Fiona get on the couch doggy style." The red head did as she was told walking over to the couch with her arms against the armrest and her ripe rump facing Jermaine. Oh God I'm looking right at Daddy. He's going to know that I'm a slut if he sees me enjoy this; he's going to be so mad at me! Fiona didn't have long enough to steel herself though and her body tensed with pleasure when Jermaine pushed his cock into her young pussy. Her face tightened despite her best efforts and she had to close her eyes. If she'd kept them open he would have been able to see the fire glowing in them. She managed to keep from pushing back against him. Her fingers dug into the arm of the couch though.

"Get over here Rena I'm not done with you." Rena obeyed the command quickly moving where Jermaine was fucking her daughter. Without being told her face gravitated to the watch him penetrate her. The fingers already pumping in her twat started moving faster trying to emulate what her daughter was experiencing. Jermaine had close to eight inches of man flesh and nearly as thick as Rena's wrist plowing into Fiona's cunt. Rena could hear his hips crashing into Fiona's ass and Fiona's slick slit slurping to draw him deeper into her body. The girl was doing her best to deny that she was feeling anything but she couldn't stop her hips from twisting against the invader. "Open your mouth I want you to taste your daughter." Jermaine growled. Rena did as she was told and opened her mouth accepting Jermaine's cock into her mouth.

Rena came as soon as the decadent flavor coated her tongue. Man flesh, sweat, pre-cum, girl juice all swirled across her tongue at the same moment. Then there was the incredible taboo of sucking a cock that had just came out of her daughter's cunt while her husband watched. It was more than she could handle. Jermaine's fat cock served as a gag muffling the sound of her orgasm but it was obvious to everybody what had happened from the smile on her lips as his cock fell away.

Bruce watched as his baby girl was skewered for the second time on Jermaine's cock and this time she didn't manage to conceal how great his cock felt inside her. Her mouth opened and a gasp erupted from them. Instead of her eyes shutting this time they opened and locked on her Father's in an ultimate taboo. Bruce reached into his pants wrapping around his cock stroking his painfully erect cock. He was staring into her eyes as she came. There was no disguising the expression burned onto her features as anything but a mind shattering orgasm.

There would be a few bruises on Rena's hips where Jermaine's finger dug into her flesh. It was a primal urge, not a conscious thought that drove him to push his cock as far into her body as he could possibly manage and then pushing beyond that until his hips were almost melding into hers. He dumped his load there inside Fiona as deep in her cunt as he could manage.

The four of them remained frozen in place for a few moments before Jermaine broke the silence. "Rena, clean your daughter and don't swallow." He pulled his cock out and rammed it into Fiona's mouth hard enough to gag the young redhead. That same twisted grin that had crossed Rena's face with each depraved request twisted her lips as she heard this newest request. She kissed her daughter on the lips slurping, sucking and using her tongue to scoop out Jermaine's cum. Her arms wrapped around Fiona's hips holding her in place until she was certain she had every drop and then she pulled away and opened her mouth to show Jermaine she had it all. "Kiss Bruce."

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