tagIncest/TabooMaking the Most of It Some More

Making the Most of It Some More


Jessica sits on the bed and she grabs Clive's hardened cock, pushing it past her lips and into her mouth. He throws his head back and moans as Jessica's head bobs back and forth, coating his cock with her saliva. As soon as his cock is good and wet, she turns over onto her hands and knees, sticking her ass into the air.

Gently Clive places his hands on her tight ass and pulls her ass cheeks apart exposing her tight little asshole. Jessica looks over her shoulder at him and smiles. "I hope you like a tight ass to fuck," she says.

"Oh, do I ever," Clive answers placing his cockhead at the entrance of her asshole. He spits into her ass crack and smears it good before pushing his cock into her.

Jessica puts her head down and exhales as Clive's cockhead slips through her tight ring. When a moan escapes her lips he pushes a little more, feeding more of his cock into her ass. Half way in he reaches down and pulls her ass apart further and looks down to see her asshole hugging tight to his cock.

"Mmm, yes," she groans. "Stick the whole damn thing in me."

Clive complies and thrusts his hips forward a little more, burying more of his cock into her. Jessica reaches back between her legs to rub her clit as he bottoms out. His balls are pressed against her pussy lips and they are still moist from a combination of his cum and her pussy juices from the bathroom.

He starts moving his hip slowly, driving his cock in and out and he can feel the pace of her fingers increase along her clit.

"Oh fuck, your ass feels so good!" Clive exclaims.

"Your cock in my ass feels so good!" Jessica returns.

Clive moves in and out with long, slow strokes as Jessica's finger increases its pace. He gazes at her tight asshole as it repeatedly swallows his cock.

"You like that?" he asks giving her a light slap on the ass.

"Yes," she moans. "I like having my ass fucked."

As he continues to pump her tight ass and can feel a new and sudden wetness as his balls slap against her pussy lips. Jessica moans loudly and her asshole grips his cock even tighter. "Oh my god!" she screams. I'm cumming!"

The new feeling of her tightening asshole makes Clive pump her harder as he increases his pace. He starts grunting as his cock swells, trying to make room in her muscular asshole. A second later he is unleashing a torrent of hot cum into her. He doesn't stop, however. He continues fucking her as he shoots stream after stream into her ass.

Jessica throws her head back and moans loudly as Clive's balls slap violently into her pussy lips. His cum oozes out from around his shaft and drips down onto the bed as he continues to thrust in and out of her. Then he suddenly pulls out as his cock gets too sensitive.

Immediately, Jessica collapses to the bed and rolls over on her side to reach back with a hand and scoop up the oozing cum. She slips it to her mouth, licking her fingers clean.

Clive slides down, grabbing her waist and turns her to her back over to her stomach. He takes a moment to gaze over her slender body before dropping his head to her ass. He pulls her ass cheeks apart, exposing her tiny asshole. It looks a little red and swollen with a tiny bit of cum seeping from it.

As his tongue flicks across her asshole she moans into the pillow. Her moans get louder as he laps heavily against her tiny hole. Immediately she reaches back with both hands and grabs both cheeks, pulling them apart herself so that he can focus on pleasuring her. "Oh my god that feels good," she moans.

Clive smiles to himself as he moves up, planting kisses up to her tailbone. He gently grazes a finger over her wet hole and them pushes the tip of his finger inside her ass. Jessica releases the grip of her ass and slips under to push a finger into her soaking wet pussy. Clive pushes in further until he can feel her finger pressing against his.

"I want it again," she begs. "I want you in my ass again."

"I don't know," he says playfully as he slides his finger in and out slowly.

"Just do it," she growls. "Fill my asshole up with more of your cum!"

Withdrawing his finger, he positions himself behind her once again as she assists by spreading her ass cheeks wide open. Clive draws a finger down her ass crack, collecting as much of his own cum as he can before wiping it all over his cock.

As his cockhead touches her asshole, Jessica reaches back, grabbing his cock and pushes her hips back, forcing his cock back inside the tight confines of her ass. She wiggles her hips as the remainder of his cock slips easily onto her slick hole.

"Mmm," she moans. "That feels so good." Jessica is slowly grinding her ass backward into Clive, urging him to fuck her. "Come on! Fuck me hard this time."

Clive grabs her hips and slams himself into her, driving his cock deep into her tight, cum filled asshole.

"Oh fuck!" she squeals. "That's it!"

He withdraws his cock almost all the way out before driving it back into her. With each thrust he looks down and marvels at the sight of his glistening cock sliding in and out of his cousin's tight ass. The movement of his cock is forcing more of his cum out of her ass, which seeps out around his shaft to dribble down the back of her thighs and onto the bed sheets.

Each time he hammers his cock into her, Jessica grunts with pleasure. He presses himself into her, pinning her body against the bed, with his cock buried deep inside her. He reaches down grabbing her arms, pulling them back and grinding his hips harder into her ass. Then suddenly Clive withdraws his cock from his cousin's delectable ass.

"What are you doing?" she asks looking over her shoulder with a look of disappointment.

Without saying anything, he flips her petite body around onto her back and grabs her legs, pushing her knees up to her head. He smiles at her as he grazes down at her glistening and ravaged asshole.

"Quit looking and fuck me!" she demands as she grabs her own ankles.

Clive snickers and drops his head down between her legs. Jessica is about to say more when her words turn into a low moan. His tongue flicks against her stretched hole to circle around it before sliding inside it.

"oh my god!" she exclaims. "That feels so fucking good!"

Clive pulls his tongue from her ass and quickly replaces it with his cock all the way to his balls. He starts fucking her harder than before. The new position gives her the opportunity to play with her clit and she releases her legs to work at a second orgasm.

"I'm going to cum!" she gasps.

Her ass suddenly clenches around his cock as she lets out a long scream of ecstasy. Clive pulls free his cock and aims it at her face before firing a hot load of cum onto her face, splattering her lips and chin. His cock fires a second pulse, spraying down across her lips and into her waiting mouth.

Jessica's tongue slips out, taking in as much of his cum as it could. Clive slides next to her, moving in to kiss her deep. Their tongues dance, mixing his cum around in both their mouths. When they break apart, she lays on his chest, staring down at his fast softening cock.

"Why do you have to leave?" she asks again.

"I just have to," he answers. "I have a job I have to keep."

She breathes out a lonely sigh. "Will you move in with me when you get back?"

Clive smiles and says, "I can arrange that, but what will your neighbors think?"

"Just because we're cousins doesn't mean we can't fuck each other's brains out," she reasons.

"I suppose not." He reaches under her chin, bringing her lips back to his. "I'll make arrangements for my stuff to be here when I get back."

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