tagInterracial LoveMalcom And The Mall

Malcom And The Mall


Hello, Victoria Petersen here again. The following true story is my second to this site and hope you enjoy it as well as my first one. It took place six years ago when I was 39 and five years after my introduction to big, black cock and my divorce shortly thereafter. Reading my first submission, "An Evening With Edward", will give you somewhat of a background of myself. Also, in my eleven years since going black, I've encountered many cocks that are normal or sub-normal in size. Those are the ones I do not pursue again, nor will write about or put in my little black book of telephone numbers. I guess you could say I'm a size queen, preferring 10" or more in length.

"OK Grethe, it's 9:45 now. I should be back from Connie's around one this afternoon. See you then." I hung up my cell phone and placed it on my vanity as I continued to get ready to go to my hairdresser, Connie, for a trim, bleaching and coloring treatment, snowflake-white, of course. She does add a tiny bit of platinum color to help bring out it's amazing shine. Then it's off to the mall to do a little clothes shopping with Grethe, a former co-worker, but a close friend. I think she knows my ways but keeps her distance, as she is happily married. Today I'm wearing a white, puffy, longsleeve satin collared blouse; a just-above-the-knee tight-fitting, ivory pencil skirt; my favorite stockings...vintage beige Albert's rh&t's, held up with a beige 12-strap waist cincher; and my 6" high-heeled fuchsia-patent pumps.

I returned home around 1:10 after having Connie perform her usual magic to find Grethe sitting in her car parked in my driveway. "Sorry I'm late. Come in for few minutes while I quickly freshen up a bit." She is a short-haired redhead, dressed in black slacks, red and white striped blouse, and black 3" high-heeled sandals. "There's coffee in the maker if you want any. Just heat it up in the microwave. I'll be right down." I went upstairs to my bedroom and sat down at my vanity.

"God, Connie, you are absolutely the best!" I said to myself. (And I still go to her to this day). I rapidly applied another layer of makeup and another coating of high shine lip gloss. Then after a few quick brushes of my long, wavy, white hair to make it look it's fullest, I went into the bathroom for a quick douche of my pussy and ass. You never know what the day will bring.

I returned downstairs to find Grethe sipping coffee at the kichen table. "Victoria, you look ready for a hot date."

"Come on Grethe, you know I always dress up. It's one of my obsessions. Let's get going."

After about a 30-minute drive we arrived at the mall. Stepping out of the car in the bright sunshine I immediately looked at my legs. The shine line that my Albert's give off is mind-boggling. Just the walk from the parking lot into the mall brought on so many stares and turned heads. I love showing off my gorgeous legs. Of course wearing spike heels helps bring in the looks also.

After about two hours of browsing mostly the clothing stores we sat down at one of those benches that are intermingled with the kiosk's for a little break and something to drink, in which I had a ginger ale. I love the zip-zip sound my non-stretch vinatge stockings give off when I cross and uncross my legs, also an attention getter. After a few minutes of chit-chat I suddenly became all hot and flustered. A large, tall, bald-headed, extremely black-skinned man, who I guessed was in his mid-thirties walked by with a semi-attractive white brunette woman in tow. I immediately told Grethe (who was oblivious to my sighting) that I wanted to split up for a little while and to do a little shopping on my own. We decided to meet where we are right now in about an hour and a half. I grabbed my purse and small bag containing a new blouse and proceeded to follow this couple at a safe distance. My addiction had kicked into overdrive and I was determined to meet this attractive man.

I followed them into the third store they went in, a FYE, about twenty minutes later. When I noticed that they were splitting up I said to myself, "It's now or never." She headed over to the dvd movie section while he went to the music cd area. I slowly approached him, my stiletto's clicking on the tiled floor and my heart racing like crazy. He looked up with a slight grin on his face when I softly said, "Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you could help me?"

He responded by saying, "I'm sorry miss, but I don't work here."

Then it seemed to just come out naturally, "No, I was wondering if it's true what they say about black men?"

A big smile came on his handsome face and said, "Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there pretty lady? Do you know where the public restrooms are?"

"Why, yes of course."

"Good. Meet me outside of them in ten minutes. I have to take care of some business first." With that said I gave him a smile and proceeded to the designated meeting place. And sure enough he showed up right on time without his woman companion. He must of told her something, but I didn't care what it was. He put his hand around my waist and said, "Come this way you beautiful thing!" We walked about ten or twenty paces down the hall from the bathrooms to a door that said 'no admittance'. He opened the unlocked door, switched on the light, and we stepped in. It was a custodial closet with shelves of supplies and a huge sink basin. He closed and locked the door from the inside, turned around and said, "We don't want an unnecessary interruptions now, do we? So, you want to know if it's true or not. Why don't you take it out and find out?"

"Yes sir!" I bent down kneeling in front of him, eye to zipper. I could tell by the developing bulge in his slacks that he was well endowed. I quickly undid his belt buckle and unbuttoned his slacks, letting them fall to the floor exposing a huge, fat, thick-veined coal black cock that had to be easily a foot long, and he wasn't even completely hard yet. "Oh My!" is all I could say at the moment as I whipped my hair onto my back and wrapped my shiny CSL's (Cock Sucking Lips) around his purple, plum-sized, bulbous, mushroom head. "Mmmmm....Oh, you taste good....mmmmm" I said as I swirled my tongue around him in a circular motion. I pushed him back up against the door and said, "Now let this white slut for black cock really service you...(kiss, kiss)...Mmmmmm...(kiss, kiss)...How long does this...(kiss, kiss, lick, lick)...beautiful...(mmmmm, kiss, kiss, lick, lick)...black...(mmmm, kiss, kiss, lick, lick)...mouth pleaser get?...Mmmmmmmmm."

"Thirteen and a half angry inches you fucking slut!...Oh, you're good!!!"

"Mmmmm...Oh My!!!!...(kiss, kiss, lick, lick)....Mmmmmm....Just relax darling...(mmmm, kiss, kiss, lick, lick)...I'm just getting started." After I got his gorgeous fat blackness its hardest by licking, kissing and getting to know every ridge, valley and vein with my tongue I said, "Now comes my favorite part darling...mmmmm....grab hold of the back of my head and ease him into my horny throat....Mmmmm...I'm going to deepthroat every fat, long inch...Mmmmm....and not stop until you give me a feeding of your hopefully, delectable nut juice!"

"I don't know...only a few women has been able to handle my length."

"Yeah maybe, but this slut loves to deepthroat big, black cock as often as possible....Mmmmm....and another surprise you're in for."

"And what's that?"

"You'll see shortly darling...Mmmmmmmm....Now give me more of this glorious blackness." As soon as his massive cockhead hit the back of my throat it stopped momentarily, until I swallowed and it popped in. Now that he was in, it was all downhill from there. Every fat, throbbing, pulsating inch effortlessly slid down my never-ending horny throat, my CSL's stretched around his thickness, until I could feel his smooth pelvic area on my shiny lips. Now it's time for some real action. In and out between the 8 and 13 1/2 inch mark, slowly at first, then a little faster. No need to come up for air as I breathe through my nose. And no gag factor involved either, as I mastered to repress that close to twenty years ago.

"Oh god that feels soo good!....Faster baby...Oh yeah...No bitch has ever deepthroated me like you do...Oh the feeling is unbelievable!...You're by far the best damn cocksucker I ever had!" Hearing these words were music to my ears and brought me to a huge orgasm. And it made me deepthroat him even faster as my outturned CSL's stayed clamped around his beautiful black shaft. "Oh I can feel it building...Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...oh here it comes bitch!...what's your name bitch?"

I yanked him out of my throat and past my CSL's in time to say, "Victoria, what's yours?" as the first blast of hot cum entered my open, welcome mouth.

"Malcom!...Now eat this Victoria!"

"Oh god yes, gladly!" as he shot three more ropes into my cum hungry mouth. Then I grabbed him by the base and reinserted him into my slut mouth. I felt another rope hit my tongue. "Mmmm...your cum tastes soooo good baby...mmmm....sooo creamy....mmmmmmm...and sooo lumpy...mmmm, mmmm."

He pulled his glistening cum coated shaft from my mouth, which was still as hard as granite and said, "Get up, turn around and bend over the sink you gorgeous slut. It's time to return the favor!" I rested my hands on the wall above the sink, tossed my hair onto my back again, and looked back over my right shoulder. He lifted up my pencil skirt up onto my waist, showing him my 12-strap waist cincher connected to my lovely stockings. Then he ripped by panties off and grabbed me by the hips intertwining his fingers in my cincher straps when I felt his wet cockhead rub my freshly shaven pussy. All of a sudden he was in and stretching out my cunt walls.

"Oh god baby...You're sooo big!....And so hard!...Fuck me baby!...Fuck me like the slut I am!...Oooooo, correction baby!...black cock slut!" He had me in tears it was so intense and he was only fucking me with about 10 inches. "I don't think my pussy can take any more of your assault darling...Oooooooo...Put it in my other hole...Oooooooo....Pleaseeeeeeeeee. I want you to fuck me in the ass!...Oooooo...I love it in the ass baby!....Ooooooooo...My big ass can take anything you got!....Ooooooo...Now come on and give it to me. I didn't douche my ass for nothing!"

He withdrew from my battered pussy and said, "Oh you hot bitch! It'll be my pleasure!...Now open them lily white buns up and let me in!" I grabbed hold of my right ass cheek and pulled, but had to keep my left hand on the wall for balance since I was still in my 6" high pumps. I always make love while fully dressed...Always in high heels, always in stockings, always in a garter belt, waist cincher or girdle, and always in a skirt or dress...It just turns me on even more. Oh, the feeling when his extra fat cock entered my puckered hole was pure bliss, bringing my pussy to orgasm yet again. His black anaconda cock wasn't as thick as a coke can, but believe me he was awful close. With each thrust he went in a bit deeper...five inches...six inches...eight inches...ten inches...twelve inches...then I felt and heard his big, hairless balls banging my pussy!

"Oh god baby!...That's it baby!...Oooooo!...Yeah!...Just the way I like it! Oooooo!...Oh god darling your're so fucking big!...My ass is on fire!...Ohhh, it burns soo good!" Then he really started to fuck my steaming hot asshole with reckless abandon, my head turning to and from, my shiny white hair bouncing up and down.

"Oh shit, you've done this before, haven't you bitch?"

"All the time darling! I just can't get enough! Oooooooo, you feel so fucking good in my ass! Now ream me harder and faster baby! Please! Oh baby, Please!"

"I'm getting close to busting another nut baby!"

"Oh, cum in my ass darling!...Please cum in my ass!" Then suddenly he started to shake and buck, holding onto my hips as he unloaded his hot jism into my abused ass. When his breathing started to slow I pushed him away, releasing him from my asshole clutch, turned around, knelt down, and took his dripping, breathing, angry black shaft back into my whore mouth. "Mmmmm, you taste out of this world darling!...Nothing like cock paste from a black man!...Mmmmmmmm." When I finishing licking his deflating manhood of much cum as possible, I looked up into his eyes while licking my CSL's and then mouthed the words "Thank You".

I stood up, put my panties back on to hold in some of the cum leaking from my ass, pulled down and smoothed out my skirt, then whipped out my compact from my purse to touch up my face and CSL's. Before leaving the utility closet he said, "It was my pleasure meeting you Victoria. Here's my card. Let's stay in touch."

"And the pleasure was all mine also Malcom." I reached into my purse and gave him one of my business cards, "My cell phone number is written on the back."

I met back up with Grethe with a wobble to my walk and a huge grin on my face. She said, "Looks like someone had some fun!" I didn't answer her.

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