Mall Adventure


The Obsession:

My name is Tina and I've always fantasized about public nudity. I've played with little "accidental" nip slips, low cut tops that when I lean forward to sign something, my breasts are in full view. My fantasy started becoming more of an obsession last year when I read a story about a woman that wanted to daringly check her mail naked in broad daylight and accidentally locked herself out. Now, I have no desire to do any flashing or NIP experiences near home. That I've decided it's off limits. I live here and know people. My NIP obsession has to be kept a secret.

So I started to go on shopping days wearing flouncy skirts and barely there tops. I like the looks I get when people see my nips right through the fabric. I then started wearing no panties under my skirts and dresses. I love the feeling of the breeze under my skirt gently blowing across my girly parts and ass. I also like the feeling I get knowing that the only thing that separates my ass and pussy from the world is this small skirt and the absence of any sudden gusts of wind. ;). So, I then turned it up a notch. I got a full Brazilian. That's right, completely hairless underneath. I started wearing shorter miniskirts and really short dresses out. I would sit at park benches and quickly cross my legs giving people just a short glimpse of my goods. I then started riding escalators knowing very well that who ever was behind me got treated to a full view. Or I would bend over in a shopping area or on the street to "fix" my shoes, or whatever. I would drive topless through fast food places and sometimes with my skirt up. I then took to driving all over town wearing only a top and nothing below it. I was really, really enjoying this. I realized that I love this kind of attention. I may try the pizza dare sometime. You know wearing a "dress" that is cut halfway up the butt and exposes the vagina in the front? Order delivery and take my time bending forward with my backside toward him to get my purse or placing the pizza down on a low table, etc. just to see the look of that delivery guy. But, I won't do this near my house, so that may never happen. But it sure sounds fun.

For the record, I'm 22 and have a trim body. I have really nice firm tits (a C cup size) and my ass is round and nice. I'm kinda hot. I also like looking at myself in the mirror. I mean really looking at myself. I date guys, but I love the female form and mine turns me on. I always try on my outfits and practice my flashing moves in front of the mirror. When I find a move that really turns me on, I then know how to replay it once in public. I also like to just stand in front of the mirror naked and admire myself. Am I vain? Well yeah.

Lately my obsession has me entertaining thoughts about going completely naked in public places. Not streaking or a quick flash, but a planned out well executed event. I've thought about this a lot and in order to meet the level of excitement I need, it would have to have the following elements: 1. Needs to be in an open public area where nudity is not allowed or common at all. 2. There must be people about that can view me. 3. The event has to be at least a full minute, maybe even a full five minutes in duration. 4. and this is the hard one, I can't have an escape plan. I need to plan on a way that once I get started, there's no turning back. That's it. I have to follow through. I think this element is what really excites me and scares the hell out of me at the same time. The thought of performing an act like this someday really turns me on. It would be one of my ultimate fantasies.

The Plan:

So, I started to scout out the location for my NIP experience. There is mall at the other end of town that is indoors and may be the ticket for meeting my needs. I went to scope it out and formulated the plan. The scene was perfect. I'll choose this location for an escalator ride and walk in the mall. Being so far from home meant it would be unlikely to run into someone I know. Not to mention, this particular spot because of the lay out of the atrium allowed full viewing of the escalators from anywhere in the general vicinity, the walk ways, the shops, everywhere. I knew that I would maximize my exposure to as many people as possible. Also this spot due to the placement of the escalators. Once you reach a floor, in order to get to the next floor, you must walk around to the complete opposite side of the atrium to take the escalator to the next floor. In other words, this will prolong my exposure and draw much more attention to myself if I planned on riding both escalators. There should be a fair amount of shoppers and activity but not so crowed as to have the bustle detract from me or to make it too hard to get around. So there it is. Man, I must be crazy, well I am. You'd think I would choose a location that would minimize my exposure and be done quick. But for some reason the thought of putting myself into such a vulnerable place for so long really scares the shit out of me and really excites me at the same time. We'll see how I feel if and when I actually perform this act. I'm pretty determined at this point.

So looking around this place makes me think. I can just enter the mall wearing nothing but a skirt and top, go the upper level, take them off then ride the series of escalators down to the bottom. Get dressed and leave. Simple. No wait. The more I think about this plan, it really doesn't add the fourth element. You know, that no backing out element? I mean it makes it too easy to chicken out, get dressed right away and not finish up. What I need is a way to lose my clothes then retrieve them again at the end. Hmm, I could leave them in a bag at the top, then ride back up again. No, that wouldn't stop me from chickening out and running backwards up the escalator. Besides, the idea here is to end closer, not further from the exit. I got it. I need to drop my clothes over the side of the upper rail and retrieve them when I was down below. Wow, that's it! Scary, real scary. hehehe, it makes me giggle thinking about it. Just then something caught my eye. A kid in a stroller threw his blanket or some kind of scarf over the rail and it lofted down changing direction on the way. At the bottom, a person unbeknownst to what just happened picked it up and said something about lost and found and walked away with it. It hit me. I can't just throw my clothes over the side as they will invariably end up in different locations and may not be there when I arrived naked to retrieve them. Wow, twist of fate. Thanks kid. I need something that will fall straight and I'll need to enlist the help of someone to grab and hold my clothes.

Now I have a dear fried named Tom. We dated a bit in high school but are now just really close soul mates. I totally trust him and have already told him about my escapades and even had him along on a few to watch for fun. I will tell him about my latest plan and ask him to be my partner in crime. LOL. Oh this is really starting to come together.

Tom agreed whole-heartedly and suggested I used a cotton knit dress. That way I can tie a single knot in it guaranteeing a predictable vertical decent. I forgot to mention, Tom is an engineer. :).

The event:

So we're set. What started as a hypothetical maybe some day thing is really going to happen much sooner than I thought. Well why not? It's a perfect plan.

Before the event, I will be all waxed and squeaky clean below, hair done, nice make up. I'll pick out a nice cotton knit dress and elevated shoes. In other words, all dolled up and pretty. Tom will drive me to the mall and come in with me. Basically the plan is to enter the mall wearing nothing but that cotton knit dress and heals, walk with Tom to the end site, the bottom floor of the atrium right next to the UPS store in a spot that has an unobstructed clear drop from the third floor. Tom will wait there. I'll then ride the series of escalators up to the third floor and to the begin site on the balcony just above Tom. I will then pull my dress off, tie it in a single knot to ensure it's straight, vertical fall to Tom. I will then proceed slowly, not walking fast or running, to the escalator and ride down to the second floor. From there, I turn right and walk around the second floor atrium to the next escalator then ride that down to the first floor. Once there, I am to meet Tom who will hand me my dress. I'll put it on and we'll both leave the way we came. Without stepping though it, Tom's best estimate, if all goes according to plan, is about 7 full minutes of exposure. Longer if I linger walking the atrium portion. Perfect! It's getting better all the time!

So the day arrived. I'm so nervous and excited. I have butterflies in my stomach and my nips have been hard all day just thinking about what I'm about to do. I stood in front of my full-length mirror wearing nothing but my heels admiring myself. Damn I'm hot! These mall people don't know what they've got coming. lol. A few minutes later Tom pulled up. I put my dress on, grabbed my keys and headed outside to meet him.

The drive over was fairly uneventful. We talked about the plan and verbally rehearsed the dropping of the dress and the retrieving it only after I was done. I mentioned this was the most exciting part for me. I had to make sure that I put myself in the position of no return. I had to go through with it. Tom just smiled.

When we finally arrived at the mall for what was about an hour drive, Tom parked the car, looked me in the eyes and asked if I really wanted to go through with this. I told him that this is the scariest thing I've ever done and the most exciting. I was even shaking a bit. We left the car and started walking toward the mall entrance. I noticed he parked kind of far, but that was probably best to keep a low profile. Besides, there were more cars than I had expected.

Upon entering the mall, I noticed there weren't quite as many people milling about as the parking lot suggested, but many more than I'd planned. The walkway at this particular entrance was very long with many shops in it. We finally reached the atrium and stopped at the end point outside of the UPS store and a shoe store. Tom asked if I was ready and I giggled. I realized that I felt a little naughty and I liked it. I was still shaking a bit probably from that interesting blend of nerves and excitement. I turned and headed up to the top.

Once there, I stopped, looked over the side and didn't see Tom at first. After about a minute he came into view, smiled at me with a thumbs up and I returned the gesture. It was time. I'm going do this. I'm actually going to do this. I paused for seemed an eternity. I'm trying to get up the nerve to begin. Once I drop that dress over the side, there's no turning back. That's it! I'll commit to finishing. Woo, more shaking. I took a deep breath and nervously pulled my dress up over my head, tied a knot in it and dropped it over the side of the two-story rail.

Wow! I did it. "Breathe Tina, breathe" I whispered to myself. There I was, completely naked in a busy mall with only one exit, down the series of escalators passed all those shoppers in plain sight. I immediately caught the attention of some shocked shoppers and made eye contact with them and I smiled real big. I felt really scared, but I now had no choice and made my way over to the escalator and started my decent. Some people that happen to notice me just stood there motionless and appeared shocked.

I had rehearsed this over in my head several times. I knew that fighting the urge to walk fast or run would be hard but I never quite thought it would be like this. I stood still and nervously rode at the pace of that slow escalator. I was still shaking. I continued to make eye contact and put a huge smile on my face. I was nervous, but I was loving this! I was riding the first escalator down and looking around me, I could see all the shops and walkways and people all over. There were other people riding with me and shocked and admiring people on the opposite escalator. I noticed that there were eyes on me from everywhere. I planned this spot for this reason. These escalators are the center of attention in this atrium and I was currently the main attraction. I was feeling that combination of being really scared and nervous and very very excited. I had no idea it would be this intense! My nips were hard and sticking straight out and my crotch was even tingling. To see so many eyes staring right at my shaved cookie.

I had so many eyes staring at my naked body. The feeling is better than I'd hoped. Now this I didn't expect. Wow! I was starting to get aroused. I mean really aroused! My shaking started to feel more like quivering. I held the rail and squeezed really hard to brace myself. I could see a few flashes all around, no doubt cell phone cameras going off. There was a middle-aged man on the opposite escalator making no attempt at concealing his stare. I looked at him swayed a bit. I could see my tits move from side to side. This act earned me a cat call which also drew much more attention to the fact there was a bold naked girl riding down from the top floor in the middle of the atrium. I could hear the buzz of talking which was probably normal mall conversation but I liked to think it was all about me.

There, the first floor done. These are slow moving escalators. Now to make my way through people. It's one thing putting myself on display for all to see on the upper escalator but another thing entirely walking amongst the shoppers. This didn't enter into my plan. Of course no one was moving. They were all just standing in place, staring. I decided to move along the edge of the balcony next to the glass rail. It may be easier to navigate to the other side of the atrium but as an added benefit, it also exposes me longer and clearer to the bulk of the people now very interested to see what I'll do next. So far no sight of mall security. I'm sure they're there, but are most likely enjoying the view along with everyone else. I passed a shop with reflective glass and saw the scene everyone else did. Wholly shit! I'm walking around completely naked in a somewhat crowed mall. I just stood there for a few seconds just taking it in. Then I started feeling nervous again. The thought of mall security was in my awareness too and thought it best to proceed to the end point and meet Tom with my dress. A few people gave me encouraging words. One lady said oh my god, you're naked! I saw a few disapproving looks too but everyone was friendly and there were no incidents.

I made my way around to the other side of the atrium to the top of the lower escalator. Unlike before, upon this decent I noticed the rails of both balconies were now lined with more people than before. This time I was the only person on either escalator. I was feeling scared and excited again. There's something about being right out in the middle of everyone that's the key here. I was quivering even more now. My nips were throbbing they were so hard and my pussy and ass were tingling like I never expected. I looked down and could make out that my clitoris was now actually visible and swollen. It's amazing how much more you can see down there without the concealment of public hair. I was actually starting to feel like I might be getting off, not just from the rush but for real. Oh man, what the fuck? Am I going to have an orgasm in front of all these people? More flashes from phones accompanied by more words of encouragement came my way. Well, no matter what, I was really liking this attention. Really liking it! I was about half way to the first floor when I saw Tom. He had a devilish grin from side to side. I realized I was still smiling quite big too. Suddenly, my thoughts were focused on the finishing. I psyched myself up for this and was doing great, but seeing Tom made me want to finish and get out quick. Be that as it may, I fought the urge to speed up. Still, I was also thinking quite seriously about how aroused I've gotten. Feeling this vulnerable was not intended. I needed to get out of there.

Ok, I reached the bottom floor. There were many more people there as I tried to make my way toward Tom. I felt one person grope me on the ass. I was feeling a little trapped when all of sudden, there was Tom. I know I was in no danger, but the sight of him gave me more comfort. I looked at him and he had a strange look on his face. I was experiencing a rush of energy and felt super jazzed and said "quick give me my dress, wasn't that awesome? Did you see me? I did it. I really did it!" Tom said, he'd been looking for my dress and couldn't find it. "Come on Tom" I said, "stop kidding around and give me my dress." He said the knot came undone when it fell and it looked like it got caught on something on the way down. WTF? I thought. Shit! I need my dress! Tom offered to go up to the second floor to look to which I said don't leave me. He asked what I wanted to do. Now I was really scared. I realized that without my dress, we had to walk back to the car with me naked. I psyched up for the atrium that's it. The only way I made it this far was knowing that my dress was waiting for me downstairs safe with Tom. Oh fuck! Fuck, what am I going to do?!

I had no choice. So we started making our way across the bottom part of the atrium. Still in full view of everyone, I looked up and my glance was met with a round of applause and cheers. I was a bit too nervous now without my dress otherwise I might have given a bow. As we stepped out of the atrium area, me on Tom's arm, a woman came right up to me and said she really admired what I did and that I was very brave and she said I was just beautiful. At that, I paused and looked at her, thanked her then walked back into the center of the atrium to more applause. I then bowed with a beaming smile on my face. I could see Tom smiling and laughing. He knows how much I love this attention.

After that, I ran up to Tom and we headed out toward the exit when all of a sudden, there was mall security. Oh shit, now what? Are they going to call the police? I got scared in a different way now. My heart raced and a new set of butterflies kicked in. He told us we need to leave to which Tom said we are and pointed off in the direction of the exit. There was no further incident. Whew! That was close! I then got another rush of butterflies and that excited/scared feeling again. Not only was I naked after just being on full display to a bunch of strangers, but we now staved off an arrest. I think my head is going to explode. There were people in that long walkway that heads out walking about and in the many shops, seeing me for the first time. More phone flashes and comments of encouragement. I was getting really aroused again. Nips throbbing, pussy now surprisingly wet. God, I wanted to touch it. Tom slowed down. I looked at him with big eyes and he said "revel in this. Take your time". I think I whimpered. I told him he didn't understand and I quickly mentioned how incredibly aroused I was. He found this quite intriguing. So, what does that fucker do? He turned us around and started walking back in. I said, "Tom, you don't understand". He asked if I was going to cum, I told him I didn't want to wait around to find out. Oh man I was starting to quiver again. There were people about just staring at me from all over. So after a few more shops, he turned back for the door and very slowly paraded me along. Several more people were entering the mall and just stopped and looked at me. Tom told me I was beaming. Well, in fact I was. I was really enjoying this, the attention, the admiring looks, the naughtiness, all of it. I seemed to have gotten over the problem with the missing dress.

As we exited to the outside, it was warm and sunny and really bright. The sun felt incredible on my naked skin. More people stared as we made our way though the parking lot. Oh shit! I just remembered how far we parked. It was going to be long walk naked in the sun through that parking lot. I suddenly started feeling even more excited and aroused. Something about being outside naked, the warmth of the sun and in full view of so many interested people. How does this differ from being indoors naked on display for a bunch of people? I don't know. It was just a another layered experience. What I do know is that my sensations were heightened and my emotions raw. I looked behind and several people were following us snapping shots with their phones. I knew for sure I would be showing up on the net soon. That thought made me giggle.

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