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Mama Fucks Son In Law


I have known my mother in law (Linda) a lot longer than I have know my wife. She was the one that got my wife and I together. There was a new year's eve party planned and her daughter didn't have a date for that night. Linda had asked me if I would be her daughter's date. I didn't know her daughter but had seen her with Linda a few times.

Her daughter's name is Sheila and she is nineteen and ten years younger than me. I accepted her invitation and went to Linda's house to pick up Sheila. This was going to be a blind date. My mother in law had already talked to her daughter about me being her date.

I arrived at the appointed time and rang the door bell. Linda answered the door wearing a low cut blouse showing a lot of tits. They looked ready to spill out. She knew I was looking and she smiled and said come in.

Sheila came in and she was pretty, standing about five foot eight inches tall. She had a blouse on like her mama and also a set of tits just like her mama. They both were wearing jeans and boots. They were so tight that I could see the shape of their pussy in them.

I was introduced to the father and husband. He knew me since we had grew up together. Working at his job was what he did most of the time. Taking care of his wife's needs didn't concern him, so her needs were being took care of by other men.

At the party Sheila and I had a very good time, dancing and she had some tom collins while I stuck with beer. On the way home I pulled into a secluded place that I knew. I had fucked a few women here before. Even though this was our first date, we had already kissed a lot and my hands had been all over her breasts.

We parked and begin to kiss some more, soon I felt her hands all over my cock. She knew how to stroke a cock to get it hard. She even had got my cock out of my pants. I thought that her pussy was going to be mine tonight. I removed her blouse and bra. Sucking on her tits made her hot. Putting my hands on her stomach, I worked them to her panties, that's when she stopped me.

John, we can do anything we want except fuck. I promised mama that I would be a virgin bride on my wedding day. You can suck my tits, but your fingers, cock, or tongue will not be going in my pussy. I will give you a blow job if you want me to.

Believe me I kept trying to get into her pants that night. I didn't, but I did get to cum in her mouth and she swallowed.

After I took her home and walked her to the door. She asked if I would like to see her again. I said sure and we starting dating. I kept trying to get her to fuck. She did let me eat her one night after she had a lot more to drank. That was her first orgasm, she told me after we had dressed.

I live in a trailer house, not very fancy, but it was my home. Linda worked at night and she left home like she was going to work. She knocked on my door and said that she needed to talk to me.

I have talked with Sheila and she says that the two of you are in love, and she doesn't know if she can keep saying no to you much longer. My daughter has promise me that she will be a virgin on her wedding day. If you want to fuck me, you can right now, but if you don't, I know some more men that want to fuck me. I will be getting some cock tonight. It might as well be yours. I would rather that after tonight that you fuck me instead of one of your whores that you know.

That's was the way that it was, Linda knew very well that I wanted to fuck her. I knew she was a wife slut and was putting out to a lot of men. Before I even met her daughter I had already asked Linda to fuck a few times. She had given me a few blow jobs, but I had never fucked her. Here she was in my house tonight ready to give her pussy to me.

Sure I would like to fuck you Linda. Tonight will be fine with me.

We were sitting at the bar, I know this isn't right she said as she stood up and took off her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were already hard. I am horny tonight. I need your cock in me John.

I stood up and took my shirt off. Her hands found the light switch and she cut the lights off. We can't have your neighbors seeing us like this.

Her hands felt my cock and she reached down and unzipped my pants and set my cock free. She kneeled down and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked on it and I put my hands on her head and held her as I fucked her mouth. I was getting close and I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed all of my load. She licked every drop of my semen.

Come lets go to your bedroom, she said. Here lets get out of our clothes as we entered the room.

She wasn't wearing any panties and I could tell that she was wet. She had a shaved pussy. There was no way I was going to eat her. Her pussy has had a lot of cock in it from a lot of men. I would fuck her with a condom on.

Come on baby, fuck me, she said.

I got a condom out of the drawer and she helped me put it on. Then she laid on the bed and spread her legs.

Getting between her legs, I aimed for her opening and she reached down and got my cock in her hand and inserted it into her. With one plunge I had my eight inch cock buried all the way in. Then I really started to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me and fucked me back with every stroke.

I could tell that she loved to fuck. She moaned and talked the whole time I was fucking her. She let you know when she had an orgasm. She screamed and moaned about how good it felt for her to reach her climax. She had another orgasm as I fulled the condom with my semen.

I withdrew my cock and she took the condom off and peeled the condom back so she could get to my cum. She held it to her mouth and sucked the condom dry. She loved to fuck and she also loved a man's cum. She licked her lips and said that she wanted some more cock tonight.

I had heard the talk around town, she would lay with a man and then get up and find another one to lie with the same night. She was getting dressed and she said remember I will give it to you anytime you want some pussy.

Alright, I said what about next week. I wasn't about to quit fucking the whores that are giving me their pussy until I was engaged or married.

Sheila and I dated, got engaged, and married. Every week until the wedding day her mama came to my house or I met her somewhere and we fucked. Sheila was a virgin on our wedding night.

I taught her how to fuck. I was glad that I was the one that got her cherry. Yes, I am still fucking her mama. Linda's husband, likes to fuck her only on Saturday night. If something comes up that night, she has to wait another week for his cock.

Sheila and I have been married twenty years and she doesn't know that I am getting her pussy and her mama's pussy. Sheila doesn't like to fuck but two times a week, sometimes in the week we don't fuck at all. Her mama takes up the slack.

Then one day I came home early and there was a Jody banging Sheila in our bedroom. I backed out and got into my truck and went and fucked her mama. I couldn't say anything, Sheila doesn't know that I know that she has become like her mama. I guess it runs in the family, both daughter and mama love more than one cock.

I guess I am reaping what I have been sowing. I do know that both daughter and mama love to fuck more than I man. We have two daughters, what will their mama do to keep them virgins until their wedding day.

I think I know: she will fuck.

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