tagInterracial LoveMama Mia Ch. 02

Mama Mia Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Two dreams fulfilled

I apologize for the extremely long delay in the second and final chapter. Sometimes stories need time to grow, to evolve, to appear. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. I hope you all enjoy!


Mia and I depart the club and head straight for her studio apartment in a high rise building. Unfortunately, we had company in the elevator enroute to the 21st floor: several fellow guests and a security camera. Had we been alone, our dance would have continued. I leaned back against the wall in the corner, Mia up against me facing front. Her slow torture of me continued as she ground her ass slowly and subtly against my pelvis. Were one to look, nothing would appear improper. Yet her shifting side to side drew me deeper into the valley between her heavenly cheeks. Were she to step aside, my condition down below would reveal my feelings for her and her efforts.

The doors open before us and we squeeze out into the hallway. The location to her studio was fortuitous: right in front of the elevator. Key in slot, knob twisted, with me behind her me, hands sliding around her stomach to hold her in place so she can feel my arousal. The door opens, we step inside. I turn to lock the door and she leaps upon me, legs locked behind my lower back, arms around my neck, and she presses her lips to mine. Her mouth opens, drawing my tongue into her mouth to dance with hers. With one hand supporting her, cupping her lovely left lower globe, my right hand secures the deadbolt. I suddenly push her up against the door, pinning her ass there with my hips, both wrists now firmly in my hands against the dark wood, stretched high above her head. My act of control causes her to gasp, then moan. She rotates her hips and even through her jeans I can feel the heat between her thighs against the tip of my member. Her head falls to one side, panting as I attack her neck, running my tongue lightly from shoulder to ear and back again, interchanged with a few nips here and there and even my teeth sinking into the cocoa butter-scented flesh of her mocha shoulder.

I step back, Mia still against me, my hands now with a firm grip on her buttocks. Spinning, I carry her to her bed and drop her on it. She falls back and lays before me, looking at me with wide, curious eyes filled with passion as her lower legs hung off the edge. I kneel on the bed above her, my legs straddling hers. My fingers under the bottom of her tight short shirt slide up, catching the bottom hem with my thumbs so it too slides north as well. My hands roam across her braless flesh and hardened nipples, causing her to arch her back as her arms reach above her head so I may slide the shirt from her body. With the sleeves of the shirt I secure her wrists to the headboard. Not too tight so she may twist her arms, but enough to know she was mine to do with what pleased her.

I crush her firm, high breasts in my hands and groans escape her. I lean over her, taking a silk scarf wrapped around a bedpost and blindfold her. I see the smile form on her full lips and can only imagine what those gorgeous eyes would look like were I to free them from their bondage. I cover her with my body, supported by my arms as I attack her mouth with mine. She sucks my tongue in and out, suggesting what she hopes I will do to her valley below. Not one to disappoint, I start heading south. I stop at her 34C chest and my hands once again take control of the firm mounds between them. Fingers pinch her nipples hard; squeals of surprise and pleasure emanate from her. Like a vacuum, my mouth is latched upon her breast, suction pulling the gumdrop in so I may cause her to shudder by nibbling on it and rapidly flicking my tongue back and forth. I alternate back and forth between her mountains, eager to not let one be left out. She writhes beneath me. From her online confessions, I know that I could make her cum merely by these efforts if I kept it up awhile longer. But I was in control, and desired to build the tension.

Still confining her tits tightly in my hands, my mouth journeys further south, planting kisses along her washboard stomach. Giggles pour forth as my tongue rims her navel. Sliding lower, I can feel and smell the warmth of her arousal through the denim. Teeth grasp the zipper between them and slowly slide it down, her breath quickening in frustrated anticipation. Reluctantly for both, I must abandon her topside so I may venture below. My hands slide down her sides as I slide down her body to kneel on the floor in front of her altar. In a swift move that causes her to gasp, I slide the jeans from her body, leaving only the soaked thong in place. Removing my own clothes, I spread her thighs apart and the narrow fabric outlines a perfect camel toe devoid of hair, drawn tight against her flesh, fragrant moisture seeping through her. I inhale deeply, intoxicated by what I soon will taste. Mere centimeters from her I exhale warm air over her shaved skin, causing her to shiver and whine.

"Please... please..."

I complied with her request for both our sakes. I reach out with my tongue and draw it up and down the crevice between her plump lips. Her hips jump then settle into a rhythm, pressing upward, desperately trying to create more contact between us. My hands slide up her inner thighs to the tiny triangle between us. I roughly tear the thong from her body and a gasp from her throat. A gorgeous flower awaits my ministrations. Moans pour forth as I trace the outline of her labia gently with my tongue.

Finally, I press my mouth against her, taking her lips and clit into my mouth. I press my tongue into her, feeling for the diamond center of her pleasure. Finding it, I caress it gently and her sighs do the same to my ears. My fingers find her womanhood and I slide one inside. I withdraw it and take it into my mouth, sucking the sweet nectar. I return to her, dipping in once again with more fingers. My index finger, lubricated with her honey, drops lower across her perineum. Two other fingers search out her G-spot, seeking the spot to press that would send her into orbit. Finding this treasure, the manipulations begin.

"Ayyyyy... yes... yes... si... Dios mio!"

Two fingers inside her press up and massage in circles, warm moist flesh surrounding them. I feel the firmness inside and I am where I want to be. Once again panting, her head flops back and forth, the blindfold preventing her from seeing my head between her thighs, wrists secured above her head, hands grasping the fabric that restrains them. My other finger finds its target and circles her tight opening. Her hips rotate as my finger does so around her starfish, all the while my mouth, tongue, and other fingers synchronized to maximize her pleasure.

"You're torturing me! Slide it in!" she wails.

As my lubricated finger circles her rosebud, I apply gentle pressure and she yields, slowly opening to take me inside. I feel her shudder and know an orgasm is not far away. Her sphincter relaxes and I slowly slide in and out, deeper and deeper, matching my other fingers' movements.

"Yes, yes! Just like that! Don't stop! Close... close... I... I...!"

Practically hyperventilating, she starts to close her thighs against my head, thrusting up against my face. I take her clit gently between my teeth, mimicking my earlier efforts rapidly back and forth across the tiny nub. Nothing more needed. The climax I sought for her arrives and she shrieks and cries as waves of convulsions wash over her. No place I would rather be. Eventually, the spasms die away and her breathing slows, remaining deep. She shudders as I withdraw my fingers from her intimate spaces. I crawl onto the bed and kiss her long and deep. Our lips draw apart and she licks mine and draws her moisture from my face.

"Mmmm... I taste good, don't I?"

A rhetorical question to which we both, and a few other men and women, knew the answer.

Still blindfolded, she asks what she can do to repay the favor. I slide up, turn around, and straddle her above her head, my hard cock brushing against her lips. She smiles and opens her mouth to tongue the shaft and tip. I lean forward and angle my cock into her mouth. She opens it and moans as I slide it in deep, until I feel the back of her throat. I slide out, not as easily for she sucks hard, trying to prevent my withdrawal. I relent and slide it back in Each pass goes deeper into her mouth. She gags a bit at first, then relaxes her jaw and I feel the head press against the opening of her throat, her moans vibrating me deliciously. I pull it all the way out.

"No, please... I want to take it all the way in!"

Once again, I comply with her request. She hyperextends her neck as I enter and I feel the wonderful pressure of the back of her mouth against the tip. She gags a couple of times, then inhales around me and then presses her head upward. Her throat relaxes and I feel the mushroom head enter. I press down gently and come to rest against her face. My first experience being deep-throated and it was unlike any oral I had experienced. I slowly pull out and she exhales.

"I did it!" she said proudly. "More, do it again!"

I slide back in again, this time the gag reflex almost absent. She relaxes again and I press down until her nose rests against my pubis. We repeat this ritual several times. If I did not have other plans in mind, I would have continued until she made me explode, which would not have been far off. I pull out of her most talented mouth and turn around, this time straddling her chest. Her protests at my departure were quickly silenced as I place my soaked cock between her mounds. Her grapefruit sized breasts once again fill my hands as I press them together, surrounding my shaft with velvety soft warmth. Mia sighs in relief as I have not abandoned her. I begin sliding in and out of the slick tunnel I created as she smiles and sighs, which turn to groans as I pinch her nipples firmly pleasuring both of us. The sensation could easily bring me to the brink, and as I thrust harder and harder, she tilts her head forward, trying to capture the tip in her mouth as it emerges from her deep cleavage.

Once again, whines of protest are heard as I get off her, reaching for a condom she strategically left on the bedside table. I roll it on, then slide back between her legs. I place the tip of my cock against her still soaked pussy and she bites her bottom lip. I press forward and easily enter her and come to rest above her, my face at hers as she opens her mouth wide to gasp. I cover it with my own, and we kiss passionately I start thrusting into her, and the gasps turn to groans, panting, wailing, and many expletives. She does not last long and I produce a second orgasm for her, my pelvic bone grinding against her clit. I slow down, barely moving slowly in and out so she may recover. As I do so, I release her wrists from the restraining shirt sleeves. She wraps her arms around me, holding me tight as I do the same. Still inside her, I roll us both over so she may ride me, pleasuring herself. I lay back and watch her work, grinding and rotating her pelvis, taking me deep in and pulling almost all the way out. Her eyes roll back in her head and she closes them, mouth hanging half open. Her hands run up and down her body, caressing her tits and clit in self-pleasure.

Whining and moaning, she brings herself to the edge again.

"Make yourself cum. Now."

She complies with my command, pinching her nipples and furiously rubbing her pussy, grinding harder and faster. She squeals, convulses, and I feel my thighs flood with her lovely liquid, cumming again. She collapses on top of me, panting, glistening with perspiration. I hold her, back caressed by my hands.

Several moments later, she raises her head and looks me in the eye, drunk with euphoria.

"What... what about... about you?" she says in between breaths. "You didn't cum yet.... Let me take care of that for you."

She slides off of me down to the floor on her knees, peels off the condom, and takes my still hard shaft into her mouth.

"Mmmmm... I DO taste good!"

I revel in the sight before me, my dick between the soft full lips of a honey-colored face, hand stroking me, head bobbing up and down. I pull back from her, confusion filling her face. I stand, moving to kneel behind her.

"I DO want you on your knees," I growled in her ear. "But for a different reason."

Squealing with delight, she rests her elbows on the bed as I put on another condom. One hand presses her back down to make her delicious ass jut out even more and pin her chest to the bed, breasts splaying out from the sides. No effort is required to enter her with one movement until my thighs are against her backside.

"YES! I love it... love it like this!"

She did indeed. Early in our online exchanges, she admitted this as her favorite position. Not only does it allow an angle that hits her G-spot, it brings out her submissive nature. Being taken from behind is just that: taken, controlled, pounded, allowing the man (or woman with strap-on) to use her, destroy her, make her theirs. I confess that her confession matched my own. More than one fantasy (both hers and mine) involved me taking her in this way.

Taking her hips in my hands, I fulfill our dreams. More extremities emerge from her mind and mouth. Reaching beneath herself, her hand finds her ravaged pussy, my hard shaft filling her. Mere moments after manipulating her clit, cries of climax come forth. Unlike before, I do not stop. The thrusting continues, rocking her back and forth against the bed. Her feeble protests to stop, that it was too much went unheeded. For I did not hear the safe word we agreed to use should we ever become intimate.

Looking down, I found myself staring at the hourglass figure beneath me, eyes drawn to her ass. Not enormous, not tiny, and certainly not flat. Perfect. Curved in all the right places. Firm and generous enough to create deep cleavage between her cheeks, even with her bent over. Massaging her cheeks draws coos and sighs as she recovers from her latest orgasm. My thumbs slide down the crevice spreading her cheeks apart slightly, enough to see her moist pucker where my finger had entered earlier. I run the pad of one thumb across the tight opening. A sharp uptake of breath from Mia with shudders to follow. Despite the position and control I had over her, she manages to push back slightly against me, allowing my thumb to ever so slightly penetrate her opening.

As I thrust behind her with hands on the curve of her hips, she raises up, supports herself with one hand and feels for her night stand next to the bed with the other. Her hand opens the drawer and removes a tube of cocoa butter, hands it back to me.

"Here," she pants, "You know what to do with this. I want it. Bareback."

I knew what she meant. There was one part of her body that had been forbidden to all before me. Online, she confessed her fantasy of exploring the most taboo penetration. Her fingers and objects in her hands had slid inside that lovely posterior of hers, causing sensations she did not expect but intensified her self-pleasure. She was apprehensive about allowing just anyone access to her ass. She waited and searched for one who would respect her, be gentle, be non-judgmental, and be turned on by her, by doing her like this. This evening she granted me the gift of introducing her to anal. The pleasure was mine and I was determined to make certain it was hers as well. Withdrawing from her, I remove the condom and liberally apply the cocoa butter to my penis. Mia reaches back with both hands, shoulders pressed against the bed, and spreads her cheeks. Her perfectly shaped lower eye just above her glistening pussy, was there, ready to take me in. Unable to resist, I lower my face down and swipe it with my tongue, rimming her. She gasps, and moans.

"Uhhhhnnnn... nnnnnhhh... oh god... oh god... what are you doing to me?"

I chuckle and say, "Honoring you, as you honor me with your virginity."

"Mmmm... Uhhhnnn... Ayyyyy... I don't care what you call it... just keep DOING it!"

I run my tongue around and across her opening, tasting nothing more than the perspiration that had beaded upon her lower back and slid down across her star. As I did, I coat two fingers with the delicious fragrant cocoa butter. Pulling my face away, much to her protests, I run one finger around the opening, massaging it, loosening it up. Gentle pressure rewards me and the sphincter relaxes. More gentle circular pressure affords me entry to a soft warm place. After sliding inside, she deeply exhales, and nods her head silently, indicating approval to continue. Slowly my finger moves in and out, relaxing her even more. I gently add a second finger to the first and she trembles but does not protest, just breathes deeply and starts to move back and forth on my digits.

Having lubed her up, I remove my fingers, a frustrated whimper escaping her. She brings her legs and knees together so I may straddle them with mine. I place the tip of my penis against her anus and hold there, not moving. She hums and signs, then another deep breath. I watch her press back against me, trying to take me inside her. At first, resistance is made, then with a slight downward angle from me, her ass opens up and the head enters. She gasps and I stop, afraid of the damage my rigidity might have caused.

"It's okay, it's okay," she pants. "Just let me get used to it."

We remain frozen in time for a moment, then she pushes gently back against me. A few inches penetrate and she stops, gasping for breath, eyes tightly shut.

"I just need... just need to relax more... I can do this. Jesus, you're a big fucker!"

I was far from it, just average length and girth. Ideal for our intimate act. For one who never had anything bigger than a couple of fingers and a slender dildo in her, I was bigger than anything she had taken before.

"Okay... okay... more. Push... push it into me."

This time, she held still while I pressed on. Slowly, a millimeter at a time, I slide into her. She remains vigilant, grunting and groaning but no protest, safe word not employed. Finally I bottom out (no pun intended). My thighs press tight against her butt, her ass cheeks molding to fit the contours of my pelvis. She leans on her hands, only serving to arch her apple bottom Latina ass even more. We fit together perfectly, size, height, angles all work to bring us as close to each other as possible.

"Are... are you in all the way, papi?" she asks.

"Yes, mi amor. I am. You did it! Are you okay?"

"Conjo! Yes papi, I'm fine. It's tight! I feel so full! I don't care what anyone says, you are BIG!"

I chuckle and lean over to kiss her neck and nuzzle her ear. I slowly draw back out, causing her to whimper. Gently I slide back in, relishing in the amazing sensation. She is like a soft, warm, tight, slippery glove around me. Her ass caresses my cock and thighs every time I press against it. I think I have found heaven. I start stroking in and out, she sighs in time with me

"Is it good?" I ask.

"God yes!" she moans. "YES! I feel things... it's intense... why did I wait so long to do this?"

"Because you were saving yourself for me."

She turns her head to kiss me, our tongues dancing against each other.

"I am glad I waited for you. It was worth it. YOU are worth it. Ayyyyy!!!" she cries after angle myself slightly downward. "I can feel it in my pussy!"

I reach under her towards her clit and she grabs my hand, putting it back on her ass.

"No... no... you don't need to do that. If you keep fucking me... like this... like... ohhh... MORE! Fuck me... fuck me harder! I can take it! I... nnnngh... gonna cum!"

I grab hold of her cheeks and start sawing in and out of her, thrusting harder and harder.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass... god, you're in my ass... gonna cum... with you... in my... ass... OH GOD!!! FUUUCK... cumming... CUMMIIIIINGG... AYEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

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