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(I was writing this story when I was involved with two people. The three of us were the character basis. But they ended up committing to each other and forgetting I even exist, so I have no desire to bother trying to finish this story in the slightest. No names need to be changed as I already changed their names and Marie is my own middle name. To whomever decides to finish this story and make it their own I have only two limitations.

1- Be respectful of gender issues when writing the Marie character. Don't turn her into the sissy panty crossdressing gay man that populates 99.9% of all Trans related stories on this site. She, like me, is a WOMAN, who just happens to have some boy parts.

2- Try to keep it a romantic erotica. Write the sex as you feel is best but try not to turn the whole thing into dimestore trash.

Thank you and good luck to whomever finishes my story.)



Marie and Lorelei were trying very hard to look like they were having fun while staying as close to the security booth as possible. Teenage boys and greasy men in costumes ranging from utterly shitty to completely fabulous leered lustfully at them as they passed. Attending a Star Wars convention it seemed, was probably not Marie's most well thought out idea.

"I swear I'ma fucking kill you tonight," Lorelei grumbled through a fake smile, in her half-assed Princess Leia costume that included a bad wig and a cardboard laser blaster.

"No you won't," Marie replied, smiling equally as fakely at all the passing geek pervs. "You'll spank my ass and probably border on raping me but you'll spare my life. Princess Leia would never harm a poor Twi'Lek slave girl."

Marie was garnering far more of the attention between the two of them. Both women were exceptionally beautiful, and the man to woman ratio at the convention was about 6 to 1, but it was obvious which of the two was the hardcore fan. Marie's Twi'Lek costume was amazing, and it better have been for the 8 weeks and $700 she put into making it. Twi'Leks were the Star Wars aliens that had two long tentacles in place of hair, and Marie looked right off the screen of the movies. She had designed and sewn her own leather slavegirl costume, and had build a headpiece for the tentacles with moving parts remote controlled by buttons in her gloves, allowing her to move the head tails at will with her fingers. Every inch of her skin that was exposed was painted purple like the tentacles.

In short, she was a sci-fi geek's wet dream, a beautiful woman in a decent costume with a visible love of the medium. And yet she still managed to be surprised by how much attention she was getting.

Lorelei and Marie had spent the past two hours huddled by the security booth, posing for pictures with the other conventioneers for $5 a shot. The insane amount of money Marie was getting to pose was all that kept Lorelei from dragging her ass home to fuck stupid. But she still made sure Marie knew in no uncertain terms she owed Lore her immortal soul for making her attend, and that it would never happen again without extensive sexual favours.

Despite how pushy and creepy some of the older geeks could be, most of the conventioners were nice guys, polite and respectful and just appreciating Marie's hard work. A lot of guys chatted her up about how she set up the head tail relay for movement, some of the more hardcore fans asked which stories inspired her, and every 5 minutes some guy asked to get a picture taken of him being held by her head tails.

While Lorelei wouldn't outwardly admit to how much fun she was having watching her usually insecure wallflowering lover and friend be so popular, Marie was having the time of her life. She had been waiting months to attend the convention, but was too insecure and shy to go unless Lore went with her.

Lorelei and Marie had been friends for 6 years, and occasional fuck-buddies for 4 of those. But Lore was really one of Marie's only friends, and the only lover Marie had ever had. Marie was different than normal girls, and her self-esteem was lower than mud. All the attention was doing wonders for her.

Sadly it was when Lorelei went out to catch a smoke break that Lore's fears for Marie almost came true. The security booth was empty due to an altercation on the east side of the convention centre between the Star Wars crowd and some Trekkies who had crashed the party, and a particularly sleazy fat guy who was dressed as a very ill fitted Stormtrooper made his move. He walked up to Marie while she was talking to a young Luke Skywalker lookalike when the man shoved his way between them. Coming off like a much more aggressive version of the Simpsons character called Comic Book Guy, Greasy Stormtrooper outright grabbed one of Marie's breasts and leered at her, licking her painted cheek.

"Come Twi'Lek slave girl," the greasy man sneered. "You shall be my concubine for the evening. Your attire is a clear admission of your desire to be used as a Twi'Lek should be."

"Don't touch me you creep!" Marie spat, shoving him away. He just sneered and grabbed one of her head tails, breaking it.

"Bad idea tentacle slut," The creep said, grabbing her breasts again. He was about to lean in to kiss her when a black gloved hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

"I believe the 'Lek has asked you to piss off good sir," said a large imposing man dressed in a black and red version of Boba Fett's Mandalorian Armor costume.

"Who asked you fag?" the creep sneered.

"She did," the Mandalorian replied, "when she told you to stop touching her. Now beat it."

The creep took a swing at the Mandalorian, who easily dodged his clumsy punch. He replied by knocking him out cold with one clean swift uppercut, just as security came back. The Luke Skywalker kid was with them, having brought them to help while his older brother helped Marie out. The Mandalorian big brother stepped aside while security dragged the greasy man off the premesis.

"Thank you," Marie said, shaking.

"My pleasure 'Lek," The Mandalorian said. "Allan pulls something like this every year. I'm amazed he never gets banned but then his dad is on city council. An Alderman I think. You okay?"

Marie nodded, grumpy as she carefully took off the now broken head-piece.

"8 months gone to hell," she sighed. "I was having fun til he came along, and now my costume is screwed. I put all that time into making it perfect, now it's a doorstop."

Marie sighed and stuffed it into her backpack, tears ruining her facepaint.

"Thanks for helping me," she said. "I'm going to go snag my girlfriend and go home to a tub of Breyers."

"Let me walk you out then," The Mando said. "Just to be on the safe side. You're too beautiful to not attract at least one more pervert."

Marie smiled, blushing under the facepaint, and nodded sheepishly. The Mando told his little brother he'd catch up to him later. With that they headed to the smoking area, getting to the door just as Lorelei was heading back inside. Lore saw Marie's tears and missing headpiece and feared the worst.

"Who touched you?" she spat angrily. "Who fucking touched you cupcake? Who's balls do I have to bootfuck?"

"It's alright Lore," Marie said. "The Mando here saved me. Punched some oily gropey Stormtrooper right out cold just in time for security to toss his ass out."

Lorelei looked the armored man up and down, smiling.

"Wow," she said in genuine shock. "Chivalry actually lives! Well, thank you for helping out my cupcake. She's kinda helpless socially, she'd get into shitloads of trouble without me. As this incident proves. So we leaving then Cupcake?"

"Yeah, I guess," Marie said meekly. "I'm not going to have much fun the rest of the night with my costume trashed. I made nearly $800 from all the pictures though, so we can at leasyt go to a nice restaurant after we clean up."

The Mando spoke up.

"I rented a Winnebago to get dressed in rather than drive here like this," he said. "I would consider an honor and a privilege to let you both use it."

"A gentleman too," Lore said with a smile. "Dare I hope you're as handsome as you are charming?"

"You tell me my lady," he said as he unlatched his helmet and pulled it off. He was indeed strikingly handsome, a sexy two day stubble of a beard on high cheekbones, a jaw that was square without being severe, and languid shimmering black eyes to match his creamy chocolate skin. He had the rough sexiness of a young Mario Van Peebles. Lorelei shivered looking at him and bit her lip.

"My name's Savin," he said, smiling. "This way ladies."

Marie and Lorelei introduced themselves in kind as he lead them to the rented Winnebago. He politely waited outside with his back turned, every bit the true gentleman, as the ladies took turns cleaning up in his RV. When both women looked like normal human beings again, they thanked him for all his help. His appreciative smile could have rerouted an iceberg.

"Would you like to come eat with us Handsome?" Lorelei asked him. "Marie's treat!"

Marie punched Lore in the arm.

"Don't be rude! He has a little brother in there and the convention's still got 8 more hours, I'm sure he'd rather stay."

"Actually 'Lek," he said warmly, still calling her by the name inspired by her costume," Jimmy will be fine. He's 17 and came with his friends. I just happened to run into him here. He lives with his new dad and our mom. And frankly that incident soured me on Star Wars for the rest of the day, if you two ladies will have me, I'd be honored to join you. Just let me get out of the armor."

He went into his rv and went through the arduous process of unlatching every hand welded piece of armor and then stripping out of the leather undersuit. He took a quick shower and slipped into some jeans and a teeshirt. He didn't notice Lorelei peek through a window in time to see him shirtless.

"Ohhhh god Marie," she moaned. "I could wash laundry on those abs." She turned to see Marie, quietly fuming. "Oh seriously Cupcake, get over it. You know I'm not monogamous and that I'm bi. And he's hot and a gentleman. Why shouldn't I invite him to join us just because you're a lesbian?"

"It's not that," Marie muttered. "And I'm not a lesbian or feeling possessive. You know exactly why you're the only person I've gotten involved with. Besides, he terrifies me."

Lorelei blinked in confusion.

"Terrifies you?" she asked. "Why? Did he do something to make you uncomfortable?"


"Did he hurt you too like the fat creep?"


"Then what could possibly be so scary?" Lore demanded. "He's gorgeous, charming, polite and wants our company. What could you possibly be scared of?"

Marie was about to answer when the door opened. Lorelei visibly approved of the change, taking him by his arm.

"Come handsome," Lore said seductively. "Let's take my car."

"Lead on my Lady," He said.

A half hour later the trio were at DV8 on Davie Street, talking like old friends over the food. Marie seemed uncomfortable, and Savin noticed, but Lorelei was doing her best to get them both to forget the earlier unpleasantness. The three cracked jokes, shared stories, and laughed for an hour together. When Savin excused himself to the bathroom, the third degree began.

"So spill it already," Lorelei said. "What's so scary about Mister Perfect?"

"You know," Marie began, "how hard it is for me to be comfortable around men, let alone trust them. After what happened to me in Juvey I just don't feel safe around most of them."

"So?" Lore said. "It isn't like you're expected to fuck him. Though I might if he's interested. But I know you Cupcake, and I know that's not what's bothering you. So spill it."

"You're right," Marie said. "What scares me is that...."

She took a deep breath.

"Within 5 minutes of meeting him," she began, "I felt safe with him. That's never happened to me before, ever, not with a guy. So that in itself was unnerving. Especially given how a girl with outdoor plumbing is almost never safe with a guy."

"There's more isn't there?" Lore asked.

"Yes," Marie said, playing nervously with the straw in her coke. "The minute he took off his helmet, I caught myself wondering what his lips tasted like."

Lorelei went wide-eyed and smiled.

"My little Cupcake is finally coming out of her shell!" Lore said with a smile. Marie just frowned.

"It's not going to happen," Marie said very matter-of-factly. "He's a guy. I have a penis. Nothing is ever going to come of this stupid silly crush. So please just drop it. I need to get home anyway. You two have fun, I have work in the morning."

Marie gave Lore a hundred to cover the meal and left, just as Savin got back. She waved sheepishly to him as she walked out to hail a cab, and he waved back, slightly puzzled.

"Early morning?" he asked.

"For her yeah," Lore said. "She manages a 24 hour net cafe and Monday mornings are staff meetings."

"Ah, good then," Savin said. "For a minute I was worried she didn't enjoy my company."

"She did sweetness," Lore said. "And that's the problem."

"Could you maybe elaborate on that one?" he asked, mildly confused.

"Well," Began the amply bosomed blonde girl, "For starters you need to know it's nothing personal. And while she'll probably kill me for giving you her life story, I think given what she told me today and your obvious interest, it'd be best if you knew everything now rather than later."

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable invading her privacy," Savin said seriously, "but you know her best, so I'll trust your judgement."

"Marie's had a shitty life," Lore began. "First of all she's a very special girl, and I swear to god if you make fun of this I'll smash my pint glass over your head right now, but Marie's a hermy. Well, the medical term is Intersex. It means she has extra bits because her mom shot speed during pregnancy and it screwed up her fetal development."

Savin went wide-eyed but said nothing. Lorelei continued.

"When she was born, on the outside it looked like she had two sexes. But 25 years ago all intersex kids born were fixed by dumbass doctors, forcibly assigned to one sex. The doctors look at which genitals they thought were the more prominent and normal looking, and surgically destroy the other set. That's what they did to Marie. But in her case they chose wrong."

"That's horrifying," Savin said, disgusted. "How can a man do that to a child and still call himself a doctor?"

"Yeah really eh?" Lore said. "But Marie always knew. She tried to be a girl from a young age, and her mom beat her for it. She was put in foster care young, and bounced all over. She got in fights, and to make her life more dangerous, she grew boobs when puberty hit. She loved it because it proved her right, but it just got her more beatings. One day she fought back and broke a group home worker's collarbone. She went to jail."

"Oh god," Savin said, already guessing what came next.

"Yeah," Lore said sadly. "I can tell you guessed it. And you're right. She got raped, bad. It left permanent scars and nerve damage. That's why she limps and her eyebrow droops. She refused foster care after her release, striking out on her own. She began living as a woman right away. I met her in therapy 6 years ago. We hit it off right away. After a year she confessed her deep dark secrets to me. Another year later we graduated to friends-with-benefits, so yes, she and I fuck sometimes, no, we're not exclusive."

"Um... okay, heh," Savin chuckled, refreshed by Lorelei's openness compared to the coy games most women played. "So she's understandably not good around men then."

"Usually? No," Lore answered. "But you scared the fuck out of her tonight."

"I did?" Savin said, looking hurt. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I think she's wonderful. The love and devotion she put into her costume spoke volumes about her."

"Well, there's one thing though," Lore said. "It isn't because you're a guy you scared her."

"Then what?" he asked curiously.

"It's that you're the first guy," she replied, "that she ever wanted to kiss. And she's convinced that A, you'd never want a dickgirl and B, that the safeness she feels around you just has to be an illusion."

"I see," he said, pondering. "And the fact you want to fuck my ass off probably isn't helping."

Lorelei burst out laughing.

"Am I so transparent?" she asked.

"Well," he replied, "I heard you say you want to fuck my ass off as you caught up to me with her after parking the car."

"Oh fuck," Lore said. "I didn't think you'd heard that. You really are a gentleman, most guys would've taken advantage of such a thing. You're not gay are you?"

"Not in the least," he said. "My kid brother is. His dad is kind of an ass about it"

"Well," Lore said, "it'd be perfectly fine to fuck me. Jealousy isn't her issue. She knows she and I will always be lovers no matter who else I share my bed with. It's insecurity. That girl honestly believes she's an ugly damaged goods freak of nature. Some days she picks fights with me trying to push me away, convinced I'll eventually dump her anyway once I realize what a carnival freak she is. You'd think after 6 years and I'm still around she'd get the hint but nooooooo."

"Well then," Savin smiled. "Maybe we should go back to my rented RV and discuss ways to boost her self esteem over breakfast?"

Lorelei smiled. And kept smiling 30 minutes later as his cock was slamming deeply into her aching pussy. She was grateful it was dark as hell in the arena parking lot because they couldn't even wait for him to unlock the door, and he took her right there against the front fender, his incredible 8 inch hammer stretching her wide open, as she kissed him feverishly, cumming multiple times before he finally shot his load. They both took a minute to catch their breath, and she licked his still hard cock clean as he finally fumbled with his keys. They went inside, fucking 3 more times before falling asleep together.


After work Marie met Lore at Blenz for a wind-down coffee. She smirked at Lore's glow as they sat down.

"Fucked you good did he?" she asked.

"Ohhhh shit Cupcake," Lore beamed. "He's the single best male lover I've ever had, ever. And second only to you overall. He went from pounding my pussy like I was a two dollar slut outside his camper, to lingering gentle lovemaking once we got inside, and both just felt so natural, you knew neither was forced or being put on as a display. He really is the true modern gentleman."

"Well, I'm glad you had a good time," Marie said, sipping her hot chocolate. "Better luck for me, no risk of him being interested in me if he's screwing you."

"You only wish Cupcake," Lore smirked. "I told him everything."

Marie looked up from her drink, anger burning over her face.

"Why would you...?" she began, then just stood up, furious. "You fucking cunt.... how could you?"

She ran into the bathroom, tears welling up in her eyes. Lorelei chased after her, crawling under the stalls to get to her.

"Cupcake please," she began, while Marie just sat on the toilet crying. "I told him because I could just tell he wouldn't care. He really is an impossibly decent guy. And he knows we fuck, he knows what you are, and he doesn't care, he still thinks you're wonderful and creative. You have nothing to be afraid of. And fuck, seriously girly, do you really think I'd spill your life story to him if my instincts didn't tell me he was safe?"

Marie looked down at her kneeling best friend, eyes puffy and wet.

"I don't know why you'd tell him at all," she said angrily. "He's a complete stranger."

Lorelei reached up and lovingly brushed Marie's soft ginger hair off of her milk pale face, staring into those gorgeous hazel eyes that made her fall in love all those years ago.

"Cupcake," she said soothingly, "you know I'm so madly in love with you. So much so I would've tried to be monogamous for you if you'd asked me to. Deep in your perfect porcelain heart, so beautiful and so fragile, you surely know I'd never do anything I thought might get you hurt."

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