tagRomanceThe Hot Babysitter Ch. 01

The Hot Babysitter Ch. 01


Author's note: this story was originally posted as "Mandy's Sexcapde: The Hot Babysitter". Due to overwhelming positive feedback, I've decided to make "The Hot Babysitter" into its own series, which will run concurrently to the "Sharing My Wife Amanda" storyline.

Thank you for taking the time to read my works! -Syzoth


This particular story follows "Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 13".


The weeks that followed the birth of our son James were the happiest of our lives.

Of course, there were days of hopelessness and despair. My beautiful wife Amanda and I were first-time parents, and neither of us had really been around babies before. Sure, we had attended classes and sought advice from family members and friends, but, suffice to say, we learned through trial and error.

Parenthood was the most difficult thing we had ever encountered, but Amanda and I wanted to be parents. We had hoped from the onset of our marriage to one day be surround by children and grandchildren, and, if we were fortunate enough, greatgrandchildren. Amanda was so loving and maternal that I knew motherhood would suite her perfectly.

But the 1st night in the hospital with our son was downright frightening. We were SO exhausted after a 12 hour marathon labor, and Amanda subsequently had difficulty getting James to latch onto her nipple to feed him. He was wailing nonstop, which frayed our nerves and made us feel like complete parental failures.

By the 2nd night, Amanda had mastered the art of breastfeeding and calmed James down almost completely.

By the 3rd night, we were already home, and my wife had achieved a comfort level so quickly that it seemed as though she had given birth to a dozen babies before!

There was a definite change in Amanda after James was born. How couldn't there be? She had many interests in life, was dedicated career woman, and was an affectionate lover to a myriad of people outside of our open marriage. But some of that changed when my wife held our son in the delivery room for the first time.

In the weeks subsequent to James' birth, Amanda and I still suffered sleepless nights and moments of frustration but, all in all, we savored these moments because we were finally parents, and everything felt so right. We also possessed enough insight to realize that, despite the newness of parenthood, the passage of time was unstoppable, and our baby boy would be a grown man in the blink of an eye.

I fiercely treasured this time with my family.

That's why it was soul-crushing when the alarm clock rang.

I quickly shut it off then glanced over at Amanda. Fortunately, her chest rhythmically rose and fell as she continued to sleep peacefully. She looked so beautiful that my heart ached. I felt the heat emanating from her body, and felt so warm and unbelievably comfortable next to her that I didn't want to move. But I had a responsibility to my family, so I leaned over and planted a soft kiss on her forehead before reluctantly rolling out of bed.

My paternity leave was over and today was my first day back to work.

I stumbled groggily into the bathroom to wash up. From there, I padded with slumped shoulders into the walk-in closet and stood before a rack of suits. After rummaging through it and randomly choosing something to wear, I robotically dressed myself. I had been dreading this day, and was in no hurry to leave my wife and son.

I was still adjusting the tie around my neck when I stepped into the kitchen, and was surprised to find Amanda seated at the breakfast table. There a plate of food and a steaming cup of coffee set before an empty chair next to her. She looked groggy, but immediately perked up when I entered.

"Hey, babe," my wife greeted me with a smile that was brighter than the rising sun. She stood up and kissed me.

"What are you doing up? Go back to bed, silly."

"I will. I just wanted to make you breakfast and see you off to work." Amanda tightened my tie. "You look very handsome." She gestured toward the refrigerator. "I also packed you a lunch, it's in there."

I sighed. My wife was too good for me, and I felt, yet again, as though I didn't deserve her.

"Thank you, Mandy. You're the best." I touched my forehead to hers, our personal sign of affection that we had been doing since our first date. "I don't want to go," I pouted softly. "I want to stay home with you and James."

She gave me a crooked smile and slowly backed away while pulling my tie. Easing herself into the chair, she started to unzip my pants. We were having sex less frequently now, but it wasn't due to lack of desire on my part. I wanted Amanda as badly as ever, and this was a VERY pleasant surprise.

Her actions made me stiff in the pants, but I hesitated. Amanda's body was still recovering from giving birth, and I could perceive that she was constantly exhausted. As a result, I never wanted to make her feel obligated even though I sorely craved intimacy.

"What are you doing?" I demanded in a hushed tone. James was asleep in his crib on the other side of the house, but I was still fearful to wake him.

Amanda's playful eyes were locked on mine as she fished my erection from my slacks and stroked it lovingly. "You've given me everything a girl could ever dream of... a wonderful marriage... the opportunity to play with other people [refers to "Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapters 1-13"]... and a beautiful son. Now I'm going to give you an incentive to hurry home."

She opened her mouth and swallowed me.

It figured that my wife could make an ordinary day into the extraordinary!


Months passed, and James grew before our very eyes. My wife and I loved each other more and anything, but caring for our son evolved our definition of love and responsibility. James was the focus of our lives. Being a father taught me valuable lessons in life, and brought Amanda and I even closer together, which I wouldn't have deemed possible not that long ago. Fatherhood made me a better husband and, I like to think, a better man, too.

Amanda continued her maternity leave after I returned to work, and effortlessly settled into her own routine. She was constantly taking James out to expose him to the world. But equally as important, my wife was now finally taking time to pursue her own interests again. She returned to the gym regularly and began running once more, leaving James with her parents who doted on him outrageously. After only a few weeks of vigorously working out, Amanda was able to shed the post-pregnancy weight that she had gained. Her arms and legs had that runner's toned sleekness about them again, and the sexy, familiar 6-pack that had always turn me on so immensely returned.

Amanda, who had never stopped being the physical embodiment of beauty to me, appeared as though she had never even given birth.

But time, as stated, stands still for no one, and Amanda soon found herself ready to return to work, just as I had done months earlier. Although she loved being a mother more than anything, I could tell that she was anxious to get back to the grind. Amanda was, and always would be, dedicated to her career. And she enjoyed the company of her coworkers.

Sometimes, too much.

Amanda and her immediate supervisor Glenn, who was married and had a daughter older than my wife, had sustained a scorching affair with my blessing [Sharing My Wife Amanda Chapter 2]. He had been present for our final gangbang before Amanda gave birth, but stormed out when he discovered that she had a secret affair with her own subordinate [Chapters 11 to 13]... a subordinate whom our son was named after!

Luckily, Amanda had managed to smooth things out with Glenn. In fact, he had recently announced his retirement, and there was a strong sentiment that she'd eventually be promoted to his position. So Amanda had incentive to end her maternity leave a little earlier than she would've liked.

And, perhaps, she missed Glenn, too.

Amanda and I began looking for childcare before she was scheduled to return to work. It was a much more harrowing experience than either of us were anticipating. At our wits' end after a lengthy search, we decided to call a woman by the name of Piper, whom Christiana, one of Amanda's girlfriends, had referred to us. Piper had babysat Christiana's 2 young twins for years, and came with a glowing recommendation.

"Don't forget, we're interviewing Piper this afternoon," my wife reminded one Friday morning as I rushed to get ready for work. James was sleeping in her arms.

I swore. I had, in fact, totally forgotten. Juggling marriage and fatherhood with a job was more complicated than I would've ever imagined. However, Amanda wasn't pleased as I stammered a response, telling her that I'd try my best to make it home on time. Even worse, my promises were for naught as, later in the day, I found myself lagging behind and still at work 10 minutes before we were scheduled to interview Piper.

I immediately texted my wife to let her know that I was going to be late. Somewhat to my surprise, she responded calmly, telling me to take my time and informing me that she could conduct the interview on her own. Buoyed by the fact that Piper came highly recommended from Amanda's girlfriend, she felt comfortable allowing a stranger into our home.

Besides, when it came to our son's care, it was a given that Amanda would have the final say, anyway!

I arrived home from work about 2 hours later than usual, and it was already dark. I immediately kissed my wife and held my son.

"Long day?" Amanda asked me sympathetically.

"Very long day. How'd it go with the prospective babysitter?"

She suddenly grinned, and there was something behind her cunning expression that I couldn't quite place my finger on. "I like her," my wife informed me confidently. "Piper seems like she's got a good head on her shoulders, and Chrissy can't stop raving about her. And James seems to like her, too! He didn't fuss when Piper held him, and he was even smiling!"

Those were definitely positives.

Amanda continued, "Piper agreed to do a trial run with us this coming Monday. If things go well, she can start the following week."

We looked at each other gravely. The idea of leaving James in the care of a complete stranger, even if was someone who came highly recommended by Amanda's close friend and had multiple references, still made us uneasy. But, this was the reality for two working parents.

"Sounds good to me, Mandy. I want to meet her."

My wife still appeared amused, as if I was the butt of some joke that I wasn't aware of. "What?"

"I think you'll like her," she responded cryptically.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

But she ignored me and went to put our sleeping son down in his crib. I tossed myself onto the couch, stretched out, and sighed. It had been a long workday. With any luck, the baby would sleep for a few hours, enough time for me to kick and back relax... get something to eat... surf the 'net on my tablet, maybe watch some sports highlights on TV...

Amanda returned just as I was about to turn on the television.

She was leaning against the doorway in a very sexy pose and wearing her favorite lingerie. I immediately paused what I was doing.

"I know you're tired, babe. But you still have another job to do." Her hungry look told me exactly what that was.

I grinned and instantly felt a hard knob form in my pants. The past few months had been so busy and chaotic and, while I never took Amanda for granted, the sad fact remained that perpetual fatigue often got in the way of intimacy nowadays. However, my sex drive was currently overriding my tiredness.

"Come here." I crooked my index finger at her.

My wife strutted over to me demurely, and the way the silky fabric stretched over her curves was extremely enticing. Her naturally tan body was toned and rock-solid, and her 34C breasts, already perfect, were fully engorged. "I've been so hot for you, and could barely wait for you to get home."

Something had clearly stoked Amanda's lust, but I wasn't complaining. We made sweet love and fell asleep on the couch, and were still holding each other when James's crying woke us. Amanda stirred, but I jumped to my feet and gestured for her to remain.

"I'll tend to the little guy. Just stay here and relax."

"Mmmm... thanks, babe. You're the best, I love you."

"I love you, too, Mandy."

My life was perfect.


We spent part of the weekend with our Scott and Brandy, and their son Derek, who was born not long after James. Scott and Brandy, of course, were our neighbors, and not merely our neighbors who happened to have a son roughly the same age as ours, but with whom we had previously enjoyed a sexually open relationship with [Sharing my Wife Amanda Chapters 8, 9, 12]. To say that we were swingers was a bit of an understatement. While I was extremely attracted to Brandy and her voluptuous body, Scott was absolutely obsessed with my wife and had ravished her more times than we could keep track of.

Amanda had ended things with Scott and the rest of her lovers after our the last gangbang, but clearly, fatherhood hadn't damped his lust for her. On the other hand, while my wife and Brandy were also familiar with each other's touch, they were more like sisters now, having enjoyed the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood together.

I had to admit, a big part of me wanted the four of us in bed together again.

But the weekend passed uneventfully, and Monday morning commenced another dreaded workweek. Amanda was changing James' diaper and I was preparing breakfast when the doorbell rang.

"Babe, can you get that?" she shouted from the baby's room. "It's Piper. I'll be there in a minute."

"Got it!" I went to the front door and opened it. Standing on the porch was most certainly not our prospective babysitter.

The first thing I noticed about the girl was that she was petite, and appeared as if she was still in high school.

The second thing I noticed about her was that she was HOT.

Standing barely 5 feet tall, she had a slim waist and small frame which made her breasts appear larger than they actually were. She had long silky hair that ran to her hips, just like my wife. But whereas Amanda's hair was midnight black, this girl's hair was like golden sunshine, as were her bushy eyebrows. Her smooth skin possessed a creamy, almost alabaster complexion that was in contract Amanda's naturally bronzed skin, and her azure eyes were so penetrating that I couldn't tell if they were real or contacts. She had full pouty lips that looked absolutely kissable. And her baseball jersey-style t-shirt and ripped jeans denoted her youthfulness even more.

I stared at the blonde beauty for a moment before snapping myself out of it. No need to appear like a creep, after all. I suddenly wondered why this young girl was ringing our doorbell at 7 o'clock in the morning. Wasn't it too early to be soliciting?

"Hi," she greeted me pleasantly. "You must be James' father."

"Um... yes. Can I help you?"

"Ms. Amanda asked me to come over this morning."

Her attractiveness had caught me so off guard that I couldn't put 2 and 2 together.

She tried again. "I'm Piper."

Piper. The prospective babysitter.

Oh shit...

"Piper! Hi! Come on in!" My wife elbowed her way past me while carrying James, and I gawked at them as Amanda gave her a hug. They laughed and giggled as if they were best friends. My wife then regarded me with that same calculating expression that she had given me last week. "I see you've met my husband."

"Piper! Yes! Hi! Hello... nice to meet you. Thanks for coming." I stumbled over my own words, hoping no one noticed my embarrassment.

Piper smiled at me, and I instantly realized she had most likely devastated a multitude of boys with that look. But she quickly directed her attention to my son, who was wiggling in Amanda's hold and making cheerful noises.

"Oh, look! He's smiling at me!" Piper squealed in delight. "Hey, you adorable little thing! I'm so happy to see you again!"

We invited Piper in. As she walked between us, my wife gave me a curiously smug look. But she turned to the girl. "Here, Piper. Why don't you hold him?"

Amanda carefully transferred James into Piper's waiting arms, and the girl took him with a fluidity and ease that clearly indicated she was used to handling babies. "Handsome baby boy," Piper uttered soothingly as she instinctively rocked him with maternal tenderness. They made happy faces at each other, and it was evident that they enjoyed each other's company.

I glanced at my watch. It was getting late, and I needed to be at work soon. But Amanda and I could potentially be entrusting this stranger with the care of our son. Despite my wife's good vibes about Piper, I needed to make certain myself, so I conducted my own mini-interview. I asked the girl basic questions regarding her work history and experience with other infants, information that Amanda had already confirmed. Piper patiently endured my inquiries.

All in all, I was fairly impressed. Like my wife, I, too, had a good feeling about Piper, and it wasn't just because she was easy on the eyes. Still, I found myself stealing glances at her when she wasn't looking. Piper's body, like Amanda's, was like a visual magnet. But she appeared so young! As I fell into pensive silence while the pretty blonde shifted her attention to my wife and son, I felt a gnawing guilt for finding her attractive.

As I prepared to excuse myself, I finally blurted out, "How old are you, Piper?"

It wasn't the smoothest thing to say, and it probably could've gotten me in trouble. But Amanda covered her mouth to stifle a chuckle as the pretty blonde blushed and responded, "I'll be 19 next year."

Only 18 years old! I exclaimed in silent disbelief. So ripe and so young... with a horrible feeling, I realized that I was just old enough to be her father. Pushing the usual dirty thoughts that ran through my mind when I spied an attractive female, I stood up to leave.

"I have to go to work. Piper, it was very nice to meet you."

"It was nice to meet you, too, sir. I hope to see you again soon."

"Here, let me walk you out." Amanda left James with the girl as she accompanied me outside to my car. "Well?"

"Well, she looks like a little kid, but seems to know what's she's doing. And James obviously likes her. I gotta admit, I have a really good feeling about her, too."

"Good. Then we'll do our trial run today, and seen how things go."


My wife looked at me as if she expected me to say more, and I regarded her quizzically. "What is it? Something else about Piper?"

"Oh, nothing." Her mischievous, cunning smile, however, had returned again. But before I could question her about it, she ushered me into the car. "Go to work. If anything comes up, I'll text you."

"Ok. I love you, Mandy."

"Love you, too."

As I drove to work, I knew it was a foregone conclusion that we would hire Piper as our full-time babysitter. I dwelled on my beautiful wife during my morning commute, but the cute face and tight body of a young petite blonde invaded my mind as well.


As the months rolled on, life continued to settle into what I termed a "barely manageable controlled chaos" as Amanda and I juggled marriage and parenthood with our respective careers. The stress of life, unfortunately, was interfering even more with our sex life now. While I was often sexually charged and hungry for my wife, she was often too tired or too stressed to do anything about it. Giving birth may have altered Amanda's hormones and changed her body inwardly, but it did nothing to suppress my rampant sex drive. While I wouldn't go so far as to say that my wife and I were growing distant, our marriage definitely wasn't the same.

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