Manipulating Jenny Ch. 13


"Oh Jenny, I've only just met you but of course you are attractive. You are at that age when a young woman is like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer's day."

"So you think I'm hot maybe?"

Perplexed, he splutters "You're certainly sexy I can say that but are you always like this? I can see why someone sent you to see me. You do project yourself rather well."

"My tits you mean?"

"No, I didn't mean that but yes, they project out really well. What I mean is this, are you always as straight forward as this in front of a man?"

"Like what? I haven't done anything?"

"Of course not but..."

"Can't a girl dress how she wants, like a short skirt without men craning their necks for a better view?"

"What!" he exclaims. "I'll have you know...."

"It's all right doctor I'm just kidding you but why don't you admit you're either carrying a weapon there in your pants or you're just excited to see me. Come on, be honest."

"'s, it's."

"You've got an erection I can see the damn thing! Don't tell me you're not horny. I bet if you get the chance to undress some of your patients, the nice looking ones anyway you do it. That's what happens isn't it?"

"That's preposterous, you can't say that, how would you know about that. You weren't here."

"Ha! You just admitted it. You've done it. I was right. Who was she?"

"I'm not telling you any such thing the whole idea is quite absurd."

Jenny starts to unbutton her blouse to reveal her stunning cleavage and stares him in the eye. "Okay doctor, level with me. I'll take my blouse off if you tell me how old she was."

"That's ridiculous! I've never heard such crap coming from a patient."

Jenny's banking on being right from her on intuition and she wants to flush him out for the sheer fun of it, not caring one hoot about what he might have or might not have done on the job. "Doctor your patient is getting impatient I'll unbutton it all if you level with me? No one will know, so how old was she?"

He's so eager to get her in a compromising situation he buckles. Jenny smiles like she always does when she cracks the male ego. "All right then damn you, she's 18 and lives just next door."

"Oooh how cosy," Jenny teases. "Does she have big firm tits like mine or little ones nice to nibble on?" He groans as she takes off her blouse and the top part of her big puffy nipple are jutting out over the low cut lace bra.

"Yes, She has big ones, but not quite as big as yours. My god, you have incredible breasts you should be in one of those glamour magazines."

"That's a bit old hat doc, the guys don't buy them anymore, and you've heard of the internet, that's where they go. I bet you do too."

"That's none of your business what I do."

"So this cute lady with the big firm tits is out like a light under your hypnotic charm and you undress her. That's it? You don't even fondle them? Not much I'll bet. Tell me you touched her."

"Cut it out, you're being even more ridiculous now. I'll not tell you any such thing."

"I bet you will if I agree to let you feel my breasts because I won't let you hypnotise me unless you do so you might as well have your fun now. Now come on doc, you touched her eh? Was it good? Did she know about it?"

"Will you take your bra off and let me feel them if I tell you?"

"Of course, I like a man's hands on my breasts especially when they're shaking like yours. You will need something to hold on to in a minute." She takes off her bra and the magnificent sight he wants to enjoy is suddenly his -- but she steps back as he goes to feel them.

"Hang on a minute. No touching yet, Tell me what you did first."

"You win, damn you. I got her to dance naked for me, making out I was her daddy because they spent a lot of time together in her room at night after her mother went to bed. It was her mother's idea to see me, not the young woman's idea. (Dr Dalliance in Alice Manipulated Ch 9 --hot )

"Ooh, saucy stuff eh? Having a sexy young chick like that stripped off and dancing just for you."

"She thought it was years ago, I merely made an auto suggestion in her mind and she went on with it. She was dancing for him, not for me." He races over to her and fondles her breasts but she stands back to stop him getting too carried away.

"And I suppose that's what you had in mind for me too, eh? What about it doc?"

"No, that's crazy. It never crossed my mind."

"I bet it didn't," she teases. "I think I'd like to know a bit more about what happens when you put a nice innocent young woman under your spell. Was it a snack or full course menu?"

"Stop it Jenny, stop trying to invent things. You promised I could feel your tits if I told you that so how about it?"

She relents but gives him just a mere minute of fun to agonise him. "I want to know a bit more if you want a bit more. This is turning me on doc, how's your cock? Is she blonde brunette, redhead, black, auburn and she must have a name? Tell me or no more tit for tat.

"And it's getting hot in here Dr Dalliance, I could take my skirt off and I'll only have my teeny g-string open bikini thing on with my high heel shoes. You must want to see more of me surely."

He looks gloatingly and nods.

"Oh you never give up. She's a pony tail blonde called Sheena. Are you happy now?"

"Not near enough, now you've got me interested in things sexy. So what happened after she was dancing naked for you, oh yes, thinking it was schoolgirl days to please her daddy no doubt?"

"You are putting me on the spot all the time and I don't like it. What happens between my patients and I are strictly private."

"Well, not just at this moment. Here's the deal. You come clean and tell me exactly what happened and I might yet let you try to hypnotise me. This pony tail chick my age didn't dance all night like in My Fair Lady so what did she do?"

"Ahem, she went down on me."

"You lecherous dirty old man! Ha! Isn't it amazing how a flash and a quick feel of my sexy body can make you unlock your dirty little secrets. Getting gobbled by a pony tail with nice tits and she's your next door neighbour coming to you for advice. How dirty. How delicious!

"I've got to know more. If you got her to go that far surely you didn't go to sleep on the job. What happened next?"

"Jenny, this is getting very messy now and I've got a professional reputation to uphold. I'm not saying anymore except that what she did was because she thought she was doing it with her father. You know how some idolise their daddy so much they...."

"Now don't you go jumping to any conclusions about me trying to compare me with her just because we're both 18 and got hot tits. Do tell me more; I don't stop anything half way."

"No damn you, you stand there topless and think you run this place giving me orders to satisfy your own sexual fantasies. None of this is your business you know that and I'm not saying another word."

"Oh all right then doctor, I'll put my blouse back on now, it's just that I was going to take my skirt off as well to hear what else really happened between you and miss pony tail teen."

"You're only saying that to have me on. You've got no intentions. You stopped me from trying to suck your nipples."

"I sure did. I bet that Sheena chick didn't stop you from sucking on hers though since she was in your hypnotic trance. Not a bad way to earn a living if you can get away with it."

"Now you're being objectionable. She enjoyed it."

"Ah, just as I thought, this doctor really went for the doctor on this damsel in no dress. Ha!"

"I'm not a doctor, I'm a therapist."

"All right doctor therapist, I am now your patient and I'm a very sexy young woman. See how short my skirt is? I bet you've already wondered if I shave my pussy. Seven out of 10 chicks my age do so there, you don't have to look to find out. If you really do want to look but don't touch I'll take my mini skirt off so I'll only have my little g-string micro bikini left on and my six-inch high heel shoes. You'd like that so are you going to tell me the whole story?"

"Jenny, you are the absolute limit. You know very well I want to see you undressed so okay, I'll tell the rest."

She drops her skirt and steps out of it, a goddess-like statuesque beauty that sends his pulse racing.

"I fucked her. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Ohhhh, just as I thought. But did you do it or was it dear sweet daddy?"

"Oh damn, it was him. She was thinking it was him, it's just that I was the one enjoying it."

"Ahhh, I get the picture. Not a bad job this hypnotherapy. You get them to act out a fantasy or something real and you can fuck them and they don't know you did it?"

"Doctor you don't know me very well but I like these true event things they turn me on a bit. I'll think about that girl when I slip between the sheets tonight. I like climaxing over something that happened or could have happened."

He's still staring at the nude goddess. "My god, that's a breathtaking body you've got Jenny. What an outfit. I'd like to pull that little bit of material from over the top of your clit though so I can see how well developed it is. I've got a thing for well developed clits."

"Okay I'll only let you after you describe how she got it. Doggy? Missionary? On top?"

"Oh all right, it doesn't matter now, I may as well tell you. I did her face down in the wheelbarrow position and she went crazy."

"Oooh sounds exciting. You made her come I gather."

"Yes, that's the general idea; I like to hear a woman enjoying it and see it in her face."

"And I suppose the younger she is the better?"

"Why not? Firm and fantastic, a man can't want more. What's more erotic than a young nubile woman?"

"You seem to think you're quite a stud, but I suppose you have an unfair advantage in this job if you can get away with it. So how long did you last in her being young like me? Ha, five or ten minutes?"

"Cut it out, more like 30 minutes easily. I know how to hold back and take my partner through a real experience so when she comes it's like an earthquake."

"Oh my, don't you just love yourself? Typical male bragging. I bet you didn't last more than 15 minutes if she was that sexy."

"Listen Jenny, I don't have to cop your cheek. I wasn't exaggerating. It was a good half hour and maybe a bit longer but not flat out all the time; I mean I'm not that good. Well, I told you how I gave her the orgasm so stick to your end of the bargain and pull that piece of red string away from your clit."

"Okay but just a look, no touché."

"God you drive a hard bargain, you're getting real bitchy. You expect me to look but I can't even touch you and that Sheena let me do the whole thing."

"Ha, now that's a laugh. She didn't let you, you made her think she was giving herself to someone she loved so don't try to compare me with her."

Jenny's enjoying making his balls ache for her. She can already gather his cock is not little by any means and she's such a sucker for the well endowed masculine shapes. As much as she dislikes the hypnotherapist for being so conceited she admits to herself he seems to have an athletic body so she rewards him for his tenacity by leaning back against the corner of his desk so he can gawk, but not touch, as he kneels subservient to her in front of her parted legs.

"You like nice smooth pussies don't you," she teases. "You like a nice big clit don't you. The guy who pierced my pussy was older than you and he spent a long time playing around with my pussy lips before he did the two piercings. I think he was mesmerised by what he saw" (Ch 5) He groans loudly "You're a prick teaser first class," he says raising his voice. "Come on spread your lips; let me see how you can open it up for a cock."

"Hang on buster; you're perving on me so I want to check you out too. That's only fair. Let me see if what you're packing inside that bulge is as big as your lust for little innocent ladies like the young ponytail next door."

He can't get out of his pants quick enough, panting as he gets tangled up and falls over on the floor and gives the girl something to giggle about. "Men are so hopeless," she chimes. "I saw your tongue hanging out panting for me. Did you trip over your tongue?"

"Oh grow up," he shouts. "There! Satisfied? Is it big enough?

"Oh well, what do we have here? Mmmm, it sure sits up well begging for me no doubt, but can you keep it up? "

"I told you I kept it up for easily 30 minutes until the young ponytail couldn't take any more so I'm not too bad for my age. Of course I can keep it up."

"Yes, so it seems, Mr Well Above Average and uncut too. All the men I've met in my short time having fun were circumcised, no doubt because of circumstances," she laughs. "I've been told that a man's cock is more sensitive when he's uncut. True or false?

"True of course but if you want to see guys uncut then go to Europe. The chicks there like them that way." She's convinced he's only saying that for his own benefit but she's thinking it could be more fun sliding that foreskin back and forth.

"It reminds me of my clitoris," she chirps.

"Naturally," he says sounding very learned. "That's because the clitoris hood is the female equivalent of the penis foreskin. Now can we get back to sex please, I want to enjoy you."

"Just a minute," she interrupts. "I never said you could have sex with me, you can only look -- so no good thinking you can go for the lick of your life although that might be fun, he he."

"I'll tell you what, I'll think about maybe giving you just one little bit of fun, you can lick my pussy or suck my tits but not both. But hang on, before I let you do that you are still holding out on one last thing about little miss ponytail next door. You said you gave her that great big orgasm so where did you unload? Inside her? On her breasts? Her face? Her pussy? Her tummy? The wall?

"Where she wanted it -- on the face and tongue and it was good to see her get a good dose so we were both pretty happy, only she thinks it was him, which is just as well for me."

"How do you know she'll never find out?"

"Because they never do. Provided they're properly hypnotised they'll do anything I ask them to do no qualms and it's bulldust for experts to say a woman under hypnosis won't undress and engage in sex because of some kind of sixth sense that it's wrong. They do it."

"So lucky fucky you. You'll probably do it again with her."

"Well, I've got a bit of a problem because she was only here late yesterday and I got a phone call from her demanding to see me, saying she found a big clump of her freshly shampooed hair all sticky when she got out of bed this morning and she wants to know how it got there." (next Alice Manipulated Ch 10)

"Oh boy," laughs Jenny. Good luck. Guys seem to get the best shot wrong time and time again. It's no use on the sheets, the floor or over her shoulder. So she got the biggest splash in her hair. That's hair-larious!"

She's laughing but he's not. "No this is serious now. She's coming back to find out what was going on and how it come to be in her hair. I expect the worse."

"Serves you right. "Was it that much?"

"Yeah, I saw it happen. It couldn't be worse for me she got a real load the first shot; it would have covered an area the size of the bottom of a coffee mug. I just can't believe I forgot to clean it up, I was so careful in everything else."

"You were pretty worked up, huh?"

"Yeah, when a man is really horny he will come much harder in velocity and let go a bigger load so I'm in strife with her now I can see it coming. To make it worse she just showered and shampooed her hair before she saw me so no wonder she found something sticky in it."

"What are you going to say to her?"

"I'm frantic. No matter what I say she's going to know I've ejaculated in her hair."

"Good luck," you'll need it," she laughs. (reminder: see Alice Manipulated Ch 10).

"I've told you the story so stand up and I'll take up the option of sucking your breasts because it's no use me going down on you getting you all nice and wet if there's nothing else in it for me. And those great big nipples look so ripe so okay?"

"No!' she shouts. Jenny sits up and he can't believe she's denied him again. "What the hell is it this time for god's sake?"

"No, don't do anything. I'm going to make you earn your fun. If you think you are that good I defy you to hypnotise me because then I won't know what you do, but I'm warning you that you're wasting your time because I'm very strong willed and I'll fight it all the way so you won't be able to put me under. If you can't, I'm out of here and you Mister Expert can only dream about what could have been."

Jenny has no intentions of being hypnotised but she's a really good actor and will pretend to be just to see what he does. He relishes the challenge. "I'll have to take you my bed where I did Sheena, it's more comfortable," he insists.

"I don't care, it won't be for long anyway so go your hardest," she says following him in just her red high heel shoes. "Now lie still and listen carefully to me. We've had a long and interesting talk and you told me things about your past I'd like to know more about like you wanted to know more about my little session with Sheena next door."

Jenny does as she's told -- for a change and he goes through the same procedures for the next five minutes that put sassy Sheena into a deep sleep. Jenny is not that easy but she makes out she's going under by looking drowsy. In her mind she's decided to turn his little trick to her advantage by playing innocent and getting him turned on.

He's waving his hands in front of her eyes which are clearly wide open but that's how Sheena was too, in a trance and taking his directions and Jenny seems to be following only she's putting on a dreamy trance-like look as if she's miles away. Her arms and hands feel like dead weights as she's deliberately relaxed herself there expecting he'd check if she's got immediate muscle tension. He gets excited at the signs she's fallen into a deep trance. Whatever he's cooked up in his mind she'll serve it back to him fact or fiction as long as she thinks it's going to make him so horny that when he comes on her - and she's sure he will - it could be better than the serve he gave the ponytail Sheena.

His voice comes across softly to her as she lies prostrate on her back, arms by her side. "If you hear me you will smile for me now," he whispers. She smiles. He smiles too as he positions his cock near her face. She's looking directly at it as if in a stupor. He's sucked in already.

"Hey Smoochie, daddy Ron has something for you that you like, tell me what you like first?"

Oh my god, she thinks, he's still on that father comparison thing and he even remembers my nickname. Jenny should be in Hollywood. She puts on her best innocent sounding girlish voice turning back the clock for him. "Smoochie pussy wants to lick and Smoochie pussy wants to be licked, she giggles as girlishly as she can. "Smoochie wants big boomer again, will I get boomer?"

"Oh yeah, you sure can. Let me kiss you there first." The dirty doctor is ready to demonstrate. Big boomer, he thinks, is that what she called it? How original. He loves this hypnotherapy, it gives him the real insight about what goes on inside their head.

After his drawn out slanging match with Jenny he's finally getting his face down between her shapely teen thighs and landing his outstretched tongue on to her succulent pussy lips. She's on guard to not give the game away so she can't be herself this time.

"Oh! Oh! Gee daddy that's so good. Do it again like that" she purrs in disguised tone. "My pussy feels like it's being licked by a big dog." (she had to throw that one in) He starts lapping into her faster when he hears that, and she's lapping it up while he's lapping away in the wet stroke for stroke good enough to emulate American Michael Phelps winning his record eight gold swim medal at Beijing.

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