Manipulating Jenny Ch. 13


"Oooooh that' so nice," she moans louder and louder in her best juvenile sounding voice so she doesn't sound like the woman he's had a long verbal joust with before the fun starts. " I want it like you promised. Ohhh, yes, so good, so good, oh daddy it's so goood. I can feel your tongue inside me and I'm so wet again. Yes daddy, like that, I love it, I love it. I love it, oooooh yeees."

He hears her moans and sighs and thinks to himself, ah, just as I thought. He's convinced she's hypnotised and she's harping back to things she did she makes out she didn't. Right now this bird is singing like a cock robin. He stops licking and starts sucking on her clit and this is something that always makes Jenny go overboard.

"Smoochie, this is your favourite," he announces as he goes down on her engorged clit and sucking the entire clitoris top to bottom up in his mouth, stretching it upwards as high as it can go and masterfully mixing up the sucking and twisting turns of his tongue on her glans. She's twitching about on her bum and he knows she loves it. The chick good enough to be on a Playboy cover is totally uncovered and he's into her honey pot. His cock can't wait for its turn.

She's going off her head writhing about as his mouth savages her sweet spot mercilessly. He stops for breath, his face wet from being buried into her curvaceous cunt." Smoochie likes it doesn't she? Tell daddy the truth," he says as he gloats over her nude body, her erect nipples standing up like miniature lighthouses on a rocky outcrop. What's daddy doing now?"

"Sucking my pu..pussy," she replies in a jerky voice as she sexual tension rises high inside her."Don't stop dd daa dee., don't stop. Oh!.Oh! I love it! Oooooh tha...that's it! Ohhh, keep gg..going. Stay th th there, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, the spot, it dd daa dee! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! oh it's soooo goooood. Daddy it's happening again, oh my god!. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Ohhhh!"

Jenny intended faking her orgasm, but he's so good she can't stand it any longer and her climax is rapidly approaching, coming more quickly this time. She's puffing and panting, her chest heaving and her breathing short and fast. "Oh daddy, oh daddy, it's happening again, that feeling, I'm going to come! Oh my god, oh my god, oh yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!. Yeeeeeeees!" She arches her back off the bed and stares at him with a wild look as the sense of absolute euphoria sweeps everything aside, the tremors gripping her lower region as sexual tension escapes at last in her final loud gasping cry.

Nature has been kind to females of all ages who feel this indescribable sensation and can't wait for another like it once they know how to pleasure themselves whether six or seventy. Jenny started very young too, and always finds the next one seems to get better. She slumps back, her heartbeat still racing, surprised at the intensity of the orgasm he gave her. She knows that the ponytail teen Sheena really must have enjoyed him too.

She lies there just trying to get her breath back and remembers just in time to continue the fantasy he's delving into in his lust for something different. "Oh it was so beautiful daddy, is that what you mean making me come? It was great, I love it."

Ýes Smooch, I made you come."

"Daddy what's the difference then in making me come and giving me cum?" she asks in her innocent accent.

This catches him by surprise, a cute one from the left field. "Well Smooch, when you come, that's what just happened, you get very excited and out of breath and have this fantastic feeling and then suddenly you feel very relaxed. It's good for the nervous system and very healthy as it releases bad tension. Everyone should have it more often. Now cum is just a nickname for daddy's cream that I put on your face to make your skin nice and glossy. Women like it because it's good for their complexion."

"Am I getting some today?"

"You bet, it's been two weeks now."

"Daddy I like you licking me down there. Will you keep doing it for me?"

"Only as long as you want me to. Now what's the name of that special place?"

"My pussy."

"No, not that"

"Pussy, my little pussy?

"No the naughty name. That one."

"My cunt."

"Say it again, Smoochie, say the whole sentence like I taught you."

"I like you licking my cunt."

"Ah, that's better Now don't go around talking like that because cunt is a banned word but it's what we call it when we get very excited."

"Oh yes, I get excited when you play with my cunt." Can I have some boomer now?" He makes me come too but he's so big are you sure I can fit him in?"

"Of course you can. I just have to make sure you are nice and wet down there because my cock boomer likes to go where it's slippery and easy to move. That's why I prepare you properly," he says as he fingers Jenny until she's moaning lightly and he can feel she's well oiled for action. This is his big moment, fucking 18 year-old Sheena was fantastic and Jenny goes up a notch.

He whispers in her ear, "tell me you want daddy's cock after making out you were never fucked before." He's put her on the spot but it's too late to turn back now so Jenny joyfully joins the mood on a new level. It's real to him but it's fantasy to her. "Daddy put your cock in me. Give me boomer again I love to feel it inside me."

"How would you like it precious?"

"Oh daddy I don't k now, we've tried six different ways so what's best?"

"Listen, there are a hundred variations of the same basic six or seven positions Smoochie and I'm not a contortionist to try some of the weird ones but just for today which one did you like best?"

"All of them," she replies with a girly giggle. Jenny is enjoying this.

"No, just pick one, I already know you enjoy all of them as you always come with a good orgasm no matter."

"Okay daddy, maybe the one where you lay me on my back and hold my legs up and open and hang on to them behind my knees and so you can see my mouth open making those noises you like."

"My god, you're a super daughter. You like to make me happy don't you."

"But of course daadee."

Jenny is struggling to contain herself and twice she almost breaks out laughing but manages to hold her nerve and maintain his fantasy. He spreads her legs on the edge of the bed and lifts them up as he gently moves big boomer into the love slot, wetting the entrance with his saliva. It's warm but not wet on the outside but inside it's wet and wild. All eight inches of hard but pliable flesh is starting to penetrate her vagina and for Jenny, that's no problem, but on this occasion it's not the therapist, it's daddy Ron.

"Ooooh daddy, it's so tight going in, please go slower," she sings softly. "You must be bigger since last time. It feels bigger. Ooooh! That's better, it's ooooh! I can feel it going in so deep. Ahhh, that feels so big inside me I can feel it going back and forth, it's so good. Keep going keep going keep going."

"You like being fucked don't you Smoochie?"

"Oh yes! Don't stop. I can't believe it's so big and it's in me, right inside me. Keep going like that daddy, it's's so...ooooh my god that's beautiful."

The size of the hypnotherapist's cock is just what the patient ordered and this doctor is delivering real stork big time. Jenny's getting heated inside, her juices percolating around his penis. She's struggling again to hold her composure and barely manages to hold her act together while she's enjoying his cock so much. She doesn't want to stuff it up now and make him realise she's not hypnotised.

"What am I doing Smoochie?" he calls out.

"Fucking me daddy."


"In my cunt, in my cunt, oooh yeees, in my cunt."

He pile drives it into Jenny with gay abandon but this man's a heterosexual hero when he can let loose his dick on something as delightful as sex goddess Jenny. Half an hour passes and he's been varying his strokes and pace to get as much out of the moment as he can. Daddy Ron's never had it so good with his Smoochie if ever he did, and putting it into her is easier than he thought. Thank god for making vagina's stretch lengthways and in width to accommodate cocks of all kinds and sizes provided they're prepared properly.

Pushing it all the way in and almost taking it out and then plunging full length again with fiercer thrusts is driving Jenny crazy. Smoochie's hardly shut up moaning but even though Jenny keeps her sounds like that of yesterday she can't escape the fact he's fucked her good and proper and he wants to come in her face. She loves getting a facial.

Jenny's jerky voice is evident as her breathing rate increases much faster as sexual tension builds inside her loins that seem to be on fire as his big phallus drills into her, brushing the sides of her vaginal tunnel and caressing across her sensitive cervix upstream. He's drilling faster and using twisting motions to bounce his rocket head around the surfaces of her cave, pushing into the highly sensitive erogenous areas, thrusting, twisting and thrusting, twisting and thrusting but now he's going faster and Jenny's reaching the orgasmic plateau -- another climax is coming. Smoochie's birthdays are all coming at once as she starts to shriek ecstatically, unable to contain her emotions in the blissful carnage consuming her senses

Her face shows it all. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god," she shouts. "Daddy! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cries loudly, her head rolling from one side to the other. His Smoochie is so engulfed in passion she's got her teeth clamped into the soft skin of her upper arm leaving a bruising love bite where she grits her teeth as she comes emotionally, physically and unrestrained. She releases her teeth from her arm and shouts the words that mean so much "Daaaaadddddeeeee!" she cries loudly as her pelvic muscles grip his cock tightly and contractions hit her like seizures and her head spins in a state of euphoria no one has yet adequately understood. The triumphant therapist has fucked her well and truly, so much so she's really fucked.

He quickly pulls big boomer out and Smoochie Jenny takes the full stream of his cum across her tender face. Her mouth is wide open overcoming the avalanche of desire rewarded and trying to get her breath back as his sperm lands on her tongue, across her forehead, her nose, both cheeks, around her mouth and is left dripping from her upper teeth and chin in massive white sticky bursts that even surprises him. The strength of his ejaculation was enhanced by the sheer thrill of knowing who he was doing it to, in his mind, Jenny at two different times of her life. It's not easy to do that at the same time. Another facial for Smoochie and she's so happy once she can get her breath back.

Minutes in the afterglow she's still lying there as the tremors recede into passive peacefulness. He moves quickly to snap her out of the trance he thinks she's been locked in. Jenny has fooled him but giving away some of her pride was worth it. She makes out she doesn't know what happened, then her hand goes to her face and she feels the messy facial and looks at the sticky residue over her fingers. She sucks it off.

"You fucked me and come all over me you dirty mongrel. How dare you! You took advantage of me like you did to that other girl."

"Don't blame me. It wasn't me, it was someone called Ron, and you kept referring to him as if he was your father." He conveniently forgets that he put Ron's name to her at the start of proceedings.

"Well that's because my real father was called Ron but he's not in my life anymore."

"Well Jenny, he sure was for the past 45 minutes. He'd have a smile on his face if he could see you now, his grown up daughter sitting here naked with his cum all over your face."


Catch Jenny in upcoming Chapter 14 when she breezes into the bi doctor Felicity Feelgood's consulting rooms with an outrageous reason for being put on the therapist's fucking machine. This one should please bi oriented readers as well as those who go for Jenny's hard cock tilt on life.

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