tagIncest/TabooManipulating Jenny Ch. 15

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 15


FOR first time readers Jenny is an 18 year-old prick teaser exhibitionist glamour puss getting into all kinds of erotic adventures. She didn't become the Personal Assistant to a filthy rich entrepreneur by playing dumb that's for sure. Her fully maintained BMW sports car, diamond necklace and expensive wardrobe is his way of showing gratitude for a job well done – that is, the way she turns up for work in bum freezer minis wearing sexy high heel shoes, and clever cleavage for her bumper breasts. What boss wouldn't appreciate stunning 38-22-34 inch starlet style measurements on his 'personal assistant'?

Jenny's claim to fame on Literotica is her self-serving exhibitionist ways teasing men and making them want her yet denying them. She likes to exercise her female guile into guiding them into her sex zone and playing them off a break in her power play mind games. She usually gets what she wants, when she wants it yet always come out on top as a lady. She only gives of herself if it suits her and she's even found incest interesting.

The Latina chick with immaculate skin and jet black ponytail flowing halfway down her back is a face yet to be discovered by a glamour magazine with beautiful brown bedroom eyes, lustrous full lips, an upright perfectly rounded fleshy backside on top of long shapely legs, and their centre point, a pristine looking pussy kept free of even a hint of hair.

Today though she's following up an idea with a new found friend, the sex therapist's receptionist Alison, also 18, who confided to her that her religiously strict daddy has a fetish for fearing she'll damage her skin while tanning herself to perfection on their private sundeck. Jenny, always alert for anything with erotic appeal, is tickled pink to hear that Alison's father has been rubbing sun cream over his daughter's naked body for the past nine summers 'to make sure she looks after her skin.'

Jenny's got Alison to invite her over this weekend being another period of good tanning weather with the motive of not only getting her father to sun cream Jenny's naked body too, but to coerce him into getting his pants off and showing his virgin daughter what it's like to get a facial that comes from a different kind of tube.

The erotic challenge for Jenny is that while he's had his religiously strict hands all over his own daughter's bare body since she was nine, he's never tried once to go any further than apply the sunscreen. Jenny thinks he'd like to and that he undoubtedly fears being morally bankrupt if he goes further so she intends to coerce him into banking on his good fortune for having such a sexy well developed legal age teenage daughter and investing leverage of a sexual kind to enrich his otherwise boring life.

The two teens have waited until Alison's mother is away for the weekend minding a sick aunt and Alison simply says her friend Jenny is coming over to sunbake and stop the night. Alison stands 5ft 6 in, just two inches less than Jenny and her 34-19-34 inch measurements are every bit as sexy but slightly less fuller in the breasts. Jenny's got high mounted puffy nipples, whereas Alison's nipples are pointy but with smaller areolas.

The office sex goddess can't believe that a man who's massaged oil into his teenage daughter's naked body from head to toe every summer since she was nine must surely want to go further and certainly since she's 18. "He must," Jenny said over lunch 10 days ago. "Two people want it – you've never experienced it and he must be drooling for it but frightened to make the first step because of his religious ways," she tells her virgin friend.

Jenny rings Alison up just ahead of coming over and is making sure her mother is definitely gone for the weekend so the coast is clear for Jenny to set up some adventurous fun. She's getting into Alison's ear about how to go about getting her foster father to be more adventurous.

"He must want is by now for God's sake Alison, no man could rub oil over his teenage daughter's entire naked body for the past nine summers and run his hands over your breasts and pussy and not want to do more than that," she reiterates. "He's probably scared you'll hate him if he makes the first move and you knock him back so the poor man's been waiting all this time for some kind of signal from you that he can go a bit further. Alison you are so slow!"

Jenny's told her friend that by getting their swimmers out and talking a dip in the pool will be a coaxing start and any man likes to look at a good body in a tight one-piece swimsuit, and that will lead to the sunbaking and with luck, some sexy dalliance with her daddy.

"Anyway, seeing the thin nylon swimsuits sticking to our curves will be a good start when we take a dip in your pool first and I bet you he'll be watching us now you've gone and given the game away about what I wear to work.

With these words still clear in her mind the less confident blonde awaits the arrival of the always confident black hair beauty crossing her fingers that Jenny is as good as her word. Being a hot Saturday the young blonde's already talked her foster father into wearing his Australian made Speedos, the lycra togs she bought him for his 45th birthday. Speedo make the world's most advanced high tech racing costumes and even though her pop isn't trying to race off anyone she's convinced him to join them in the pool so Jenny can see what a great athletic body he has for his age. Unlike Alison who was adopted as a baby and led a relatively timid life Jenny's been a little devil from the age of seven, spying on her parents in the darkened hallway when they were making love in bed, flaunting her sexy young body all too often in front of her stern stepfather thereafter and at 11, searching for, finding, testing and keeping her late mother's big penis shaped vibrator throughout her school days. This is a young woman with a very inventive mind, flavoured by sensuality and sexuality.

She arrives at Alison's house at 11am, Jenny bringing her new one piece white coloured nylon swimsuit to try out in the backyard pool. Alison and Jenny spent their lunch hour during the week snaffling up some specials in a made in China sportswear clearance sale. Even though the design is very smart with a sharp cut high up the thigh and a more narrow than normal down the front it looked good in the mirror but untested in the water. Alison decided on the pale lemon colour as all other colours were sold out except black.

Both girls figured that since China hosted the 2008 Olympics and did well in the swimming for the first time they must know how to make a costume just as well as anybody yet much cheaper. Just like the Olympic Speedo swimmers racing costumes these sportswear versions are not lined inside the crotch because in a sport where one hundredth of a second can mean win or lose, extra material for modesty means extra drag in the water so its skin tight no frills for speed today.

Alison excitedly welcomes Jenny into her home and sings out to her pop. "Hey dad, it's Jenny, come and meet her."

He comes in from out on their deck after just cleaning the pool and she's pleasantly surprised because when you're not even 20, any guy who's over 40 is an old man – in the young female mind at least. Jenny expected a middle-age looking guy with a flab belly, sagging breasts and round shoulders, pale and plain looking. Instead, he's not bad looking for 45, about six feet, square shoulders with a trim body, solid thighs and wearing a pair of sexy taught Speedos that Alison insisted he wear for when they get in the pool. Jenny's already told him to get them because they're more likely to show the shape of his cock more than others.

"Here's my daddy Charlie," Alison says proudly, "Isn't he gorgeous for an old fella?"

Jenny's been with men older than him so age is never a problem if they know how to look after their physic. For a conservative man as Alison's painted him he looks to have potential for dalliance if she can get around his hang-ups.

"I'm really pleased to meet you Mr Johnson, you have a lovely daughter and it's nice to be invited over for a dip in your pool and stay overnight with Alison," she replies.

"Just call me Charlie, no need for formality here young lady, Alison's been really excited about you coming over. Don't know where you two went together earlier in the week but she sure came home over the moon and said it's the best time she's ever had."

Both girls look at each other and laugh. "Oh that? Yeah, we just stayed back where Alison works and had some drinks with her boss, Felicity Feelgood. She's quite a lady that one," Jenny explains. (Chapter 14)

"The sex psychologist lady? I bet she can tell some stories then," he jokes.

"Yes daddy she could but you know that there's such a thing as client confidentiality. How would you feel if you were one of her patients and she talked about you behind your back?" Alison says in a tut tut vein.

"I'd be a pretty boring patient for her anyway, I lead a mundane life so not much excitement to worry about to know about," he replies.

"Gee Mr Johnson, I mean Charlie, you look pretty fit I thought you must do a lot of outdoor work," says Jenny.

"Yeah Jenny, around the yard but I make it my business to work out with a jog each morning and I do exercises every day. It keeps this aging body in better shape I suppose."

"Daddy tell Jenny the truth that you've been talking these Chinese herbal things for male potency for years and they make your whole body seem younger."

"Well, that's no big deal I don't think a young woman like Jenny here would be interested in that."

Jenny grins at him because a man looking after his health indicates to her he's got a better chance of being a good sexual performer. "I think Alison's right," she says. "A man that goes to that trouble shows he cares about his wife because after all who else is there to please?" Jenny looks at Alison. "Oh except your lovely daughter," she adds to inject an immediate stimulation into the fact that Mrs Johnson, bless her heart and soul, is away for the weekend.

They've been in their living room exchanging pleasantries or 15 minutes and Alison, beaming, says they should get into their togs now he's got the pool shimmering clean under the bright daylight sun.

"You girls go and do that I might jump in for a few laps myself," he chimes, finding himself unusually chirpy and interested in sharing their company with his wife away. He heads for the pool while they head for one of their two bathrooms in the house to get changed.

It only takes minutes and they look at themselves in the full length bathroom mirror. "Gosh," says Alison, it's a lot tighter than I thought but I suppose that's because in China the girls our age are smaller than don't have tits like you and me too often," she says to Jenny as they turn around in front of the mirror that does not lie to inspect themselves at different angles.

"This white one I'm wearing doesn't look quite as white as it did in the shop once it's against my skin," she says to Alison while admiring how it shows up her big swell at the front and exposes half of her cheeks at the back with its very high cut on the hips.

"Gee Jen that looks horny on you; look how your puffy mounds stick out in the one-piece, I bet pop will notice them."

"You ought to talk Alison, look how your own nipples stick out and wow, if your old man sees that big gash in your pussy showing out he might get turned on. Look! I can see the outline of your clit!" she laughs.

"Ha! What about you Jen? Have another look! Your clit's is a bit thicker than mine so don't you think he'll see yours first! " Oh well, so much for buying specials."

"Well the label said they were designed for around water but not in the water so you get what you pay for I guess," Alison admits. "There's no lining inside, it's just this thin nylon but who cares, we're in our private backyard here and not in front of the public. Let's go"

They head for the pool and her pop is already in the water practising his breast strokes - how convenient – doing slow laps up and down the 30 feet long tiled pool, the water sparkling clear as crystal. The two girls come out and both take a running jump and hit the water with a big splash squealing like kids at a picnic.

The frolicking goes on in the water for more than 20 minutes and he finds it hard to continue lapping (until later) so he climbs out and stands near the small diving springboard he put in only last summer.

Jenny looks up at him and her eyes go straight to the horizontal bulge in his togs, standing out shiny wet under the midday sunshine. She whispers in her friend's ear, "Alison has he got a horn or is always like that? His cock I mean, look at it, it looks good from here."

"Come on you two, who's chicken not game to dive off the board," he calls to them as they start throwing a giant beach ball about and squealing playfully. "Okay pop we'll have a go, I'll go first," his adopted daughter sings out. "Me too, I'm coming," shouts Jenny.

The two teenagers get out of the pool at the other end and trot up to the springboard where he's standing and it's a sight for sore eyes. Alison, in front of Jenny, doesn't realise that her new pale lemon one piece swimsuit has not only been partly bleached by the chlorine so that the colour has almost gone but it's shrunk as well and Jenny realises from behind her as she sees how it's pulled up between the cheeks of Alison's tight butt. It makes her feel her own buttocks and sure enough, it's 90% bare flesh at the back.

Charlie watches Alison walking up to him oblivious of how she looks, the wet now translucent nylon clinging around her vulva and showing up in skin tone her clitoral hood and the wide crack in her vagina. He's seen her naked many times yet this seems quite stirring and a bonus for him but not as exceptional as it is to see a perfect beautiful stranger in Jenny coming up behind her. His eyes go directly to her thighs knowing both girls bought a cheap Chinese piece of body hugging clothing.

Swimsuits can be sexy at normal times and even much sexier when they don't do their job properly. It happened on one particular occasion at the Beijing Olympics when an urgent call went out to the only swim manufacturer representative on hand - a male - to help one of the Australian girls get her shapely body out of her unlined high tech racing outfit because no one else could unzip the high-tech sealskin outfit (true). Even the maker's expert took 20 minutes so at least he could see what goes into his firm's product and no one can blame him for showing that kind of attention in customer care. True trivia: it takes almost 30 minutes for the female Olympic swimmers to fit themselves properly tight into the most advanced specialised unlined racing outfits.

Right now Charlie's suddenly aware that Jenny's white nylon swimsuit is opaque rather than white, the colour also drained away by the chlorine in the pool water. Even at 45 when erections comes slower than they used to his cock salutes her at an 11 o-clock angle as she parades her various virtues – big firm tits, huge puffy nipples and a partly exposed bare vulva where the shrinkage makes the crotch partly expose her labia majora with only the inner lips and clitoris left covered. Jenny can tell what's happened and the direction of his eyes confirms her false embarrassment.

"Oh fuck!" she says softly, cursing the short life span of decency but not meaning for Alison's religious foster father to hear her. Alison gets up on the spring board just four feet above his head to do her rendition of a swan dive and he's taking a real good gander now at his little sweetheart's pussy also standing out in the wet translucent nylon. Like Jenny's togs, the crotch is equally shrunken inwards on her bare vulva showing how tidy she keeps it. He starts to think this is Father's Day and the girls are giving him a surprise.

As Jenny watches his daughter getting set to dive into the water Charlie's looking down between her legs where its plain to see the complete shape and size of her partly exposed pussy, the length and width of it and behind the one inch only wide section covering her inner lips the shape of her well endowed clitoris is pushing upwards slightly on the thin nylon making his erection suddenly get even stiffer. Yes, stiff luck on an unscheduled Father's Day and the brief design of this type of wet lycra togs doesn't leave anything to the imagination where shape and size are concerned.

He's thinking that wet one piece swimsuits are certainly sexier than bikinis the way they often outline a woman's nipples, areolas and the swell and indentation of her vagina and all in the name of being legitimately fully covered.

Jenny's noticed his erection already as she dives in and looks back up at him standing on the poolside. She swims across to Alison and says in a low voice, "He's got a huge horn, look at it! I saw him perving on me and he must have seen you too, these swimmers are more useful in the bedroom than the pool.

"God, look at it, a real bar," she whispers at his daughter. "I've never seen him like that before Jen, it must be seeing you, not me," the blonde replies in her ear.

"Na," she whispers back. "You're kidding yourself; you just weren't looking for it in the past because you'd never think of him getting excited over you. I told you you're too slow."

He can see them talking but can't hear them so he heads inside quickly with his cock stiff as a board but he's anything but bored, he just needs to relieve his sexual excitement a little so he can face them when they emerge from the pool.

While he's inside doing that, pulling his very thick seven-inch dick (*not all cocks are eight, nine or ten) the girls are cavorting about and deciding they should go in for a snack.

"Let's leave our swimmers on while they're wet so he can check us out a bit more over a sandwich Jenny," says the younger of the two 18 year-olds. I'll tell him we're going to do some sunbaking and it will be interesting to get his reaction knowing you are here."

"Yeah, let's go I'm getting hungry too. I'll try to get him in the right frame of mind." Jenny says as they take a final swim down the length of the pool before climbing out dripping wet, their nipples standing out starkly from the cold water.

When they get back to the deck Charlie's lost his erection suddenly. He almost gives the game away when he quips, "What a relief! I'm glad you came in just now so we can have a light lunch on the sandwiches Alison prepared this morning."

Jenny can see his bar has been reduced to a thick bulge. Charlie's dick is about average size so it's no killer for deep penetration but it's well above average in girth at seven inches around, about two inches above average and with a 7 x 7 it's somewhat a weapon in disguise. Being an average sort of guy not blessed with much skill in love making he doesn't know that come to the vote more women would beg for a thicker cock than a longer one if the choice came down to one or the other. Short and thick beats long and skinny according to one focus group of women aged 20 to 50 and published online by the researchers. Just the same, two-thirds of them admitted they'd prefer to be spoilt by having the best of both worlds, longer and thicker.

They sit on the outdoor deck, Jenny in the banana chair legs spread out and Alison beside her on a matching recliner. He sits facing them still in his Speedos as they get through their refreshments with glasses of orange juice. Jenny can see he's hardly taken his eyes off their outfits still wet and clinging to their hills, valleys and the gorgeous gorges.

They talk small talk for about 15 minutes under the canopy end and Alison announces she wants to sunbake. She looks at Jenny and he looks at Jenny too. "Are you chicken Jen or are you going to leave your swimmers on? Daddy's seen me nude before so I'm sure he won't mind if you get your gear off and sunbake with me like a nudist. Is that right pop?"

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