tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 20

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 20


It's only weeks away from her 19th birthday and the voluptuous and sultry long black hair office prick teaser Jenny remains erotically inspired for new exhibitionist adventures.

Her life is an ocean of sexual fantasy and on any day she's out there fishing for unsuspecting men to take her bait. Playfully flashing her natural assets towards the grateful gaze of older men in particular is her idea for excitement, turning them on when they can't do anything about it.

Hiding behind her guise of complete innocence she's a natural show-off, using her overt sexuality to titillate them into harmless perversion such as the time she needed help in the change booth of the clothing outlet.

She covertly wanted a really grown man's opinion of how she looked in her g-string thong, suspender belt and nylon stockings and matching bra set -- a surprise she claimed for her non-existent boyfriend. It didn't matter that it took four changes of panties and bras while she insisted the poor man stay in the booth while she changed each time. He gratefully gawked in eternal gratitude a mere four feet away-- Jenny using the excuse for keeping him there that she didn't want him called aside by another customer and keeping her waiting. Besides, she bought every set she paraded so personally for him since intimate underwear isn't a hand-back item once it's tried on.

Such is Jenny. Being able to show something as though she's naive when the circumstances are safe is a real buzz to her and she's been that way for the past 10 years. She really made that 49 year-old shop assistant's day as one to remember, especially when he said he had a daughter the same age.

He went back to more mundane matters of personal service with a smile on his face and Jenny left the store smiling, too, more assured the man's wife will get the rub-off when the shop assistant serves her that evening with Jenny still on mind.

When a young chick's got a suntanned 38C cup-22-34 inch figure, she's tall, trim, taught and therefore terrific in the backside, it's easy to be upfront about her body. She's never backward about being forward, but she does it cleverly in such a way she always acts like she's fresh out of school and easily led.

She knows the element of innocence can supercharge a man's libido when young female flesh comes into view. It doubles her pleasure, especially when she imagines the man in question going to think about what he saw for a long time and either use it to stimulate his excitement when having sex with his woman or maybe to make it a moment to remember when masturbating.

Jenny got the impression that the man -- married with family - in the change booth with her at the clothing chain store wished she had several boyfriends so she'd come back and try on something for each one of them. Ah, but memories of such madcap moments live on in the mind for years to come in order to come again, and again, and for whenever the married man with family's feeling down and wants to get it up.

Right now Jenny's on her way to her friend Alison's house to cheekily find out how observant her daddy is after both sexy teens were body painted nude by the 48 year-old new artist in town called Jerry. Could a man look at a naked young woman, especially one so stunningly sexy, and not realise she's really undressed?

Jerry of course -- a master painter from the far away hills - was overjoyed to find two sparkling-eyed teenagers knocking on his door offering their wholesome well developed bodies for his experiment in body painting as a way of advertising his new to town how-to skills. They got paid $300 each for doing the dare and when sensitive parts are touched over and over with a small paint brush it's enough to make even a naughty-minded girl blush.

Alison's dear daddy Charlie, bless his 45 year-old heart and soul, was a close to-the-church religious bible basher with nought a naughty thought in mind about his delicious 18 year-old daughter until he met Jenny and she made him think again.

Jenny's encouraged the previously innocent Alison how to use her sultry looks to turn a man on -- yes, even her daddy -- just by sexual innuendo even when she doesn't intend anything to happen. She's told Alison a man needs to know that his equipment's in working order. So, given the innocent opportunity to flaunt certain parts of her body such as a perfectly shaped fleshy firm bum bending over in a thong, it helps to let him know that his working tool is really working.

Naturally, Jenny's urged her to make sure he doesn't get so serious about the church and its puritan protocols that he forgets that the family that prays together should also play together.

Ever since she was a growing girl first becoming aware of how sexy her fast developing body was at a mere nine years of age with first signs of buds starting to bulge under her nipples, Jenny's pushed her luck to the limit as a little show-off.

Never one to hide the fact even as an advanced preteen for her age that she was blessed with a shapely figure, mouth watering thighs and sensuously smooth tanned skin, she made many a much older man in particular groan in gratitude somewhere out in public.

She's played her innocent flashing game in the shopping malls, on the crowded bus, up the escalators and in even in the various shoes stores one after the other like a sex kitten trying joggers on in her shortest possible skirts and making the salesmen kneel subserviently in front of her exposed thighs. Meeeowww.

And yes, she even believed in Santa Claus; well, she believed in prick teasing Santa Claus because she was always the oldest prepubescent to sit on his lap the longest time in the shopping centres. And just as well there's more than one Santa in town at the time the way she always managed to sit on their laps and discretely edge one hand behind her back where it never failed to provoke a response from inside his pants. The man from the North Pole, she discovered in the different department stores, had a personal pole down south that's hot blooded as any. So much for cold storage.

Whenever Santa did his duty and whispered kindly in her ear if she's been a good girl and what she'd like for Christmas Jenny was ready for it. "A hard cock," she'd whisper back, making the old gentlemen of the different stores go as red in the face as their Santa suits but recovering quickly from the shock to always bounce her up and down on their lap singing "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as they pretended for a mere moment to be giving her one. Ah to be young again.

How many girls are clever enough to give Santa a hand -- a real hand -- where he can use it and not interrupt his work at the same time?

Right now she's arriving at Charlie's house where the bible bashing father of Alison has dozed off sound asleep on the back deck in the warm sunshine near the pool. They sneak up on him and Jenny very gently traces her fingers over the bulge in his Lycra material Speedo swim trunks as snores peacefully.

He doesn't stir so she increases the pressure ever so carefully, making out where the head of his seven and a half-inch fat penis is behind the sometimes too revealing material. Her discreet stimulation's working and Alison puts her hand over her mouth so he won't hear her giggle.

Jenny strokes with slightly more pressure as she sees the shape of his penis start to unbuckle itself from its cosy curled up sleeping position like a cobra snake responding in its basket to the alluring sound of the Indian's flute. Catholic Charlie's in dreamland and he's dreaming of a vestal virgin from the Roman Empire era stroking him in preparation for dirty doings of the kind that had a real vestal virgin called Aemilia put to death in 114BC for several counts of incest, and stepping outside her 30-year service of celibacy.

But it's Jenny's fingers making him dream of poor Aemilia as he dreams of how religious rites can make it seem right for early Romans to feel so righteous about rollicking good times with innocent virgins -- provided its sex outside family ties.

In no more than a minute Jenny's managed to get Charlie's fat penis straightened out inside his Speedos and on the way to getting hard. If he's not careful about what he's thinking he wants to do with virgin Aemilia he'll wake up in a wet dream. Jenny gets her thumb and index finger either side of the developing shaft as it gets firmer, her sensitive touch sliding up and down the length until she gets it pointing towards his navel. Alison's beside herself -- after all, it's her doting daddy, physically strong, handsome and even sexy for an 'old man' of 45.

Charlie mumbles something incoherently but doesn't wake -- yet. Jenny gets her left hand over the tight swimsuit packaged testicles and caresses them gently so he smiles at young Aemilia just in the last five minutes before the centurion guards take her away to the dungeon for punishment and personal pleasure by the High Priest.

Jenny's right hand circles the outlined head of Charlie's cucumber-like cock and she rubs it both sides with finger and thumb making him groan quietly. What began as a quick flirt expecting him to wake up has suddenly turned into the prospect of his daughter watching her friend make him ejaculate inside his swimmers. Alison looks anxiously at Jenny as if to ask is she going to go on with it. She nods cheekily.

Jenny's tempted to pull the tops of his swimmers down to reveal the head of his penis but they're too tight and she's sure it would only make him wake up just when it's getting erotically interesting. Charlie, still feeling the warm touch of what he thinks in his dream is little vestal virgin Aemilia, doesn't realise that two totally nude teenagers disguised as being dressed in nothing but body paint are kneeling either side of him on the lazy boy deckchair watching his cock grow from soft to rock hard inside his swimmers.

Alison kneels closer, marvelling at the thickness of her daddy's manhood as Jenny puts an open flat palm against the rigid underside of the shaft and rubs faster and faster, faster and faster, faster and faster, making heat and friction work wonders in the short space of time. She's so good that sparks are flying and had she been about in the era of the early cave men she could have suggested a better way to start a fire than rubbing sticks together.

Charlie's never had such a young virgin, especially a vestal virgin that's pledged to 30 years of celibacy servitude in the raunchy Roman times, get so close to putting her hand on his cock over his white robe and jerking him off. He's just about to pull her face down to his robust rod when young Aemilia rubs it even faster and faster, faster and faster, faster and faster and faster and faster and so fast her young hand's just a blur and it's too late Charlie.

He thinks that when in Rome just do what the Romans do and cum hither; one of the inner sanctum's favourite playtimes with the hand- picked unblemished younger than Spring time babes they had on hand in those times.

Alison's eyes widen and light up as she sees how Jenny -- not young Aemilia after all - (sorry Charlie) makes the build up of heat and friction so intense he ejaculates a wad of gooey cum inside his swimmers, the wet stain giving his indiscretion away inside right up to the top of his pale blue Speedos.

Alison looks at it and looks mouth open at Jenny as she keeps rubbing it fast to make sure she gets all the semen out of him. He wakes up with a jolt, finding he's got an upright bolt, he's exploded in his briefs and his daughter's kneeling beside him with her friend Jenny looking into his eyes with a cheeky tut tut expression with her index finger.

The two horny young women make out they've only just arrived and Jenny quickly suggests he seems like he's just had a wet dream.

"Oh my goodness," she coos. "Your swimmers are all stained inside. Were you dreaming of something naughty?"

Charlie's red-faced and anxious to escape. "Hell, I was just dreaming. I didn't know..."

"What were you dreaming of Charlie?" Jenny asks in a teasing voice.

"Hell Jenny, I can't remember all that, I can only remember it was back in the Roman Empire days and this lovely young vestal virgin was attending to me..."

"Don't have to say anymore Charlie," Jenny interrupts. "Got the picture! Well it must've been a good dream looking at the front of your swimmers. Would you like me to dry you off?"

"Come on Jenny, fair go, it's embarrassing enough to have a wet dream at my age; I've never had that happen before I can't believe it. I'm going to get changed so don't make me feel any worse than it is."

He races inside and the two girls backslap each other laughing. Less than 10 minutes later he comes back and he finally realises they appear to be dressed in identical clothing. He remembers Alison going out dressed in something quite different.

"What are you two up to wearing exactly the same outfits? Was there another sale on?"

"Do you like our outfits daddy?" Alison asks as she saunters in a circle around him.

"Yes honey but they're a bit tight on both of you aren't they? Look at how your nipples stand out through that top; you might as well not be wearing it."

Jenny and Alison go into mini hysterics. "What's so funny?" he says scratching his head, are you to on something I don't know about?"

"What about me Charlie?" Jenny pouts, smacking herself on her nicely rounded tight cheeks.

"Where'd you two get those outfits and what's the big idea of both dressing up the same?" he quizzes, looking at Jenny. "Yours top's even more revealing Jenny, how'd the hell did you get yourself into such a tight top? Okay girls I got it, you're not wearing a bra or panties."

"Do you like our Spandex tights then Charlie?" she teases, running both hands up and down the sides of her hips.

"Yeah, sexy but not the sort of outfit I'd like my daughter wearing down the street though, the way the material cuts into both of you between the legs. Can't say I don't mind of course but a bit raunchy huh?"

"Well daddy, it's just the tight fit of the Spandex, we can't help that. Anyway we're going downtown for a walk through the mall while it's such a warm night coming up."

"Okay pet don't be home too late that's all. You know I worry about you now that you're going out in the kind of clothes that gives guys ideas."

"Oh daddy you're just getting jealous that they're younger than you. You know I like to make you feel good when I get around in sexy gear. Besides Jenny's with me so don't wait up for me, I'll come in and say good night if you're in bed when I get back."

"Okay honey," he answers watching them saunter out of the room shaking his head. He'd swear they may as well be wearing nothing.

"He he," Jenny giggles, "that body painter's done such a good job you'd have to touch the skin to know it's not clothes at all," she chuckles as they head downtown and park the car close by the busy mall thronged with night time shoppers.

They head to the nearest set of escalators in one of the buildings fronting the pedestrian traffic area and wait until they see a couple aged in their fifties heading for the mobile stairway. They move quickly to get on the travelator steps by just being one step ahead of the man and his wife.

Both teens stand one step above the other but on different sides so the man behind them can get an uninterrupted view of their sexy figures covered in the body paint. They get to the top and step off the metal staircase quickly followed by the drably dressed housewife who almost pushes her hubby aside to bleat in Jenny's ear.

"Your pair of hussies ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" she spits. "You're a disgrace getting around in clothes that tight leaving nothing to the imagination, Your parents shouldn't let you out of the house like that. Is that what they teach you in high school how to behave in public?"

They just giggle as the woman storms off and her husband follows reluctantly as though he'd sooner follow them judging by the long last look he gives them turning around as he falls into line with his oversized wife.

They walk in the opposite direction towards another set of escalators that take them back to the ground level where Jenny spies two white collared clergymen talking together a car's length away from a row of public telephones booths.

She's more confident than ever now that they look as though they're wearing tight fitting clothes with no underwear. "Let's see if those two church ministers notice us near the phone booths; we'll pretend we're talking to our boyfriends and I'll say something they can hear to make it interesting," she says.

Both girls deliberately face outwards but not looking at the two religiously proper men in their neat suits. The impromptu arrival of such audaciously 'dressed' sexy-looking young women interrupts the churchmen who can't help but notice just 20 feet away they've never seen anyone dressed in such body hugging clothes that certain features seem to be apparent.

"Did you see that?" one says to the other. "That young woman over there can't possibly be wearing anything under those tight pants she's got on. Look at the way the shape of it stands out when she moves back into the light there."

"Dear God," says the other, "what's the world coming to. She's such an attractive young lady and oh my God, just look at that. I can't believe I'm seeing this, her nipples I mean, they're really sticking out. She might as well have nothing on."

"Heavens, I see what you mean William, what's this thing with young ones today not wearing underwear?" the first clergyman ponders. "When I was their age young women dressed more decently. This cameltoe look seems to be an obsession."

The second clergyman smiles. "Howard, why should we mind, if the good Lord gave them his blessing to stand here before us like this it must be a message from above for us to take notice."

"Hmmn, yes I suppose so. Listen, what's that she's saying...?"

Jenny lifts her voice aware out of the corner of her eyes the two church men have noticed her, so she turns slightly to the side so it seems she's not aware they're looking her way and continues her mock conversation.

"Billy why do you ask me time and time again what position I enjoy most when we make love?" she gestures with one hand but making sure her two-man audience can hear. "You know it's the missionary position, and you know why it's because I like to know a man's taking me almost as if by force and I'm helpless."

Jenny's careful not to overplay the voice as it must come across natural like people her age carrying on over the phone; just loud enough but not over the top as if she's acting. The taller cleric digs his friend in the ribs when she says she prefers the missionary position, a choice Jenny made up just for their benefit.

Jenny stops speaking as if she's listening to the imaginary boyfriend Billy and the two clerics pulses are racing from unintentional excitement hearing Jenny. She lifts her voice with just the right tone to cap off her last remark. "Yes Billy don't skite to me about your big dick. Anyway having one so huge doesn't give you the right to want it more than three times a week."

Both clergymen are silently apologising to God for getting rock hard erections but they're doing it secretly so the other one doesn't know. They keep their eyes fixed on Alison and Jenny and trying not to look conspicuous.

"Yes honey, I'm going to do that straight after I get home from church on Sunday;" Jenny chortles waving her other hand around in the air like an orchestra conductor.

The two clerics are extra impressed and look at each other nodding their chins approvingly. "I wonder which church she goes to?" one says. "Not mine unfortunately," his companion replies.

"My God, imagine having her in the front row when you're delivering a sermon."

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