When Lisa got downstairs she was surprised to discover that Cecilia was the visitor waiting for her in her enormous, opulent living room.

'Cecilia?' Lisa said, glancing sideways as though expecting to find someone else. 'What ... what's wrong?'

'Your maid let me in. I hope you don't mind,' Cecilia said. Her clammy brow furrowed and her feet twisted on the ground, almost pointing at one another.

A slender brunette, Cecilia had on a loose blouse, a T-skirt and black heels, a much formal dress style to Lisa's white shirt, black pleated skirt and sandals.

The yearning for a willowy figure like Cecilia's had died a long time ago. These past weeks, Lisa had come to appreciate her rounder hips and fuller breasts. Ironically, she had Cecilia to thank for that.

'Um ... no, I don't. Want anything to drink?' Lisa offered, running a hand through the side of her dark hair.

'There's no time for that, Lisa, honey. Is your husband home?' Cecilia said, staring around.

'No, he won't be back for another thirty minutes. It's just me and Clara, the maid.'

'Good. I need your help.'

'Really,' Lisa said, folding her arms, looking on edge. 'Money?'

'Don't be silly, dear,' Cecilia snapped, discomfort sweeping across her face. Her thighs pressed together in a way that was obvious to any onlooker, like she really needed to pee. 'I don't need your money. I have my own money. You know what this is about, so can we abandon the twenty questions?'

Of course Lisa knew. She had known from the very second she saw Cecilia in her home.

Cecilia Griffin and Lisa Roberts had grown pretty close since their intimate gathering at Diane George's basement a month ago, and all for the wrong reasons. To be fair, it wasn't Cecilia's fault she was trapped in this dilemma. And since no one apart from Lisa could understand what Cecilia was going through, Lisa had volunteered to help. Maybe she shouldn't have. It was getting a bit too much now. What was it, three times this week? Today would be the fourth.

'Upstairs,' Lisa said, backing Cecilia and leading the way up the spiral staircase.

'Don't you think you should send your maid home?' Cecilia suggested, practically running after Lisa into the master bedroom.

'No need. She's got to stock up some items in the kitchen, so she said she'd be going to -- oh!' Lisa yelped in shock as she plummeted to the bed without warning. She rolled on her back and scowled at Cecilia.

Cecilia didn't seem apologetic about the push. She jumped on the bed and began raining kisses on Lisa's face.

'Cecilia,' Lisa said in hoarse voice, 'we can't keep doing this. We can't --'

Cecilia's hungry lips covered Lisa's. Her tongue flitted around Lisa's mouth, coaxing Lisa's tongue to join in the rough play. When they broke apart, Lisa was breathing hard.

'Don't you think I know that?' Cecilia said, shaky hands ripping open Lisa's shirt. Buttons popped and Lisa gasped. 'I can't help it. I can't control it. It just keeps coming.'

'Zach and I have plans to go to the beach today,' Lisa muttered. She didn't stop Cecilia from bathing her shoulders, chest and stomach with fiery kisses.

Cecilia's expert hands sneaked under Lisa and unhooked her bra. She threw the accessory away, as if it was an offending thing, and gathered Lisa's breasts into her hands, squeezing.

Lisa purred. Cecilia ran her tongue around Lisa's right nipple before nibbling the stiff bud. Lisa pushed her breasts up, moaning her approval, urging Cecilia, wanting Cecilia. And she hated herself for that. No matter how many times she used the excuse that she was helping a friend, she knew deep down that she was doing it more out of the strange, addictive fulfilment she would get in the end.

Manuel, it appeared, had screwed them up real bad.

Cecilia sat up, tugged her blouse over her head, unclipped her bra, and went back to consuming Lisa's nipples. Both women moaned and wriggled. Then Cecilia dragged her head under Lisa's skirt, pulled Lisa's panties aside, and wheedled Lisa's clit out of its hood with her tongue and a thumb.

'Oooh, Cecilia!' Lisa held Cecilia's head and lifted her crotch, grinding her pussy on Cecilia's mouth.

Cecilia inhaled the musky scent and lapped the nectar seeping out of Lisa like her life depended on it. Minutes later, Cecilia extracted her head from between Lisa's thighs and bunched her T-skirt around her waist. Her fingers began ploughing her pussy and her face crushed with immense pleasure.

'I can feel it coming out!' Cecilia announced, digging faster. 'Oooh yes!' A cock suddenly tore its way out of her pussy, thick and rock hard, glinting with her juice.

Lisa stared at the alien thing in mild disgust. She couldn't understand why she had agreed to this, or why she enjoyed their sessions. What was wrong with her?

Holding her cock, Cecilia rubbed its massive head against Lisa's pussy lips. Lisa groaned and squirmed, her hips bucking with anticipation. Cecilia trailed the head down to Lisa's asshole.

Lisa's eyes rolled back and her eyelids fluttered close. Oh, how I wish. She opened her eyes and rebuffed: 'No, not there.'

'Lisa!' Cecilia's eyes were pleading. 'Come on, just this once. You've never let me, but you allowed Marlene last week.'

'I told you, I have plans with my husband.'

'You're not the only one who had to cancel their plans, you know.'

'It'll hurt and I won't be able to walk properly. Zach will suspect. Already he's been asking questions!'

'Oh, alright,' Cecilia grumbled, spreading Lisa's thighs further and lowering herself. 'I'll just have to settle for second best.' She pushed forward and her cock slowly plunged into Lisa.

A guttural sound rose from Lisa's throat and Lisa clutched Cecilia's shoulders. Good thing it wasn't as difficult or painful as their first time. Her pussy had had about a month's practice to grow accustomed to Cecilia's size.

'Second best's still pretty good, huh,' Lisa said, attempting to smile at her quip, but all her lips did was form a grimace. It was the passion coursing through her veins: it clouded her mind, watered her eyes, made her thighs quake, and pretty much rendered her useless.

'Uh-hmm,' Cecilia murmured. Concentration and thrill warped her face as her hips travelled up and down.

'But we've gotta stop this.' Lisa raised her legs, anchored Cecilia's vibrating ass, and bucked her hips to meet Cecilia's progressively swift tempo.

'Yes, we do!' Cecilia purred her reply.

'We really should!'


'We can't get caught!'

'Oh yes!'



'Oh, god, just fuck me!'

Profuse white cream from Lisa's pussy stained the springing mattress, and a pleasure like no other swallowed the humping pair.


Marlene Brown would surely run mad if she didn't do something about her "itching". She got up from her mahogany desk and perambulated her office like a caged lion seeking that elusive freedom. She had rung Cecilia, Lisa and even Diane, but all of them were apparently too busy to answer their phones. What were they doing? Where were they when she desperately needed them? Marlene massaged her aching forehead. She felt like she would explode if she didn't --

'Mrs Brown?' a muffled voice came from behind her office door.

'Come in,' Marlene said, irritation clawing from the pit of her stomach to harden her voice and darken her eyes.

The door opened and a girl with a heart-shaped face and wavy blonde locks sauntered in. She shut the door behind her and marched to Marlene, holding out a stack of files and staring at them instead of addressing her boss. Marlene realised the girl was terrified of her.

The girl was garbed in a short-sleeved shirt, a V-necked sweater on top of that, and a knee-length pleated skirt. She wasn't model material, not a size six or below. Marlene deduced that the girl was roughly a size eight or ten. She had slightly wide hips and a generous ass.

Marlene absent-mindedly ran her hands down her sides, a chill traversing her spine.

Oh, I think she'll do just fine.

'The files you asked for, Mrs Brown,' the girl said in a barely audible voice. Marlene detected a tremor in it.

'I forgot your name,' Marlene said, snatching the files and dumping them on her desk.

'Oh, um ... Kate,' the blonde said.

'Kate. That's a wonderful name,' Marlene said. Kate's eyes met Marlene's for the first time. Disbelief clouded them.

'I'm sorry, did I offend you?' Marlene asked, frowning.

'No, no! Not at all!'

'Then ... what's the problem?'

Kate curled a loose strand of hair around her finger, and Marlene had to repress a stern look from blooming on her face. She hated when girls did that, but she had to play her cards right and refrain from saying anything that could hurt Kate's feelings, or she would be stuck in her unpleasant "situation" for a long time. That, she could not afford.

'It's just ... well ... two weeks ago you called me fat,' Kate said, staring at her feet.

'I did?' Marlene feigned surprise. Of course the girl was fat, that is, as far as Marlene was concerned. To most people she was quite ordinary.

However, fat or not, Marlene didn't care these days. Kate was perfect. Godsend.

'You said I have a fat ass,' Kate said, her injured look intensifying.

'I'm sorry.' Marlene softened her voice. 'I have no doubt you'd look fabulous in my dress.' She indicated at the black lace-backed tunic dress she was wearing. The dress hugged her lean frame like a second skin.

'You think so?' Kate said, eyes glinting, excitement taking shape.

'Why not? I'm sorry I called you fat. Drink?' Marlene didn't wait for an answer. She poured them each a glass of Scotch.

Handing Kate a glass, Marlene asked, 'Do you have a boyfriend?'

'Yeah.' Kate nodded.

'Does he think you're fat?'

'He thinks I'm perfect. But he's my boyfriend; it's his job to think I'm perfect.'

That got Marlene giggling. Kate grinned. She had never made her boss laugh before.

'I'm part Brazilian, so all this' -- Kate waved at her hips -- 'are my mum's fault.'

'It's okay. So, what are your aspirations? They must be high. You wouldn't be working for me if they weren't.'

'I'm an eighteen-year-old intern. Yeah, my aspirations are high,' Kate said proudly. 'Marlene Styles is the greatest fashion company in the world, Mrs Brown. Every day, it gets bigger and better and continues to set industry standards. I want to be a huge part of that.'

'Really.' Marlene glanced at Kate's stocking-clad legs and her itching flared. She felt her panties dampen.

Clearing her throat, Marlene said: 'You want to go into fashion, then?'

'Yeah,' Kate said, and then her enthusiasm mellowed. 'But I'm not exactly what you'd call a model. I did try to diet like you instructed, but --'

'Nonsense. Like I said, you're perfect.'

As if to demonstrate, Marlene walked to Kate and spun her around. Her breath caught the instant Kate's protruding ass came to view.

'Very nice,' she said, licking her lips.

'You think so?' Kate faced Marlene, and that naive, ecstatic look reappeared. 'Oh my, I'm so psyched you said that. I mean, you're, like, the goddess of the fashion industry and you think I'm perfect!'

Marlene clenched her fists. She had to move fast. She didn't know how long she could hold on.

She walked to her door and secured it shut. Kate saw nothing strange about this. She was too enamoured with Marlene to read between the lines. Marlene pranced to her.

'Come here,' she said and guided Kate to her desk. 'How far are you willing to go to make it in this business?'

'Oh, I'll do anything!' Kate's crease-free face turned serious. 'I know it can be rough and hard and --'

'Have you ever being with a girl before? A woman?'

Kate looked confused at the question.

'I ... um ... don't understand ...'

'Come now, Kate,' Marlene said, frustrated, 'if we're going to be best friends, surely we can share gossip.'

"Best friends" was the magic phrase that killed the awkwardness which would have stolen Kate from Marlene.

'Oh, well,' Kate began, her smile turning mischievous, 'I haven't actually being with a girl, but I did do some experimenting last year. It was only a kiss. Beyond that --'

Marlene moved suddenly, planting her lips on Kate's. Skilfully, she prodded the younger girl's lips apart and darted her tongue in, counting the rows of her teeth and flirting with Kate's tongue for a bit. Then she leaned away.

Kate looked aghast.

'Mrs Brown ...?'

'Did you like that?'

'I ... I ... I don't ...'

Marlene captured Kate's lips again, kissing her slowly this time, exploring with her tongue, savouring the taste of Kate's succulent lips. Her firm hand grasped Kate's ass and her index finger traced the tight space between Kate's butt cheeks, poking the area she knew Kate's butt hole was situated. Shock jolted Kate, and she shivered.

Marlene withdrew, her eyebrows cocking in question.

'I ... I don't know what to say,' Kate said, out of breath. Her hands ironed her skirt, especially the back. Marlene teasing her anus had unnerved her a bit.

'Tell you what, Kate, why don't I be your mentor in this industry. How would you like that?' Marlene said, spinning Kate around and placing Kate's hands on her desk. The itching sensation in her pussy was driving her mad now. She needed release, and Kate was going to give her that.

'Um ... you'd be my mentor?' Kate asked uncertainly. She inhaled sharply when Marlene forced her legs to spread.

Marlene dropped to her knees.

'Oh yes, Kate,' she breathed, raising Kate's skirt. 'I'll be your mentor. I'll teach you everything you need to know to make it real big in this nasty business.'

Marlene dragged Kate's flimsy panties down to expose a shaven, swollen pussy.

'Are mentors supposed to be doing this?' asked a nervous Kate, clenching the edge of the desk. 'I'm not so sure, Mrs Brown. I've never done anything like this with another woman, and I'm not comfortable --'

'Think of this as the start of a very fruitful relationship,' Marlene said and buried her face between Kate's thighs, lapping her pussy, licking every inch of the inviting pink folds.

Whatever Kate was about to say chocked in her throat and dissolved into a soft cry. Her legs tensed. Marlene spread Kate's ample ass checks, revealing a nice, tight, star-crinkled asshole. Her mouth literally watered. With a long, exultant moan, Marlene took the asshole into her mouth and ate like she hadn't had any food in years.

'Mrs Brown!' Kate gasped. 'Oh my!'

Kate's body swayed from Marlene's face-prodding, nose-sniffing, and tongue-licking. Yes, Marlene thought, her heart pounding with exhilaration. This was exactly what she needed.

Marlene took her time with both holes, her tongue invading Kate's lubricating pussy, and then tracing its way the butt hole not far off. The sweet scent of Kate's ass and pussy gladdened her heart.

Kate wasn't fighting back anymore. Her chest was inches away from the desk's surface and her ass had tilted downwards, much to Marlene's enjoyment.

'Mrs Brown!' Kate cried out. Her body went rigid, and then a violent tremor shook her frame. She was forced to collapse on the desk and hold on tightly lest she fell on the ground.

Marlene moaned her delight at bringing Kate to orgasm, but she wasn't finished with the young intern. She gave Kate's asshole one last, ravenous lick and stood up. She dragged the hem of her dress to her waist and stepped out of her panties. Kate's trembling legs steadied her bowed posture, and Marlene admired the beefed up ass in front of her. She stuck two fingers into her pussy and dug. The itching sensation reached fever pitch and Marlene wailed as her cock punched into the open.

'Mrs Brown?' Kate whispered, leaning up and turning around.

'No!' Marlene snapped, forcing Kate back on the desk, eyes front. She couldn't let the girl see her cock. It wasn't the sort of thing you showed people. Kate's reaction would be unfavourable, and Marlene could not afford to get involved with a "freak" scandal. She had a billion-dollar empire to run.

'You like dildos, Kate?'

'I -- I used to have one,' Kate said. 'I mean, I have one ...'

'Well, I've got a very big strap-on around my waist. I wanna use it on you.' Marlene gripped Kate's waist with one hand and used the other to rub her cock against Kate's pussy. 'Would you like me fuck you with my cock?'

'It feels really big, Mrs Brown,' Kate said, nervous. Her ass wriggled.

'You don't like big cocks?'

'I've never taken one.'

'There's always a first time for everything, Katy dear,' Marlene said, moving her big dick to Kate's butt hole. If only she could. But it was too early. She didn't want to rip Kate apart. Maybe they could try it some other time, after a good number of trial tests.

'It feels so real,' Kate remarked.

'It's about to feel a lot better,' Marlene said and pushed her cock inside Kate, slowly.

Kate cried, cringing and clutching the table. Her ass juddered.

'Omigod! Omigod! it's really BIG!'

'Yes, it is,' Marlene murmured, drowning in a pool of searing passion. Her eyes rolled into her skull. Her fingers sank into Kate's hips and her waist aided her cock in piercing further into Kate.

Kate's ass bucked forcefully.

'I think I just came!' she wept.

Marlene groaned with contentment as she finally impaled Kate completely. For a while, she relished the feeling of Kate's warm pussy clenching and contracting around her abundant meat, and then she pulled back. Then pushed forward. Then back. And forward. Over and over again.

Marlene was soon pounding Kate with ferocious greed. This was the release she had craved all day.


She was worn out from her session with Cecilia, and had barely managed the beach experience without fading into unconsciousness, but this was the only way she could rid her husband of his insecurities and suspicions.

The wall clock said, '11pm,' and Lisa and Zach were in bed, naked, fondling each other, inciting their bodies to heights of sexual awareness.

The number of times they had sex had dwindled alarmingly in recent weeks, because after dealing with Cecilia or Marlene or both at the same time, Lisa had no strength left for her husband. Zach had complained and even accused her of infidelity, something that had scared the life out of her.

True, Lisa had been treacherous to their marriage, but the complicated circumstances of her disloyalty lessened the guilt she felt. Moreover, she would not be in this situation if Zach hadn't involved them with Manuel in the first place.

She loved him, her Zach, now and always, and she owed it to herself to fix things between them. That was why she had suggested the beach trip. That was why she was crooning as Zach's greedy mouth ate her nipples and pinched her breasts. They ached from her earlier foreplay with Cecilia, but Lisa was more than willing accept more pain in order to accomplish her cause. She had to. For Zach.

'Oh god, I've missed this,' Lisa said, tilting her neck and giving Zach room to bite her the way he loved to. 'I want you inside me, Zach. I want you now.'

Zach grunted his agreement and happily presented his hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. Lisa stopped him quickly. She was still sore from Cecilia's long visit. If she allowed him in there, especially in his present state (Zach looked ready to fuck her brains out), she would not enjoy herself. Everything would be ruined, and Zach would go back to hating her.

'What's wrong, honey?' Zach said, frustration kicking in.

Lisa twisted around in his embrace and backed him. She tipped her ass out, grinding the soft flesh on his hardness. Slanting her head so as to glimpse his face, his eyes, she groaned: 'Fuck my ass.'

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