tagErotic HorrorMany Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 02

Many Secrets of Beautiful Betty Ch. 02


"A penny for your thoughts? The cat got your tongue? What's wrong Betty? You look so troubled, depressed, and angry. You look like you lost your best friend. Did your dog die? Why would someone as beautiful as you look so glum?"

Every man realized it and commented on it, yet no man took the time to truly question it. Her beauty made them forget whatever else was wrong with her. She was so perfect on the outside, after all. What problems could she possibly have? Just to be with her was enough and when they were with her naked, whatever was wrong with her could be fixed or ignored.

"Oh, nothing," within that five second pause passed a year of psycho therapy that, within that period of time, a psychiatrist could not bridge the troubled waters of her insanity. If only there was a doctor who possessed the key to unlock her secrets and release her misery, maybe she could have been cured. Maybe, she could have been saved.

"I broke a nail," she said looking up and smiling at me with those blue eyes that melts my heart and makes me, someone who is tone deaf and has no rhythm, want to sing like the late, great Luciano Pavarotti and dance like the late, great Fred Astaire.

"Betty, Betty, Betty, Elizabeth, Eliza, Beth, Liz, Liza, I love every variety of her name," I sang as I danced around the room. "I love my beautiful Betty."

As if her every step is practiced and rehearsed, she walks to a choreographed dance that is dangerous to those who take a lustful desire for her. Her body is musical movements to your senses and you cannot help but stare at her while hearing Frank Sinatra's voice singing the song, the Girl From Ipanema when Beautiful Betty passes by you.

"Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking, and when she passes, each one she passes goes -- ah. When she walks, she's like a samba, that swings so cool and sways so gentle, that when she passes, each one she passes goes -- ooh."

She was nice, sweet, personable and kind and those who saw her that day imagined being with her that night in a dream and dreamt of her every night thereafter. Such a rare beauty, no one has every seen a woman so beautiful.

Her appearance was reminiscent of that natural and unpretentious beauty Ellie Mae Clampett. Wearing Daisy Duke, short shorts, a knotted up, unbuttoned blouse, and tucking her thick, lush, hair beneath a straw hat, whenever you are alone and lonely lying in bed with your hand wrapped around your cock, you imagine her stepping out from the back of a barn chewing a blade of grass. You, a tired and thirsty traveling salesman, not believing your eyes that this beauty lives here on this farm alone, needed to use the telephone to call a tow for your Buick Regal that suddenly died a mile down the road. Is she real or is she a mirage?

"Hello?" You call out to her with a wave hoping that she will answer and hoping that she is real and not in your imagination.

"Hi, y'all," she says in an angelic voice not unlike the melodious and expression filled tone of Dolly Parton while waving back to you.

You shield your eyes from the blistering sun as you watch her perfect figure silhouetted in the backdrop of the bright light. Her tits sway with her wave and she walks closer to you. Oh, my. She smells of sweet pea, orange blossoms, and roses, only she is not wearing perfume.

Suddenly, you hide your hands behind your back and quickly remove your wedding ring forgetting about and forsaking your wife, what's her face, and your son, whatever his name and your daughter, whatever is her name, too. Sadly, you see your Black Labrador Retriever, Buster, pining away at the loss of you when you fail to come home that night and every night thereafter because you have run away with beautiful Betty. You're going to miss that dog.

Only, Buster awakens you with a lick that you briefly mistake as her kiss. It is a dream...the same dream that you dream every night since the first time you saw beautiful Betty at the mall or in the expensive luxury car next to you at the stoplight or at the dog park walking her Afghan hound or passing you by in a crowd on the busy street.

If you are a woman, she was someone who you wanted to befriend to go shopping with at the mall or to have lunch with at that fancy eatery. You are eager to show her off to everyone that someone who looks like her is your friend. Walking with Betty gives you power, privilege, and position. No longer must you wait outside in the cold to get in that exciting new club. Men smile while holding open doors for you. Maitre 'D's give you their best table, waiters give you their best service, and parking attendants give you their best parking space.

Handsome and friendly men introduce themselves to you and pick up your tab. No longer must you pay to eat or drink. They are happy to pay for you too, Betty's friend, who will say a kind word on their behalf and pass her their business card, when you are alone with her. Walking with beautiful Betty gives you status, if only by association. Nonetheless, walking with beautiful Betty adds excitement to your otherwise dull day and boring life, even if you delude yourself in imagining that all the men who pass you by are staring at and lusting over you.

"Did you see that beautiful woman walking alone?"

"Yeah, I did, but she was walking with another woman, I think?"

"Oh, I didn't notice her."

If you are a man, she was someone who you wanted to have on your arm to take everywhere and anywhere where there was a crowd to see you with her. She was the one who made you wish that you had a winning horse entered in the Kentucky Derby just to have everyone see you standing with her in the winner's circle. You imagine her wearing one of those wide brim, flowered hats, a short cocktail dress, and high heels that makes her look so much like a dark haired version of supermodel Christie Brinkley in the Billy Joel video Uptown Girl.

"Did you see that guy with the beautiful broad? Either that's her father or he is loaded."

"Nah, that's just Freddie. He wrote this story. He puts himself in all his stories."

She was smart, too. Although she never sweated over SAT scores, crammed for mid-term and final exams or attended a boring college class, she had the gift of a keen intellect, common sense, a quick wit, and a laugh that puts you at ease, as if you were sitting on the porch of a restored pre-Civil War mansion of a plantation in Savannah on a hot summer day sipping a mint julep.

"Can I get you another mint julep, Miss Betty?"

Every child wished she was his or her second grade teacher. When they weren't hiding their husbands and boyfriends from her, every woman wished they were her. Every woman wanted to fix her up with their brother or friend. Every married man wanted to give up everything they had wife, children, mortgage, car payments, and credit card debt, including their dream to run away to Tahiti, to have a ticket behind home plate at game seven of the World Series, and to quarterback in the Super Bowl for a chance of having a relationship with Betty.

"I thought you were picked as the quarterback for the Super Bowl?"

"Nah, I gave it up to have sex with Betty."

"Smart move, you lucky bastard."

She could have been a beauty queen. She could have been a movie star. She could have been that mesmerizing young reporter who reported the news at 6pm and 11pm and the one who kept audiences glued to their television sets not to find out who was murdered, raped or robbed but to see more of beautiful Betty. Only, she kept secrets and her secrets ruined her chance at real happiness.

After all the secretaries and white collar executives fled the city in mass exodus for their homes in the suburbs, she worked downtown. When the good church going folk are already tucked away in bed, Betty is just getting ready to appear on stage. She's the main attraction and the reason why the men drink more, lust over, and spend their money on champagne and lap dances over and again while watching Betty perform. She's a stripper and stripping is her second secret.

When she dons her blonde wig, changes her makeup, and removes her clothes but for two heart-shaped pasties and a thong the width of waxed dental floss, no one would recognize beautiful Betty as tumultuous, tempestuous, tantalizing Tiffany.

To be continued...

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